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Excerpts of four-character blessings for the Spring Festival

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Excerpts from the four-character greetings of the Spring Festival

The National Anqing Life Year's Harvest Golden Rooster Reports Xiao Ziyan to the Spring

Smelling chickens, dancing, horses, fighting for spring, spring, and the country's marches and dragons

Spring brings blessings and harmony to auspicious spring breezes and sunny days

Spring breeze and fragrant four seasons, spring full of Chinese auspicious clouds and sun


Auspicious fighting in the sky, auspicious light, full of joy and joy, plum blossoms and spring letters

Bamboo reports good news, plum fragrance, magpie rhyme, willow green, spring breeze and healthy years

A prosperous year, Hua Honghu wins ambition, peaches and plums fight The spring is beautiful and the wind is peaceful

When the age is old and the beginning of the renewal, it is a new day, Sanyang, Kaitai, and all things rejuvenate.

Tiankaihuayu thousands of auspicious gatherings, hundreds of blessings, parallel people, and longevity

The world is in the spring, the Taiwan pepper flower presents the eucalyptus, the wine floats, the spring and the national wind rises

The people's spirit is as strong as the mountains, such as Fu, Dade, Great New Year, peace, and peace

Happiness is boundless and the dragon is entwined. There are spring, Tang, Yu, Yusheng, Tiandi, Changchun, and Tianbao everywhere.

The ancient land, the spirit, the wind, the willow, the snow, the snow, the plum, the north window, and the plum blossom

East Courtyard Liu Shuqing Shu Liu eyes warm spit flowers lips wild clouds return to Xiu

Spring is clear and blank, plum spit, yellow chrysanthemum, proud frost, congratulations on the New Year

Happy Chinese New Year, happiness, longevity, health and peace

Congratulations on making a fortune, prosperous, prosperous, golden and jade full of joy

Everything is good, good luck, three sheep, three sheep, and Thailand's wealth and prosperity

Wishful fortune comes to the door

Fortune star congratulates the Chinese New Year with auspiciousness and blessings to enjoy the New Year

The joyful scenery is better than the old age sequence update and the rationality

Blessed to enjoy the new year of the new year Detian Fu, Chinese people, and hundreds of families are blessed

Six contracts, spring, everything goes well, four o'clock, peace and peace

Greatly create selfless, four o'clock, auspicious, eight festivals, well-being, prosperity and prosperity

People congratulate the Chinese New Year, flowers bloom, wealth, bamboo, peace, prosperity, and blessings

Prepare to Jiaxiang River City, flowers, willows, Haiyue, Yanxia, ​​and blessings

Writing in the spring, looking forward to the stars, like writing in the spring, creating a family Blessing

Hold the world view, the peach, the plum and the willow, the spring and the night rain

The rhyme is resistant to the spring breeze and welcomes the spring to welcome the Fugan country and the country's national sovereignty

The people's spirit is high. Nine weathers, thousands of hairpins, ying and world zeal

Gong Ye, home voice, Ding, new innovation, old Yuli, Hengtongchun, the beginning of the year

Mei Zhan, the oiran, the plum blossoms, five lucky bamboos, three more red plums, and the good news

Rui Xue welcomes the spring and the spring calls me to change the age of the world.

The world is full of spring, one yuan, all phenomena are renewed, and the days are increased. The scenery is better than the old

The year-old renews the Tianxiang Ziyan and the spring breeze combs the willows

The magpies climb the plums, the spring weathers the rain, the top ambitions, and the policies return to the heart

Spring returns to the plums and willows, the mountains and rivers spring The world is full of flowers and flowers spread to Kyushu

People in Chuntai have a good atmosphere, spring breeze and spring willow leaves

Plum blossoms, warm spring breeze, sky high, broad life and long life

Tiankai Shujing people happy harvest year cattle plough green fields tigers roar green mountains

Boundless spring is blessed and people are happy at four o’clock and the harvest is full of crops

Four o’clock good luck, everything will be happy

Longxing Huaxia Yanwu New Year is safe and sound, auspicious and happy.

Hundreds of flowers offer auspiciousness and hundreds of flowers are in full bloom. Beautiful scenery

Characters are picturesque, rivers and mountains are picturesque, the sun and the moon are spring, the rivers and mountains are eternal

The motherland, Changchun, the red plum presents the year, the magpies sing the spring flowers, the four seasons

The full moon is full of flowers Welcome to the Spring FestivalTaking steps to welcome the spring, empty talk, wrong country, hard work, and prosperity

The country's glory is rising, the people's spirit is rising, the country is prosperous, the people are well-being

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