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A compilation of nine articles of blessings for the Spring Festival

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Nine compilations of greetings for the Spring Festival

In study, work or life, when it comes to blessings, everyone must be familiar with them. Blessings can convey concern and greetings to others. There are many things to pay attention to when writing blessings, do you know them all? The following are 9 greetings for the Spring Festival carefully compiled by the editor, welcome to share.

Blessings for the Spring Festival 1

1. Happiness satellites follow you, happy missiles aim at you, wealth wall supports you, blessing bullets encircle you, happy new year fires at you: auspicious year of the ox!

2. New Year's greetings to you: auspiciousness in the east and peace in the west, smooth travel in the south, health in the north, good luck in both directions, lucky stars in the front and rear, a thousand gold in memory, and opportunities outside. The above are all New Year's gifts.

3. Happy New Year's exercise: shake your head, money is full of pockets; shake your neck, a basket of ingots; wave your arms, the longer the more sweet; Stretching your legs and kicking, smiling every day; happy exercise to practice, happy in the new year.

4. The New Year's Eve is really lively, and thousands of households are happy. Festive family banquets are indispensable, and the whole family, young and old, will be around the table. Delicious food and wine, wishing a happy new year together. Be more filial around your parents and care about your children. The whole family is smiling and happy. Wishing the whole family a happy and healthy New Year!

5. The stars are good, Jingyi is intoxicated, and they sue for the love of wine. One cup of greetings, chills, colors and shadows are accompanied by stable and unimpeded careers. Peace of mind is more promising! Happy Year of the Ox to your family! And give you the third word of each sentence!

6. When I wiped the magic lamp three times, the fairy said that I could make two wishes. I said I wish the person reading the text a Happy New Year and getting prettier. The fairy said, I can only fulfill your first wish.

7. Take the New Year's boat and arrive at the Happy Island. May you have a happy New Year, worry-free Pepsi, wide-hearted and fat, healthy and safe, wealth and prosperity, Pepsi prosperous, good luck, and endless joy!

8. When today is about to become the back cover of the year, and tomorrow is about to become the cover of the year, I offer my most heartfelt wishes: Happy New Year and progress in the New Year!

9. The New Year's bell rings, and a happy life has appeared. Good luck is unstoppable, happiness is unstoppable, festive and joyful, romantic and good times, happiness and well-being, peace and auspiciousness. happy New Year!

10. On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, I would like to send you the best wishes. I wish you good luck in the new year and a high life!

11. Happy New Year for children, happy and joyous; Happy New Year for young people, only to recall their childhood; Happy New Year for middle-aged, relax and forget stress; The grandson smiled. Happy New Year, all staff mobilized.

12. The new year is here, and my blessings cannot be missed. In the new year, I wish you sleep without nightmares! Eat until your stomach stretches! Count the money to the hair! Good luck pairing! Ankang will meet forever! happy New Year! Happy family!

13. Have a good day, make a good wish to bless you, and wish you a happy and sweet smile!

14. New Year's Eve is here, and the reunion of thousands of families is really lively; I remind you that safety and health are the most important; Come. Happy New Year's Eve in the Year of the Ox!

15. The New Year is approaching, and the cold is still hitting. Wechat will send a reminder. I hope you pay more attention: wear more clothes when you go out, and don't let the cold hit. Take care of yourself and stay healthy. Contact more friends, be happy and rest assured. Happy New Year!

16. Congratulations on the firecrackers in the festive season, and congratulations on your dream come true. Avalokiteshvara, the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate, keeps everyone safe and secure. At the beginning of the new year, I draw a blueprint, and every year there is an exhibition of Yu Hongtu. Fortunate to be in the beautiful world of China, happiness is like Shounan Mountain in the East China Sea. Fast talk, fast talk, good luck, and happy life.

17. Welcome the New Year with joy and happiness, a year of prosperity and prosperity, a year of happiness and prosperity, a year of prosperity and prosperity, The career is brilliant and successful year, I wish you a good year every year!

18. Before the New Year comes, blessings come first, I wish friends, good fortune, good luck, good luck, happiness surrounds, health accompany, a safe life, everything goes well, smiles are always open, I wish the cow Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

19, Gong Xi Fa Cai, good luck and good luck, I wish you a safe family and smooth work! Make a fortune this year, don't forget to treat! Special blessings to you, may the new year bring you boundless happiness and good luck, I wish a happy new year, the new year is full of happiness and success.

20. Open the red paper of good fortune, put it into auspiciousness, add happiness, integrate smooth auspiciousness, inject splendor, and secure a lifetime of blessings; fold it into a good luck red envelope on New Year's Eve, and give it to you on New Year's Eve , I wish you a happy and wonderful New Year's Eve, happiness and good luck continue to report!

Blessings for the Spring Festival Part 2

1. The red light hangs high, illuminating auspiciousness; the sound of firecrackers, resounding is happiness; the wine glass is full, the ringing is joy; the text message is sent out is well-being; the Spring Festival, I wish you a happy family Happy, auspicious, and happy Spring Festival!

