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TV drama "Zuo Zhuang" bets on newcomer Jia Yiping soaring in popularity (with photos)

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The TV drama "Zuo Zhuang", which was broadcast on four prime-time sets in Beijing recently, has become a hot topic after dinner. As the first drama to describe the shady scene of the stock market, it is reported that the broadcast of this drama has set off a wave of upsurge in various places. Once it was broadcast in Nanjing, it achieved good ratings, far ahead of various types of programs in the same period; when it was broadcast in Shenzhen, it still took the lead, ranking at the top of the ratings survey. And Jia Yiping, the male lead of the play, was called the "Mainland version" of Tony Leung on the Internet.

"Zuo Zhuang" is the first TV drama in the mainland to describe the "banker" in the stock market. @##3}Yellow Pages Micro-Cost MarketingNew Ideas for Dating The main lineup of small apartment units announcedMultimedia interactive learning English: Handsome Men Soldiers and other outstanding works Qi Jian, a well-known fifth-generation director, revealed to reporters: "Not only investors are paying attention to this drama now, but people who are directly or indirectly related to stock speculation are also paying attention to the fate of the characters in the drama. The drama is not simply a matter of fact, but a Taking a series of changes in the face of the temptation of money by the young Xing Jianfeng, educating investors and cultivating their self-discipline ability. The whole play vividly records the complexity of Xing Jianfeng's transformation from a simple college student to a criminal who will do anything for money. Experience, calmly and objectively describe the whole process of how he fell into the temptation of selfishness step by step, hoping to have a big shock to the audience." Talking about the performance of the actors, Director Qi said: "Xi Meijuan and Jia Yiping are both very good actors, and they were already very good at the audition. It is well known that Xi Meijuan's acting is good. Although Jia Yiping is a newcomer, his The performance is impeccable. Jia Yiping's insight is very strong. When working with Xi Meijuan, he will steal the teacher and observe how good Xi Meijuan's performance is. There is a "cold" humorous revelation in the group, and there is a scene where Xi Meijuan and Jia Yiping have a dispute , there was no other arrangement in the script, but Xi Meijuan grasped the role very well, and suddenly poured a glass of water around Jia Yiping's face, showing the character's character vividly. After a few days, there was another very intense scene in the two people's play. During the dispute, it happened that Jia Yiping had a glass of water beside him, so he put it next to Xi Meijuan and used his own way to return his body, meaning you still poured it? Jia Yiping is able to take other people's strengths for his own use, this is his success place.”

Director Qi put half of the credit for the hit "Zuo Zhuang" on the actors. He said that the scene that impressed him the most was that Xing Jianfeng's lover was shot due to corruption, and Ren Min came to comfort him. The original arrangement was for Xing Jianfeng to cry while eating a box of dumplings and a bottle of wine, but Jia Yiping felt that the most important part of this scene was that the relationship must be explosive, so he changed his trick. Facing Ren Min's concern, he pretended to be indifferent and disdainful. When she turned to leave, Xing Jianfeng was full of heartache and finally collapsed... so much so that the national first-class editor Zhou Xinxia couldn't help crying when she cut this part. As soon as "Zhuangzhuang" was cut, Director Qi was full of praise for Jia Yiping, "The best thing we did was to choose Jia Yiping as the leading male lead in the play. I am very satisfied with Jia Yiping's performance, he is very brainy, every time The scene is very well grasped, and our treasure is really pressing!"

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