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[Required] 7 collections of blessings for the Spring Festival

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[Required] 7 collections of greetings for the Spring Festival

In daily study, work and life, many people have the experience of writing blessings, and they are no strangers to blessings, right? , Blessing is to express the best wishes in the heart in sentences. In fact, many friends don't know what kind of blessings are good blessings. The following are 9 blessings for the Spring Festival compiled by Xiaobian for you. They are for reference only and hope to help everyone.

Blessings for the Spring Festival 1

1. On the occasion of this new year, my wife and I extend holiday greetings to you and your family, and wish you a happy new year, a successful career and a happy family.

2. Pain is best for others, happiness is for oneself; trouble will be temporary, friends are always eternal; love is managed with heart, and there is no big deal in the world. happy New Year!

3. Blessing is a sincere heart, not a thousand words. A heart song, I wish you peace every year and everything goes well!

4. Thank you for your care, for your help, and for everything you have done to me. Please accept my New Year's wishes, I wish you peace and happiness!

5. If you are happy, you wave your hand, if you are happy, you stomp your feet, and if you are happy, you shake your head. Happy New Year, madman!

6. Happy New Year! Dear, because I hold your hand, so I want to hold your hand. Give you happiness, give you happiness forever?

7, such a long distance, no gifts, no feasts, only my heart and the most sincere wishes for you: Happy New Year!

8. Roses are my passion, candies are my taste, stars are my eyes, and moonlight is my soul, all for you, my love, happy new year!

9. Long time no see, I miss you very much. In this warm day, often recall the years together. Happy New Year, all your wishes come true!

10. Blessings, friendship and longing, turn them into a gift and keep them in your heart. I wish you a happy new year and all the best!

11. Good luck will always be with you! And wish you a happy day! happy!

12. The New Year's bell rang leisurely, sending my blessings and lingering by your side.

13. Although it's just a few short greetings: I wish you a happy holiday! It is my most sincere blessing!

14. The wanderer is wandering in a foreign land, and he cannot return his home during the New Year. How to say thousands of blessings? Send a message to pass on your thoughts! The hometown rice wine is fragrant, and the hot dumplings are greedy. I pray that my hometown will be well-off and live a happy life for a hundred years!

15. Make a good wish and wish you a happy new year, send a wonderful feeling, wish you all the best in the coming year, and send a beautiful gift to wish you a sweet smile.

16. If the peaceful melody flows from your dream tonight, do you think that this is me coming across thousands of mountains and rivers to your dream.

17. When the new year comes, eat a big meal; drink less, eat more vegetables; if you can't reach, stand up; someone respects, play a joke; if you can't eat, come back!

18. The New Year is here, I sincerely wish you. I wish you a successful year, every month and everything goes well, every day is joyful and worry-free, always happy and joyful, and always full of vigor!

Blessings for the Spring Festival Part 2

1. Time slips through the fingers, in obscurity, another new year. Cold and summer come and go, spring, summer, winter and autumn, don't rush around in a hurry. The new year is approaching, and this feeling is long. May you compete for the top in the Year of the Monkey and be happy for a long time!

2. When the New Year comes, every family is happy and happy; singing and dancing, happy and smiling; hanging lanterns, setting off firecrackers, and happy brows Happy and happy; meet relatives and friends, send blessings, and the icing on the cake is boundless. I wish you a good mood and a happy New Year of the Monkey!

3. I hope that my blessings to you are the freshest and most untiring for you to read. I wish you a happy Year of the Monkey and all the best!

4. Swing up the blessing oars and push the waves away with greetings.Life is reflected in the sea, a beautiful day, surrounded by good luck and growth. The boat floated gently in the water, and a happy wind was blowing in the face. The sun shines on your face, the singing is softly flying, and I wish you a happy every day.

5. In this gate last year, people's faces were red with fireworks, and the fireworks rose again today, and people's faces were still smiling. Everything is red in the New Year, the atmosphere of the New Year is harmonious, the New Year's greetings are fast and fast, and the New Year's happiness is the same!

6. Open the auspicious parcel, draw good luck, and the lucky stars will shine; release happiness, Unlimited happiness; spread the joy, the heart is full of joy; bestow health, blessings and longevity; present blessings, the icing on the cake: I wish a happy new year, all the best!

7. One incense will give you a cash cow, two incense will give you the help of nobles, three incense will give you good work, four incense will give you no worries, five incense will give you a full box of money, and six incense will give you eternal health! Good luck in the year of the monkey!