2. Celebrating the Spring Festival with lanterns and festoons, Liying embroidery cutting blessings, Pingxiang more missed relatives in other places, the song of triumph touches the hearts of the people, when the front is done to reassure the army, Only when I spread my wings and soar, I meditate and spend the new year with my heart and mind, and succeed and build my ambitions.

3. It's New Year's Eve, send some happy benefits, send some good luck, send some health bonuses, send some peace gifts, and send some friendly blessings by the way: I wish you great fortune, great luck and prosperity. , happiness explodes! New year is auspicious!

4. Make peace into a song, and let happiness sing to you; write peace into a poem, and let good luck read to you; draw peace into a picture, let Show your health. When the Chinese New Year arrives, condense peace into words and let you see the text message! I wish happiness and peace!

5. Bury your troubles, walk with happiness, keep good luck, and keep your health always. When the year of the rat arrives, I wish you happiness and freedom first!

6. The year of the rat is coming, I want to send you, I’m afraid of spoiling the atmosphere; I want to invite you to go shopping, but I’m afraid that I can’t buy the formalism just by looking at it; I want to accompany you to a tooth sacrifice, but I’m also afraid of hedonism. Then I will send you a text message, wishing you a prosperous New Year and a happy family!

7. Streamer firecrackers brighten the night sky of the New Year, swaying happy times. Thousands of lights are shining brightly in the night scene of the New Year, auspicious and happy. Go out in the morning to congratulate and bow down to your neighbors and celebrate the New Year. May you have a happy Spring Festival, and your longevity is as blessed as the sea in Nanshan.

8. Fire tree silver flower firefly wall, electronic screen Spring Festival Gala. Happy photos of red lanterns, streamer fireworks never night. I wish you a happy Spring Festival and smooth sailing in your career and love. May you continue to make money and continue to be a boss in the middle of the day. The days are getting more and more prosperous!

9. The text is short, the affection is long, and the New Year's Day greetings pass on thoughts; although it is far away, I miss you. May you be happy on New Year's Day; Good dreams and deep friendship, I wish you 20xx more forward!

10. Health is a gift, contentment is wealth, confidence is a virtue, concern is the most sincere greeting, and concern is the most selfless Missing, blessing is the most beautiful words. I wish you a happy new year! Peace and happiness!

Blessings for the Spring Festival Part 3

1. The bitter north wind blows down white snowflakes; the firecrackers of the New Year crackle in the vast night sky; the scattered memories recall the distant home; the New Year's prayer, you are my concern. Celebrate the Spring Festival, sleepless nights in the Spring Festival, all the best in the Year of the Rat, I wish you happiness!

Second, celebrate the Spring Festival with lanterns and colorful decorations, and enjoy family reunion. Visiting relatives and friends beamingly, smiling and affectionate for a long time. The world is full of happiness, and I wish you a good mood during the Spring Festival. Auspicious and Ruyi are around, and love and career are all laughing. I wish you a happy Spring Festival.

3. The Year of the Rat is coming, and I send you five-star blessings: a lucky star to keep you lucky, a fortune star to keep your wealth rolling, auspicious star to keep you safe, a longevity star to keep you healthy, and one more Lucky Star, bring you a year of good luck!

Fourth, the New Year is coming, good luck is in the light, keep the troubles aside, love nourishes without worry, the banknotes keep running home; go out to meet the noble, listen to the good news at home, there is this time every year, Every year has the present, I wish you a better year!

5. The year of the rat arrives, the singing is floating, and it is another year of fortune. Firecrackers are fired, blessings are reported, and fireworks are all laughing at life. The couplet is wonderful, the happiness is around, and the 2020 music is Tao Tao. I wish you a prosperous and prosperous Year of the Rat.

6. The sound of firecrackers is to announce the arrival of spring, and the magpies cry proudly in the spring breeze. People rejoice and call the Spring Festival to come, and the fragrant wine is fragrant for the Spring Festival. Family reunion and laughter, happy life is high. May you be healthy, prosperous and longevity, raise your glass to the New Year until dawn. Happy Chinese New Year!

7. The sound of firecrackers brings a safe year, and the red lanterns illuminate the road to happiness, the wine cups are raised in reunion, the joyful singing circles the warm house, the smiling faces reflect auspiciousness, and the flowers bloom with hope. Happy Chinese New Year and all the best.

8. The atmosphere of the Spring Festival is really good. Auspiciousness is chasing and smooth running, making a fortune pulls happiness and longevity, happy seedlings, good luck keeps knocking on the door, success quietly grins, hope is silently rising, Happiness is taking pictures of you. I wish you a happy Spring Festival.

Nine, bursts of cannons open the auspicious year of the Rat; sparkling fireworks bring joy in the new year; red couplets reflect the light of happiness; laughter and laughter, the desire for reunion; every sentence blessing , a bridge to convey friendship: the new year is coming, may you all be auspicious!

