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Collection of 51 Mid-Autumn Festival QQ greetings for friends in 2021

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The moon cake is full of fragrance, the lovesick person is far away, the moon cake is full of sweetness, misses of people looking forward to reunion. "Two family of four + wealth" means reunion, and "one family, two families + wealth" means family reunion. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival reunion! The following are 51 Mid-Autumn Festival greetings for friends collected by the editor. Welcome to refer to.

1. Where does the wine fragrant? Wu Gang sweet-scented osmanthus. When is the moon? Fifteenth round of August. Acacia when? Mid-autumn moon cake fragrance. The reunion festival is here, the full moon blessing is fragrant, and I wish you a happy and happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

2. The work is never done, so be careful about your health. Family is inexhaustible love, more communication and often get together. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, thank you for your long-term support to our company, and wish you good health and good luck.

3. Dear Mom and Dad, this Mid-Autumn Festival we will not be reunited again. I don't have any gorgeous words. I just want to tell you that I love you! Thank you for your upbringing! ! I hope you are all healthy and healthy every day, and don't worry about your children working abroad!

4. The blue silk has turned white hair, and the years have passed. Dear parents, you have worked hard all your life, and you have broken your heart for me. The children who are far away from home deeply wish you health and longevity, peace and happiness, and everything goes well. Sincerely, the Mid-Autumn Festival.

5. Mom, I wish you a happy Mother's Day, a happy Dragon Boat Festival, a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, a happy birthday, a happy Christmas... I wish you a happy every day, happier than yesterday, happier than me!

6. Sweet cakes, sweet blessings, sweeter hearts, beautiful nights, beautiful smiles, more beautiful people, beautiful flowers, happy family reunions, happy people, good luck always accompanies everything, Mid-Autumn Festival Here, I wish you a happy and sweet life!

7. No matter whether the customer is old or new, you are the first; no matter the depth of the relationship, the sincerity is the first; no matter how close the communication is, the contact is the first; no matter the Mid-Autumn Festival blessing, no matter sooner or later, you can achieve the first. I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, always happy, be sure to honor it! Happy cooperation!

8. I took out a coin and tossed it. If it comes up heads, you will be happy forever, and if it comes up tails, you will be happy forever. But it just stood up! God said there is no way, let you be happy for a lifetime! happy mid-Autumn Festival!

9. Friends, no matter where you are now, be sure to look at the long-forgotten moon tonight! Make a wish, and it may come true! I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and family reunion!

10. The moon is the home of romantic angels. I have a big emotional sofa. You can let your heart rest here, drink a cup of tea I brewed with love, and watch your home after drinking water. , see a stranger to bite him! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you!

11. Make a good wish, wish you happiness again and again, send a wonderful feeling, wish you all the best, pass a short blessing, and wish you a sweet smile. happy mid-Autumn Festival!

12. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I take the liberty to send my blessings to you. May your work be prosperous and prosperous. May you have a happy life and a harmonious family. The next wish, may our mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, happy cooperation.

13. A night with a moon, a night with you and me, just want toGently say to you, my beauty wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

14. Good moon cakes are round and round: family harmony and reunion. Good moon cakes are sweet: life is happy and sweet. Good Mooncake Mianmian: Love and affection are lingering. Good moon cake Liangliang: handsome and beautiful. Sincere blessings, passing on happiness, accepting full hearts, and opening a boundless future! I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance!

15. When the moon is full in the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are always some people who are separated from their relatives on the full moon, and there are always some things that cannot be completed on the night of the full moon. Let the thoughts fall into their homes. When we can't be together, we can only miss. In fact, Missing is also a glass of mellow wine, and you can only taste it if you taste it slowly. When the Mid-Autumn Festival is full of moon, may we all have thoughts in our hearts and have a good time.