8. Gently write a sentence, the wind is confused; with a greeting, with a lot of concern; contact is not too much, but very real; greetings are not cold or warm, but very close. Message transmission, wish you a happy new year!

9. When you see this message, luck has come to you, the God of Wealth has entered your door, and prosperity and wealth are not far away from you, bless you Friends: auspicious new year!

10, 20xx, the year of the monkey is coming, the human blessing SMS has started to be sent, the party has not yet started, the information station is not too busy, your mobile phone still has Space, my mobile phone is still in arrears, I will send you a text message quickly, I wish you a happy new year in advance!

11. Smile in the morning, life has a mood, smile at ordinary times, happy and lively, smile when troubled Smile, forget everything, smile happily, what a wonderful day. Smile when you see the text message, and happiness will surround you from now on! The Year of the Monkey is auspicious.

12. In ancient times, there was a idiot who moved mountains, iron pestles turned into needles, and dripping water turned into rivers, but they were not as good as my blessings to you. Let my New Year's greetings pass through the radio waves, cross the mountains, cross the surging rivers, pass the high-rise buildings, and fly to your side.

13. New Year's mobilization: release your happiness, show your enthusiasm, show your smile, show your vitality, enjoy the joy of the festival, celebrate the new year, and don't forget to take out your RMB, send some blessing messages!

14. Send you a tulip to make your new year noble and gorgeous; send you a carnation to make your new year full of passion; send you a bunch of sunflowers, let you Your New Year shines brightly; I will send you a pot of Christmas red, and let your Year of the Monkey pass on blessings: I wish you a Happy Year of the Monkey!

15. This is a time to share happiness, a time to miss friends, It's the moment when dreams come true. I wish you: Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

16. A bird flies, crosses the happy collar, sees the Happy Valley, passes through the Happiness Spring, drinks the auspicious water, and holds the title A lucky flower, sing a blessing song, float into your phone, and wish you a happy and auspicious New Year!

17. It's the New Year, let me give you a few words in the advertisement: Hello everyone, is it really good? What did you drink, hello, or me? I wish you a happy New Year and good luck again and again!

18. A hay, a ring, a small flower and a lover. Although the wind, flowers, snow and moon are moist, it is like a fleeting year with scars. The working hours are all mixed up, and the entertainment time is too serious. Working hard to revive the world is not only the most ecstatic. I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

19. The sea is full of water, the plants are all legs, and the peppers are really spicy. I don’t regret chatting with you. I wish you a happy smile every day. Close your mouth, layoffs are like spring river water, counting money and drooling, haha, stop laughing, wipe your mouth! New year is auspicious!

20. Happy, happy; healthy, relaxed; reunion, conjugal love; harmony and beauty, prosperous!

21. The train departs on time. It carried an unforgettable age and ushered in another round of red years. I wish you a happy new year and a long journey!

22. When singing to the moon, Chang'e will come with the golden monkey to greet everyone! I wish you all auspiciousness in the year of the monkey, and good luck in life, material and entertainment.

23, buddy, happy Spring Festival, MM a lot, purse bulging, drink a lot, every night singing. Hahahaha, OVER!

24. The New Year's bell is my greeting, the New Year's firecracker is my blessing, the New Year's Ruixue is my greeting card, the New Year's spring breeze is my congratulatory message, and the New Year's wine is my greeting It's my heart, and the New Year's feast is my masterpiece!

25. Have you seen the stars in the sky? The biggest and brightest one on the top is my sincerity, and the one below is my infatuation , wrapped in the ribbon is my unchanging heart, happy Chinese New Year!

26. The old and the young are happy, the family is prosperous, the country is prosperous, and the world is prosperous; the country is rich and the people are rich, and the world is rich, and the heaven and the earth are harmonious with China. The Year of the Monkey is auspicious and the family is happy!

27. I hold Harry Potter's magic wand and sincerely pray: I will turn all joy into cream, all blessings into chocolate, and be happy forever Make it into a cake?? Smash you! Happy Chinese New Year!

28. In the year of the monkey, I would like to send you peaches, give you a panacea, recommend you as a royal horse, and give you a pair of golden eyes and fire eyes, blessings You are prosperous in the sky, waiting for you to pass on your fame through the ages!

29. In order to hide your shadow for a long time, in the deep winter, I will put another lock on my heart. And now, on this day, I seem to hear my own voice in the keyhole again, wishing a happy New Year of the Monkey.

