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A Collection of Blessings for Gong Xi Fa Cai

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A collection of blessings from Gong Xi Fa Cai

1. Looking forward, looking forward, the firecrackers for the opening of the business sounded, the laughter of relatives and friends was brighter, the heart was brighter, the dream was approaching, no matter where you went Whenever and wherever, I support you, come on! I wish the opening a prosperous and prosperous business.

2. The God of Wealth blesses you: the fragrant flowers come from winter to spring, a message will be sent to all directions, the east will send you a cash cow, and the south will send you Yongankang, the west sends you good business, and the north sends you a box full of money.

3. Great joy for opening a store, six or six, six, six, six, and the wind and water moving forward; great luck for opening a store, eight or eight, long hair and hair; . I wish you a prosperous business, prosperous financial resources, prosperous popularity and prosperous wealth.

4. The career is smooth and successful, and the wages and bonuses are hidden in the pocket; the business is booming in the three rivers, and it is very busy to usher in; 818 send a hair, I wish you hair hair hair!

5. I wish you drink water until your salary is high; you often grow rich flowers at home; smile and make banknotes, and you are free and unrestrained. Everyone said that you and I want the best, so the text message arrived on time and greeted each other.

6. The God of Wealth Festival is a good time, a great opportunity for development, smart to observe the sky, easy to manage all opportunities, gather money to obtain business opportunities, advance opportunities, love to add vitality, success is a good opportunity.

7. I wish you 1 Mapingchuan, 200 million assets, 3 road ahead, 4 Haifengyuan, 5-star hotel, 6 dishes and a bowl, 7 Xilinmen, 8 faces, prestige, 9 products, officials, and a happy work day at 10 o'clock!

8. Inventing is beyond my ability, getting mad is not something I do very much, laughing is not the result I want, making money is not the fundamental purpose of my blessing, and making fun is what I want to see . 518 I want to make a day, happiness and wealth are the most important.

9. Send you a lucky cat, and make money every day; send you a cash cow, good luck can't stop it; send you a treasure gourd, a rich life; send you a hairy crab, I want you to make a fortune. 518, I want to send, I wish you a fortune. What I send is not a text message, I send a mood; what I send is not a blessing, what I send is a feeling; what I send is not a text, what I send is a yearning. No matter what, I send you, you develop, that's right!

10. Dear customer, Chang'e brings you happiness during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and happiness will witness your happiness; Wu Gang brings peace, and peace will bless your health; the God of Wealth brings good luck, good luck The Games make your success; I send you my best wishes and wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Business is booming!

11. Silly son-in-law is going to see his mother-in-law, and the new daughter-in-law must recognize relatives; nephews go to see aunts, nephews go to see uncles; friends have to walk around, and children have the opportunity to earn some pocket money.

12. Congratulations on your prosperous business and prosperity. The wealth is prosperous, reaching all directions. The business is going well, Fu Gao Zhao. Every day is going to fight for gold, and the door is noisy.

13. Dragons and phoenixes dance together to welcome guests, and a feast for the king begins.

14, 918, a big gift: I will send you a cash cow, I wish you a steady stream of wealth; I will send you a cornucopia, I wish your business is prosperous and prosperous forever; I will send you a short message, I hope your home Stacked with renminbi.

15. The ridges are long, the green grass grows wildly, and the ancestors have a long history. The paper money is flying, the chrysanthemum is fragrant, and the Zhongyuan ancestors and children and grandchildren will not be forgotten. Don't forget the ancestral teachings, don't forget the traditions, live a happy life and business is booming! Happy Chinese New Year!

16. Gold and silver treasures enter your home, business is prosperous and happy, happy and fortune are good, more wealth and more fortune and money to spend. 8.18, send a hair, wish everyone every day, more money and more happiness haha!

17. The business is booming, blooming in the sound of the salute, the customers are full of doors, surrounded by flowers, the wealth is rolling in, and the blessings are pouring out in my text messages.

18. The business is prosperous, and the financial resources are prosperous and reach the three rivers.

19. May the good dreams of the year cling to you, fall asleep sweetly, wake up to come true, may all the fortunes cover you, the sunrise will meet you, the sunset will see wealth, and all the auspicious stars will take care of you With you, always auspicious, always safe!

20. I wish you a new year: a prosperous business and a prosperous financial resource reaching the three rivers.

21. You always smile,Smile, you are a smiling flower, blooming in the four seasons and never withering. May your career flourish with a smile.