10. I hope you are as happy as a teapot on the stove every day. Although your little ass is hot, you still whistle happily and bubbles of happiness! Happy New Year and all your wishes come true!

Eleventh, the year of the rat is coming, I only wish you to hold the gold ingot in your left hand and the money tree in your right hand; the wallet is full of money, and good luck is the first time; Promotion is in the present; friends, I wish you a happy new year! Happy and healthy Spring Festival!

Twelve, the beginning of the new year, I wish you good things one after another, the mood is like spring in four seasons, the life is colorful and colorful, occasionally "eight" small fortune, and troubles are thrown out of the sky, please accept my ten hearts and ten Wishes: Happy Spring Festival!

Thirteen, stick a pair of Spring Festival couplets, write full of happiness and happiness; light a tube of fireworks to bloom happiness and harmony; hang a red light to light up warmth and well-being; send a blessing to convey auspiciousness and happiness; Spring Festival Here, I wish you good luck and a happy Spring Festival!

Fourteen, the Year of the Rat is coming, I say hello to you, your body is healthy, and your mood is particularly good; good luck is delivered every day, and the taste is delicious. Finally, I wish you: good luck in the Year of the Rat can't be stopped, and the year of the Rat is coming!

15. The Chinese New Year is the most festive, and the message is here to remind you: visiting relatives and friends is welcome, traveling safely and healthily, laughter and enthusiasm, overwork and sickness, don’t keep the lights on all night, I care for you to listen, the festival is healthy and peaceful, I wish you a beautiful Spring Festival, and take Antai at any time!

16. Let warmth and the Year of the Rat join hands to create a happy life; let success go hand in hand with the Year of the Rat to create a wise life; Decorate the sweet life. The year of the rat is coming, may your life be happy and sweet, happy and wise.

Seventeen, the end of a year of running around, opened a new chapter. Dispel the haze of the past and usher in a new piece of sunshine. New year, new atmosphere, new beginning of the new year, I wish you a full harvest and happiness in the new year. Happy Spring Festival!

Eighteenth, the Spring Festival is coming, when you drink, think about health, when you eat meat, remember to keep healthy, when you eat a lot, look at your stomach, when you are greasy, listen to blessings, although the Spring Festival is good, don't be greedy , Delicious and coveted, but don't be greedy, life is short, but wish you a long love, I wish you a happy New Year, healthy and good body!

Nineteenth, the Spring Festival comes to say congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to you. The financial resources are rolling in thousands of miles, and the good fortune will not stop. Good health, happiness and good fortune, a happy and happy year with the family. Everything goes smoothly, and the Spring Festival is even more prosperous!

Twenty, the bell of the Spring Festival is about to ring, the deep thoughts have been passed on, the warm greetings are hidden in the bottom of my heart, and the sincere wishes are all sent to you. I wish you a happy Spring Festival, all the best, good fortune, and a safe life!

Blessings for the Spring Festival Part 4

Here comes my message: the person who received it is very happy, the person who reads it works smoothly, the person who saves it is in love, the person who forwards it is lucky, and the person who deletes it is still lucky! May good luck be with you forever! Happy Year of the Rabbit!

The bell is my greeting, the song is my blessing, the snow is my greeting card, the wine is my kiss, the breeze is my hug, and happiness is my gift! All of them are given to you, and I wish you a happy new year!

In the Year of the Snake, I wish my friends: a comfortable work, a good salary, a warm bed, a close friend, a lover, everything goes well, always happy, and everything is satisfactory!

This year, I will send you a text message instead of gifts. Health and happiness will accompany you for a long time, happiness will stick to you, and I want to tell you that the God of Wealth has been eyeing you!

The first ray of sunshine is my deepest blessing to you, and the last blush of the sunset is my sincere greetings to you. On the occasion of the coming of the new year, I send my sincere blessings: Happy New Year!

In the early morning dawn, happiness is by your side; at noon, the sun shines brightly, and a smile is in your heart; in the evening, when the sun sets, happiness is with you for 365 days. Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Good luck!

I wish sweetness to accompany you through every day of the year, warmth to accompany you through every moment of the day, and peace to accompany you through every moment of the year.One minute, happiness accompanies you to spend every second of one minute. Happy Year of the Snake.

I wish you all your wishes in the new year, all your dreams come true, all your expectations come true, and all your efforts come true!

The Year of the Snake is approaching, I wish you: bow your head to pick up ten thousand or twenty thousand, add thirty to fifty thousand to your salary, win a hundred thousand in mahjong, win five million in the lottery, and deposit it in the bank with millions!

The Year of the Snake is coming, the new year wishes you good luck, two dragons take off, three sheep are open to Thailand, four seasons are safe, five blessings come to the door, six or six great successes, seven stars shine, eight directions bring wealth, nine and nine are concentric , perfect! New Year's greetings

A harmonious family, a happy year, a happy life, a peaceful life, a hundred times of spirit every day, happy every month, and a lot of money every year. Happy New Year!

