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A collection of 45 text messages for Lantern Festival greetings to friends in 2020

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A collection of 45 text messages for Lantern Festival greetings to friends in 2020

I wish you in the distance: Happy Lantern Festival! happy and sweet! The future is bright! The following are 45 Lantern Festival greetings for friends compiled by Xiaobian, welcome to refer to.

1. Use care to make glutinous rice, knead it into a sincere heart, wrap it in happiness and sweetness, and fill it with holy spring The viscous syrup is my good intention, and may it taste the mood of your festive assortment! Happy Lantern Festival!

2. Lantern Festival: The glutinous rice balls are round, the moon is round, and the family is round; Wishing you a happy and auspicious Lantern Festival.

3. I didn't meet on New Year's Day and New Year's Eve, I didn't meet for supper and morning tea, and I didn't have company after the holiday before and after the holiday. The reunion and reunion are temporarily missed, and the thoughts and dreams are infinite. Happy Lantern Festival!

4. The festival is the Lantern Festival, guess the lantern riddles, walk on stilts, the fish and dragons tossed up all night, and danced the life step by step; the reunion is in the present, eating glutinous rice balls, setting off firecrackers, wishing that friends are safe and healthy, and the family is happy and happy. !

5. Lantern Festival greetings: Sending messages on Lantern Festival is because there are too many affections! Friendship will not be lost, fate cannot be forgotten, memories are hidden in dreams, and thoughts are buried in the bottom of my heart! If you go well every day, then I am silently blessing you!

6. Lantern Festival greetings: As soon as I see your skin as white as snow beads, I will decide to take you home. Once I get home, I will boil water to change your clothes and bathe. After bathing, you exude temptation. The smell of people makes my mouth water, and I can't wait to enjoy you, glutinous rice balls! Happy Lantern Festival!

7. The Lantern Festival is a red light, this flower is only for the future life, the blessing will run and pray for the blessings, the fire tree and silver flowers will rise step by step, and wait for the auspicious fragrance to gradually fade, and then take the blessing and light the blessing lamp, a piece of paper is healthy and healthy Tenacity, the new year will be grand and ambitious.

8. Love and round stuffing, laughing from the color screen. Ten thousand households listen to the bamboo, and the three months fall plum. It is time to fight for spring as early as possible, and Emperor Qing repeatedly urged each other. During the Lantern Festival, I wish you good health and family reunion!

9. The moon on fifteenth is round; the Lantern Festival on the table is round; the kindness of parents is round; the feelings of husband and wife are round; the filial piety of children is round; Happy Lantern Festival to your family!

10. Tonight is the Lantern Festival and the first full moon night this year. Please look up and see the full moon in the night sky. That's the way I stare at you, with deep thoughts and silent wishes, I wish you a happy and happy old age!

11. The moon is round; the Lantern Festival on the table is round; the kindness of parents is round; the feelings of husband and wife are round; the filial piety of children is round; Happy Lantern Festival to your family!

12. The Lantern Festival is coming, don't eat too much glutinous rice balls, sticky and sweet, easy to lose teeth and like to gain weight!

13. Send lovesickness on Lantern Festival, the flowers are full of moon and people are reunited, and the lights are competing for you to be the most "beautiful". Send lovesickness and wishes, and love is "round" on the Internet. The flowers are full and the moon is full, the good dreams will look for you, the love and pity for you, and the constant concern for you.

14. There are thousands of lights and beautiful nights; I wish you a happy and lively Lantern Festival!

15. The bright moon is full, eat glutinous rice balls; sweet dreams are full, people are reunited, good luck will accompany you in everything you wish, I hope people will last a long time, and we will live together in a thousand miles. I wish the leaders a happy Lantern Festival!

16. The moon is so bright that countless poets chant Huazhang. I cherish the charming willows, but I have not yet spit green; the delicate peaches and plums are waiting to be changed. Qianshu pear flowers can only wear white clothes in the snow. Don't care, count the beauty of spring, still in the Lantern Festival.

17. Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival. It is said that on the Lantern Festival night, as long as you make a wish on the moon, your wish will come true. I hope that people who read text messages can be happy and have fun and eat sweetly during the Lantern Festival. Sweet and beautiful, sleep comfortably!

18. It is a good time to see the flowers, the moon and the autumn fragrance; the fireworks are becoming more and more charming, and the bustling noises are everywhere; , whispering longer. Lantern Festival, I wish you happiness!

19. The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is here! Let me give you a plate of the steaming Lantern Festival that just came out of the pot. I wish your family a prosperous day, reunion and roundness. Everyone is like this Lantern Festival. Each wallet is fuller than the other, and each smile is sweeter than the other! .

20. Sending you a bowl of glutinous rice balls, I wish you: peace in your life, double happiness, three years of greenery, prosperity in four seasons, five blessings, six or six high rises, seven stars high, eight faces are exquisite, nine turns are successful, Perfect, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival family!

21, Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival, the heat is high from winter to spring, I wish my friends good luck and make a lot of money. Stock speculation is a bull market every day, business is like a spring rain, love is like a fire, and the money is like a feather. If you can't spend it, let's go to the hotel. No matter how much or how little, please take the initiative to pay.

