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A Collection of 70 Practical New Year's Greetings

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A collection of 70 useful New Year's greetings

Teacher, please accept a belated greeting! When I first became a teacher, I felt how much effort you have paid for our success! Every year today is a brand new beginning. Let the world change, time goes by. Happiness, peace, happiness, and health will always be with you. Below are 70 New Year's greetings that the editor has compiled for you. Let's enjoy it together.

1. Before the Spring Festival arrives, blessings come first; text messages say hello, friends can be safe; Photo, good luck is in the first place; happiness surrounds, health is accompanied; life is safe, everything goes well; smiles are always open, happy new year!

2. The New Year is just around the corner. I entrust the air as the postman, and bind the warm greetings into parcels, with the sincerity as a postmark, and the constant temperature express. The recipient is you. I sincerely wish you: Happy Chinese New Year!

3. On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, I wish you: Happy New Year! May all go well with you! Healthy body! Happy family! Abundant wealth!

4. Spring is picturesque, with bright purple and red hair and hundreds of flowers; Happy New Year! Best wishes to your family! Health, happiness, reunion, happiness and beauty; second, I wish you good luck, and your home is full of gold and silver; third, I wish you a smooth and happy New Year! send! send!

5. Although every year is a New Year's and an old congratulatory speech, although I do not know how many times I have said it, although it is an old word, it has a new meaning, and the feeling will be different. Happy Chinese New Year! May all go well with you!

6. At the beginning of the new year, there are many snow, wealth and health are coming. New Year's greetings should be hurry, and points will definitely be deducted for being late. Chinese New Year reunion, eat, drink and have fun with your family. Happy new year into the house, happy to this day. happy New Year!

7. My friend, I will always bless you! This year, I will not give gifts for the New Year, but send a text message to you. Health and happiness are always with you, and good luck is inseparable from you. And let me congratulate you: the God of Wealth has set his sights on you! Be happy every second, be happy every day, be happy every year, be healthy forever!

8. There are 365 sunrises in a year, 365 blessings in my heart, 365 sunsets in a year, and 365 wishes in my heart. I wish you good health. Another 365, I wish you peace An An another 365, happy new year!

9. It's been a long time, I miss it very much. As we bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, we often recall the years we spent together. Find some time, make an appointment, bring blessings, and have a great experience!

10. We have to work harder when we return to work after the holidays. In the new year, we must have new goals, and our performance will hit a new high; in the new year, we must have a good attitude, and our career will reach a new high. I wish my friends a new year and a new year!

11. Although I didn't tell you face to face, this can also express my sincere wishes to you, [ 20XX ] Happy New Year! No matter what happens, I will support you, please believe me, friends are for life!

12. I wish you: there are many happy events in the Spring Festival, and the family members are more happy; happy mood and friends, health and happiness; everything goes well and blessings; I wish you a lot of good things! many! many!

13. Keep happiness, remember experience, save luck, bring good luck, spell positive, put forth effort, say goodbye [ 20XX ], welcome new happiness, good luck, happiness follow, achievement Self, successful company, all the best, happy new year.

14. The Spring Festival holiday is over, the New Year should have a new atmosphere, go to work with vigor, concentrate on doing things, be conscientious and diligent, work hard for the future, go to bed early, get up early and not be late, unite colleagues and respect leaders , I wish you a smooth work and a wealth of money after the new year!

15. Father's love is like a mountain, continuous and stalwart; father's love is like water, firm and soft; Happy, healthy and happy!

16. One year is coming to an end, everything starts from the beginning, at the end of the year, sum up the gains and losses, right and wrong, success or failure, turn your head into the void, joys and sorrows, pass by, pray for the coming year, sow hope, and reap happiness!

17. Without water, fish will not survive day and night; without light, flowers will never bloom; without you, there will be no me now; thank youThank you, my dearest mother. Today, New Year's greetings to you: May you be happy and healthy!

18. Mother's love is a lullaby in the heart of silence, a small cake in the aftertaste of a dream, a ray of starlight in the sky in the middle of the night, and an eternal good memory for everyone. Remember to thank your mother today!

19. The new semester is here, child, you must be civilized and polite. Respect the old and love the young, and actively exercise. Talk about hygiene and do what you can do yourself.

20. A person's happiness is not what he has, but what he cares about. Let each of us give up disputes and live a happy life!

21. Send my beloved New Year's wishes to my dear daughter. May she laugh and be happy all the time on this particularly happy day. happy New Year!

22. I hope you will study harder in the future, master the solid basic skills, become the pillar of the country when you grow up, and become the pride of your teacher!

23. I wish my grandparents a long and healthy life. I wish my parents a smooth work and a happy life.

24. The New Year is coming. May you use a pious heart to make a happy circle; let it roll to accompany you smoothly, happiness is lingering, joy increases, and everything goes well; let frustration and suffering, pain and suffering , dangers and difficulties, all things are difficult, all get out of the way; I wish you a happy New Year's Day, a beautiful Wanan Yuanyuan!