30. The golden monkey is extraordinary and congratulates the Chinese New Year! The Monkey Lord sends blessings and auspiciousness! The golden monkey sends you the God of Wealth! Happy! Peace and happiness!

31. The bell at zero o'clock rang throughout the world, and the New Year's train departed on time. It carried an unforgettable age and ushered in another round of red years. I wish you a happy new year and a long journey!

32. Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, confidence is the best character, concern is the most sincere greeting, and concern is the deepest yearning , Blessings are the most beautiful words. I wish you a happy new year! Peace and happiness!

33. I hope you have fish every year in the New Year: more money, more fish, more spirit, more friends, and - you are not redundant !

34. The New Year's mood is good, and there is no trouble every day; raise your head to embrace happiness, bow your head to embrace beauty; a happy heart, a warm family; happiness is by your side, and a healthy future; friends, I wish you good wishes from afar You: Happy Spring Festival!

35. You will be lucky in the Year of the Monkey! Your boss values ​​you, your relatives and friends take care of you, money favors you, the opposite sex admires you, your temper is up to you, and good things think of you!


36. New Year of the Monkey Blesses you: the boss follows you, the enemy hides from you, the lover cares for you, the nobles help you, the family protects you, the color rolls favor you, and you get promoted and rich!

37. There are a group of people who are asking about you everywhere, and they say that they will never forgive you if they catch you. One of them is called the God of Wealth, the other is called Shunxin, and the leader is called Happiness, so don’t hide and accept your fate!

38. Happy New Year with text messages, safe every year, live and work in peace and contentment, prosperity and prosperity, great auspiciousness, striving for the upper hand, ease of use, and eternal youth, I wish you happiness!

39. "Ruixue Zhaofeng Year" . May the white and beautiful snowflakes fly to your side with my best wishes. I wish you a prosperous Year of the Monkey and career development!

40. No gifts are accepted for the New Year this year, but only a short period of time. News, the idea must be clever, the creativity must be novel, the content must be healthy, the reading must be laughing, and the aftertaste must be endless, in order to remember you!

41. Embrace; the hot summer days, Europe and the United States are free; the Golden Autumn Double Ninth Festival, the career is backgammon!

42. Take off your tired coat for a year, bathe under the sky of our friendship, shake off the running dust, relieve the tiredness in your heart, and wish you all the best tomorrow, in the new year The big picture!

43. Greetings are a boat that can send love far away; blessings are an umbrella that accompanies you through rainy days; when you are lonely, a warm text message from a friend makes all the ups and downs melted away Zuo Yunyan wish you a happy every day! happy New Year!

44. The days increase the years and people increase the longevity, and the spring is full of blessings! Candied haws are delicious and worn on bamboo sticks, symbolizing happiness and reunion! Do you understand my blessing? happy New Year!

45. When the New Year's bell rings, I offer my most sincere blessings. May you have the fragrance of birds and flowers every year, and the nectar of jade liquid every day.

46. I wish my friends: a smooth future, money in my pocket, long and short; double salary, delicious food and easy to wear, often have new lovers, and the pursuit of the journey is getting wider and wider!

47. I invited Jesus to drink, I used all the money I had to get him drunk, and then I stole his mobile phone and sent an order to the god of love: Give the person who receives this text a happy life, love Sweet, successful career, happy new year!

48. Christmas is over, New Year is gone, New Year is coming, are you happy these days? May these joys and joys remain in every day of your 20xx years.

49. When the old year leaves, all the unhappiness leaves at the same time; when we welcome the new year, we also welcome new hope. Wish you a Happy New Year.

50. Phones, mobile phones, computers, and messages between friends; New Years, New Years, and new sights, wishing all friends good health. Happy Chinese New Year!

51. In a hurryA farewell, who knows it is hard to see, eagerly looking forward to, long-term miss, into the heartfelt wishes. I wish my friends good health and happiness in the new year.

52. I also sent it to me from a friend. I'm sorry, but you should send it. We will all have good luck this year. Postback is not allowed. ”

53. Today is the God of Wealth Festival, the gods of one blessing, two lus, three longevity, four jubilees, five wealth and land, all come to bless you, you have to transfer it to 8 friends, and good luck will come in 5 days, if you delete it If you don't send it, it will be unlucky for a year.

54. I entrust the air as the postman, and bind my warm greetings into parcels, stamped with the postmark of sincerity, constant temperature express, the recipient is you .I wish you: Happy Chinese New Year!

