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A compilation of 80 classic New Year's SMS greetings

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A compilation of 80 classic New Year's SMS greetings

Thank you for giving me life, thank you for teaching me the truth of life, no matter what happens in the future, I will always love you! Mother! Sending my special greetings on this special day! Wishes: Happy New Year Mother! Mother I will always love you! The following is a collection of 80 New Year's SMS greetings compiled by Xiaobian. Welcome everyone to come and enjoy.

1. I hope that teachers will continue to improve teaching methods and cultivate more outstanding students with love!

2. When the Chinese New Year comes, the mobile phone rings, and the news reports come to greet you; good luck, happy running, I wish you a smile every day; welcome the New Year, celebrate reunion, wish you everything will come true, and a lifetime of happiness and peace !

3. Time passes by, you and I are on the road, don't care too much, I wish you a more relaxed new year! New Year's Eve, give you New Year's greetings early!

4. This is a limited-edition commemorative text message from XXX. You can also send "I invite you to dinner" to 13999957XXX to win face-to-face communication opportunities with me, hehe.

5. I put the blessings and hopes of the new century under the quilt of the melting snow, and let them grow along the spring seedlings, giving you the abundance and fragrance of the whole year.

6. Opportunities and challenges coexist, glory and dreams coexist! After a major change in management, backed by excellent and high culture, through the implementation of diversification and internationalization of development strategies, we will usher in a good situation and a more brilliant new tomorrow! At the beginning of the new year, I wish all employees of the company a happy new year, good health, happy family and good luck!

7. My friend, I will always bless you! This year, I will not give gifts for the New Year, but send a text message to you. Health and happiness are always with you, and good luck is inseparable from you. And let me congratulate you: the God of Wealth has set his sights on you! Be happy every second, be happy every day, be happy every year, be healthy forever!

8. Hello, I'm good, everyone is good, good things keep going; I wish you all a beautiful life and a happy New Year.

9. Outside the mountain, the building outside the Castle Peak, the elder brother is as strong as an ox, and the spring breeze blows the elder brother drunk, and only regards the fear horse as a beautiful girl. Dear, happy new year.

10. Existence has its reasons, experience has its end, years have its beginning and end, hard work has its results, [ 20XX ] comes and goes in a hurry, [ 20XX ] struggles all the time, give a feeling, and gain a Share your mood, spell out a piece of experience, and gain a piece of success.

11. Send you the only round egg in the world, with a hard shell; a long-lasting egg membrane; a solid-colored egg white; a happy and happy future is brewing in the middle, may it become your lucky lucky egg, I wish it Happy new year to you!

12. Going through the winter solstice, after Christmas, ushering in the end of the year, and approaching the new year, the blessings are sent first, and the greetings are still. When the weather turns cold, keeping warm is the key; when you go out and add clothes, keep your health in mind; the new year is coming, I wish a happy new year!

13. Every day I smile so happily, layoffs are like spring water, counting money until drooling, haha, stop laughing, wipe your mouth! happy New Year!

14. Say goodbye to the golden sheep that belongs to you, and welcome the golden monkey that belongs to the year. New year, new atmosphere, new year's hope. All is well in the new year, and dreams take off.

15. Sending New Year's greetings by text message, blessings should be advanced in advance. Sending away the golden dragon and welcoming the jade snake, the new year picks up the old year. New year and new atmosphere, happy events come together. The jade snake knocks on the door to bring good luck, and the days are sweet. "Snake" is advancing by leaps and bounds, everything goes smoothly, happiness and happiness always come true!

16. The first full moon in the new year, the sea and the sky are blue and bright, the Pingchuan lights and flowers are bright, and the beautiful night reflects your happy face. I am fascinated by your smiling face, as if seeing Chang'e reappear.

17. New Year's tasks: 1. Send the troubles away and welcome happiness; 2. Empty the sadness and fill it with happiness; 3. Put down the failure and embrace the success; 5. Release the loneliness and leave the wonderful; 6. The blessing Send out, recycle good luck. Happy Chinese New Year!

18. Happy New Year to you! Happy family! Lots of good things to come in the new year! Lots of smiles! Be happy every second, be happy every day, be happy every year, be healthy forever!

19. Picked up some from the eastAuspicious, ask the west to ask for a little luck, borrow a wish from the south, and pull a piece of peace from the north, and give all of these to you.

