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Global Two Outsiders welcome the festive season! The Chinese New Year "Cloud Condolences" activity for overseas teachers and students is in full swing _ Students

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During the online activity, the teachers sent their sincere wishes for the Chinese New Year to the overseas students, and actively paid attention to the physical and mental health of the students, and learned about the epidemic situation in Hungary, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia and other places where the students are located, as well as the current student life and study. In the face of difficulties, students are reminded to do their own safety protection work, and classified policies are used to remind graduating students to always pay attention to the dynamic information related to graduation, and make preparations for employment and graduation.

Asia Academy: " New Year's Eve"

On January 31, Asia College held an online Chinese New Year condolence activity for overseas students. Chen Bingbing, deputy dean of Asia College, and Gao Litao, counselor of Asia College, attended the condolence meeting and sent cordial instructions to students currently overseas, which made the students abroad feel a different kind of warmth. At the symposium, the students reported their achievements abroad, recent arrangements and new year plans to the college.

Japanese Language Institute: "Bulky" New Look

January At 17:00 on the 28th, the faculty and staff of the Japanese Language Institute connected students studying in Japan to hold an online New Year condolence meeting. Wang Wenjing, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Japanese Language Institute, Yang Ling, Dean, Ye Lingchun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Li Chenghao, Deputy Dean, Lin Zhao, and counselors Sun Zhaolei and Wang Xu attended.

At the condolence meeting, in addition to condolences to the students during the Chinese New Year and understanding of the students' life and study conditions, there was also a New Year's idiom solitaire game. Starting with "bullishness", it means a new year and a new atmosphere, and encourages everyone to be aggressive and prosperous in the coming year. Participants Wu Yuxiang and Li Ang mentioned that the domestic anti-epidemic propaganda and anti-epidemic efforts cannot be achieved by other countries, which is the pride of our country.

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European Academy: "Cow Luck" to comfort homesickness

European Academy Chinese New Year The condolence activity not only purchases cultural and creative products with Erwai characteristics for each overseas student, but also conducts an online condolence meeting according to the major and the area where the students are located, so as to comfort the students in their homesickness.

At 19:00 on January 27th, Han Yueshuang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, Shen Dahong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Fang Youzhong, Deputy Dean of the School, He Aijiang, Deputy Dean of the School, Liu Xuehui, Deputy Dean of the School, Zhao Jingjian, Director of the Portuguese Department, and related majors Counselors Zhang Cuijie, Yang Xiaotong, Liu Yang, Fu Juwen, and Lian Dongfang and Portuguese Class 18 class teacher Yang Aoran were in Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, Bulgaria, France, Portugal and Germany. Chinese New Year condolences. German majors specially recorded a thank you video for this condolence meeting.

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Advanced Translation Institute: "Golden Bull Welcomes Spring" Campus Tour

January 28 At 8:00 on Sunday, the Advanced Translation Institute held an online condolence meeting for the 2021 Chinese New Year overseas students through the Tencent conference platform to send sincere New Year wishes to the overseas students who are in a foreign country at the moment. The activity was presided over by Huang Libai, the counselor of Gao Fan Academy, and Cai Jian, the executive dean of Gao Fan Academy, participated as a teacher representative. Hu Gang, a PhD student at Binghamton University, was invited to attend.

Mr. Cai led the students on a "cloud" tour of the Second Foreign Language School online. When the students saw the playground where they had participated in the sports meeting and the flag-raising ceremony, the BISU building where they lived for a year, and the cafeteria that made them "fascinated", they couldn't help laughing. At the same time, the students displayed their own window decorations, couplets and other Spring Festival decorations in front of the camera.I ordered dumplings to welcome the Chinese New Year.

Faculty of Tourism Science: "Cow to auspicious" send blessings

On January 30, the College of Tourism Science held an online Chinese New Year condolence symposium for overseas students. Teacher Wang Lin, head of the foreign training program at the University of South Carolina, Teacher Gu Lina, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Tourism Science, Teacher Gao Lingyun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and travel counselors Yan Xuefei and Wei Tianda participated in the symposium to send gifts to students currently overseas. The cordial New Year's greetings, let the students feel a different kind of warmth in this special winter. At the end of the event, teachers and students sent New Year wishes to each other. Everyone wrote down their blessings on the paper: "Happy Chinese New Year, peace and joy, safety first, all wishes come true, the Year of the Ox is auspicious..." Expressing the teachers and students' New Year wishes to each other, passing on the teacher The love and warmth of life.





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Business School: "Niu Yun Heng Tong" will help each other

On the morning of January 29, the business school The college held a Chinese New Year "cloud condolences" activity for overseas students. Ni Hongzhi, Secretary of the General Party Branch of the Business School, all students studying abroad and some parents participated in the condolences. The event was hosted by Liu Chenyang, counselor of the Business School.

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the business school has been paying close attention to the situation of business school students studying overseas, setting up special work classes, formulating work plans, and holding five online communication meetings to solve the problems faced by overseas students. "Xiaoluan" sent Acacia and sent anti-epidemic materials to overseas students.