55. There are thousands of mountains and rivers, and I miss you in the festive season. No matter where you are in the ends of the earth, I will also send you my heartfelt wishes for the New Year! Happy New Year!

56. Happy New Year! Hire a God of Wealth at your door. As soon as you enter the door, he will say to you: Gong Xi Fa Cai! There is a money tree growing in the yard, and the fruit is universal in the whole universe. The wind blows away hundreds of millions of dollars!

57. The God of Wealth Festival is coming, think about it, I have nothing to give you, and I don’t plan to give you too much, but only give you 50 million: Be happy Be healthy! Be safe! Be content! Don't forget me!

58. The New Year is coming to a new look. I wish you good health like a tumbler in the Year of the Monkey, and a booming career. Flying a kite, love is sweet like a spring breeze, and wealth is like a flood!

59. Deep friendship and blessings, endless thoughts and greetings, on this special day, bring blessings with text messages To you in the distance: Happy Chinese New Year!

Blessings for the Spring Festival 3

1. The new year is here, the new year is here, there are achievements, don't be proud, fail, don't die, work hard, fire cannons, good luck, fall from the sky, share with each other, and everyone is happy. Good luck every day, good luck every day.

2. I wish you a new year and new blessings: you will be successful and everything will go well, and you will make a fortune in the coming year. When playing mahjong, don't shoot, and happiness can't escape.

3. May you have 365 days in the New Year, travel a thousand miles a day, be with beautiful eyes at night, be happy every day, be happy all the time, every minute is wonderful, every second is happy! Good health, successful career, and success!

4. If you are happy, you wave your hand, if you are happy, you stomp your feet, and if you are happy, you shake your head. Happy New Year, madman!

5. New year and new weather, the New Year is coming! Happy holiday! May you be happy every day in 20xx, always happy, wonderful, and happy every second.

6. The new year is coming again, greetings in the new year, backgammon in doing things, happy life, good luck every day, the longer the more handsome, the gold in the home, and the banknotes on the wall.

7. The New Year's bell rings, good things are up to you, I wish you a happy first day in the New Year, the bell will bring my most sincere and sincere blessings to the most lovely you !

8. You are my deepest thoughts, you are my endless concern, let the wind carry my blessings; let Yuner carry my greetings: I wish you a happy new year !

9. Happy Chinese New Year! Happy family! Lots of good things to come in the new year! Lots of smiles! Be happy every second, be happy every day, be happy every year, be healthy forever!

10. Cilie dog likes to see friends happy and drunk, welcome Bajie laughs to entertain relatives and friends, and wish you a happy new year! All is well! Be strong!

11. Bless you in the New Year, good luck is with you, the God of Wealth is with you, famous cars belong to you, bad luck hides from you, happy events surround you, and I always accompany you.

Blessings for the Spring Festival Part 4

1. The first dewdrop of the new year is crystal clear because of your sweetness and warmth, the first dawn of the new year is quiet because of your health and safety, and the first ray of sunshine of the new year is warmed by your good luck. Wishing you all the best in the new year.

2. New year's new look, the holiday is over, concentrate on work and create a good performance for a year; entertainment is gradually reduced, after the holiday, take care of yourself, work hard for your career, and make some new achievements; After the festival, I hope you will work hard and create your own glory!="background:yellow;">

3. The spring breeze brings warmth into Tusu, and the chickens cry happily in the new year. Fu, Lu, and Shou Xing all arrived, and brought good luck to them. Health, happiness and no worries, longevity is not as old as Nanshan people. The career is backgammon, and the wife and children are all laughing. I wish you a happy family in the Year of the Rat and a happy life until old age!

4. A text message has so many concerns, just because it carries a strong blessing, I wish friends a happy New Year and a happy family!

5. The Spring Festival is coming, the information cannot be late; friends come to report, and the blessings are sent in advance: love is romantic and beautiful, friendship is warm, family love is always around, work performance is rising, life is happy and laughter, and the coming year will be better!

6. Welcome New Year's Eve , the surprise is infinite; the lucky star shines, the home is full of blessings; the star of Lu enters the door, and the promotion is promoted; the birthday star celebrates the spring, and the birthday is on Nanshan; the joy of the gods, the good luck is infinite; join hands with all the immortals to welcome the new year together; !

