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Jimo, Shandong: the Spring Festival is approaching, the year of the ox is selling well _ Small Commodity City

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Original title: Jimo, Shandong: The Spring Festival is approaching, the Year of the Ox ornaments are selling well

On January 15, customers bought New Year ornaments in the Commodity City, Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. With the approaching of the Spring Festival, the New Year's goods market in the Commodity City of Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province is becoming more and more prosperous. The booths are full of joy, and the shops are full of New Year's accessories such as lanterns, blessing characters, golden bulls, red lanterns, Chinese knots, electronic firecrackers, couplets, pendants, etc. New Year's accessories and a wide variety of goods attract many customers. Jimo District Small Commodity City ushered in the pre-festival sales season for festive supplies.

The Year of the Ox is approaching, and the New Year is strong on the streets

With The Chinese New Year of the Ox is getting closer and closer. The shops in the Small Commodity City in Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province are full of New Year decorations such as red lanterns, Chinese knots, paper-cuts, Spring Festival couplets, etc., filled with a festive atmosphere. Although today is work day, there are also many citizens who come to choose the New Year's supplies. The reporter observed that not only traditional calligraphy Spring Festival couplets and ornaments for the Year of the Ox, but also some cultural and creative products such as LED lanterns incorporating technological elements. In terms of price, the operator told reporters that due to the impact of the epidemic in early 2020, the factory stopped work for a period of time, resulting in a decline in the number of "New Year's goods" in the Spring Festival. For example, the word "Fu", which sold for 5 yuan in previous years, was sold for 8 yuan this year. The whole city is full of "cow" full of festive atmosphere.

"Cow" jewelry is popular in advance

I visited some supermarkets and jewelry stores, and found that Jimo merchants have started early, and the front of each store is full of hangings All kinds of prosperous and festive New Year ornaments, blessing characters, couplets and lanterns are very eye-catching. At the same time, the merchants also launched unique cow accessories, such as car ornaments, plush dolls, etc. The colors are mostly festive red. These cow accessories have attracted many customers to stop and buy.

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In Jimo District Commodity City , the reporter saw the zodiac Ox ornaments appear one after another. You are the most arrogant, arrogant, five-blessed cow... There are many styles of cow plush toys, which are novel and cute. In order to add to the festive atmosphere of the New Year,

Next year is the Year of the Ox, which is also my year of birth. Picking up some ornaments for the Year of the Ox can decorate your home well. "Sun Mingxia, a customer from Weihai who is buying zodiac ox plush ornaments, told reporters that at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, she always picks up some new year ornaments to replace the old ones. . "

The "footsteps" of the new year are getting closer and closer, and the flavor of the year is gradually getting stronger, which can be seen from the scenes in the Jimo market in recent days. "Fu" stickers, zodiac ox auspicious Items, lanterns and other items are put on the shelves, and people are buying in an endless stream.

The zodiac has always been the theme of the Chinese New Year market, and this year is no exception. , are printed with cute cow appearances, some are cartoon-shaped cows holding the word "Fu" in their hands, and some are directly using the cartoon cow as the background, and the hollowed-out "Fu" word is printed on it. Lanterns are no exception, the image of cartoon cows Frequently appeared on it. The shop owners introduced that although these "Fu" stickers with a cow pattern are much more expensive than ordinary ones, they are more popular with consumers. "The bully, this 'cow' is so cute, I want it This cow doll. "Seeing the cow dolls on the shelf, a little boy grabbed the parents to buy them while reading the words "bullshit" on the dolls. When the business came to the door, the shop owner immediately opened his mouth and introduced: "This year is the Year of the Ox, look at this The cow is red, and the tail and horns are still golden. How cute, buy one. "A simple scene that brings out a strong New Year's flavor.

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