School of Economics: “ The School of Economics has sent supplies to overseas students, and the school also exchanged with foreign trainees who are studying at Glenbia College in Chicago on the Chinese Lunar New Year's Day. Video connection to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

In the early days of the global epidemic, the college quickly started the work of sending urgently needed materials for epidemic prevention to students studying in the United States, kept abreast of the epidemic situation and student dynamics, communicated with exchange schools about students' study plans and arrangements in the United States, and asked Students take personal protection and cheer for students who are overseas.

Students in foreign countries were also very moved by the school's long-term care and support, and expressed that they would stick to their original patriotism and cherish learning opportunities. Students studying abroad specially filmed a video to wish the school and teachers to express their New Year wishes to the school, their families, teachers and students!

Political Party Diplomacy College: "Golden Years" Warmth

On January 29, 2021, the Political Party Diplomacy College launched the "Cloud Condolences" activity. Xing Xinyu, the vice president of the college, and Huo Liyuan, the counselor, made a video call with Man Yuhan, a student studying in Poland. Express New Year's wishes to students and convey condolences from the school. At the same time, understand the students' study life overseas, remind and encourage students to pay attention to their physical and mental health, take epidemic prevention measures, actively complete their studies, and make good use of the time spent studying abroad. On the day of "Cloud Condolences", Man Yuhan was teaching his Polish roommate how to make dumplings to welcome the Chinese New Year.

School of Culture and Communication: "Beautiful" to the future

On January 30, the School of Culture and Communication held the 2021 Chinese New Year condolence meeting for overseas students through cloud connection. Shu Hong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Cultural Heritage, Huang Weiwei, assistant to the dean and head teacher of Chinese Class 172, Yang Xuwei, counselor, overseas students and representatives of relevant class committees attended the meeting.

Zhang Minyue, Zhang Yuchen and Zhao Xinyu, as class representatives, sent Chinese New Year wishes to overseas students and expressed their thoughts for overseas students. The three teachers provided online guidance and care in the preparation of graduation thesis, the search for learning materials, and the selection of schools for postgraduate entrance examinations. And encourage them not to relax their studies while paying attention to protection, to make good plans, to balance study and life, to actively communicate with foreign students, to expand their international vision, and to be foreigners with international vision and family and country feelings.

Connect with overseas teachers: "Golden Bull New Year" wishes

In the afternoon of January 27th, according to the unified deployment of the school party committee, the party committee organized the personnel department to connect overseas teacher representatives via video to learn about their life, work and study conditions, and send them to school. Spring Festival condolences and care.

During the video link, representatives of overseas teachers introduced the epidemic prevention and control measures, physical conditions, work and study conditions, and living materials security in their respective countries. They thanked the school for their care and concern, and said that they would definitely do a good job in personal protection. Work, abide by local laws and regulations, and actively respond to the epidemic.

Comrade Li Zhen, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and head of the Organization and Personnel Department, was entrusted by Secretary Gu Xiaoyuan and Principal Ji Jinbiao to express his greetings and concerns to overseas teachers.

The current situation of the new crown epidemic is still severe and complicated , teachers and students living overseas are the school's biggest concern. Overseas teachers should maintain a high degree of vigilance against the epidemic, strengthen personal protection, ensure life safety, always maintain an optimistic attitude, abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad, handle the relationship between overseas study, work and life, respect differences, enhance understanding, and spread well Chinese voice.

It is reported that there are currently 17 teachers in our school who are still working overseas. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the school has paid close attention to every teacher overseas and kept in close contact with them, accurately grasping each person's health status, pushing relevant information in a timely manner, and striving to provide guidance and help for their personal protection and overseas life.

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the new year is cold

Chinese New Year "Cloud Condolences"


Sending warm wishes to teachers and students in foreign countries

Listen to their feelings~

2020 is an extraordinary year. Although we are in a different place, we still feel the warmth from the school’s care all the time. I wish Erwai will continue to write Huazhang in the bullish year of 2021 and create greater glories!

——Zhang Xiaoling, a 2018 graduate student of the English School

Although he is studying at home abroad, his schedule has been very full in the past six months. I have gained a lot; although the epidemic is serious, please rest assured that the college will take protective measures. The anti-epidemic materials sent by the school are very sufficient, which has solved our top priority. I hope that I can learn something and win glory for the college!

——Liu Peilin, a Korean major in Asia College

Thank you very much for the anti-epidemic materials sent by the school, our study and life in France are very smooth , I hope to complete my studies as soon as possible and return to my motherland to meet my family, teachers and classmates smoothly.

——Ding Qian, a 2018 undergraduate French major at the European College

It is my pleasure to meet you in this special way. Living in a foreign country, I have improved all the independent abilities. I hope that I will be successful in my studies and add luster to the motherland.

——Liu Beier, College of Tourism Science

Although the winter wind is cold , the heart is especially warm

The very extraordinary Year of the Rat

Let's walk together

The coming year of the Xin Chou Ox

Let us greet you with hard work and progress

The 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, Bei Xiaonian

The 20th of the twelfth lunar month Fourth, Nan Xiaonian

The Spring Festival is kicking off

Does your hometown have a special New Year's custom?

Share it with Xiaowei in the comments section

Let's welcome the Year of the Ox together~

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