7. Say goodbye to the old year in the sound of firecrackers, send blessings through text messages, a new year, a new journey; a new year, a new hope. Sincerely wish you on the occasion of this new year: healthy family and all the best. happy New Year.

8. When the Spring Festival comes, the night is like water, the thoughts are like the moon, and the love and friendship are more intimate. Text messages, greetings, irreplaceable care. Blessings, sincerity, may you never lack good luck and happiness. I wish you a happy new year!

9. What a festive new year, every family is busy. Clean the inside and outside of the house, and happily send the kitchen king. Going to the street to buy New Year's goods, food and clothing are appropriate. Welcome the new year with contentment and happiness. I wish a happy and auspicious new year!

10. Blessings cannot be blinded, and I sincerely pray for you. Happiness is rare, and the days are dazzling. Money is innumerable, and luck is lined up all the way. The gods take care of you and enjoy endless blessings. The Year of the Rat is coming, may you be really happy!

11. Happy Chinese New Year, I only wish you a happy New Year on behalf of "Fu, Lu, Shou, Wealth and Joy": auspicious New Year, family reunion, happiness and prosperity - Fu Wang Cai Prosperity is prosperous, mountains are high, waters are long, happiness is long, and wealth is like a river and sea, surging towards you.

12. When the Spring Festival is coming, SMS gifts: send you a red carp, may you have more every year; send you a plate of pistachios, may you be happy all the time; send you a glass of good luck wine, may you be the Year of the Rat Good luck! Happy New Year!

13. New Year's greetings to you! First worship the heaven and earth, the heaven and earth are black and yellow, the earth is long and the sky is long; secondly, the God of Wealth, the sun is advancing and fighting for gold, and the sky is rising; Drop; four worship the whole family, family reunion, happiness and health!

14. The New Year is approaching, the most festive time of the year, and the busiest time, the New Year is no less than a fierce sports competition , to recharge and prepare mentally to fight tough battles, I wish you the spirit of the Chinese New Year, life has a taste!="background:yellow;">="background:yellow;">

15. Fluttering snowflakes are poetic, good luck going out to play cards, Spring Festival couplets are full of spring, the sound of firecrackers removes the old atmosphere, things are gathered together today, the most beautiful year is New Year's Eve, send a short message, all the best wishes to you. Happy Spring Festival.

16. The Spring Festival is here. In this year, it is not easy to send blessings. Happiness is packed, and sensationalism is rushed. I don’t know who has kidnapped me and my health. The blessings are still delivered. Happy Chinese New Year!

17. Dad said: No matter you are in the ends of the earth, just remember to go home for the New Year; Mother said: No matter if you are rich or poor, just be happy every day; Friends said: Although there are few contacts, as long as Be healthy and safe! Happy Spring Festival!

18. The Chinese New Year focuses on reunion. The Spring Festival is here, let us spend more time with our families, spend some time with friends, and let family and friendship be together To power this New Year! I wish a happy Spring Festival.

19. Silently miss deeply, silently miss inseparable, silently wish the most sincere, silently care about forever in my heart, silently wait for the Spring Festival to come, silently wish the Spring Festival a happy, reunion, joy Great!

20. The Spring Festival is coming to Xilinmen, and I will give you a cornucopia, which is filled with books and books, knowledge, gold and silver, the god of wealth, health and career, friends and relatives, all the time Be happy all the time, and have good luck!

Blessings for the Spring Festival 5

1. Fireworks that ignite love, bloom sweetly in the air, paste the couplets of harmony, fill life with happiness, pour good wine, love is intoxicated in the Spring Festival, in the new year, give a blessing to the one you love, wish Happy Chinese New Year!

2. Fireworks are blooming, it is my romantic love for you; the red light is hanging high, it is my sweet love for you; the wine is full, it is my sincere blessing to you; dear , I wish you a happy Spring Festival and happiness for a long time!

3. The Chinese New Year focuses on reunion. The Spring Festival is here, let us spend more time with our family, take a little time to meet with friends, and let family and friendship Let’s work together this New Year! I wish you a happy Spring Festival.

4. Consumption without banknotes, television without advertisements, work without leadership, stock trading without guts, these are actually nothing, the key is that the Spring Festival is coming, and it is absolutely impossible without blessings!

5. Little Singles' Day arrives, and blessings are sent.Anxiety should disappear, sorrow should be forgotten, sorrow should be lost, sadness should be abandoned. Only love can't be light, if you don't strip, it will be difficult to return to your hometown during the Spring Festival. I wish you to strip off as soon as possible and return home happily!