20. The hens are not fresh, and the roosters are rare. In recognition of the egg-laying rooster of Zhao Benshan brand, it will serve as the announcer for the Spring Festival this year, and will croak for everyone. The rooster announces the dawn, not to urge you to get up, but to wish you: Happy Chinese New Year!

21. I wish you a good mood every day with a thousand loves and a thousand hearts; a thousand hearts and a thousand hearts, I will give you my heart every moment; a thousand kinds of love and ten thousand kinds of love, I can only love you in this life; Thousands of predestined relationship, thousands of predestined relationship, this life with you is the predestined relationship! happy New Year!

22. The sun shines brightly, and the father's love is beautiful; the stars are bright, the father's love is infinite; Peace and health!

23. The beating notes have sounded, and the throbbing heart is full of joy. There are thousands of blessings in the heart, and by the gentle wind, it floats around you. May your life be free of troubles and be happy forever! Happy Chinese New Year!

24. The flowers are bright and silent, and the moon is bright and silent. The butterflies danced between the wings, and the experience of mandarin ducks flying in the water. Kind and pure at the bottom of my heart, quietly sacrificed without regrets. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the voice of the word, wife, I love you silently. The deep love in the heart is beyond expression, and the Spring Festival will spend the river of love together.

25. You are also round, I am round, things are round, and people are round. May this Spring Festival, everyone have a happy dream. Sweet, sweet, happy, healthy and healthy forever! Happy Chinese New Year!

26. Happy New Year! Practicing is the only way to make a man with true color. If you experience it, you will have a magnificent future. If you exercise, you will definitely win the future.

27. Optimism is the foundation of your value to start a good life. If you add some dream and diligent condiments, maybe the process of hard work will be more flavorful.

28. It's the Spring Festival, so give your mood a holiday. Stay away from trivial troubles, carry a happy smile, escape from busyness, escape stress, and calmly walk into the greeting station. Friends, I wish you a happy and comfortable Spring Festival!

29. The whispers of blessing tap the ear, and happiness comes quietly with the New Year's bell. Although there are no most beautiful words, no sentimental words, no exquisite gifts, there are only deep blessings. I wish a happy Spring Festival!

30. Cilie dog likes to see friends happy and drunk, welcome silver sheep smiles to entertain relatives and friends, I wish you a happy new year! All is well! Be strong!

31. Blessings and blessings are many blessings, blessings minus blessings are the starting point of blessings, blessings multiplied by blessings are infinite blessings, blessings except blessings are the only blessings, wishing the company a happy New Year!

32. When the New Year comes, I send you many blessings: I wish you more happiness, more happiness, more money, more luck, more happy events, and more happiness; I wish you all the best in the New Year: I wish you a good mood, The career is smooth, the love is smooth, the business is smooth, the transportation is smooth, and the going out is smooth.

33, the water is flowing, the fish are swimming, the game depends on Jesus and forgets the sorrow! The wind is blowing, the rain is falling, Jesus smiled at you! The heart of Jesus, the most intimate, the happiest chatting with the Lord! The Lord has love, and you have affection. May you be in a good mood every day! Always rejoice in the Lord!

34, buddy, have you made a fortune this year? Don't forget to treat - just kidding, happy new year! Happy Spring Festival! Working smoothly! [ 20XX ] Make a fortune in the year, good luck!

35. There is a long way to go, take a break; there are many things on your mind, let it go; there are many things and complicated, slow down; there is a lot of fun, play; when the New Year is coming, get together; Go; the mountains and rivers are more magnificent, turn around. Happy Holidays!

36. I always thought I was very strong, but every time I think back to the days in school and your teachings, the drizzle moistens things, always makes my eyes wet with tears. happy New Year!

37, tie a bunch of dawn, bind it with the steam of the first dewdrop, embellish the bud that blooms for the first time, let the first early bird get up on the first day of the new year , to be the perfect start to your first sight. happy New Year!

38. The New Year is here, you who are far away, take good care of yourself, eat when you are hungry, get dressed when you are cold, sleep when you are sleepy, and turn your head when you see a handsome guy!

39, the wind is soft and the rain moistens the full moon; Happy life every day! Winter is gone and spring is like smoke; fleeting years will never return! Life needs to be happy! Say goodbye and say peace! Happy new year to you.