Close your eyes, my little wish will fly to your window in the New Year's bell, like a beautiful shooting star, draw the most beautiful light and shadow in the sky and bring the warmest blessings. You hit your head and see where you hide!

May you be happy today; you are happy tonight; you are sweet today; you are smooth this year; you are healthy in this life; you are happy in this life Yes; you are smiling at this time; I wish a happy year of the Rabbit!

Today you are happy, tonight you are sweet, this year you are smooth, this life you are happy, this life you are healthy, happy Rabbit Year!

It takes a day for the moon to rise, a year for the earth to revolve, twenty-four hours to think of a person, and a lifetime to love someone, but a thoughtful blessing only takes one second: Happy New Year and a prosperous New Year!

A little bit of friendship is very true, a little bit of attachment is very light, a little bit of missing is very deep, and a little bit of blessing is the most true! I wish you a Happy New Year and a prosperous year of the Rabbit!

Did you know that at the Year of the Snake party this year, Zhao Benshan said he was tired, and Pan Changjiang was tired, so he didn't even want to go to the party. I said, how can it be, my iron buddy - you are still looking forward to it! No, it's all up!

Blessings for the Spring Festival Part 5

Happy New Year's Eve, Small New Year's debut first. Happy New Year's Day, sweet and fragrant candied melons. Sacrificial stove miscellaneous noodle soup, safe and auspicious. New year is clean, and the garden is busy. Sending blessings in the small year, happiness and well-being!

On the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, sacrifice to the kitchen king and celebrate the new year. Guandong sugar, stick and stick, there are many beautiful words in front of the Jade Emperor, and I will give you a safe and happy family. Kyushu blessing, turn around, ask for your wish in front of the Tathagata, may you all the best in your heart! The new year is coming, I wish you good luck and surprises!

Place window grilles, let good luck bloom; worship the kitchen king, let happiness come; buy New Year's goods, let joy emerge; send blessings, let health and longevity accompany; Happy New Year!

The 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, the new year has arrived, and it will officially enter the Chinese New Year period from today. The kitchen master is about to go to the sky, the offerings have to be placed, the dust-cleaning is about to start, the window grilles are about to be cut, the New Year pictures are about to be put up, the Spring Festival couplets are about to be posted, the adults and children are about to bathe and get their haircuts, the gods are going to heaven, and the wedding There is no need to choose a date, it's New Year's Eve, I wish everyone a happy Spring Festival, busy year XX, clean the windows and clean the stove. Send the kitchen king to heaven, and welcome auspiciousness with a lot of good words. Wash the pots and pans, and buy chicken and duck to taste. May you have a prosperous new year and a happy new year!

New Year's Eve is coming, and I will give you a big gift in advance: a single-minded friendship, the beauty of two dragons playing with beads, the good fortune of Sanyang Kaitai, the breath of peace in the four seasons, and a life with abundant crops. The trend of the six or six majors, the stable mentality, the long-term health, and the perfect happiness! Put away the gift bags, put away your blessings, and wish you a very happy New Year's Eve!

The New Year's Eve is reunited, the red candles flickering in love again and again. Sitting around the family, enjoying the family life and enjoying the heart of the family. Cups, plates and bowls are full of delicacies, and everyone is laughing with gestures. The phone and text messages are connected into a film, and the New Year's blessings are bound together. Happy New Year's Eve.

Blessings for the Spring Festival Part 6

1. The bells on New Year's Eve ring the joy of the New Year for you; the reunion dumplings, for you to celebrate the joy of the family; the gorgeous fireworks, for you to bloom a bright tomorrow; warm greetings, for you to integrate into the pious Blessings: I wish happiness and well-being, and the fortune is boundless. Happy New Year's Eve!

2. At the beginning of the new year, information is passed; there are not many words, but the love is infinite; the spirit is good, the New Year's Eve; the career is prosperous, the family is happy; the health is good, and the money is more; Loving young people; having many friends and forming a good relationship; laughter, forever. Happy Chinese New Year!

3. You are a rose and you are a flower, and everyone praises you for your beauty. Fu Mei is beautiful and looks back with envy, she is charming and graceful. You are the most invincible in the world. If you want to talk, you will smile first. When the Spring Festival comes, the flowers and branches are blooming, and the streets are full of beauty. springHappy Holidays!

4. The stars all over the sky, shining auspicious light; the warm lights, emitting a halo of happiness; the colorful fireworks, blooming beautiful colors; the bell of peace, opening a new Epoch; the cooked dumplings exude a fragrant aroma; sincere blessings convey infinite true feelings: I wish you a happy New Year's Eve, and you are free and happy!

5. Blessings around, people laugh, life is good, backgammon, environmental protection, health prison, more care, new goals, afterburner, happy Taotao. I wish you a good New Year, a wonderful life, and a high salary!

