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A selection of 62 blessings for winning mahjong

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1. I wish you a good reputation in China.

2. The snow a year ago has passed, and the long-lost sun has frequently favored the common people since the first day of the new year. In the sound of firecrackers one after another, the Spring Festival holiday in 2010 is coming to an end, but what has not ended is the surging happiness in my heart. Looking at the sun-drenched earth, I see happiness shining with every sunbeam. Turning around, I started writing happily and smiling happily.

3. I wish you good acting and be on camera every day.

4. Because of your praise, you can convey friendship to your friends, and because of your praise, you can experience warmth to your lover.

5. You may not have a bunch of cherry lips and two rows of bay teeth, but your conversation should also be elegant and refined and witty.

6. You are the only direction in my life, and it has been doomed from the moment I met you. I love you forever! Happy birthday to dad!

7. You are like a top-grade West Lake Longjing. The slight bitterness is your maturity. The more you taste, the more flavorful you are.

8. Mr. Zhong, I really admire him, and he is full of knowledge! This is really a mystery!

9. This speech is both a good lesson and a witty and interesting speech, giving us officers and soldiers a very profound lesson.

8. impression.

10. In your big and bright eyes, I can always capture your tranquility, your enthusiasm, your intelligence, and your sensitivity.

11. Wisdom women are gold, temperamental women are diamonds, smart women are treasures, and lovely women are famous paintings. According to my research, you are the biggest treasure in the world, filled with gold and diamond paintings!

12. Only the lotus can match your holiness, and only the moon can match your ice.

13. You are so beautiful, as beautiful as a lyric poem.

14. Although I never say anything, you know that I always care about you. Thank you, Dad!

15. I wish you to be an official cow, and the masses will follow you.

16. You are a very dedicated man!

17. You are a responsible and responsible man!

18. You are a man Responsible person!

19. Long waterfall hair, elegant dress, standard melon seed face, smart almond eyes, that steady and dignified temperament, no matter how naughty people meet you, they will be cautious .

20, I wish you a popular cow, business is everywhere.

21. Father is your honorable title. The brilliance of love shines on you. The love you give to your children has no regrets and no regrets. No matter how hard you work, you will never be tired. Today is my father's birthday. I wish all fathers all over the world good health and happiness. Happy birthday!

22. Your academic performance has improved very quickly. I hope you can make persistent efforts and create brilliant future!

23. Yu Xin, Zizishan, Nanyang Xinyeren.

24. Air conditioner blowing, mahjong playing, full of energy, only counting money, busy fingers, strong mahjong, when encountering a good card, the heart is flying, all in all, dark four return, collect the money and hurry to the end, hands trembling, The bad cards go away, the purse is searched and the heart is worried, the artificial lake, the scenery is beautiful, the beauties are liked by everyone, the classmates are close, and the little wine makes people happy and pitiful.

25. Father, I will understand every care you give me in the world you have given me, and when I am full of emotion, I will express my most sincere birthday wishes to you! Father, happy birthday!

26. Those eyes were elegant and demure, and their eyes looked back to the waves, like a pretty girl in the south of the Yangtze River; but there was a trace of stubborn ripples, and the charm of a daughter from the north.

27. Flowers are beautiful and picturesque. With your father's love, you have always been beautiful and young. I wish you a happy birthday, and of course, thank you father!

28. All things go well and good luck is near, and wealth is prosperous.

29. The sun shines brightly, and the father's love is beautiful; the stars are bright, the father's love is infinite;The father loves to accompany you; on your birthday, send wishes; I wish the father a safe and healthy life!

30. Spring flowers surround you, and I wish you a smooth career in the new year; the rainbow in summer illuminates you, and I wish you a brighter future; the fruits of autumn nourish you, and I wish you the healthiest New Year; snowflakes in winter Accompany you, I wish you a new year backgammon!

31. The sun shines brightly, the father's love is shrouded; the stars shine, the father's love is perfect; the rain and the storm, the father's love surging; the mountains are high and the road is far, the father's love is always accompanied; the father Happy birthday, sincere wishes; may my father be safe, happy and healthy!

32. She is also a beautiful woman. The deepest impression of this girl is that there is an amazing beauty between her eyebrows that surpasses her age. The faint willow eyebrows are clearly and carefully groomed, and the long eyelashes Flickering and flickering like two small brushes, it was so bright that it made people feel dazzling. A pair of big eyes that were so beautiful that they palpitated, and they were unusually agile and energetic.

33. Blessings are cool, and the mood will be refreshed; greetings dispel sorrow, trouble leaves gradually turn yellow; family affection is appreciated, sweet and warm, caring and engraving in your heart, please cherish happiness; I wish my dear father a happy birthday , The smile is always flying, and happiness is clenched in the palm of your hand!

34. I wish you to be a bull in the stock market, making money is not enough.

35. It is said that a man is iron or steel, but as long as he becomes a father, he has a gentle heart.

36. With a father's love in life, the sky is so blue; with a father's love in life, life is so warm; with a father's love in work, the drive is like that Enough; happy birthday, father!

