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Collection of 78 Simple New Year's Greetings

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New Year's Greetings Recommendation: New Year's Greetings Text Recommendation: Classic New Year's Greetings Recommended: New Year's Greetings for the Year of the Tiger Recommendation: New Year's Greetings for the Elders Recommendation: Related Recommendations A Collection of 78 Simple New Year's Greetings

Life must go on every day. Birth, growth, maturity, aging, and death are irreversible laws of nature, but if time goes back, who will refuse this lost Beautiful childhood? The Spring Festival is here, I wish you a happy holiday! The following are 78 New Year's greetings and greetings prepared by the editor for you. Welcome to read, I hope you like it.

1. When the New Year arrives, think about what to give you, and I don’t plan too much, so I will only give you fifty points : Ten happy! Very healthy! very rich! Very lucky! Very happy! happy New Year!

2. Say goodbye to the old year in the sound of firecrackers, and welcome the new year in the sound of blessings. I sincerely wish you a happy family reunion in the new year, a prosperous life, sweet love, and a glorious career. Live peacefully and be happy.

3. I only care about you, just like a bird needs wings, a fish can't live without water, no spring breeze - no flowers can bloom. Cherish every day I spend with you and care about every year I spend with you. Wish you a Happy New Year! everyday happy!

4. The wind carries the intoxicating bells. I wish you peace, joy, and success on this beautiful and holy night!

5. No one sleeps tonight, and fireworks are all over the sky tonight. At this moment of celebration, I wish you happiness and happiness. In the hopeful New Year, I wish you happiness, good luck and peace!

6. Blessings are strung together into a poem, a melody opens a warm world, the New Year is here, I wish you all the best wishes for the New Year, everything goes well, everything goes well!

7. Welcome the New Year with joy, a year of prosperity and peace, a year of high eyebrows and a happy heart, a year of prosperity and prosperity, and a year of brilliant and successful careers. I wish you a good year!

8. The New Year is here, I wish you good luck, two dragons take off, three sheep are in Taitai, four seasons are safe, five blessings come to the door, six or six great successes, seven stars are shining, wealth comes from all directions, nine and nine are concentric, and perfect!

9. Lose the best wishes in this text message. I don't believe in long-term affection. I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you very much. In this warm day, often recall the years together. Happy New Year!

10. I wish a warm greeting to warm your heart, and a warm blessing to accompany you and wish you a happy new year!

11. In order to promote environmental protection and save paper, don't send me greeting cards in the new year, please write your blessings on the largest possible RMB and send it to me, saving is a virtue, I wish a happy new year !

12. [ 20XX ] said to [ 20XX ]: Look at your year, it was either a flood or a financial turmoil, or the nuclear fuel from the radiation point went out, and several heads of state also fell one after another. Can't do something good? [ 20XX ] said dissatisfiedly: No matter what, I will never be like you, one [ 20XX ] has wiped out the whole world! Hey, I hope my friends will smile happily and make a fortune next year!

13. Make happy round eggs, smooth round eggs, auspicious round eggs, wishful round eggs, beautiful round eggs, comfortable round eggs, healthy round eggs, and reunion round eggs; You of the Chinese New Year, I wish you all the good things to accompany you, and you will always have a good time!

14. Cold and warmth are at war, the old calendar and the new year are handed over, the past and the future are alternated, the aftertaste and expectation are intertwined, the hope and the prospect are intertwined, and the symphony of happiness and happiness! Wish you a Happy New Year! happy New Year!

15. Mother's advice is the accumulation of love, mother's nagging is the superposition of love, mother's giving is the recharge of love, and mother's dedication is the relay of love. The inheritance of maternal love, the boundless love. The new year is here, mom, you have worked hard!

16. I let the blessings of love turn into strands of warm sunshine, and the thoughts of love into pieces of crystal snowflakes, to kiss your cheeks and melt into your heart. Dear, happy Spring Festival!

17, baby, happy new year, grow up healthily! You are the child with the most beautiful smile in the world! Of course, I also hope that you can become the bravest child in the world in the future!

18. Actually, I'm not interested in the festivals. I don't care about Christmas and Spring Festival. Except for the holidays, I just want to find a chance to talk to you. If you think of me the same, just call me back. Let's pass the holiday, let's let the electricity go by the way.