6. Tear off the calendar of the old year, delete the troubles, and refresh the happiness. Send New Year's blessings, copy good luck, and let happiness be renewed. I wish you a new year, a new atmosphere, and good luck in the new year. Happy Spring Festival.

7. May you have a happy New Year's Eve, and happy events keep coming!

8. Warmly steam rice cakes on New Year's Eve, praying for a happy year; flaming. Warm and warm New Year's Eve, I wish friends a family reunion, happiness and auspiciousness, joy and happiness, and enjoy the family!

9. , I wish you a new year with good fortune and prosperity, and family harmony and happiness!

10. After a year of hard work, we have ushered in another new year. I wish you in In the new year, make great plans and make a lot of money!

11. May all the blessings flow to you, which is my expectation; let the joy of the festival overflow for you, it is my wish; let A happy life hugging you is my expectation. It's a new year, let's make progress together.

12. Call Happy, the year of the Ox laughs haha; send a fax to Happiness, the year of the Ox shakes spirit; send an email to Happy, the year of the Ox is a string; send a message to your friends, the Year of the Ox All the best in the new year, I wish you a happy Spring Festival and all the best.

13. The Spring Festival is here, I wish you happiness, happiness and peace!

14. After the Spring Festival, please take care of the first shift of the New Year: it is early to dress neatly and be in high spirits It is the middle class to stimulate the spirit and put into work, and the evening shift is the combination of work and rest to adjust the body and mind. Don't be in the mood to be laid off, come to work happily!

15. The Spring Festival is coming soon, and the SMS greetings are crowded. In order not to join in the fun, I will harass you in advance. Happy New Year, always in a good mood. The job is easy and the pay is high. I wish you a prosperous year of the ox, and a year of lucky stars!

16. The sound of laughter and laughter marks the beginning of the new year.

17. Sing and dance in the spring together, greet the New Year with greetings, auspicious stars are high, and people are Kangtai, and the emotional interaction is full of love. Happy Chinese New Year!

18. The New Year starts, and the wonderful continues. The new year is coming, blessing to upgrade. Warm melody, give you magic. Surrounded by good luck, there is more than one year. Feel comfortable, don't get bored. Work hard and entertain yourself. Happy New Year, happy invincible!

19. Say hello to the New Year! SMS blessings are coming, the wealth is rolling in from time to time, the career is prosperous, and the life is going well, good luck every day, I wish you Happy and wonderful! Happy Chinese New Year!

20. Happy Chinese New Year, eat enough food, find friends one by one, run around when you have nothing to do, say hello when you meet someone, New Year is good, laugh all day, be healthy and happy, Wrinkles are all gone, happiness and no worries, the year of the ox is happy!

21. The new year is coming again, greetings in the new year, doing things backgammon, living a happy life, good luck every day, the longer the more handsome, There is gold in the house, and banknotes are long on the wall.

22. Let peace take the fast lane of the Year of the Ox, let happiness embrace you gently, let difficulties catch your eye, let troubles bow their heads and quietly go away, let auspiciousness take special care of you, and let happiness You always smile! Happy Year of the Ox!

23. Open the door! Open the door! New Year's greetings! New Year's greetings! The stuffing with the sincere blessings of Tega himself. I wish you a happy New Year of the Ox reunion!

24. I have your blessings when I am happy, and your comfort when I am disappointed. It is my happiness to meet you. I am satisfied with you in my life. In the new year, let us together bless each other and have a happy new year!

25. Wearing auspicious clothes, shoes with good luck, wearing a hat of peace, and a belt of luck around the waist, the year of the ox has come, I wish you a happy New Year, good fortune, good health and happiness, a lot of money, all your wishes come true, and everything goes well! 27. The Spring Festival couplets are written with wealth and wealth; fireworks brighten the night sky, shining hope; carols play happy, smiling faces; dinner table Full of laughter, enjoy the reunion; text messages are integrated into emotions and receive happiness. Wishing friends good luck in the Year of the OxGood luck and happiness!

28. Although the ploughshare for developing a career is so heavy, you have come step by step with extraordinary perseverance! , turn it into Xiaoxiao spring rain, and help you sow the seeds of a better future!

29.20xx is the year of the ox, and it’s New Year’s greetings: the first prayer is for the whole family, the second prayer is less difficult, the third prayer is to eliminate troubles, and the fourth prayer is unchanged Old, five prayers for good luck, six prayers for happiness, seven prayers for sorrow, eight prayers for high income, nine prayers for peace, and ten prayers for happiness.

30. I wrapped Ruyi in dough, and gave you a plate of auspicious dumplings. I filled a wine glass with happiness, and drank the happiness for you. I enriched my blessings with words. Sending you New Year's Eve greetings, I wish you a happy family and a happy New Year!

31. At the end of the year, may you throw away your troubles, pick up happiness, throw away sadness, and pick up your smile. Forget the unpleasantness of the old year, cherish the beauty of the old year; welcome the blessings of the new year, look forward to the happiness of the new year, and wish you a wonderful day!