40. Spring has returned, open the beehive, where the sweetness of the winter has been stored, let us enjoy the joy of the new year together!

41. I put New Year's blessings under the quilt of the melting spring snow, let them grow along the spring seedlings, and give you a full year of abundance and fragrance! [ 20XX ] New Year's Eve,I dreamed of you. Happy New Year to you: Happy New Year! A snort woke up from the dream, I knew you missed me, so Yang Shang called and told you to bring the red envelope!

42. Dear teacher, thank you for nourishing our hearts with your hard work and nurturing us to thrive. May all your days be filled with happiness and warmth! Teacher, happy new year!

43. The reason is that with you, life is so wonderful; the reason is that with you, the world is so beautiful and moving. You are the engineer of the human soul! Your teachings are as distant as a drizzle. Thank you! Sincerely wish you a happy new year!

44. The spring is not warm in front of the court, and the snow is still cold behind the house. There are days in the deep winter, and it will be the New Year in a moment. Intermittent, I wish a happy Spring Festival in advance!

45. When the New Year is here, I will give you a magic pill. After eating it, you can be as innocent as a child, take care of someone like a child, cry like a child when you don’t like it, and cry like a child. happy! Hurry up and eat it, from now on, there will be no troubles, and the childlike heart will always be happy!

46. [ 20XX ] You have left a lot of good memories in my memory and let me learn more things. In my career, I have reached a new level, and in love , I am even more happy and happy; at this time, I greet you 201 friends with the most enthusiastic mood, please accept my deep blessings, and may all the joys accompany you in the new year.

47, [ 20XX ], flush the disappointment and pain with the toilet, the joy of success in the harvest is recorded in the album, a little sweat and a little sweet, all the way upside down, [ 20XX ] comes, step up and move forward Hurry up, time does not wait for me, a better life is coming to you!

48. Count the days and look at the sky, another year has passed, [ 20XX ] bitter and sweet, as the sweat is flowing away, regain control of the direction, grasp the goal again, raise the fighting spirit again, restart Towards brilliance, I wish you more achievements, more happiness, and longer happiness.

49. It takes days for the moon to rise, years for the earth to revolve, hours for a person, and a lifetime for love, but a thoughtful word only takes seconds, I wish you a happy Spring Festival!

50. When the New Year's bell rings leisurely, I sincerely wish you, and may happiness linger by your side forever. Happy New Year to you!

51. Time is like an arrow, year after year; looking back and reappearing, I am at a loss; the past is in front of me.

52. If you are a swan, you will marry the tranquil lake; if you are a sea swallow, you will marry the surging sea; if you are a flower, you will marry a bright spring; but you It's you who will marry me. happy New Year!

53. I wish you a happy Spring Festival and a happy family and all the best! New Year's New Year's New Weather Golden Monkey Soaring into the Sky, Progressing Step by Step!

54. Thank you for your care, for your help, for everything you do to me... Please accept my New Year's wishes!

55. Happy days are coming. I put my deep affection into my blessings and send my lovesickness to each other gently. May you be more and more beautiful in the new year and become more and more beautiful in the journey of life. The happier; my dear, the New Year is here, I wish you happiness and health.

56. On a very commemorative day, I sent a very provocative text message on a very creative platform in a very reversible way: you It's me, the sea that I have never met again in this life, I have no regrets and no regrets when I fall in love with you in this life! happy New Year!

57. Bodhisattva is busy with the arrival of the new year, and gods from all walks of life send auspiciousness: the God of Wealth will send you gold ingots, the birthday star will keep you healthy, Manjusri will give you great wisdom (join optional stocks, participate in simulated stocks), Guanyin bless you Happiness is long, Maitreya makes you happy, and lucky stars accompany you everywhere! Happy Spring Festival!

58. I wish you good fortune, partial fortune, windfall, and rolling wealth; family, friendship, personal love, good luck; official luck, wealth luck, peach blossom luck, good luck.

59. Every morning, I always see you smiling and sending a greeting. Whenever I go out, you will appear in my mind. Dear, I know you are supporting me in corners I can't see, happy new year.

60. My dear, [ 20XX ] is a brand new year. We must work together and make persistent efforts to create a new world that belongs to us. Although I will not accompany you in the new year, you must take good care of yourself, baby, Happy New Year.

