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congratulations on the birth of a boy 4 words congratulations on the birth of a son

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Congratulations on the birth of a boy with 4 words, blessings on the birth of a son with four words

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For Chinese people, giving birth to a baby is undoubtedly a great event, so if there are relatives or friends around who have a baby, everyone will bless them. But many people are not very clear about the blessings of having a child. So let's take a look at the four-character congratulations on the birth of a boy, and what are the four-character congratulations on the birth of a son?

Four-character idiom blessings on having a baby

Congratulations to the baby boy: Lantian Deyu, who has successors; God bestows Shi Lin, and Demen is prosperous.

I wish the baby girl: Hibiscus out of water, pure and clean; if you start with a thousand gold, the pearl will be prosperous; the jade swallow will be auspicious;

Blessings suitable for both men and women: smart and healthy, grow strong; safe and healthy, happy and happy; youth is better than blue; peace and health, happiness follow.

Birthplace Wishes Phrase

The fragrance of flowers floats, and the moon is like water. Celebrating the joy of Tiantian!

I wish your children smart, healthy and strong growth!

I wish the little baby a healthy growth, happiness, and a worry-free life.

I wish your little princess (little prince) a healthy, happy and thriving under your loving care!

Congratulations: Happy daughter (Takako), I wish the whole family a safe, happy, healthy and happy!

Congratulations to XX for getting a daughter, I wish the family of three happiness forever!

It's so comforting to hear Jiao Er (Takako), congratulations to you both and your lucky little ones!

Another little angel has come to the world, congratulations on adding a joy to the world!

Heartfelt congratulations on the birth of a newborn baby, and my sincerest wishes! I wish the new baby to bring you endless happiness!

A vow, holding hands; a true love, a sweet crystallization; a happiness, an angel descends; a laughter, a happy house.

Long Sentence Wishes for Having a Baby

Happiness is rice vinegar in Shanxi, chili in Sichuan, kimchi in Korea, and hamburger in America. Happiness is still the cry your baby gives you, the smile you give him, congratulations on having this taste of happiness!

The child is your hope, and the baby is your sustenance. When you are happy with your precious son (daughter), I would like to send the most sincere blessings. May your child grow up strong, healthy and happy!

I am delighted to hear that Brother X is happy to have a daughter (a precious son), so I came here to send my best wishes; I wish the child a healthy and safe life, a happy and worry-free life for the child; I wish your family a happy life, and I wish happiness always accompany you.

Congratulations on the birth of your son, from now on you will enjoy the joy of your family and the fruits of happiness; I wish you forever young and beautiful; I wish your little one a happy and healthy growth and become the backbone of the country.

The old moon will help you, and Guanyin will send you children. You are the goddess of luck, happy like a flower! Congratulations on your son (daughter), I wish mother and son (daughter) peace and a sweet life!

Congratulations to the baby, in the sweat and joy of mom and dad. I have completed the first meaningful full moon journey. May the baby walk out of every wonderful day in the future with courage and intelligence!

It is said that Wen Xing is reincarnated today, and you happen to be happy with your son. Did it really come into your house? This kid must be all right, grand plans. Why don't you laugh, don't be stunned, let's prepare the wine and food, we're coming to Hershey!

I am happy to welcome a baby. It is the most honorable thing to be a father. I am not used to eating or drinking.Godson has a way to spread the word, special treats on special days, send a text message to send wishes, and wish the baby to be talented and beautiful and have a good career!

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