32. Work hard on the road of life and achieve high success. Both people and wealth have a bumper harvest, stepping into the Shunli Bridge. A bright future lies ahead, and health is the most important.

33. When the New Year comes, set off firecrackers: one is good luck; Eight sounds for safety; nine sounds for happiness; ten sounds for careers!

34. May happiness and good luck accompany you to run, and the Year of the Ox is happy and happy!

35. Family Harmony and harmony, a happy year, a happy life, a peaceful life, a hundred times of spirit every day, happy every month, and a lot of wealth every year. Happy New Year 20xx!

36. New Year's Eve! I will sow a seed of happiness for you, it will give birth to happy germs, auspicious leaves, full of wishful flowers, and sweet fruits . Don't forget to water it with the water of friendship! I wish a happy new year!

37. Lucky stars are coming, good luck, longevity, health and good luck!

38. Fireworks bloom, it is auspicious The New Year; the writing of Spring Festival couplets is the joy of the big red; the strong flavor of the New Year is a happy reunion; sweet wishes are the delivery of happiness. Full of blessings, meet 20xx, the year of the Ox is auspicious!

39. On New Year's Eve, send a reunion dinner: I use my true feelings to "cold" happiness, "boil" with blessings, and use greetings" "Steaming" is auspicious, and praying "simmering" for joy, I wish you a happy New Year's Eve and everything goes well!

40. Firecrackers sound, the Year of the Ox arrives, the Spring Festival Gala sends blessings, the programs are good, and the crowd cheers , New year and new atmosphere, wishing you a prosperous wealth, I wish you a successful career, a happy family, and a step by step!

Blessings for the Spring Festival 7

1. The Bodhisattva is busy with the arrival of the New Year, and gods from all walks of life send auspiciousness: the God of Wealth will send you gold ingots, the birthday star will keep you healthy, Manjushri will give you great wisdom, Guanyin will keep you happy and long, Maitreya will keep you happy, and lucky stars will accompany you. Quartet! Happy Spring Festival!

2. The family is harmonious and harmonious, happy for one year, happy for a lifetime, safe and sound for the rest of the life, full of energy every day, happy every month, and prosperous year after year. happy New Year!

3. Throw away the confusion in your heart, erase the sadness in your eyes, a new year and a new road, go, flowers are blooming in front of you.

4. Make peace into a song and let happiness sing to you; write peace into a poem and let good luck read to you; paint peace into a picture and show you health. The Chinese New Year is here, condense peace into words, and send text messages to you! I wish happiness and peace!

5. During the Spring Festival, the choice of food should be small and refined, and the production should be light and beautiful. Choose horse meat, pig trotters, chicken feet, etc. that are not usually eaten, mainly steamed, less fried, highlighting the umami, fresh and delicious, and beautiful and fitness.

6. The ancients sweep away the dust for the New Year. May you sweep away the dust in your heart for the year. During the Spring Festival, I wish you a happy year!

7. The same day, the same land, the same blessing to you and me; the same me, the same you, the same happiness to you; the same year, the same festival, the same Spring Festival Same joy!

8. Occasional busyness does not mean forgetting; with the arrival of the Spring Festival, I wish you a happy mood; greetings that have fallen, this time together to make up; Happy Spring Festival!

9. New Year's Eve is coming, and greetings on New Year's Eve: Office is smooth, life is backgammon, lottery is mid-term, good luck is paid every day, poker wins every day, taste is good, gold comes out of home, wall On the long banknotes!

10. Let me fly in front of you like a magpie in the early spring before the bell to say goodbye to the new year, and congratulate my dear friend on a happy new year.Good luck, all the best!

11. On the first day of the new year, I wish you a happy new year, a happy and prosperous New Year, a year of good luck and good health, a year of prosperous wealth and prosperity, a successful year of dreams come true, a year of good harvests, and a year of good harvests. Junmeimei is full of happy years!

12. The Spring Festival is here, and the five-way God of Wealth will bring fortune. I wish you to live in a golden house, plant cash cows everywhere, bloom happy flowers, and bear rich and precious fruits. There are treasures everywhere, and all roads lead to wealth!

13. On New Year's Eve, the whole family sits around the dinner table; the Spring Festival Gala program comes to cheer up, singing and laughing are uninterrupted; after the New Year's Eve, the Spring Festival arrives, and the new year has a new beginning. Here I wish a happy new year, health, happiness and wealth. many!

14. When the New Year comes, thousands of words are condensed into a happy New Year, the sound of blessings symphony into a good luck, the radio waves bring happiness and happiness in a lifetime, and the text messages frequently wish you a happy and peaceful life.

15. People are still the same, things are still the same, and it’s a new year; whether you think about it or forget it, this is ordinary; today is good, tomorrow is better, and I sincerely wish; , always in the heart. Wish: Happy Spring Festival!

16. Consumption without banknotes, television without advertisements, work without leadership, and stock trading without guts, these are actually nothing, the key is that the Spring Festival is coming, and it is absolutely impossible without blessings!