6. When the new year arrives, do the New Year's goods, and be busy and happy; sweep the dust, send the kitchen god, clean and auspicious; steam the rice cake, paste the New Year's picture, and smile happily Hang up; send blessings, send text messages, and welcome the Chinese New Year in a healthy and safe manner. The new year is coming, the Spring Festival is approaching, the joy is continuous, and the journey is happy!

7. When the new year arrives, stick the window grilles, stick to the auspicious New Year's pass; sweep the dust, remove the dirt, eradicate troubles and sorrows; eat candy Official, worship the kitchen god, pray for good fortune in the coming year; buy New Year's goods, smile, and welcome the Spring Festival with joy, Xiao Nian, I wish you a happy family and happiness!

8. Xiao Nian is the beginning of the Spring Festival. The new year is the arrival of the Kitchen King, the young year is the hope of returning home, the young year is the harbinger of reunion, the young year is the busy beginning, and the young year is the expectation of the children. I wish everyone a happy new year!

9. One smile, ten years old, one smile, troubles run away, two smiles, anger and hatred disappear, three smiles for regrets, four smiles to escape from illness, five smiles to never grow old, six smiles to be happy and happy , you are laughing at the festival! I wish you a happy Spring Festival!

10. New weather on the fifth day of the first lunar month; the god of joy in the northeast; the god of wealth in the southeast; the god of wealth in the southwest. I wish the golden dog a prosperous career in the Spring Festival, eating and drinking without worrying about gaining weight, the longer the daughter-in-law is, the more beautiful the older one is, and the younger the older one is stronger, and the new year has a fresh spirit

11. Original New Year's message_ Pack a bag of sunshine and two handfuls Sea breeze, a few pounds of blessings made by myself, I asked someone to buy some happiness in the United States, and two bottles of romance in France. I cut a little care from the depths of my heart and gave it to you as a gift. I wish you a happy new year and all the best of luck!

12. Destiny to meet, no fate to meet, the ends of the earth, I hope to remember each other; fortunate to know each other, unfortunate to stay together, the sea is bright and the moon is forever. I will always silently bless you and wish you happiness. Happy New Year.

13. It is not easy to meet by chance. Maybe God is destined to miss it. Knowing that the lovesickness is hard, the heart is hard to say. The Spring Festival is approaching, when will I see you?

14. Original New Year's Message _ The longer the wine, the more mellow, the longer the friendship, the more real; I wish you a happy new year and a good mood all the time!

15. I can't say enough about what I miss; my caring heart will never change; my sincere friendship will never be forgotten. May my blessings surround you, Happy New Year, all the best!

16. When you receive these money symbols, it means that you have received the blessing of the God of Wealth, who will bring you fortune in the new year!

17. May you embrace peace, health, happiness, happiness, warmth, sweetness, wealth, and auspiciousness, and a happy New Year to spend every day!

18. The Spring Festival is coming, I use the woolen yarn made of blessing twist and weave a red sweater for you under the candlelight: the front is peace, the back is happiness, auspiciousness is thick shoulders, Ruyi wears it on The sleeves and collars are thoughtful, and the pockets are full of happiness. When you wear them, you will be wrapped in warmth, and let my heart accompany you through the New Year!

19. The year has new harvests, getting rich on Marlboro, career climbing Hongta Mountain, lover surpassing Ashima, wealth all over Greater China Wealth, wealth is rolling; family, friendship, love, good luck; official luck, wealth, peach blossoms, good luck; lovers, relatives, friends, everyone is safe.

Blessings for the Spring Festival Part 6

1. In the days when the Spring Festival is coming, the bell is about to ring, and the fireworks are about to be lit, the text message will be sent to you first with blessings. I wish you good things to come in the new year, prosperity and prosperity. I wish a happy Spring Festival!

2. New Year gifts: one catty of peanuts and two catties of jujube, may you run with good luck; three catties of oranges and four catties of bananas, money will roll into your pockets; five catties of grapes and six catties of oranges , May your thoughts come true; eight catties of mangoes and ten catties of melons, may you bloom happily every day.

3. The New Year is here, and the heartfelt greetings, a series of sincere blessings, and a piece of deep affection will travel through thousands of mountains and rivers and float into your heart with the text messages of love. I wish you a happy Spring Festival!