19. The Spring Festival is approaching. I wanted to find you when I was troubled. I beat it away. It was a weasel greeting the New Year. I didn’t have a good heart, but I’ve already found happiness to accompany you. You will love it, hope you have a happy Spring Festival.

20. Firecrackers sing in unison to release passion, snowflakes flutter and sway, and the spring breeze blows on the face, and the fireworks are lifted into the sky. The success of things, the success of the achievements and the glory of the family, the happiness of life is happy every day!

21. The bell is my greeting, the singing is my blessing, the snowflake is my greeting card, the wine is my air kiss, the breeze is my hug, and happiness is my gift! All of them are given to you, and I wish the company a Happy New Year! ! !

22. When the New Year is coming, the text messages are called every drop, a drop of happiness is called, a drop of good luck is brought, a drop of health wishes, a drop of blessings and a smile, a drop of a drop of wealth to embrace, a drop of Accompanied by auspiciousness, a drop runs with happiness. I wish you a happy new year and always be happy.

23. I wish my family peace and happiness. I wish my grandparents a long and healthy life. I wish mom and dad good health!

24. A green leaf is full of its friendship to the root; a congratulatory message condenses my wishes to you. It's another good start - the beginning of the new year, I wish success and happiness will always be with you.

25. A text message has so many concerns, just because it carries a deep blessing: dear teacher, you have worked hard, happy new year!

26. The new year has come again, and the news and blessings will be reported. The first blessing is longevity, the second blessing is wealth and honor, the third blessing is health and tranquility, the fourth blessing is benevolence and generosity, and the fifth blessing is good and enduring without disaster, without disaster and without pain. No worries, five blessings come to celebrate the new year.

27. The atmosphere of the New Year fills the air, bringing infinite joy; life is full of all kinds of fun, bringing infinite happiness; people's faces are filled with happy smiles, bringing incomparable sweetness. New Year's Day is here, and everything is full of new expectations and new visions. I wish you a lot of happiness and joy on New Year's Day!

28. I wish you in the new year: your career is just at noon, your body is as strong as a tiger, your money is innumerable, your work is not hard, your leisure is like a mouse, your romance is like a musical score, and you are the only one who is happy.

29. Sunshine sends my good expectations, spring breeze sends my deepest wishes, clouds adorn your life, and white doves bring blessings to your side. Can't be by your side but always miss you. happy New Year!

30. Polite hospitality and high quality, civilized business and warm feelings.

31. I will send you four "concentric circles" in the Spring Festival: the heart is full of dreams, the reunion is round; the source of wealth and blessings, both sides; Happy Spring Festival.

32. Don't be too busy working outside. When the New Year arrives, you must go home to see your mother. I wish the wandering children who are struggling outside will forget their troubles and sorrows, bring warmth and warmth, and come home to reunite and reunite, and the whole family will be happy.

33. A blessing and a brick, I will spread it to Shanhaiguan for you. A blessing one floor, I will send you to Jin Maotou.

34. Destiny to meet, no fate to meet, the ends of the earth, I hope to remember each other; fortunate to know each other, no luck to stay together, the bright moon in the sea, forever and ever. I will always silently bless you and wish you happiness. Happy New Year.

35. When the new year comes, I want to take the friend route. Even if the blessing is formalism, I will let you enjoy the luxury of happiness. There is no need to refuse peace. Good luck, please accept it and let happiness be wholeheartedly. At your service!

36. Generations of Chinese dragons, prosperous Chinese knots, upright Chinese, sweet Chinese dreams, happy Chinese babies, bouncing Chinese rabbits, mountains and rivers, Chinese feelings, joy and joy happinessChinese Year.

37. In order to meet you, I came to this world. I feel your presence so clearly, how can the world be beautiful without you by my side? You are my courage to live. Happy new year dear.

38. I want to toast with you, a cup to fill your mood, a cup to fill my mood. If you don't drink a lot of wine, you can see the true feelings. The wine is not expensive, and the love is deep and natural. Heart to heart to exchange cups, we will meet in the new year without regrets.

39. After the [20XX] year, wear new clothes, smile happily; step on stilts, twist Yangko, lively and laugh; set off firecrackers, hang red lights, auspicious stars shine brightly; send blessings, never stop, Affectionately warms your heart: I wish you a happy Chinese New Year and good luck!