17. A little earlier, a little later, a lot of blessings, it is good to receive; a little farther and a little closer, it is not a problem, there is no distance in the heart; The festival is very good, I would like to hurry up: Happy Spring Festival!

18. Brotherhood, fellowship, and deep affection for each other day and night. You help me, I help you, work competition is benevolent and righteous. New Year's Eve blessings, good health and happiness. Happiness is always with you, and the tree of friendship will blossom for thousands of years!

19. The fireworks are dazzling, the sound of firecrackers is repeated; the family reunion is happy, and the heart is happy; the New Year's Eve gathers together, family and friends are busy with blessings: unforgettable tonight, smiling and happy, happiness is good Good luck is coming; New Year's Eve is here, may you eat well, drink well, and have a happy family reunion!

20. Let me wrap up this whole season of blessings and present them to you. May you enjoy this festive season and enter a year full of hope with joy!

21. Happy, raise the sails and float to you; happiness, open arms and embrace you; auspicious, chase you with clouds; peace, hold a shield to protect you; fortune, set up a battle to wait for you ; Friends, send a text message to bless you: I wish you a happy New Year's Eve, happy forever, days and beauty, happiness forever!

22. On the first day of the first lunar month, open the door and see good luck, the God of Wealth pays New Year's greetings, happiness is coming, good luck is forced to squeeze home, health is with you, peace is spread throughout the four seasons, success is in hand, and the family is happy Ruyi, happy new year!

23. Work together, strive together, build friendship in a workplace; work overtime, help each other, and work on a project; work together, work together, and see merit in one position; when the Spring Festival arrives, send it to your colleagues Wishing you a happy Spring Festival!

24. Once upon a time, going home has become a luxury. The splendid fireworks lit only loneliness. Noisy firecrackers exploded only deserted. The stale New Year's rice tastes only bitter. If you don’t go home during the Spring Festival, take care when you are outside!

25. The leadership is extraordinary, the talents are praised by everyone, the post is not neglected, the performance is soaring and not proud, take the lead and lead the way, compassionate rewards are in place, you are the most tired when things are busy, and thank you in unison In my heart, I wish you an auspicious Spring Festival and a happy family.

26. The Spring Festival is coming, I wish you a harmonious family, a happy year, a happy life, a peaceful life, a hundred times of spirit every day, happy every month, and a lot of money every year. happy New Year!

27. The Spring Festival is here, I wish you a healthy and safe body, a full and full life, a rising career, a bright mood, a good fortune, a happy family, and a happy New Year!

28. The harvest is abundant and the new year is celebrated. Every family is accompanied by happiness, and the year is harmonious and happy. The red and red Spring Festival couplets are written well, the words are full of love, and the blessings are sent to you. ,Happy Spring Festival!

29. After walking through the mountains, rivers and rivers, and going through ups and downs, I still have to look for it. Life is busy, I have gained more or less, and I have lost every bit of it. The important thing is to open up. happy heart! Happy Spring Festival!

30. The New Year is coming, blessings are coming; text messages say hello, friends can be safe; Open, happy Spring Festival!

Blessings for the Spring Festival Part 8

In the Spring Festival and New Year, you will have a strong wind of money,Heavy rain of banknotes, wild gold hail and silver hail, diamond ice, long emerald trees, pearl frost, raw agate fruit, be careful to be smashed!

The Spring Festival and the New Year are coming to wish you: holding Coca-Cola and laughing all year round! Hand holding Jinsha chocolate can't close your mouth! Stepping on the ingot and bending over happily!

Accumulate 365 days of misses, condense innumerable tender feelings, fight the infatuation of spring, summer, autumn and winter, pick the bright stars in the night sky, and scour the blue sea for thousands of years, just to send you the most essence Wishes, Happy Chinese New Year!

May you embrace peace, health, happiness, happiness, warmth, sweetness, fortune, auspiciousness, enter the new year, and spend every day happily !

I don’t miss you because of the changing seasons, I don’t miss you because of the distance, I don’t alienate you because of busyness, and I don’t forget you because of the erosion of time. When the Spring Festival and New Year are coming, I will take my Sincere congratulations to you!

Don't move! Raise your hands, those you know stand on the left, those you don't know stand on the right, and those who want to laugh stand in the middle. Say what about you! Quickly put down your phone, put your hands on your head and stand against the wall, and listen to me carefully: I wish you a Happy New Year!

During the Spring Festival and New Year, you should relax your mind, and be happy in your chest, just like a green onion in a pot.

New Year's greetings to you: good luck is with you, the god of wealth follows you, famous cars and beauties belong to you, bad luck hides from you, and happy events surround you!

There is something I cherish, I want to tell you, because maybe it can only be said once a year, I think it is time to say it out loud, I want to shout... Happy Chinese New Year: )

There are faint poems in the long clouds, and there is continuous joy in the faint poems. In the continuous joy, there are my gentle greetings. Happy New Year!

