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Company Leaders' New Year's Greetings for the Year of the Tiger (145 selected sentences)

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New Year's greetings from company leaders (145 selected sentences)

In social development, greetings are no longer limited to festivals and banquets. It is common for couples to send mobile phone messages to each other, and the weather Warm and cold greetings and blessings, daily encouragement and blessings from friends, daily morning greetings and blessings, etc. The following are the New Year's greetings for the company leaders compiled by the editor for you. You are welcome to learn from and refer to, and hope to be helpful to you.

New Year's Greetings from the Company Leaders for the Year of the Tiger 1

1. Flowers and dances, I wish you happiness and good luck According to.

2. I wish you a happy new year, all your wishes come true, and happiness and longevity!

3. Good life, backgammon, fireworks and firecrackers add to the excitement.

4. I wish you a happy year of the tiger and a happy every day.

5. Firecrackers are screaming, fireworks are whistling, and the look is full of joy.

6. Book the first ray of morning breeze, wishing you all the best!

7. Respect elders, love young people, and be happy all night.

8. I wish you good luck in the Year of the Tiger, and happiness is endless!

9. Happy Spring Festival and good luck in the Year of the Tiger!

10. Wear new clothes and run around the streets. I wish the Year of the Tiger a better year!

11. There are many happy events and few troubles, and the new clothes and upper body are new.

12. I wish you good fortune and prosperity all the way to the end.

13. There are many banknotes, family harmony, and I wish you a prosperous life.

14. The auspicious blessings spread, and accompany them all the way to the end.

15. The career is stable. Looking at the present, it is wonderful to live and work in peace and contentment.

16. The Spring Festival is here, it is lively, and the atmosphere is happy.

17. New dreams, new hopes, galloping in the workplace.

18. The bells on New Year's Eve ring the joy of the New Year for you.

19. When the Chinese New Year arrives, people laugh and dance.

20. The spring breeze of reform is blowing all over the ground, and the new year must strive for success!

21. I wish you a prosperous year of the tiger, and happiness will always belong to you!

22. The days are prosperous, and the Spring Festival is happy.

23. Happy life is red, and keep it all the way to the end.

24. Blessings accompany the New Year and make the mood always bright.

25. In the year of the tiger, I will send you a big ingot, and the wealth is rolling towards home.

26. Good luck in the Year of the Tiger can't be stopped, and the wealth of the Year of the Tiger is rolling in!

27, happy as flowers, fragrant days of the Year of the Tiger.

28. Send you an Enron, wish you happiness.

29. Work is going well this year, and life will be happier next year.

30. I wish you backgammon, and the blue sky rises to the sky!

31. The Year of the Tiger is blessed with many blessings, and everything goes well in a year!

32. I wish you a bright future and a dream camp!

33. The sound of firecrackers rang out in bursts, and the family reunited and enjoyed well-being.

34. May your family be happy and have more than one year in a row, see you after the festival!

35. I wish you a fortune hood, and you will be busy counting money.

36, cheer for happiness, let the Year of the Tiger be filled with joy.

37. May the blessings of joy follow you forever.

38. I wish you a happy new year!

39. The New Year is here, may your life be sweeter than honey!

40. The fortune is prosperous and the career is smooth and brilliant.

New Year's Greetings from Company Leaders for the Year of the Tiger 2

1. New Year's Eve Dinner Go well; eat the braised meatballs, be safe, and have a family reunion. I wish you a healthy and happy new year!

2. The end of the year is just around the corner, good fortune is coming, and luck is in the sky. If Jitai came to renew Kunpeng's aspirations, it was a pity that he would show his infinite style in his diligence and industry. I wish the Year of the Tiger auspicious,Prosperous fortune!

3. There are four seasons in a year, and you go well every season. There is a spring every year, Chunchun, you are happy. There is one summer a year, and Xia Xia you are prosperous. There is one autumn every year, and you have a bumper harvest in autumn and autumn. There is a winter in a year, and you are successful in winter and winter. Every year there is a Spring Festival, every season you are happy. Happy Year of the Tiger.

4. The new year is coming soon, harassing you in advance; SMS blessings will clear the way and remove all troubles; the new year will be healthy, and the mood will bloom; I wish you a happy new year and a happy new year!

5. Keep happiness, remember experience, save luck, bring blessings, spell positive, put forth effort, say goodbye, welcome new joy, accompany good luck, follow happiness, achieve yourself, succeed Company, all the best, happy new year.

