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The truth about Huang Bo's popularity: 3 tricks to help you make chats humorous and interesting

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Among the many stars, Huang Bo's humor is recognized by everyone. a lot.


Huang Bo and Yan Ni were filming together, Yan Ni teased Huang Bo and said: I used to act with handsome guys. Know that he is about to enter the ranks of ugly stars.

But Huang Bo replied: Then I think acting with you is my way to become a handsome guy.

Huang Bo's witty answer not only resolved the embarrassment, but also complimented the other party.

Is Huang Bo's ability to humour innate?

Some people may say that humor is innate, and people who have no such foundation in the first place, how come humor?

The language of humor comes from nature, it can also be acquired, and it can be acquired through the cultivation and accumulation of the day after tomorrow.

If you want to become such a person, learn the following three tricks to make you feel humor at your fingertips.

Unleash your imagination and learn to associate

Humor can be created through association. When our brain receives information from the outside, the brain produces the humorous effect of language through the connection with the information outside, coupled with innovation, processing, and assumption.

Association can be divided into reverse association and causal association.

1. Reverse association:

One day, Andersen was walking down the street wearing an old hat.

When a passerby passed by, he smiled and said: "What is on your head, can that still be called a hat?"

Andersen immediately replied to him: "Under your hat is a hat. What kind of thing, can that still be called a head?"

2. Causal association:

Once, Mark Twain traveled by train. The train was moving very slowly, and when the staff came to check the tickets, Mark Twain got a child ticket from somewhere and showed it to him.

The staff said helplessly: "I really don't Can you see that you are a child?"

Mark Twain replied earnestly: "Yes, sir, as you can see, I am no longer a child, but when I bought the ticket and got on the bus, A child indeed!"

True humor is the surprise

Shakespeare once said, "Humor and wit are flashes of wisdom."

True humor often comes from an unexpected, unexpected flash of light.

An unexpected sentence makes people feel or associate an unexpected result, and the charm brought by coincidence and implication often makes people laugh, and then feel very meaningful after laughing.

1. Set the groundwork first, then "start"

When the conversation goes on naturally and smoothly, suddenly the wind of the conversation changes sharply and ends in a very similar direction, which can achieve a jaw-dropping and humorous effect.

And this effect is inseparable from the foreshadowing of the previous dialogue. A good foreshadowing can often bring strong contrast and make the humorous effect more outstanding.

Yesterday, when I took out a 1 million lottery ticket and redeemed it, the people next to me gave me envious looks!

I continued to take out the second lottery ticket and found that I still won 1 million, and others continued to cast unusually envious glances!

As I continued to take out my third lottery ticket, my wife kicked me under the bed...

2. "Absurd" first , explain again.

That is, to tell others an absurd and bizarre idea or result first, and then give a reasonable and ingenious explanation when the other party finds it inexplicable.

There was a time when the stock market crashed, someone immediately asked him how his friends who bought stocks were feeling recently?

My friend said that he fell asleep as soon as he lay down every day.

The man was amazed that his friend was in a good mood when the friend explained: "I often wake up crying when I fall asleep." mood, and no time for humor.

3. Promise first, then "change your mind"

Promise first, then act that is inconsistent with the promise, making others laugh when they react , but moved by the fun.

In a speech conference, when Mr. A left the stage after a long speech, more than half of the audience were drowsy.

At this time, Mr. B walked up to the stage, listening to the sparse applause from the audience, he suddenly threw the speech into the trash can, cleared his throat, and said, "I think, A good speech should be like a beautiful woman's skirt, the shorter the better!"

As soon as this remark came out, the audience cheered and applauded immediately.

However, the gentleman did not "deliver his promise", he stretched the beauty's skirt again.

However, unlike Mr. A, his speech is lively and interesting, and the content always focuses on the topics that the audience cares about.

Under his witty eloquence, the audience concentrates and applauds. , The laughter continued, and an hour passed quickly.

When the gentleman stepped down, the audience suddenly realized that they had been "sucked" unknowingly.

However, the speaker's inconsistency in words and deeds and self-contradiction" made everyone smile again and felt a different kind of humor.

As the saying goes, the only way you can defeat the enemy is by surprise.

Many times, a long "speech", sweaty "jump up and down" ", its "laughing fruit" is far inferior to a hilarious and unforgettable remark.

Because people are often caught off guard and have no counterattack for sudden "variables" Powerful.

People who laugh at themselves will not be too popular

Self-laughing is not self-deprecating, let alone self-deprecating, it is It is the highest level of humor, and it is a skill that can be used flexibly by people with sufficient self-confidence and a free and easy attitude.

For example:

In the program "Kangxi is Coming", the host Xiao S Guest Huang Bo said: "You look very special. "

Huang Bo said with a smile: "At first, it was quite euphemistic, but later it became more and more abstract. "Everyone burst into laughter.

Huang Bo's self-deprecation immediately shifted everyone's attention to his appearance to his "interesting", making the scene full of joy.

This Self-mockery shows emotional intelligence and humor, full of wit and likability.

A person who is good at self-mockery can resolve embarrassing situations and make getting along more pleasant and smooth.


Humor is a kind of wisdom, and this kind of wisdom is never bound by a certain form, and not bound by a certain dogma.

There can be many paths leading to an end point, and there can also be many ways to create humor.

We should start from our own characteristics, and constantly accumulate and enrich our humorous "means" to let Become a person who can bring more joy to everyone.

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