25. In the near future, whether I become a tall and straight poplar, or a low grass, teacher, I will pay tribute to you with the emerald green of life! Teacher, happy new year!

26. Facing the podium and back against the blackboard, in the long river of time, the teacher is you who weave every minute into countless dazzling halos with your hard work, sweat and wisdom. happy New Year!

27. A joy blooms in the New Year; a joy comes with the singing of carols; an auspiciousness comes with fireworks; a blessing comes with news. Friends, New Year's Day is here, let's work hard together in the new year and make persistent efforts. happy New Year!

28. In this sunny festival, I wish you a happy mood, a warm family reunion, a sweet feeling like the bright sun, and no sadness in the Pacific Ocean.

29. I don't give gifts this New Year, I will send you a message. Health and happiness will accompany you for a long time, happiness will stick to you, and I want to tell you that the God of Wealth has been eyeing you!

30. The new year begins. I wish good luck in succession. The emotional season is like spring. Life is colorful and colorful. Occasionally make small fortunes. Please understand my wishes and wish a happy new year!

31. May this blessing turn into a cup of tea to moisten your dry throat; turn it into a lamp to illuminate your way home from get off work; turn it into a bouquet of flowers to bring you A fragrance and beauty; I wish the teacher a happy New Year and smooth work!

32. Entering the new era, there is a telephone for contact, a mobile phone for greetings, and an online message; for the new year, brothers and sisters often miss them, send blessings with sincerity, and be healthy and happy! New Year's Eve, Happy New Year.

33. Teacher, I wish the students you teach will be full of talents and elites. Teacher, happy new year!

34. Ideal and struggle are a family, take a happy "new step"; persistence and hard work are a family, continue to pursue the "self-confidence method", your heart and my heart are a family, and the four seasons of life are "happy flowers" , [20XX] Spring has come, continue to unfinished dreams, look forward to early success, friends, come on!

35. In the evening, pay RMB, there are checks in the northwest, gold nuggets in some parts, and sporadic US dollars to euros in the middle of the night. Please bring your helmet and sacks, and prepare to make a fortune! Happy New Year with your money withdrawal!

36. Happy New Year - Happy New Year is very lively, no matter men and women, old and young, wear new clothes and new hats, everyone is happy and happy, everyone welcomes the New Year!

37, New Year, means a new starting point, a new beginning. Let us clear the sad memories together, refresh the failed records, and pass on the precious remembrance. I wish you a happy new year, Vientiane update, and everything goes well!

38. Blessing is a sincere heart, not a thousand-word confession. May you be safe and happy every year!

39. Put my blessings into your luggage when you go home, extend our happiness on your face, let your parents accept my blessings, and let your smiling faces return your parents' expectations.

40. The New Year has not yet come, blessings have come, life is not easy, contentment is the best, more happiness, less troubles, surrounded by family, friendship and hugs, health is always accompanied, and peace is shrouded. I wish you a happy New Year, happy every day, and happy every year!

41. I wish the New Year will be full of wealth and full of children and grandchildren!

42. Missing you is increasing day by day, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter.You are distressed. Without your mood, it is like low-calorie ice cream, a little less taste and more helpless. Let me be your dependant and write our future together. happy New Year!

43. Firecrackers sound, blessings sing; music starts, go shopping; make new clothes, feel good; walk on the street, walk in alleys; friends' houses, relatives' houses; , the house is full; the bell rings, the new year is prosperous!

44. Say goodbye to a long time to welcome the new world, to celebrate the festival with a good mood, the golden monkey to celebrate the New Year in harmony, and Chang'e to fly to the moon to ten thousand homes. The drums resonate for a good day and a happy life with the family.

45. I am happy in the new year, and I will give you a good dream. I hope that the God of Wealth will take care of you, beautiful and good dreams will accompany you, peace and health will follow you, happiness and beauty will accompany you; Safe to patronize you, always shining.

46. The bodhisattva is busy with the arrival of the new year, and gods from all walks of life send auspiciousness: the God of Wealth will send you gold ingots, the birthday star will keep you healthy, Manjusri will give you great wisdom (join the optional stocks, participate in simulated stocks), Guanyin bless you Happiness is long, Maitreya makes you happy, and lucky stars accompany you everywhere! Happy Spring Festival!

47. I wish you in the New Year's holiday: drink wine until you don't recognize your six relatives, smoke until you die together, play mahjong until day and night, dance until you are exhausted, and brag until you don't believe it.

48. I hope you are as happy as a teapot on the stove every day. Although your little ass is hot and hot, you still whistle happily, bubbles of happiness, and joy. fart fart! I wish you a happy new year!

49. Good luck in the Spring Festival, good things come early! Friends smile, joy surrounds you! Flowers open to you, birds call to you. Live a happy and fulfilling life! Festive! Festive! I wish the baby a safe and prosperous Chinese New Year!