6. I wish you good luck in the New Year, open foreign meat, pick foreign girls, and make a fortune with pride. Overtime is paid in dollars, bonuses in euros, and red envelopes in Hong Kong dollars.

7. The new year is the beginning of the new year. I wish you a good beginning. I wish you a happy new year, life is full and full, and your pocket is full of renminbi.

8. The New Year is coming, the New Year is coming, and the text messages are heartfelt. Although the text messages are small, the affection can be expressed; the blessings are not few, but the greetings cannot run away; forget the troubles of the old days and welcome the beauty of the new year. Happy new year to you and all the best!

9. The New Year is approaching, offer a blessing. Hope: Every day, the god of happiness accompanies you; every moment, the god of happiness blesses you.

10. With you, your career is going well, and your hard work is more beautiful. Blessings to you, may your family be harmonious, your relationship is strong, your body is healthy, your smile is beautiful, and your life is always happy.

11. The year of the tiger is coming, happiness and happiness will run with you, good luck and good luck will follow you, health and safety will protect you, wealth and joy will spoil you, I wish you a happy new year, good luck, and lucky stars, everything goes well!

12. Plunge into the arms of happiness, grab the auspicious feet, raise your happy eyebrows, raise the corners of your happy mouth, and wear a lucky coat to welcome the coming of the Year of the Tiger. The days are prosperous, and the Spring Festival is happy. I wish you all the best, auspicious Spring Festival!

13. The New Year is coming, and the red luck is the first photo. I wish you a smooth work, a happy life and a prosperous life in the new year! happy New Year!

14. The New Year is coming. Happy New Year. New Year's blessings are worth more than treasures: a couplet book is auspicious, and a firecracker is a new year. A paper window cut wishful, a glass of wine Fu Lushou, a plate of dumplings Ode to Joy, a fireworks full of wealth. Wish you a happy new year.

15. Trouble will be temporary, friends are always eternal; love is managed with heart, and there is no big deal in the world. Happy Spring Festival! Thousands of miles to ask whether it is safe or not? And send your thoughts away. Continuing love and care, deep affection and blessings. Happy Spring Festival!

16. The happiness of the Year of the Tiger is day after day, may you be sweet and happy; the success of the Year of the Tiger is one after another, may you be auspicious and happy; the success of the Year of the Tiger will be successful again and again, may you be relaxed and beautiful; The blessings of the Year of the Tiger are over and over again, may you be happy and safe.

17. I am honored to work and study under your leadership in the past year. I wish you good health in the new year!

18. The New Year is coming soon. I wish you backgammon, with red envelopes in one hand, gold ingots in the other, happy all the way, a good fortune mask, good things travel thousands of miles, and happiness for thousands of years.

19. The New Year is coming, good fortune is coming, and troublesome things should be put aside. I wish you go out and meet noble people and listen to the good news at home! Every year has today, every year has today! Happy New Year and good luck!

20. Happy New Year! I bought two catties of fashion in the store, three catties of romance from the supermarket, and made eight catties of happiness by myself.

New Year's Greetings from Company Leaders for the Year of the Tiger 3

1. The sound of firecrackers shakes the nerves of thoughts, the gorgeous fireworks illuminate the moist eyes, the reunion dumplings are full of deep warmth, any Blessings seem too light and too light, I wish you New Year's greetings, Happy New Year!

2. Mountains can block the sky, but they can’t block deep thoughts; longitude and latitude can separate the distance, but they can’t block sincere feelings; . The Spring Festival is coming and send my blessings!

3. The New Year is coming, I say hello to you. Be happy and have no worries, good luck will follow. Family reunion, happy family. Friends support each other, and the mood is not lonely. Career Feng Shui is smooth, gold and silver support purse. Good luck descends from the sky life backgammon!

4. Ambilight, happy mood does not change. Sincere concern, constant blessings are sent. Good luck again and again, get the red envelopes quickly. As soon as the new year arrives, I wish you all the text messages, my friends wish you a happy family reunion, happiness and health, newA new year, a happy year.

5. The beauty of the new year, the fireworks and the night sky are embellished, and the family is intoxicated; the joy of the new year, the firecrackers blow up the troubles, the plum blossoms bloom happily; the red lanterns are hung up, and the Spring Festival couplets welcome good luck; Enjoy family banquet and enjoy reunion happily. Happy New Year, happy in it, may you be happy forever!