22. Send money to your home by text message. Five golden flowers are found in stock speculation, golden dolls are dug out of vegetables, sitting on the sofa leisurely at work, the boss will give out red envelopes, lottery prizes are waiting for you, wealth is like the eruption of Icelandic volcano

23. After New Year's Eve It's the first day of the new year. After eating dumplings, put on new clothes, bring some gifts, and go out. In this festival with the most Chinese flavor and the most humane flavor, New Year's greetings are an indispensable blessing for friends!

24. A dozen red banknotes, rich in wealth; a red blessing, full of good fortune; a pair of red lanterns, a source of money; a string of red firecrackers, laughter; a red hat, happiness reunion. The red Spring Festival, the red God of Wealth Festival, the red blessings I wish the relatives a prosperous life and a prosperous career! Happy Dragon Year, Happy New Year!

25. People on the mountains always see the sunrise before those on the plains. If you are far-sighted, your career is bound to have a bright future. I wish you a long journey!

26. My text messages are just passing by your mobile phone, leaving happiness for you, taking away sadness, sending happiness, taking away troubles, leaving fortune, and driving away bad luck. May 18th is coming, good Friends wish you 18 to send 18 to send

27. I found you in the golden years and hid you in my treasure house of friendship. Over time, the love between you and me is more beautiful than jade and brighter than pearls. Today is 518 I want to send the day, may the precious you be happy and rich!

28. The fragrance is blowing on the face, the purple air is auspicious, and the opening ceremony is celebrated. I wish the business is like spring, and the wealth is like water!

29. Accumulate 365 days of misses, condense innumerable tender feelings, fight the infatuation of spring, summer, autumn and winter, pick the bright stars in the night sky, just to wish you a happy God of Wealth Festival!

30. I wish you a prosperous business and a prosperous fortune backgammon, and wish your store a good opening. Business is booming! Daily Jin Dou Jin!

31. The autumn is high and the air is fresh, and the time is gilded. After these days of intensive preparations, the company officially opened today! I wish many customers and full of banknotes.

32. The Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, praise the credit, give a thumbs up, good customers, wonderful business, super wisdom, strong strength, high ability, great leadership, outstanding employees, develop together, create again, and throw blood for good results , It is our luck to have customers like you. I wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a prosperous business!

33. Say a word of Gong Xi Fa Cai, answer a word of good health for the whole family; say a word of blessing from a friend, all the best, answer a word of smooth work. Today is the day to say auspicious words, and today is the day to be happy.

34. Parents live long and healthy, the love of husband and wife is sweeter than honey, children are often surrounded by children, and the whole family is happy and reunited. The business is booming, there are many customers, and the career is prosperous. Needless to say, gold and silver roll into the door, and the hands are trembling when counting the money. Friends, I wish you a happy laugh every day, and always be happy!

35. New Year's wishes to you: big fortune, small fortune, unexpected wealth, rolling wealth; family, friendship, love, good luck; official luck, wealth, peach blossoms, good luck; lovers, relatives, Friends, everyone is safe.

36. Dear customer: On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, our company sends special wishes to you, wishing you good health, all the best, successful career, prosperous business, prosperous financial resources, happy family, and more I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

37. New Year's greetings come early, firecrackers crackle and people laugh, text messages are dripping with blessings, warm greetings come to nuisance, I wish you happiness, health and protection, business is prosperous, fortune is bright, happy every day without troubles, good luck Good luck and auspiciousness surround, everything goes well and sorrows are eliminated, and life is backgammon in the coming year!

38. My dear, the business has opened. I wish your business a prosperous, prosperous and prosperous business!

39. People's living standards are constantly improving, and the material and cultural needs of the masses are getting higher and higher. I hope you are the one who can continuously meet everyone's needs. May your birthday be prosperous and rich.

40. We would like to express our warmest congratulations to your company on the occasion of your company's relocation and opening. We sincerely hope that your business will be prosperous and long-lasting!

41. The business is prosperous and prosperous, and the business is prosperous. Going out, auspicious news spreads from all directions. Product output continues to rise. 818 is sent, I wish you: a lifetime of wealth rolling in, and a happy life with infinite beauty.

42. Those who can dream often have the opportunity to be close to their dreams; those who can dream of making a fortune often have the opportunity to be close to their fortune. 518 I want to make a day, may your dream of making a fortune come true, and may you enjoy the fun of making a fortune happily.

43. You are like a ship that has just set sail, let us yearn for a better tomorrow together, May the business make profits as soon as possible and make a lot of profits.

44. Hanging lanterns, beating drums and gongs, business is prosperous and business is booming. Open the door, welcome the purple air, gold and silver treasures, everything goes well. Good friends, send blessings, business is booming, good luck. A text message was sent, and it was smooth sailing and made a fortune.

