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Featured 20 jokes in the hilarious circle of friends

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Uncle, then you have to find a girlfriend first, chasing wild boars, Meitu Xiuxiu is really powerful, after a friend broke up, the boss drives two machines, parents are really amazing creatures, what to eat 20 small jokes from the hilarious circle of friends.

1. This morning, a 13-year-old little loli in the vicinity of WeChat added me.

As soon as I came up, he asked me math problems, multiplication and division of degrees, minutes and seconds, and answered them one by one in the spirit of Lf, and also proudly said that I can help my daughter to junior high school in the future, that bear child will come for me By the way, uncle, you have to find a girlfriend first, will you chat! Do you know how to respect the old and love the young?

You tell me where your family lives, and I promise not to show your mother the pictures of your friends showing affection with

your boyfriend!

2. Just now my friend caught a wild boar with a wild boar cover. We went up the mountain to see it. The big wild boar was still struggling. I said, "Quick, let's carry it back together."

Who knew that these two people were not in a hurry, picked up the phone and started taking pictures and sending them to the circle of friends. Suddenly, the wild boar uprooted the tree and dragged the tree away. I chased it with a shovel, and finally told it to escape.

At this time, I turned on my phone and found that six or seven people on WeChat sent me messages, and all of them asked me if I had caught up. I clicked on the Moments and saw that this guy actually looked like I was chasing a wild boar. Take a picture and send it to the circle of friends.

3. After two days of free time, I used WeChat to add friends nearby, and then I haven't spoken to each other. Today, when I think about it, I went to the circle of friends to have a look. It turned out that it was a colleague, so I went to say hello, but he Similar sentence: Meitu Xiuxiu is really powerful, I didn't even recognize it was you.

I'm going to kill this bitch!

4. After a friend broke up in love, a circle of friends wrote: Why do you want to fall in love, is it because the wine is not good or the mobile phone is not fun? I don't think anything is wrong, hahaha~

5. I came home from get off work yesterday and was exhausted. I was bored in bed and flipped through WeChat.

I saw the goddess posted a circle of friends, all kinds of tempting photos, and said: "Tonight alone is so boring, is there anyone looking for me?"

I realized the opportunity Finally came, and hurriedly asked the goddess out.

We held hands together and said to the goddess as we walked: "I will take you to fly tonight, I will make sure you are happy."

Walking to the appointment place, I shouted loudly: "The boss drives two machines."

Turn around and said to the goddess: "Tell you, LOL is fun! Today you are the support, and I will be the ADC, so you can have fun."

6. Parents are really amazing creatures. They believe any rumors in the circle of friends, but they will debunk the nonsense you make up at a glance

7. I quarreled with my second-hand husband once and ignored him.

The second-hand husband took the initiative to cook at noon, and he asked me to eat after finishing it.

My husband put a big bowl of pumpkin in front of me and told me to eat it quickly.

I'm still happy to think that this kid is quite sensible.

Who knew that the second-hand husband took out his mobile phone and took a few pictures for me and sent them to the circle of friends: "I made you eat shit and eat it so happily."

I really burst into tears, My friends still laugh at me with this picture.

8. Today's girls, hands, feet, legs, and a little bit of scratches are posted on the Moments.

Provoke a bunch of people to comfort and distress!

You said my aunt bleeds so much, why don't you take a picture of the wound and post it on the Moments.

9. I don't have money recently, don't want to talk, don't talk hard if I don't have money, don't call me for activities that cost more than 1 yuan. Every time I look at the circle of friends, I am envious. You are good-looking and rich, either showing a necklace

or showing a steering wheel, and where you go every day.

I can only silently watch the news you posted, bubbling from time to time to prove that I am still alive.

Whoever feels bad for me will send me a red envelope to let me survive this month.

Really, I'm so tired, let's not talk about it, I'm going out to wash my hair when it's rainingYes, or the rain will stop again

10. Today, a fat girl from the company posted a circle of friends: No one has chased since I was a child, I really want to feel the feeling of being chased! Me: It's hard to say, just go to the road and grab a bag!

11. Once, my husband looked at his own circle of friends and saw a headline when my husband was angry. What should my wife do? He immediately threw the phone to me and asked me to read it aloud.

I opened it and read: "When my husband is angry, most of them are used to it. At this time, my wife will be killed."

Before I finished reading, my husband would Steal the phone.

I died laughing.

12. An American forgot toilet paper when he went to the toilet, so he had to ask for help through Facebook. More than ten minutes later, more than 20 kind people sent toilet paper! A Chinese person forgot to bring toilet paper to the toilet and asked for help through WeChat Moments. After more than ten minutes, more than 50 "likes" were clicked

13. A friend said in a circle of friends that his girlfriend ran away yesterday, and a group of brothers rushed to comfort him in a car overnight. After drinking in his thirties, when asked why, he actually said that he was not able to hold the hydrogen gas... he didn't take it. Steady... Brothers, beat me to death!

14. A beautiful classmate posted in a circle of friends: making seaweed egg drop soup, cut her hand, it hurts, and attached a picture of a bloody finger. At that time, I was stunned: in the seaweed egg drop soup, should I cut the seaweed or the egg flower?

15. There is a buddy who sells things in the circle of friends. At first, no one pays attention to him, but his hard work pays off. He insists on uploading goods, taking pictures, retouching pictures, and sending them to the circle of friends every day for three whole days. After a few months, it finally paid off - everyone blocked him.

16. I just coaxed the child to fall asleep, but I was so sleepy when the child didn't sleep! The child was finally coaxed to sleep, but I took a mobile phone to swipe the Moments, swipe the space, and swipe the screen. not sleepy

17. In the circle of friends, there is such a line: "I have been very uneasy after breaking up with my girlfriend, I am afraid that she will become bad, make random appointments, and be too indulgent, what should I do?" The following god replied: "Other people are bad The most behavior is to occupy the kennel and not shit, you want to lock the door after you have left the toilet.”

18. Someone in the circle of friends transferred the information of the local public account. A man met a girl on the bus and felt that her upbringing and personality were very good. For more than a year, the girl got on the bus every day at what time to get on the bus and get off at the station. , The girl has a statistical list of what books and pairs of shoes she is reading. Now the girl does not appear. This man wrote it. Many people wish the girl a romantic marriage after seeing the information. Although the man did nothing substantively before, he just felt [horrified] [horrified].

19. It's so embarrassing, how can anyone take a selfie in the circle of friends on Mother's Day. I even ran and said your mother is very young and looks only thirty years old...

20. I promised to buy a mini for my girlfriend by investing in stocks to make money, and I have lost 200,000. My girlfriend said that it is more reliable to make money and buy it yourself. I answer: Give me ten years and return you a second-hand mini. Then this guy posted this in the circle of friends, "My boyfriend said that he would use his spare time to speculate in stocks for 10 years, not much, just more than 2,000 trading days, to make money to help me buy a second-hand mini, and the happiness is overwhelming. Is there any? Don't say you are not envious, I know you are going crazy with jealousy"...

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