6. The Spring Festival is lively and lively, and friends and relatives come to celebrate the festive season. The honored guests are full of brilliance and prosperity, and happiness, prosperity and longevity. I wish you great development in your career and a brilliant future. May you be happy and reunited, and the auspicious star Gaozhao family prosper. Have a peaceful New Year's Eve!

7. It's been a long time since we parted, how are you now? When I think of being together, I will never forget the wasting age. It's really comfortable to be together, innocent and brilliant, and it's fun to be free. Spring is coming again this year, I wish you a good time, beautiful and beautiful eyes, see you in the Spring Festival.

8. I wish you a happy new year, a smooth career, a smooth work, and a sweet love! The body has inexhaustible strength, and the wealth is prosperous! The body is better, the meal is more fragrant, the teeth are good and the appetite is good, everything is happy, everything goes smoothly!

9. The New Year is approaching, and the wonderful bell will ring again. Let it knock on the door of your New Year's luck, bringing you a whole year of health, peace, happiness, and good luck. I wish you a Happy New Year!

10. Waving red ribbons to welcome the light of the new year; burning red lanterns to wait for the New Year's auspiciousness; wearing red dancing shoes to walk out of the joy of the new year; posting red couplets to express the hope of the new year. The new year is here, may your days be prosperous.

11. The most mellow wine, indulging in happy times; the best friend, the interpretation of the long friendship; the most perfect reunion, staged in thousands of households; the happiest Spring Festival, happy to share together . New Year's Eve, I wish you all the best, very happy!

12. Use a pen of the soul to draw a beautiful and colorful picture for you. The picture contains peace, happiness, reunion, happiness and health. Every stroke is my best wishes and greetings to you. I wish you a happy New Year's Eve and Spring Festival!

13. The snowflakes all over the sky are the flying notes, composed with thoughts and songs, and played with blessings to bring you a happy new year!

14. When the New Year's bell rang, I raised my glass, but my eyes wandered around the edge of the glass. Any crystal thought quietly settled at the bottom of the glass, only deeply, I wish you happiness.

15. Celebrating the New Year with lanterns and festoons, Liying embroidery cutting blessings, Pingxiang feeling more affectionate in other places, the song of triumph touching the hearts of the people, when the front is done to reassure the army, every talent spreads its wings and soars, and thinks of affectionately Celebrate the Chinese New Year with success and ambition.

New Year's Greetings from Company Leaders for the Year of the Tiger 4

1. Weave a piece of happiness with sincerity, grind a bag of happiness with care, send a piece of health with care, cut a piece of peace with care, and cast a dream with confidence. In my heart, I wish you a happy New Year and a happy life.

2. Let peace take the fast lane of the New Year, let happiness embrace you gently, let difficulties impress you, let troubles bow their heads and quietly go away, let auspiciousness take special care of you, and let happiness take care of you Always smile! Happy New Year!

3. The earth is warming and the New Year is coming, the bridges are flowing and the flowers are blooming. Big red lanterns are hung up to greet guests with a smile and welcome wealth. Bring the New Year's red envelopes, the girl is beautiful and the guy is handsome. Troubles and sorrows are no longer coming, and the God of Fortune and Fortune will worship each other. Happy New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

4. The sky is the pot cover, the ground is the stove, and on New Year's Eve, I will cook a New Year's meal for you. Health is rice, truth is water, happiness is material, happiness is food, truth is wine, and years are For the pot, peace for the dumplings, Ruyi for the plate, add a year of warmth and romance!

5. Happiness should be like addition, more and more, sorrow should be like subtraction, less and less, friendship should be like multiplication and double every year, blessing should be division, exactly equal to your happiness. Happy New Year.

6. The New Year is coming, toast you a glass of reunion wine, you will be happy and happy; toast to you a glass of healthy wine, toast you a glass of fortune wine, toast to you, the wealth will be prosperous; A glass of happy wine, everything goes smoothly!

7. The New Year is approaching, there are laughter and laughter everywhere, there is a lot of joy and happiness, blessings arrive and blessings arrive, people are prosperous and wealth is prosperous, I wish you good luck at the end of the year, good luck, good luck and good health More peace and happiness, good luck and good luck!

8. What quietly descends for you is auspiciousness, what quietly disperses for you is warmth, what silently wishes for you is selan, what I deeply expect for you is success, send me the most Sincere wishes, happy Spring Festival!