The silver bell rings softly, which is the delivery of thoughts and blessings. A soft greeting, I don't want to disturb you, I just want to sincerely wish you a happy new year!

May your spring be charming, your summer dew is cool, your autumn wind is cool, your winter snow is bright, and may you have a fruitful coming year. I wish you a happy new year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Good luck! Happy and healthy! In the new year, peace of mind, smoothness, harmony, beauty and reunion!

Happy New Year, the God of Wealth is looking for you, what's the matter with you? Send you a big ingot. A lot this year, and a lot next year. it is good! it is good! it is good!

A shadow is very lonely, but two roses are fresh; a mood is always looking forward to, and the sky is so vast; the little idiot who is reading text messages, why do I always miss it, I wish you a happy Spring Festival and New Year!

Chinese New Year is here, I wish you: Pepsi! All things Fanta! Everyday wow ha ha! Yueyue Le Pepsi! Happy LEGO every year! Feeling like Sprite! Always stand out!

The new year is coming again, the ruthless time pulls everything away, and only our love has never changed. Dear, I wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

In the New Year's bell, raise the glass, let the mellow aroma of wine ripple in the air, let my gratitude to you slowly settle in the glass, deeply bless my friends, and wish you a happy new year ,healthy and happy!

The New Year is here, I will send you a dumpling wrapped in a safe skin with wishful filling, cooked with sincerity, eat one happy, two happy, three smooth and then drink the whole family healthy soup, the aftertaste is warm, the aftertaste is a blessing~~ ~

Happy Chinese New Year! I wish you in the new year, all the good dreams snuggle up to you, all the fortunes cover you, and all the auspicious stars take care of you!

As the new year begins, I wish you good luck in 2 consecutive 3, feeling like spring in 4 seasons, 5 colors and 6 colors in life, 7 colors in life, and occasionally a small fortune at 8 o’clock, and your troubles will be thrown into the clouds! Please accept my 10 hearts and 10 wishes. Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year~ my friends! I wish you a happy year every year, every month and every month, every day is joyful and worry-free, always happy and joyful, always full of vigor, I wish you a lot of joy~~

There are many happy events and family reunion and happiness; Happy mood, more friends, more health and happiness; more good luck, more auspicious New Year's business; I wish you a lot of good luck! many! many!

The New Year is coming, the New Year is coming, the Spring Festival couplets are posted and the fireworks are set off. It is really lively! Send a text message to say hello, get promoted and get rich backgammon!

Happy New Year to you! I wish you good health, a better mood, and a more beautiful person! Life is getting more and more romantic! Happy New Year!

I want to invite you to dinner, but the water is cut off during the day and the electricity is cut off at night, and I can't afford wages. What are you going to eat for dinner? Happy New Year!

Blessings for the Spring Festival Part 9

Set off cheerful firecrackers, usher in the festive Spring Festival, and paste the red Spring Festival couplets,Hang auspicious lanterns. The Spring Festival is coming, may you have a happy mood, a happy smile, a fiery life, and an auspicious year!

Eggs that can be boiled, protected monkey eggs, no one wants to celebrate Christmas , and the New Year's Day Pai Pai Station, the unhappy is the fool, the festive celebration of Double Dan, dear friends, happy holidays!

The window couplet couplets with the Chinese knot, the delicious dishes of the melon seed sugar cake, the dumplings, the red envelopes, the new clothes, The monkey dances and lion dances set off firecrackers, the windows are bright, the roads are clear and the roads are spacious, the Vientiane is renewed for a party, and the Spring Festival: Chinese flavor. Happy new year to you.

I look forward to you in the winter; miss you in the spring breeze; dream of you in the summer; see you in the autumn wind. No matter the years come and go, no matter how fast the time flies, I miss you forever! Happy Chinese New Year!

The company is like a big tree full of monkeys, looking up is all buttocks, looking down is all Smiley faces, all eyes and ears look left and right. The year of the rooster is coming, I wish you to climb up two more branches and see more smiling faces and less butts!

Perhaps the people who wish to greet you have already lined up Long queue, perhaps the person who sent your blessings has already made a financial contribution. Taking advantage of the first day of the new year, I will quickly send the earliest and most sincere blessings. I wish you all the best!

Golden monkey sends you wealth, and divine monkey sends you Luck, the water monkey will send you spiritual energy, the fire monkey will send you peace, may the eight monkeys protect each other, the heavenly monkey will bless you, the new year of the rooster, the spirit of the monkey and horse, soar to the sky, and start a new chapter in your career.

The Spring Festival is here, I wish you and your family a safe New Year's Eve, a happy first day, a happy second day, a beautiful third day, a sweet and sweet fifteenth year, and a smooth year. Dangdang.

The year of the rooster is coming, and I send you five-star blessings: a lucky star to keep you lucky, a fortune star to keep your wealth rolling, auspicious star to keep you safe, a longevity star to keep you healthy, and a lucky star , bring you a year of luck!

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