61. After the rush of the dog, the golden pig comes on stage. In a twinkling of an eye, it is Chinese New Year again, and I send you a message of blessings: I wish you a wonderful start and a happy and healthy year; monthly income increases, and every day is in a good mood;

62. Some people say: the mother is the river, the father is the mountain. parents at least foreverIt is our dearest person far away, so when the New Year is approaching this year, let us greet our dear father with a grateful heart. [ 20XX ] Happy New Year!

63. Dad is an optimist: he has the spirit to do things, is very sincere to people, is super decent, has a patient temperament, looks handsome, likes to eat radishes and vegetables, and has a good attitude! The new year is here, I wish my father always young and always wow!

64. New Year, good things come one after another, emotional season is like spring, life is colorful, career is prosperous, troubles are beyond the clouds, and I wish you all the best!

65. Flowers bloom and fade away, and the other is growing. May the change of time bring you a beautiful mood, send my blessings, and linger by your side. Happy New Year to you [ 20XX ]! Happy every day!

66. Blessings are sincere, romantic and warm. The teacher is dear, dear and beloved, and the inscription has the relatives of the student's lover. The content can be long or short, but the wish is the same: the new year is here , I wish the teachers a happy holiday! Teacher, happy new year!

67. Go to bed earlier, sleep away the day's fatigue; go to bed earlier, sleep away the day's worries. I smiled when I received the text message, and went to sleep comfortably. Blessings turn into stars in the sky, and there are countless good dreams. Good night. Wife, happy new year!

68. I'm sleeping, but I'm going to go to work soon. You can attach to your bed. That's what you like. I'm writing a report today. I don't know if I can finish it in the afternoon. Love you. Husband, happy new year!

69. I appreciate the words of the sun because the warmth and frankness are in my feelings, I appreciate the temper of the rainy day because I miss the lingering in the care, and I appreciate myself at this moment because I have the courage to say I love you. Husband, happy new year!

70. The sky is wider than the earth, the sea is wider than the sky, and your mind is more inclusive than the sea. Teacher, your festival is coming, I wish you all the peaches and plums in the world, good health and all the best! Teacher, happy new year!

71. Every harvest season, my father turns sugar cane into poems to feel the joy brought by labor. Teacher, happy new year!

72. Today's sun rises for you, today's flowers are in full bloom, today's hymn sings for you, and today's eagle spreads its wings for you. Teacher, happy new year!

73, I wish my parents good health, everything goes well, and always happy! Mom, happy new year!

74. My mother is like the sun, illuminating me and warming me; my mother is like a harbor, giving me support and shelter from the wind, I want to pray to Guanyin, I want to make a wish on the moon, I want to put the most beautiful All blessings are sent to you. May the years not wash away your beautiful face. May happiness and health be with you forever. Happy holidays to my mother! Mom, happy new year!

75. Dog days give you a happy cube. Clouds on one side, cool on the other, I wish you stay away from high temperature and overcome your troubles. One side is wind and the other side is rain. I wish you the wind and the rain. On the one hand, I miss you on the other hand, I wish you a happy every day and always comfortable. Husband, happy new year!

76. The love between teachers and students is priceless, and there is also a predestined relationship between teachers and students. Teacher, happy new year!

77. Today we have entered the 16th year of the new century. In the sixteenth year, it is a person who bid farewell to his youth and ushered in the beginning of his youth. In the future, we will also gradually mature with the growth rings of time. The sunshine of 20xx has already shined on our faces, let us join hands, make the final sprint to the senior high school entrance examination, and move forward with a smile on the new journey!

78. The layers of the past have precipitated in the years, leaving endless memories. The family love makes me feel infinitely happy. Thank you parents for giving me life, giving me happiness, and giving me another brand new year. The world is so busy, and the people who are attentive will be happy. The world is so busy, and the people who are attentive will be happy. When I miss your face, my heart is warm. When I miss your mouth, my smile is bright! With the arrival of the New Year, those who care about you want to say to you: Happy New Year!

79. Continue the past and usher in the new year, raise the golden cup to fill thousands of households in spring, keep pace with the times, and spread the laughter and joy to thousands of families.

80. The New Year is in front of you, and the wind and fire will pay tribute to the year: diligent and diligent harvest year, prosperous and prosperous year, lively and happy year, healthy and healthy year, laughing and laughing in the happy year, and harmony with beauty and beauty year!

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