9. The Spring Festival is coming, the night is like water, the thoughts are like the moon, and the love and friendship are more intimate. Text messages, greetings, irreplaceable care. Blessings, sincerity, may you never lack good luck and happiness. Wish you a Happy New Year!

10. The jubilant firecrackers boiled the morning of the farmhouse, the children's flowery clothes were ashamed of childhood dreams, the bright red couplets carried full expectations, and the joy of relatives ignited the hope of the new year. I only wish you happiness in the new year, continuous happiness, and happy Spring Festival!

11. Open new hopes in the new year, and new blanks carry new dreams. Friends brush away the dust of the years, let laughter and tears, love and sorrow condense into a thick and crystal clear amber in the heart. Happy New Year to best friend!

12. During the Spring Festival, eat, drink, be happy, be happy, easy to overeat, eat too much, drink too much, hurt the spleen and stomach, easy to light, less greasy, healthy, happy, Lots of fun, lots of parties, I wish you a good mood and a happy New Year!

13. The sound of firecrackers ran, and the children jumped with joy. The fireworks blazed into the air, and the old man smiled and bent over. Harvest years are good for life, and everyone can puff up their pockets. New Year's Eve Shou New Year's laughter is high, happy and blessed. Happy New Year's Eve and good luck around!

14. There is a spring every year, spring and spring are in my heart, a summer is a year, you are prosperous in summer and summer, autumn is a year, you have a good harvest in autumn and autumn, a winter is in a year, you are successful in winter and winter, Every year there is a Spring Festival, every season you are happy!

15. During the Spring Festival, you should relax your mind, and be happy in your chest, like a green onion in a pot, be indifferent to worries, and be indifferent to your heart.

New Year's Greetings from the Company Leaders for the Year of the Tiger 5

1. The cold penetrates the bone marrow, the sun is still bright, and the cold and warmth are intertwined. Today, we bid farewell to the previous years with outstanding achievements. Ushering in a new year full of hope, we are full of confidence to meet new challenges, and wish the company a bright future and friends old and new to laugh every day!

2. A lover is a flower in my hand, I don't want to sprinkle my friend, I am a green onion, where do I need to catch a little secret, a spark is occasionally a little friction, my lover is a twist, and I will think of him when I am hungry. I wish the green onion happy.

3. May beauty accompany you for a walk, health accompany you to dine, happiness accompanies you to rest, happiness accompanies you to chat, peace accompanies you to work, and happiness accompanies you to relax. May my blessings accompany you to welcome the new year, and I wish you a happy new year!

4. On the first day of the year, collect every blessing and every wish in my heart, describe every detail and every expectation in my heart, and express my deep concern to you!

5. The New Year is coming to the God of Wealth, and I wish you a lucky star; I wish you a good mood and a good health, and I wish you a better life; I wish you a prosperous life with a lot of money and family harmony; please smile and wish you happiness developed early. happy New Year!

6. With gratitude as the center and sincerity as the radius, I send you a round wish, so that those who love you love you more, and those you love understand you better! I wish you and your loved ones He He Meimei, and wish your parents good health and happiness!

7. The wax is warm in the spring, the Dinghai year is continuous, the candles are in harmony with the Chinese New Year; tonight's banquet, the gathering and sharing, the joy and harmony, the love is stronger, the child's heart resists the cold winter; the distant wish, sincerely and Jun Nian, Jiaxing Baihe, Fulin Kang'an.

8. Fame is given by everyone, and status is fought by brothers. The Spring Festival is here. On behalf of the friends on the rivers and lakes, I wish you a happy holiday! All the text messages you will receive in the days to come will be sent by me. I'm low-key, don't be polite to me.

9. The new year opens up new hopes, and new blanks carry new dreams. Brush away the dust of the years, let laughter and tears, love and sorrow condense into a thick crystal amber in the heart. Happy New Year!

10. After a year of hard work, we have ushered in a new year. I wish you great success and prosperity in the new year!

11. People on the high mountains can always see the sunrise of the new year first. With your foresight, your career will definitely have a brilliant future. I wish you a long journey!

12. Wish your company a happy new year! New year, new look! New year, new beginning! New year and new luck! New friends and old friends, I wish you all the best, and the money is thousands of miles away!

13. Take off your tired coat for a year, bathe under the sky of our friendship, shake off the dust of running around, get rid of the tiredness in your heart, and wish you all the best tomorrow, in the new year The big picture!