40. May the teacher embrace peace, health, happiness, happiness, warmth, sweetness, fortune, auspiciousness, enter the Chinese New Year, and spend it happily every day!

41. What a wonderful year for [ 20XX ]! Wishing your family an even better year! Thousands of people share the same heart and hope that the country will not grow old, and all ethnic groups are bound together to bless Shenzhou Changchun. I wish the people of the whole country an auspicious [ 20XX ] year!

42. The moment of fireworks is happiness; the moment of meteor is prayer; the moment of missing is moving. And I just want you to understand the moment you see WeChat: No matter where you are, I will deeply wish you a Happy New Year!

43. It’s another New Year, set off firecrackers and firecrackers, quit the old year and have good luck, put on new clothes and new hats, meet each other and say Happy New Year, don’t forget to send red envelopes and eat Rice cakes backgammon, round dumplings match ingots. Happy New Year!

44. The bodhisattva is busy with the arrival of the new year, and gods from all walks of life send auspiciousness: the God of Wealth will send you gold ingots, the birthday star will keep you healthy, Manjusri will give you great wisdom (join optional stocks, participate in simulated stocks), Guanyin bless you Happiness is long, Maitreya makes you happy, and lucky stars accompany you everywhere! Happy Spring Festival!

45. In the new year, I wish you: a prosperous career, a strong body like a tiger, a lot of money, not hard work, leisure like a mouse, romance like a musical score, and happiness is yours. Happy Chinese New Year!

46. Welcome the New Year with joy, eat well and drink well, don't be upset, relax and relax, go out of the shabby house and travel the mountains and rivers.

47. The atmosphere of the new year is really good. Auspiciousness is chasing and smooth running, making a fortune pulls happiness and longevity, happy and happy seedlings, good luck keeps knocking on the door, success quietly grins, hope is silently rising, Happiness is taking pictures of you. Happy new year to you.

48. The New Year is approaching and the New Year is coming. Firecrackers are set off with lanterns. Anxiety has disappeared with the old times, and the bell of happiness announces good news. Cheering and cheering, people are excited, and happy times are beautiful. Step into the new year, the light of auspiciousness will always shine, I wish you a happy new year!

49. On the occasion of this New Year's holiday, I wish you: big wealth, small wealth, unexpected wealth, and wealth; family, friendship, love, and good luck; official luck, wealth, peach blossom, and prosperity ; Lovers, relatives, friends, everyone is safe! Happy New Year!

50. Mother, it is you who guide me to take the first step and help me to move forward. You are my positive spiritual pillar. In the future, I will be filial to you and protect you. New year is coming, I wish you All the best, good luck and happy new year.

51. Keep happiness, remember experience, save luck, bring good luck, be positive, work hard, say goodbye 18, welcome new happiness, good luck, follow happiness, achieve yourself, Successful company, all the best, happy new year.

52. Blessing is the wind, friendship is the sail, happiness is the water, and health is the boat. The wind of blessing blows the sail of friendship, and the happy water carries a healthy boat, drifting to you who will always be happy. Sincerely wish you a happy new year! Good luck!

53. Although you and I cannot get together, my thoughts and blessings accompany you every step of the way. Happy New Year, good luck! Honey, take care!

54. In the past year, your success has bloomed in flowers, your achievements have bloomed in applause, your achievements have been cheered between toasts, your achievements have been brilliant in congratulations, and a new The new year is coming, and the perfect blessing is given to you. I hope you will continue to work hard, and your performance will be brilliant in the new year!

55. Bamboo explosions are safe, the Spring Festival is coming, bless relatives, and the wealth is rolling! Bless friends, [ 20XX ] year is prosperous! Bless the enemy, be kind and benevolent! I wish the rival, the peach luck again and again!

56. I made a wish for the New Year in [ 20XX ]: I just said that I hope the sky will be sunny, and the clouds will soon spread; I just said that the house price has fallen to the bottom, but the result immediately skyrockets; I just pray for the happiness of the teacher, and there is no abnormality. Obstruction, this time, Quan Ling!

57. If you only have confidence, you will not necessarily win. If you have no confidence, you will definitely lose. If you only have action, you will not necessarily succeed. Without action, you will definitely fail. The spirit of the dragon horse, the dragon travels the world, the road is at your feet, and you move forward bravely. I wish you success!