37. Once your strong and powerful back has gradually become vicissitudes and rickety, but in my heart, it is always tall and always planted in my heart.

38. I wish you a business cow and a giant next year.

39. You may not have dimples looming, but your smile must be the moon closed and the flowers shy, the fish sinking and wild goose falling.

40. The God of Wealth touches your head, and fortune will always follow you; the God of Wealth touches your hand, and you have big fortunes and small fortunes; the God of Wealth makes friends with you, and you can’t make a fortune if you don’t want to.

41. Playing mahjong well depends on the poems. You need to win money when you play cards. Thanks to the gunners. Don't be nervous about losing money. Don't magnify, keep the extra money to spend, if you can't hear the three points and win, it's okay to lose the fart. If you have a good card, you should touch it yourself. Don't tremble your fingers. , Forwarding will win money, every day for the New Year.

42. I wish you a great skill and a first-class mileage.

43. I will always remember the back of growing up with me, using your years for my worry-free happiness!

44. Dear father, may you be happier every day for the rest of your life!

45. Playing mahjong well means you have a brain; playing mahjong well means you are attentive; playing mahjong well means you understand the economy; playing mahjong all night means you have a lot of energy.

46. I wish you an intellectual cow, wise and resourceful.

47. Heaven and earth are spirited, playing cards to win non-stop, playing cards to win money and disk to win money, whatever cards you want.

48. In the new year, I wish you: the rivers and lakes in one industry, the success of nine continents, tens of thousands of friends all over the world, the fortune is green, the career is red, the trouble is whiteboard, the east, west, north and south travel Good luck, spring, autumn and winter are all happy, plum, chrysanthemum, bamboo orchid send health.

49. You are full of girlish innocence and youthful demeanor.

50. After meeting you, looking at other women is like insulting your eyes!

51. Your smile is the most moving, two thin The lips are smiling, the long eyes are smiling, and the two dimples on the cheeks are also smiling.

52. Saying “Dad” means you protect the happiness of the whole family; Saying “Dad” means that you tolerate your children’s willfulness; Saying “Dad” means you work hard for your family all your life. Happy birthday, father. On your birthday today, I said to Dad: You have worked hard! May my father always be healthy!

53. Clear and bright pupils, curved eyebrows, long eyelashes trembling slightly, pale and flawless skin revealing a touch of pink, and thin lips as delicate as rose petals.

54. When we send away the old year, we also send away the gloom of the year, and when we welcome the new year, we also usher in new hope. My dear, happy Spring Festival!

55. The south, south, north and west belong to you, and the fortune in red favors you. The beauty of the flowers on the top will ruin you, and the joy of Haidilao Yue will turn you over.

56. Father's love is like a warm springThe wind is soft but not flamboyant; father and son are like the summer light rain, giving you and me a little bit of coolness; father's love is like autumn maple leaves, full of red fire; father's love is like the warm sun in winter, warm and shining. Happy birthday to my father!

57. With a grateful heart, I wish my father a happy birthday!

58. It's another good start to the year, and it's a happy time. Once again, I sincerely wish you: Happy New Year!

59. Words are poor, and care is Sincere; the characters are monotonous, and the blessings are diverse; on the occasion of Dad's birthday, I send my most sincere wishes: I wish you a happy birthday and good health!

60. In the flow of people, I found you at a glance.

61. The father is the one who is sick, insists, smiles, does not cause trouble for the children, and does not want the children to worry.

62. Although there is not much money, I am in a good mood; if I win a few pieces, I am happy; if I lose a few dozen, it is worthless; if it exceeds a hundred, I don’t know what to do; if I lose a few thousand, I am in a miserable mood. ; tens of thousands, there will be great difficulties; lose millions, and it will be over immediately.

63. Birthday is like a song, the beautiful melody means the continuation of your life, and the sweet singing voice expresses my heartfelt blessing. Dear Dad, I wish you: Happy Birthday! Feel comfortable! Healthy body!

64, drumming, laughter, lucky stars, lion dances, and blessings to report quickly. In the new year, I hope you have a lot of wealth, a good career, a good body, a prosperous family, everything is smooth, and the year of the sheep is a bull!

65. I wish you a popular cow, and fans are everywhere.

66. Hao wrist wins snow, black hair is like clouds, her eyes are watery, glamorous like silk, a pair of ecstasy eyes, just one glance, she is completely addicted to it.

67. Wishing you an auspicious new year, a bright future, auspicious stars, prosperous fortune, a happy family, prosperity, prosperity like the East China Sea, longevity of Nanshan, happiness, prosperous official fortune, and beautiful dreams. !

68. This student is gifted and intelligent, quick in writing and writing, and there is no limit to the future.

69. I don't know how to express your strongest and deepest impression in my heart, your plump and tall figure and fair skin.

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