16. The Mid-autumn Festival is in the middle of the year, and the bright moon is at the time; the moon is shining brightly, and the world is celebrating at this time; it is worthwhile to drink a drink and drink a cup of drunkenness; meet sweet-scented osmanthus to smell the rest Fragrance, meaning, love, and love are more fascinating; every festive season, thinking is more intense, thousands of thoughts disappear into clouds; flowers are similar every year, and every year is always suitable; send a blessing form to lovesickness, and you know the deepest love; May your home and everything be prosperous, and happiness will last forever. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

17. Red, red and green, year after year. Twilight Yiyi, every moment, every second. Endless thoughts, endless blessings, and unchanging friendship, let this thick greeting be sent to you on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. I hope your life is as complete as the full moon, and don't forget to return home as soon as possible to reunite with your family.

18. Recently, I heard that you are very lucky: you have made a profit in stock trading, you have won a lottery ticket, you have made money, and you have won a lot of money. , the confidence is enough, the voice is louder, the smile is more, as our old customer, we will send a mysterious gift to express our blessings: the day when the gift is opened must be the full moon night of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

19. Gold always shines, seasonings always go into soup, talents still need hard work, and Mid-Autumn Festival always loves to appreciate. happy mid-Autumn Festival!

20. The moon is round and round in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it really saves money to send messages. I send you, you send me, friends are more happy, text message greetings are really happy, this message is sent to pigs. Wake up, little pig, and now I invite you to eat moon cakes. Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, send moon cakes.

21. There is a pavilion of seven treasures, with comfort as the ground, blessing and wisdom as the foundation, compassion and wisdom as the beam, emptiness as the tile, convenience as the door, six degrees as the ladder, and Bodhi as the top. My best wishes come to you, and I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

22. When the Mid-Autumn Festival comes, the best scene is to reunite with family members. Thank you for your sincere cooperation, I wish you can return home soon, enjoy the joy of family, and a happy Mid-Autumn Festival wife!

23. The full moon is full of silver light, and the autumn wind strikes, taking away the thoughts. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, people and the moon are full, the wind blows blue silk, and friendship is sent. Cool weather, warm blessings. I wish the Mid-Autumn Festival good luck again and again, and the people and the moon are reunited!

24. The ancient building, the clear water, and the bright moon and the world are beautiful tonight. Purple gold pot, white jade cup, full of qiuyue Wanlihui. The moon cakes are sweet, the sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant, and the breeze blows around the corridor. People reunite, cooperate forever, and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival as a family!

25. The phone call explodes during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and I don't know if I send you blessings. Greetings in advance for your report, lest you forget me! First of all, I say hello to you, I wish you backgammon work, no worries in life, raise your head to look at the bright moon, Chang'e smiles at you!

26. Mid-autumn festival, I wish you a lot of luck; the bright moon is full, I wish you make a lot of money every day; the moon cakes are sweet, I wish you a happy year; the fragrant golden chrysanthemum, I wish you a prosperous family, love and friendship!

27. The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. Anyone who has an important position in my heart will send a text message worth 10 cents of RMB. Congratulations! And I will treat the guests to Shangri-La Hotel at noon tomorrow. Watch people eat!

28. The round moon is the source of my hometown, and the sweetness of the stock makes the dream come true. The curved moon is a passenger ship of ideas, carrying wanderers to search for dreams. May those who have dreams in the world make their Mid-Autumn Festival dreams come true!

29. SMS on August 15: On August 15, the world is peaceful; from the moon to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the whole family worships the moon; the pagoda lights illuminate the heaven and the earth; Pomegranate, the pomegranate is open to see the child; the reunion cake, the lovers are reunited, I wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

30, August 10, the full moon is full, and the Mid-Autumn moon cakes are sweet and sweet. In the reinforced concrete jungle, people and the moon have been estranged, the pressure of life is fast-paced, and the concept of life is changing. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! A hundred mouths reunion!

31. Happy events are in good spirits, and people are reunited and their careers are successful. Happy holidays, be hard, and you will win. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

32. Hello, dear customers, in the Mid-Autumn Festival is comingOn behalf of all my colleagues in the department, I only wish to send you my best wishes, thank you for your trust and support in my work, thank God for letting us know each other, today I will send you a text message and send my sincere 'Blessings, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a healthy family.

33. Hello, dear customers, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, the moon is full, I wish you a happy family reunion; the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, the moon cakes are sweet, I wish you a beautiful and sweet day; You make money.

