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A complete collection of four-character blessings for the year of the rooster

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Chinese characters are extensive and profound, and there are many auspicious words. In the new year, we will send blessings to friends around us. So, how many four-character auspicious words for the year of the rooster do you know? The editor has compiled a collection of four-character auspicious words for the year of the rooster here, for your reference!

1. Kyushu Cathay Pacific, Liuhe Spring Festival

2. Ode to pepper flowers, cypress wine welcomes Spring

3. The scenery is better than the old, the years Update

4. Plum fragrance and magpie rhyme, willow green spring breeze

5. Hundred families are blessed with six contracts in spring

6. Together to run to the four modernizations, enjoy a hundred flowers together

7. Dragon flying and phoenix dancing, full moon in spring

8. Qunfang fighting for glory, all industries contend for glory

9. Chicken crowing at dawn, swallow dancing in spring

10. Talking about the prosperous world, people meet the Chinese New Year

11. A bang, the spring returns to thousands of miles

12. > 13. Spring returns to the earth, and the country is prosperous

14. Spring is the beginning of the year, and plum occupies the oiran

15. People are blessed with five blessings, and flowers are full of three springs

16. The people's livelihood is fortunate, and the country's fortune is boundless

17. The sheep welcomes good fortune, and the year is Yongkang

18. Thousands of peaks and moonlight, five lakes and springs

19. Longyin Guorui, Hu Xiaonianfeng

20. The rhyme is resistant to the spring breeze, and the Qingyi night rain

21. i> 22. The military and the people are loyal, and the rain is deep

23. Specialized in art, skilled in diligence

24. Fragrant seasons, spring is full of Kyushu

25. The sky is open for writing, and people are happy in the spring

26. The wind is clear and the sun is bright, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant

27. The seven stars are shining, and the wealth is coming from all directions

28 , blessing with the spring, rich companions and diligence

29. At the beginning of the new year, happiness and longevity will come

30. Six animals are prosperous, and two Qi Yonghe

31. Firecrackers Qi Ming, One Yuan Renewed

32. Green willows spit, poplars flying flowers

33. The door and heart are all water, and everything is the same as spring

34. Spring is like light The sea, the prosperous age is like a flower

35, the prosperous age of the year, the year of the Zhaohuanian

36. Tiger roaring, the end of the wax, and the return of spring

38. Sanyang Qitai, four modernizations to rejuvenate the country

39. Everything is successful, and the family is happy,

40. People's longevity, the sky turns the sun and

41. Ding new and old, Yuli prosperous

42. Look up to see happiness, step forward to welcome the spring

43. Fight The stars guide the way, the rising sun and spring

44. Make great efforts to manage the old and make new ones.

45. p> 47. The spring breeze brings blessings, and joy comes to the door p> 48. Jiangshan is not old, Shenzhou Yongchun

49. The starry atmosphere is like writing in the spring

50. Sanyang Kaitai, the four seasons are safe

51. There are elephants in Taiping and they are selfless

52. People are diligent in spring, and the people are prosperous and the country is strong

53. Smooth sailing, two dragons take off

54. Spring is near the house, happy plum shoots

55. All the best, the four seasons are safe

56. Sheng spring Iterative, Vientiane update.

57, Kyushu Cathay Pacific, Liuhe Chunxin

58, Huazhen Shangli, Blessing and Peace

59, Tianya Moonlight, Fangcao Chunhui

57. p> 60. The face is full of spring, and the door is full of auspiciousness

61. The four seasons are the handle, and everything is spring

62. The five stars are shining, and the world is jubilant

63, the spring is dazzling, the national step is long soaring

64, the four seasons are auspicious, the eight festivals are well-being

65, the age is renewed, and the time is new

66. The tree bears the rain and the dew, and the flower shines in the spring

67. The door welcomes Baifu, and the household receives a thousand auspiciousness

68. The spring returns to the earth, and the sun warms the country

69. Running to the Four Modernizations with One Heart

70. White Snow Melting Wa, Red Plum Writing Poems

71. People Achieve Five Blessings, Flowers Full of Three Springs

72. Yangchun calls me, graceful and pleasant

73. The weather is good, the country is prosperous and harmonious

74. Happy new year, the spirit of dragon and horse

75. Hu Yue Xiongguan , Rabbit in Spring

76. Those who are prosperous, have descendants of the dragon.

77. The red plum is a little bit, and the spring is full.

78. Spring has new ideas, View of no old scenery

79. Welcoming the plum solstice in winter, accompanied by swallows in spring

80. Lucky stars are shining brightly, and everything is prosperous

81. Niu ploughing the green fields, Tiger Roaring Green Mountains

82, red plums, green bamboos evoking spring

83, beautiful mountains and rivers, years of renewal

84, red mansions rising sun, green willows Fangchun

85. People travel into the sun, heaven and Changchun

86. The world is upright, the sun and the moon are shining

87. i> 88, One Yuan Renewal, Vientiane Update

89, Tian Kai Hua Yu, People in Spring Terrace

90, Nine Nine Concentric, Perfect

91, The east wind is thawed, the spring is full of sunshine

92, the sun is blooming and the spring apricot, the wind is sending the plums

93, the eight directions are beautiful, the one room is bright

94, one country, two systems, Together in the same boat

95, Lanfang spring, Guifu autumn wind

96, Tiankai Changle, people to Hengchun

97, the wind and the sun are beautiful, Birds and flowers

08. A family is auspicious, and the spring is bright

99. The golden rooster announces the dawn, and the purple swallow calls the spring

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