45. You don't want to be comfortable and relaxed, you take on the arduous burden, and start your own business in a place where others are intimidated. I sincerely wish you success!

46. If the day is coming, we want to make a fortune, that is, we will have a lot of money; Text messages, send blessings, and wish you a lot of wealth and wealth!

47. The Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, the Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, and the God of Wealth arrives with ingots. Send you a cash cow, business is booming and good luck will stay. I will send you a cornucopia of wealth and happiness. Send you a pair of golden dolls, and the business will be all over the world. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, don't forget to rest when you are busy, I wish you good health and prosperous business.

48. The God of Wealth brings wealth to your home, open the door and enter the wealth in vain, go out and bump into wealth with full hands, invest and manage wealth, accumulate wealth in all directions, make a list of the rich, and you are in charge of the World Bank!

49. All delivered, business is prosperous and continued to flourish, family harmony and prosperity, relatives and friends are lucky, taking care of your body is the most important thing, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, I wish you health and happiness!

50. Send a message of blessings: students are full of economical studies "8", their work is satisfactory and their career is "8", and their business days are rich and financial resources are "8". !

51. The deep roots and leaves are boundless, and the wealth has a long history. There are elephants in the spring of Dongfengli City, and the business is booming without borders.

52, 518 I want to send you a cash cow. I hope you will change your "money" after thinking about it, learn from the "money" car, and create a "money" There is no ancient career, since then, "money" will be embraced, and the future will be bright!

53. Thousands of trees and ten thousand pears are in bloom, another year of rain comes, every little rain is love, every text message expresses concern, I wish your life is more wonderful, your business is prosperous and rich, and you are in a happy mood No haze, love sweet fairy contest, happy every day!

54. I sincerely congratulate you on the opening of the business. I wish you a prosperous career and a wealth of money in the years to come!

55, 8.18 send one shot, send you five blessings, one blessing, wealth rolling, pile gold and jade; two blessings, wealth and prosperity, double gain fame and fortune; three blessings, attract wealth and treasure, gold, silver, pearls and jade; Four blessings, business is prosperous, and bowls are full; five blessings, wealth is prosperous, and the hall is full of gold and jade. Wealth day, I wish you Fafafa.

56. It is a good omen to drink porridge during the Laba Festival. Good health is free from illness, health is always accompanied by spring and autumn; work is smooth and career is prosperous, business is prosperous and travel around the world; family harmony without quarrel, husband and wife love to the end. I wish you Laba a smile and a happy life with no end!

57. Idle people think that they can laugh all the time in a daze; diligent people think that it would be great if they can make a big fortune every day and every month. Today is May 18 (I want to post) day, I hope you can post whatever you like! Just don't get nervous. I will teach you three tricks: the first one is to be happy, the second one is to make a fortune in a mess; the third one is to be healthy. Three tricks to learn, to ensure that you make a move, every move will win, every event, everything will win.

58. Raise the sails of cooperation and move towards a successful tomorrow. Thank you for your continuous support. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish you a prosperous business, a lot of money, a grand plan, good luck every day, and a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. We have been working together for a long time.

59. In order to spend money, you fall in love with making money. Because making money is hard, you dare not spend it. Friends, I know your difficulties, and I came here to bless my friends, the business is booming, the career is successful, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

60. The flowers on the ground are brilliant, and the flags in the sky are boiling. The flaming career will be rich in wealth, warm wishes for prosperity and prosperity, sincere blessings drive the jumping notes, bring you the vitality of spring, and wish you a prosperous business! May all go well with you!

61. The business has opened. I wish your business will be prosperous, prosperous, and prosperous!

62. On this day of the God of Wealth, happiness accompanies you, luck surrounds you, troubles stay away from you, love nourishes you, the God of Wealth is with you, and happiness follows you! I am here to bless you.

63. The Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, and greetings to you are indispensable; On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, our company wishes friends from all over the world a prosperous business, a wealth of wealth, a happy family, and all the best!

64. Your factory is customer first, quality first, determined to innovate, leading step by step, and can be called a model of the same industry. I wish a new career and a grand exhibition!

65. The Mid-Autumn Festival is here, blessings are delivered, receive this text message, customers support the main care, business is booming, financial resources are rolling in, happy, healthy, and happy. Customer (XX) presents it.

66. The purple air comes from the east, the God of Wealth arrives, and the fortune is rolling on the door. Great wealth, big profits, auspicious stars, and business is booming in all directions. If you say it, you will send it immediately. When people are prosperous, they will show their grand plans, get rich and get rich, 818, send text messages and you will get rich first.

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