14. Drink this glass of wine for the New Year. When you are drunk, you will have memories of drunk possessions. Family and friends will celebrate together. Sweetness and happiness surround your heart. Wife and son are filial and filial in career. Happy and happy life. Happy new year to you.

15. May you have a happy Spring Festival! May the world be full of peace, and with the most sincere heart, I wish you a happy year!

New Year's Greetings from Company Leaders for the Year of the Tiger 6

1. The crowd is vast, and it is difficult to queue up to buy tickets for the Spring Festival travel;doorpan. It’s hard to get a ticket. In the past, during the Spring Festival, I was slaughtered; when I returned to my hometown, I was desperate, and people were sad about happy events!

2. A gentle greeting melts the ice and snow in winter and exudes warmth in the cold; a silent blessing rings the New Year's bell, revealing warmth in the festive season. The Spring Festival is coming, I sincerely wish you a happy every day!

3. When winter fades away, it is spring, and after New Year's Day, it is the year; running the fastest is time, and racing money every second; It’s hard to take a break from the busy schedule; I wish the new year: clench the fists of struggle, and welcome the smiling face of success!

4. The flashes of light in the air are surrounded by colorful and beautiful dreams, bless you All the wishes made this year can be realized in front of your eyes one by one. I wish you a warm and happy New Year's Day!

5. The beauty is full, the career is booming, the financial resources are rolling in, and happiness will be forever! Hold on tight to the present, and live happily every day. New Year's Day is here, please accept my sincere wishes for a happy life forever!

7. New Year's blessings are countless, New Year's wishes are many, New Year's greetings are still beautiful, at this warm moment, send My most sincere wishes, I wish you a healthy and safe New Year, happiness and joy!

8. New hope, say goodbye to the old year, go to the new year, and say to you emotionally: Happy New Year, good health!

9. Congratulations on the Chinese New Year, send a text message to bless you; a successful career belongs to you, Happy smiles surround you, health and longevity follow you, and I want to inform you that the God of Wealth will also visit you! Happy Chinese New Year!

10. Three days and four hours, twenty-eight minutes and one after the cold wind hangs Sixteen seconds later, I put my hand in my pocket again, but this time it wasn't because of the cold weather, but I took out my phone and sent you a text message: Happy New Year's Day!

11. The Spring Festival is here, Night is like water, thoughts are like the moon, love and friendship are more intimate; text messages are sent, greetings are sent, and there is no substitute for care; blessings are sincere. May you never lack good luck and happiness. I wish you a Happy New Year!

12. The New Year is approaching. For the sake of the global environment and resources, please consciously reduce the purchase of traditional paper greeting cards. You can fill in the congratulatory message with a pencil on the large denomination RMB and send it to me! Thank you for your support for the cause of environmental protection! I wish you happiness!

13. The icy wind will not miss you, the piercing rain will not miss you, the hard ice will not be able to love, and the flying snow cover keep wishing. New Year's Day is approaching, I wish you a warm heart and a happy day!

14. Looking up is spring, and bowing is autumn. May all happiness follow you. Happy new year.

15. Let the joy of the Spring Festival drive away the fatigue of your life, and let your heart be intoxicated with the festive atmosphere; may the rest of the holiday bring you energy, and may you be full of confidence in going to work after the holiday! I wish you Life is beautiful and work is smooth!

16. Time is fast and fast; waiting is slow and slow; loneliness is long and long; life is short and short; distance is far and far; longing is deep and deep ;I'm so stupid, I'm waiting for you, who I miss so much, do you know? Happy New Year's Day!

17. The green leaves are full of affection for the root, and I in a foreign country are full of love for my hometown Thoughts, every festive season, I miss my relatives, I miss you and my family. Sending good wishes, I wish the whole family a happy life even sweeter!

18. New Year's Day is here, I make a wish to God: May you be young every year, love every minute and every second; work Decent and stylish, the banknotes come with the strong wind; the mansion looks at the sea from the mansion, and the Baoniu sports car drives fast. Happy New Year's Day!

19. Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan's family is happy. A round day is a round career, a round job is full of satisfaction. A round life is full of blessings, and a round couple is full of happiness. I wish you a round family on New Year's Day and a round of happiness!

20. The temperature of your hands is warmed by the atmosphere of New Year's Day; the distance between your hearts is shortened by intimate greetings. Get rid of the old year and usher in the new year. I wish you: less troubles and sorrows, more pleasant mood; less frustration, more happiness!