34. Mid-autumn festival arrives, say hello, I wish you a prosperous career; the moon cakes are sweet, the moon is full, and I wish you a happy dream and a happy home. In this beautiful day, I hope that the moonlight will bring my blessings, and may your dreams and careers be fulfilled, and your family and life be fulfilled!

35. From the moon to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the equinox is clear, greetings and blessings accompany you, I wish you a happy spirit, a happy family, a successful career, happiness and health, and a hard body. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

36. The blue sky is high, the colorful clouds are low, the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival meet, there are eight rare holidays, and the combination of work and rest is the first. Don't engage in fatigue battles when traveling, and pay more attention to adding more clothes when the weather is cool. Don't be greedy for cups when gathering with friends, and eat regularly. Happy holidays and good luck!

37. Maple leaves are red, moonlight is white, and happiness is rolling in. Chang'e dances with long sleeves, Jade Rabbit dances happily, and reports of good luck and safety. Greetings, the friendship is strong, and I hope everything goes smoothly for you. The moon is full, the Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish you a happy family and a happy orchestra.

38. Don't take moon cakes as dry food, take a bite of wealth and auspiciousness; don't take the moon as a beauty, enjoy a golden and jade full house; don't take Wechat seriously, read it and read the friendship; the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, I wish you a family Reunion, happy forever!

39. Those who love to admire the moon should pay attention, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, those who love to play should pay attention, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also approaching; The blessing has arrived! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival!

40. Mid-autumn moon cakes also pay taxes, which makes people sad and hurts the stomach. How do you spend such a festive season? Bathe in the moonlight and look at Chang'e. The Mid-Autumn Festival is full of moon and people are reunited. Although we are far away, send a text message to let happiness and peace be reunited with you for a lifetime.

41. When the moon arrives at the Mid-Autumn Festival, the equinox is clear, and people are more affectionate when they arrive at the Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish you a healthy month, a happy month, a happy month, and a peaceful month. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Teacher!

42. Every year is full of happiness, every month and everything goes well, every day is joyful and worry-free, always happy and joyful, the full moon is full of flowers, the business is smooth and the family is prosperous, and the festival is here. On the occasion, I wish you: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Happy family!

43. During the Mid-autumn Festival, the fruit is colorful. Toast the moon and invite friends. If you ask who your friends are from, take the machine and laugh at the text message person. Come on, friends, let you and I bless each other and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together - Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

44. It is a great honor to invite you and your family to the Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet. The menu is as follows: Braised Happy, Hot and Happy, Deep-fried Romance, Steamed Healthy, Boiled for Reunion, Dried Four Seasons Happy Beans, Baked Friendship Brown Bread , thank you for refusing to bring your own mooncakes!

45. The bright moon travels thousands of miles, the sun and the moon see the light; the bright moon becomes two, and the true love is always by your side; friends, the Mid-Autumn Festival is here, I wish you a happy holiday! A lifetime of smooth and prosperous life, a lifetime of peace and security.

46. If one day, you are too tired to walk, as long as you turn around, I will be by your side! May my blessings turn into stars, shining in every day of your life! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

47. The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, I ask the moon to bring my greetings, the moonlight to bring you auspiciousness, and the moonlight to bring you a message "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival"!

48. I will send you a Mid-Autumn Mooncake, brand: true love; ingredients: true + happy; shelf life: lifetime; nutrition: warmth + happiness + true love! happy mid-Autumn Festival!

49. Autumn flowers and autumn moon are pitiful, autumn wind and autumn rain are memorable, Qiu Siqiu is willing to tug at the heartstrings, the Mid-autumn moon is full of home, the old and young reunite for joy, I wish you a happy family, wish you all the years Full of blessings, enjoy the full moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival!

50. The love of parents makes us feel the hardships of parenting; the love of friends makes us feel the warmth of care; the Mid-Autumn Festival, wandering alone, the true feelings have no sustenance, I would like to bring you the slightest warmth ! happy mid-Autumn Festival!

51. Draw a picture of reunion and wish your family harmony; plant a sweet-scented osmanthus tree and wish you progress in your career; send a box of delicious cakes, wish you all the best, and on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish you all the best You and your family have a successful career and good health.

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