22. The round moon entrusts my countless thoughts; the round glutinous rice ball encloses my infinite wishes; the round dream contains my infinite love; may happiness accompany you through Year by year. Happy Lantern Festival.

23. Dragon and Tiger Leaping Flower Lantern Exhibition, the lights contrast with each other. Meilun's beauty is vivid, and the steed sheep spit brightly in the air. The dragon flying in the sky has bright eyes, and the fire tree silver flower sings loudly. Laughter and guessing lantern riddles, lost in the lantern palace, dizzy. May your Lantern Festival be filled with laughter, and the whole family will have a happy Lantern Festival!

24. May the elegant Buddhist music pray for you, and may the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva turn in your heart forever to keep you healthy, full of Dharma joy, and happy Lantern Festival.

25. Lantern Festival blessings: the first full moon in the new year, the sea and the sky are blue and bright, the Pingchuan lights and flowers are bright, and the beautiful night reflects your joyful face. I am fascinated by your smiling face, as if seeing Chang'e reappearing.

26. Sincere wishes for the Lantern Festival, full of strong joy, happy Lantern Festival! May you rise step by step and all the best!

27. Knead the thoughts into noodles, use happiness as the stuffing, add a spoonful of sweet water, and boil them into a bowl of happy and happy life. Happy Lantern Festival!

28. Send you a bowl of glutinous rice balls, may your love be sweet; send you a lantern, hope your career goes well; send you a sincere heart, wish you a happy holiday ! I wish you a happy Lantern Festival!

29. The colorful lanterns adorn the world's colorful movements, and the tangyuan wraps the sweet reunion. Home is a big concentric circle, holding our hearts tightly together. A perfect night, wish you happiness forever. Happy Lantern Festival!

30. On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, there are lanterns, which are colorful and brighten people's livelihood. The lanterns reflect a thousand years of red. The sweet Lantern Festival enters the hearts of the people. Celebrate the prosperous year!

31. According to the instructions of the auspicious monkey, starting from the Lantern Festival, happiness only cares about you, good luck only cares for you, health only sticks to you, peace only covers you, happiness only spoils you, and fortune only cares about you. Follow you, be mentally prepared!

32. I will send you a bowl of sweet dumplings in advance, each dumpling is a smile and a blessing! After eating tangyuan, it is sweet and happy for another year, and the reunion and happiness are sweeter than honey. Happy Lantern Festival!

33. The bright moon is in the sky, everything is happy, the spring breeze is warm, the love is deep, the Lantern Festival is full of heart, send blessings, wish happiness and peace, good dreams come true, good things happen again and again, good mood Body, 20XX can make a lot of money!

34. In this Lantern Festival, there will always be a time to bless everything, let this Lantern Festival bring more warmth, and let this Lantern Festival exist to a lot of tenderness, This Lantern Festival will make everyone happier and happier. Everything will be conveyed in this warmth.

35. The Lantern Festival's lantern display is like bright stars, such as ginkgo flowers blooming in comparison with Venus. Bless the Lantern Festival, sweet greetings and congratulations!

36. The moon, the Lantern Festival, reflect your laughter, the fifteenth day of the first month echoes your songs, and the New Year is full of your noise. At this time, my heart is in love with your beauty for a long time.

37. It's the Lantern Festival again. I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss it very much. I send a message to advise you to take a break: listening to the spring rain outside the window, you will find the most beautiful melody; Will find the most moving spring. SMS greetings, send you peace.

38. Sending a message is a hair, replying a hair is also a hair, a hair and a hair and a hair, adding up to a lot of hair, the X-year Lantern Festival is coming, I reluctantly pull a hair and wish you Happy holiday! That's you, I'm nothing if you change someone else.

39. The round moon shines on the round dining table. The round dining table is placed in a round bowl. The round bowl is filled with round Yuanxiao. The round Yuanxiao is round and round. A round dream, a round dream will soon come true. Friends, Happy Lantern Festivalhappy!

40. One yuan is revived, and Vientiane is renewed; every year is good, every year is safe; wealth is prosperous, wealth is auspicious; !

41. When the Lantern Festival arrives, I will send you a bowl of Lantern Festival, and may a sweet life accompany you throughout your life; I will send you a wishing lamp, and may your wishes come true and your career will be smooth; Prosperous.

42. The bright moonlight is hazy and beautiful; the lanterns are swaying and romantic; all the glutinous rice balls are round and round; Enjoy the moon, watch the lanterns, eat glutinous rice balls, send blessings, I miss you during the Lantern Festival, I miss you through WeChat, happy Lantern Festival!

43. I wish you a happy Lantern Festival family reunion, brothers and sisters reunion, romantic lovers, dancing, full of movement, smiling faces in the morning and evening, and happy expressions to stage a splendid festival! Happy Lantern Festival.

44. Cooking dumplings in a round pot, Yuanyuan celebrates reunion emotionally, and the lanterns hang up for family fun. May you remember every sweetness. The sweetness is wrapped in glutinous rice, and happiness always stays in your heart. Happy Lantern Festival!

45. On the fifteenth festival, the Lantern Festival is celebrated, the full moon is shining brightly, the moon is smiling at you, and the wine is full of lunar eclipses for the Lantern Festival. You are so happy, your friends are reunited, you are in a good mood, you are happy to watch the moon during the festival, and you are happy and happy!

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