21. When the Spring Festival is coming, I wish you: big wealth, small wealth, unexpected wealth, Wealth is rolling; family, friendship, love, and good luck; official luck, wealth, peach blossoms, luck; lovers, relatives, friends, everyone is safe! I wish you a happy Spring Festival!

22. I wish you a new year: Good things come in pairs, going out is the most beautiful, you are the king of the world, surpassing Qin Shihuang; everyone is holding your ground, eating meat and drinking soup, and money goes straight into the pocket.

23. Spring FestivalWhen it arrives, the gods from all walks of life congratulate. The God of Wealth wishes you a steady stream of wealth, the God of Beauty wishes you youthful beauty and beauty, the God of Love wishes you love as sweet as honey, and the God of Luck wishes you good luck. Happy New Year!

24. The Spring Festival is here, I say hello to you, your body is healthy, and your mood is particularly good; good luck is delivered every day, and the taste is delicious. Finally, I wish you and your family: good luck in the Year of the Ox can't be stopped, and the year of the Ox will be full of wealth! I wish you! Melody, feel the warm air, New Year's Day, bless you, I wish you all the best in the new year, all the best, happy New Year's Day!

26. New Year's Day greetings, text messages Blessings are coming, the financial resources are rolling in from time to time, the career is prosperous and step by step, life is going well, good luck is delivered every day, I hope you are happy and wonderful, and the eight people forwarding will work wonders! Happy New Year's Day!

27. The earth is round, and blessings are also round. I have turned my original wish into an original New Year's greeting! I wish you: love is full, flowers are full, the moon is full, and the source of popularity and wealth is endless! Happy New Year's Day! Happy New Year's Day!

28. Congratulations on New Year's Day, SMS bless you, career belongs to you, happy to follow you, health thinking of you, wealth to visit you. May you have a prosperous new year and good luck every day.

29. Open the auspicious postal package, draw good luck, and the auspicious stars will shine; release happiness, and be infinitely happy; spread joy, and be elated; bestow health, and longevity; I wish you a happy New Year's Day and all the best!

30. Sunrise and sunset = morning and evening; moon and stars = infinite thoughts; plum snowflakes = looking forward to the new year; meteor heart words = blessings; I wish you a happy new year Happy every day!

31. If you understand, you don't understand, if you don't understand, you understand. We just want to spend a beautiful New Year's Eve in a daze.

32. The rotation of the earth is just to bring you new hope today; the earth revolves once, just to bring you good expectations today; my text message will be wirelessly conveyed, just for the sake of today. You send sincere blessings. Happy New Year's Day! Happy New Year's Day!

33. Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, confidence is the best character, concern is the most sincere greeting, concern is the most selfless yearning, blessing is the most beautiful words. I wish you a Happy New Year! Peace and happiness!

34. Consumption without banknotes, television without advertisements, work without leadership, stock trading without guts, these are actually nothing, the key is that the Spring Festival is coming, no blessings You can't do it!

35. Today is New Year's Eve. May you put on the wings of joy and roam like a free bird in the beautiful world! Give up the sorrows and troubles in your heart, lighten Relax and enjoy the unrestrained journey. I wish you a happy Spring Festival tomorrow!

36. I will combine the gold and silver wealth and small wealth into a million family wealth; use your vigor and courage to exchange for a group of peace; I will give my most sincere blessings, wishes, wishes and wishes , together with you: I wish you a happy Spring Festival and a year of prosperity.

37. The past day was full of happiness and the spring breeze. Today's day, full of joy, enjoy Danyang. Tomorrow's future, careful planning, sunshine life. I wish you a happy New Year's Day, auspicious light, and a glorious life!

38. The bells touch the heart, the fireworks brighten the mood, the Spring Festival Gala is active and festive, and the text messages convey peace. The red lanterns hang on thousands of households, the atmosphere of the new year is overflowing, and if a string of firecrackers sound, it is my wish to send you. Happy Chinese New Year!

39. New Year's Day to smash "eggs" together: let your troubles end, let your sorrows go, let your anguish eggs hit the rocks, let your sorrows hit the eggs, Happiness and happiness have to come together, so be mentally prepared!

40. Congratulations on the New Year: work and life are not tired! Happy consumption is not afraid of expensive! Buying a house is not too expensive! Open Bao Niu is flying fast! Eat a good meal to get enough sleep! There are snacks for appetizers! What a sweet life! Life is delicious!

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