50. Memories are precious crystals, and the past is an engraved landscape. A year has passed quietly, let us cherish the beauty and reminisce the wonderful chapters of the past. Quiet and warm, may it be your mood at the moment. [ 20XX ] Happy New Year!

51. Please come to your home, so that you will not be troubled by gold and silver; hold happiness in your hands, and do not lose happiness and satisfaction; hold good luck in your arms, and spend hand in hand with sweetness. The Spring Festival is coming, I wish you happiness for a long time!

52. Considering that tomorrow there will be overwhelming blessings on WeChat to block the network, a super invincible genius with ideals, foresight, and extraordinary wisdom, I, who see people love flowers and see flowers bloom, congratulate you in advance Wish: Happy New Year.

53, I wish you a happy new year! New year, new look! New year, new mood! New year, new beginning! New year and new luck! New friends and old friends, I wish you all the best, and the money is thousands of miles away! Happy New Year's Eve!

54. I use WeChat as a medium to send you my deepest wishes! I wish you a new year and a new year. I wish you good health and happiness, full of laughter. Gold rush in Sanzhulang, gold and gold shine. Fourth, I wish you ease as a pig, everything is good. I wish you a happy and healthy pig!

55. On the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month, New Year's Eve blessings come, I pray for you, first, I wish you happiness and no worries, second, I wish you happiness and good luck, third, I wish you good health and good health, and fourth, I wish you and your family reunion , I wish you a new year and a new look.

56. Thick love words, infatuation; foolish companionship, sincerity; warm greetings, caring; deep blessings, warmth; new year, auspicious; send Jane's messages, awesome.

57. A star illuminates your future; a paper crane, let go of your joy; a reason, I want you to be happy; a wish condensed into one sentence: the Spring Festival is approaching, may you be happy and home Peaceful!

58. Everything begins with one, and all things belong to one. On the occasion of [ 20XX ] New Year's Day, I would like to send you four ones, and wish you in the new year: the wealth of the family is endless, the sincerity of the lover is wholehearted, the brilliant career takes the lead, and the infinite happiness is forever!

59. I wish you in the new year: good health and safety, life is full and full, career is rising step by step, the mood is sunny, wealth is rolling in, family is happy and happy, and the New Year is happy!

60, one heart, one love, two hearts and two attitudes make people. An acre of land, a row of fields, torn apart infidelity. A needle, a coil of thread, and Qiqiao Liushun are closely connected. A piece of fire, a piece of ice, nine yang and eight yin, use your heart, a road, a river, ten hearts and ten intentions bless you.

61. The New Year's holiday has passed; return to work after the holiday, stabilize emotions; adjust state and take care of yourself; be serious and increase your horsepower; put in work and create performance; the boss appreciates and encourages you; May you get a raise soon!

62. Write with warm eyes and draw your shy and innocent smile; write words with sweet tone, and compose the movement of happiness and joy in life. Darling, I love you forever! Sunshine and wind and rain are inseparable! Husband, happy new year!

63, you leave me for a second, the situation changes, and it rains suddenly; the minute you leave me, the tsunami earthquake, the sky is dark; the day you leave me, the time is frozen and lifeless. It is conceivable that you cannot leave me all the time, and I want to be with you forever! Wife, happy new year!

64. Facing the podium and backing to the blackboard, in the long river of time, the teacher is your 45-minute weaving into countless dazzling halos with hard work, sweat and wisdom! A colorful life, Shien will never forget! happy New Year!

65. The little angel has come to your side, and will bring you happiness and happiness, and keep the memories of a lifetime at this time. I wish you all the best. Mom, happy new year!

66. There are two small dimples in my mother's mouth when she smiles. Mom, happy new year!

67. Send you a pair of sexy open-crotch pants, you can wear it for walks everywhere; send you a fashion diaper, you can wipe your nose when you have nothing; send you a happy little text message, which can accompany you in a good New Year mood. happy New Year!

68. The green barracks yearn for, swallow mountains and rivers with great vigor, and defend the home and the country is the mission. The red flag guides the way forward. I wish the young people to join the army enthusiastically, raise our country's prestige, strengthen our army's soul, and join the army with glory. Friends, happy new year!

69. Entering the new era, there is a telephone for contact, a mobile phone for greetings, and an online message; when we welcome the New Year, friends often miss them, send blessings with sincerity, and be healthy and happy! New Year's greetings to you, I wish you a happy holiday!

70. Smile and see the stars shining brightly, singing and dancing to say goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, firecrackers rejoice in the sky, giant dragons fly across the five continents, all sigh, raise a glass and drink to celebrate the New Year's Day, and greet the New Year with a sound of greetings. In the blessing, there is reluctance to say goodbye to the old, and it is also a good wish for the new year! May you be happy and good luck uninterrupted!

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