58. A kind of wine, a small drop makes people aftertaste; a kind of music, a small piece of music makes people intoxicated; a kind of friend is destined for a lifetime as soon as acquaintance; Happy wake up. I wish you a long smile and continuous happiness! Friends, happy new year!

59. Sending you safe dumplings: sweet beans inside as auspicious stuffing, Ruyi noodles outside as happy skin, smooth reunion soup boiled in water, to ensure sweet love, auspicious New Year, all the best, happy life, everything Good luck, family reunion.

60. Make colorful clothes with rainbows, make New Year pictures with colorful clouds, make couplets with colored pens, and make candy with stars! The New Year is coming soon. Here, I wish my parents to be younger and younger, my grandparents to be as happy as the East China Sea, and my birthday to Bi Nanshan, and my younger brother to be smarter and more lovely! I wish the whole family a happy new year, peace and prosperity, and a happy new year!

61. The new year is coming, and the heart is happy, saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new to compose a new chapter. High-spirited and ambitious, and received a certificate for work progress. Family harmony is well-known, and his wife, virtuous son, and filial people praise him. Healthy, beautiful and strong, happy life. Happy New Year!

62. New Year's firecrackers are very powerful, opening up a little bit of thoughts about you, and colorful blessings sprinkled into your world; New Year's greetings are full, wrapping my heavy heart, and entrusting the text message in the mobile phone to deliver To you; Happy New Year!

63. You are not an actor, you are not a singer, you are not an artist, you are just a teacher who burns yourself and illuminates others. If time can be reversed, I would like to return to my student days to repay you. Favor, happy new year.

64. You are not standing on a three-footed podium, but in our hearts; you are not in our youth, but in our whole life. Teacher Yongji, Shien Yongji, I wish the teacher a happy and happy New Year!

65. Pursue your dreams and work hard, and happiness will knock on the door; let go of your worries and enjoy life, and happiness will come with you; miss your friends and keep in touch, and friendship will last. Friends, I wish you happiness! Friends, happy new year!

66. I actually listened to your words, but I didn't say it. Mom, happy new year!

67. Dad is old, and every gray hair has a vicissitudes of the past; every wrinkle is full of accumulation of wind and rain. Children have nothing to give back, even if you can do it, even if you go home often, it is the greatest consolation for you! Happy Dad's Day! Happy New Year, Dad!

68. Childhood is always beautiful and carefree; childhood is always happy and innocent; childhood is always short and infinitely longing. This New Year, let us reminisce our childhood, enjoy our childhood, and wish you happiness forever.

69. Because of you, the world will be so beautiful, because of you, my life will be so colorful! The doctor heals the wounds of the human body, you, the human soul! Teacher, happy new year!

70. Missing is gone with the wind, thinking of your face, comfortable and comfortable, but those are gone, you are no longer with me, occasionally a trace of loneliness ripples, I really want to say: without you life, I will think of you. Husband, happy new year!

71. You love to sing, I love to cheer, you can dance, I love to scream, you love to play, I love to pick up balls, you love to work, and I am good at entertainment. Cherish me, how would you live without me in this life? happy New Year!

72. Pick up all the sand on the seashore, eager to find your trace; tremble in the crowd, as if pulling up the raging rain in the wind, for fear of losing your news; No matter the ends of the earth, my soul is with you, and my love for you will never leave. happy New Year!

73. The festival is not a festival, and care is always indispensable. Meeting or not, contact is always indispensable. Gifts are not gifts, greetings are always indispensable. Whether you want it or not, happiness is always indispensable. Happy New Year to [ 20XX ]!

74. The Spring Festival is here, and blessings come to report! I wish you good luck every day, no trouble, always take care of happiness, lean back when setbacks, beat gongs and drums with joy, hug you with good news, and once you receive a text message, it will always be happy hahaha!

75. Spring Festival blessings: relatives and neighbors are in harmony, new and old friends are happy, life is simple and happy, life is calm and peaceful; happy every day, happy every year!

76. Please open the door, and the gold and silver treasures will come in; Fu, Lu, Shouxi will accompany you, and you will enter the door with happiness and happiness. newHappy New Year.

77. One day, one month, one new year, the old past and the new one; one day and one night, charming eyes, and sweet porridge; Dear teacher, happy new year!

78. I look forward to the present year after year, every year is different; every day and every day is in front of me, every day and every day I don't see anyone; happy New Year!

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