4. New Year's blessings, text messages to send blessings, every text message is full of contentment. Lucky stars are blessed, the God of Wealth is blessed, and it is a blessing all year round. Blessings from friends, auspicious cows bring blessings, and happiness is everywhere in life. May you be blessed in the year of the Ox, and your life will be more blissful!

5. Spring returns to the earth, the sun warms the world; Festive and blessings: I wish you happiness, wealth and prosperity!

6. People say you are righteous and majestic, but I say you are generous and tolerant. Handle affairs with integrity, not favoritismamiable. Recognize people on their merits, avoid giving gifts, and refuse to treat guests realistically. I wish the leaders: Happy Chinese New Year!="background:#b2ec0a;">

7. If you dare to be unhappy in the Chinese New Year! I will make your face a color screen, your head to vibrate, and your ears to be slapped. It's chord, the whole body is straight, and if you are depressed, it will be folded, and if you dare, it will be second-hand.

8. When the Spring Festival arrives, blessings come to report, happy hearts make trouble; sing, dance, be happy and in a good mood; get together, talk and talk, and the friendship will last forever; Take a walk, take a look, sweetness is with you every day; if you are full of blessings, pass it on, I wish you comfort in your heart and good dreams every night!

9. Wherever you are, there will be success; Where the heart is, there is scenery; where love is, there is moving. On the occasion of the New Year, I sincerely wish you a happy Spring Festival, good health, and all your wishes come true!

10. The New Year is approaching, and there are many things to do; it's time to buy tickets, the queue is long; the year-end bonus is issued, The shopping festival is coming; I don’t have enough money for New Year’s Eve; I can only watch the Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve; Happy Spring Festival.

11. The majestic gongs and drums are loud, and the Spring Festival is greeted with laughter. All kinds of programs are on stage, and the bull and lion dances are full of fighting spirit. Men and women, young and old, were beaming with joy, applauding and singing loudly. The harvest is abundant and the family is prosperous, and the year of the ox will be more prosperous and strong. I wish you a new year, a new look, a great body and a long and happy life!

12. There are thousands of mountains and rivers, and there is a long way to go home. Report peace, bring good news, family reunion and happy Tao Tao. I wish you a smooth journey home!

13. The happy molecules flowing in the air are extremely happy; the waves of joy in the days are extremely joyful; the happy smiles in life are extremely sweet; the wine glass is filled with Full of auspicious elements, good luck. The New Year is coming, I wish you all the best of luck! A lot of happiness, double happiness!

14. Reunion New Year's Eve dinner, delicious and sweet: drink some wine, no worries; drink some soup , the days are fragrant; eat some melons, laugh haha; eat some meat, not happy enough; eat green vegetables, good luck; eat fruits, more happiness. I wish you a full table on New Year's Eve!

15. May the good dreams of the year cling to you, fall asleep sweetly, wake up to come true, may all the fortunes cover you, the sunrise meets the precious, the sunset sees you Wealth, may all the auspicious stars take care of you, always auspicious, and safe every year!

16. You light up the lights, I fire the cannons, it's fun and lively together. Bless the mood race honey, and pray for the boundless joy in this world!

17. New Year's Eve is here, I will send you a pair of lanterns, and wish you a better life. Send you a New Year's picture, I wish you a more beautiful day. Send you a firecracker, wish you better luck. I send you one more blessing: I wish you: happy every day, always healthy and happy, and happy New Year's Eve.

18. On New Year's Eve, the night sky is shining brightly, and the lights of thousands of homes are shining brightly. The text messages frequently sent blessings, and the deep friendship surrounded them. The troubles of the old years are all swept away, and the spirit is full of health. Reunion and welcome the Spring Festival banquet, the whole family raises a glass without realizing it. I wish you Ji Ankang!="background:#b2ec0a;">

19. I twist it into wool with blessings and weave a red sweater for you: the former is peace, the back is happiness; auspiciousness is the shoulder , Ruyi is in the sleeves; the collar is thoughtful, and the pockets are full of happiness! Let my heart accompany you through the evening!

20. Just for the year of the Ox to come, happy around. The cows have run away, the cows come and hoot. Happy Yangguan Road, let you enjoy yourself. The Year of the Ox is coming, I wish you a healthy family and no worries!

Blessings for the Spring Festival 7

1. The snowflakes on the tree during the Spring Festival fall silently, and the melodious sound of bells in the distance opens our hearts and brings happiness to the world. Friends, happy new year!

2. I haven't heard your voice for a long time, and no one has listened to my heart-to-heart talk for a long time. I really miss you in the days when snowflakes are flying. I wish you a happy new year and auspicious year of the pig!

3. People in the rivers and lakes, the heart of a wanderer, I wish you a successful career and everything goes smoothly! New year progress! Friends who have walked along the way, I will always sincerely wish you!

4. The sound of the bell in the year of the pig arouses a deep and grand echo between heaven and earth. Let us welcome another spring with good wishes in the sound of the sky-shattering firecrackers!

5. You I embraced and listened to the New Year's bells like the breathing of the annual rings, surrounded by our common dreams, full of love turned into sincere wishes "Happy New Year"!

6. Last year's New Year's Eve, the flower market The lamp is like the day, and the willow tip is on the moon. After people meet at dusk, on the night of the new year this year, the moon and the lamp are still the same, and the last year is not seen.People, tears fill the sleeves of spring!

7. I miss my hometown and you very much. The Spring Festival is here, are you all right? I wish you all the best of luck! Happy Chinese New Year and great luck .

8. Acquaintance depends on fate, and acquaintance depends on sincerity. A true friend always pays attention and love no matter where he is. I wish my friends a happy New Year and good luck!

9. I bless you in the New Year: family cares about you; love nourishes you; the god of wealth is attached to you; friends are loyal to you; I bless you here; the lucky star will always shine on you!

Thank you very much, my heartfelt greetings! When the tears are sending away the night, your blessings become the rays of light that illuminate my heart. Thank you, my friend.

11. As the Year of the Pig is approaching, I want to tell a special you that I really care about you, and send my true feelings through text messages, happy and happy!

12. I wish you a happy Chinese New Year! Always, always, follow your imprint. Thinking about it, I will incorporate you into my wings, and completely own your body and your heart.

13. I wish every tweet of the mobile phone will bring happiness and joy! A gentle greeting, I don't want to disturb you! I just want to sincerely wish you: the year of the pig, good luck!

14. The new year of 20xx begins, let me accompany you to the new year with blessings! I look forward to my friends creating greater brilliance in the new year!

15 . With Yingying's thoughts and warm prayers, I wish you a happy Spring Festival! When the first second of the Year of the Pig comes, please remember that I am blessing you! Happy New Year!

16. The past 365 Days and nights, my heart is waiting, this New Year's moment, I am still waiting, waiting for you to talk, the language of my heart. Happy New Year!

17. The person who laughed with me, I may forget him; the person who cried with me, I will never forget. Happy New Year, my friend who shares weal and woe.

18. The Spring Festival is here again, how are you doing this year? The year of the pig is new, and my situation is not good: front and back, left and right, inside and outside are you, you Do you miss me?

19. Spring Festival wishes you: get rich and set foot on Marlboro!

20. In this season full of warm voices, I give you my sincere blessings and deepest condolences Missing, Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai, abundant wealth and good health!

21. Such a long distance, no gifts, no feasts, only my heart and the most sincere wishes for you: Happy New Year. The Year of the Pig is prosperous!

22. Spring Festival SMS: I sincerely wish you a happy Spring Festival! Are you safe in the distance? In the distant thoughts, what has changed is my face, but the same is the heart that will always love you !

23. Close your eyes, my little wish will fly in front of your window in the New Year's bell, and gently overlap with the dream you hope for in the Year of the Pig, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

24. The Spring Festival is approaching, I wish you happiness and happiness, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your concern and care over the past year, I wish you all the best in the new year!

25 . Happy family! Prosperity! Happy New Year! All the best! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Good health and good luck! New year! New year and new progress!

26. Are you coming? If you don't come, I wish you happiness now, and if you come, I wish you happiness another day! Choose for yourself!

27. When the firecrackers didn't go off, I thought, are you happy during the Spring Festival? You, please take care of yourself for me. New year and new atmosphere, I wish you a good start in everything!

28. The day of the Spring Festival is the beginning of blessing, and the day of parting is the beginning of missing, my girl, why is it full of your shadow? Happy New Year to you early!

29. Sweep away the exhaustion and dust of the year, let us work hard together in the new year! I hope everything goes well for you! Happy New Year!


30. What makes the Spring Festival happy? It is not the happy sunshine, nor the chirping of birds, but happy thoughts and happy smiles and warm and loving greetings.

31. Year after year, the New Year is here again! No matter how the time comes and goes, what remains unchanged is my eternal blessings to you. May you be safe and happy! The new year will be more progressive!

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