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Our Spring Festival | Shizhen China, to express one year of thanks for you! _ Brown sugar

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Rediscovering China, the New Year's taste on the tip of the tongue

New year's taste

Guanxiangtang Cultural and Creative p>

has been advocating "Rejuvenation of China Festival"

has been working hard to practice Chinese cultural confidence

has been working hard to bring Chinese festivals to life Culture

Festival spirit, folk customs, and intangible cultural heritage are integrated into our lives

We measure China with our footsteps

"Discover good things, share beauty", dig Chinese authentic Good things

Inherit Chinese folk craftsmanship, promote Chinese intangible cultural heritage

And empower it with the power of cultural creativity

For this year's annual ceremony

The Guanxiangtang cultural and creative team spans thousands of kilometers of land in the motherland

From the depths of the mountains, 4 authentic good items were collected

Each one They are all city landmark products and cultural business cards

And they all have deep roots with Dongguan, Guangdong

▲The 2021 Spring Festival Cultural and Creative Ceremony of Guanxiangtang "Treasure Map of China"

· Lingzhi - Dried Linzhi Matsutake in Tibet p>

The spirit of the snow, the king of mushrooms


The best quality matsutake mushrooms in the world are in Nyingchi, Tibet

Nyingchi has a superior ecological environment and a mild climate

Because most areas in Nyingchi are not open to tourists

The original state that is most suitable for matsutake growth is retained

So the quality of the matsutake produced is better

Not only the individual is more plump, but also the umami is stronger and the taste is better

Because of the invitation of the Linzhi Bayi Working Group of the Dongguan Aid Team

We went deep into the deep mountains, valleys and forests at an altitude of 3500 meters in Linzhi, Tibet

This beautiful blessing from "Pure Land on Earth" and

"Snowy Jiangnan" is brought to you

▲The leaders of Guanxiangtang Cultural and Creative Team and Dongguan Aid-Tibet Team Bayi Working Group brought goods for the live broadcast of Matsutake in Nyingchi

▲Matsutake has antioxidant, beauty and anti-cancer properties Anti-tumor, improve immunity and other benefits

· Shencao - Zhaotong Yiliang Gastrodia elata

Dual use of medicine and food, nourishing the body


Wild Gastrodia is as famous as Cordyceps sinensis, Panax notoginseng and ginseng

"Shen Nong's Materia Medica" records:

Gastrodia elata "long-term use to benefit vigor, lighten the body and prolong life"

Gastrodia elata is known as "sacred grass" in the folks

Zhaotong Yiliang is located in the deep mountains, and its economic development is relatively backward

Xiaocaoba Tianma is a pillar industry for local poverty alleviation and prosperity

We are honored to be invited by the East-West Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Office

We came to Yiliang County, Zhaotong, the counterpart of Dongguan to help.

We brought high-quality gastrodia elata from the depths of the mountains

Help Zhaotong Yiliang get rid of poverty

At the same time, it will also help moreMany people got the magical effect of "sacred grass" for health

▲The wild gastrodia elata picking scene in Xiaocaoba, Yiliang, Zhaotong

▲Gastrodia elata is rich in essential trace elements and amino acids that cannot be synthesized automatically. As a dietary supplement, it can enhance immunity

·Golden Cane-Qiaojia Small Bowl of Brown Sugar

Jinsha River Water, Cane Runs All Beings


Qiaojia County, Zhaotong, Yunnan

It is one of the key poverty alleviation areas for the country to win the fight against poverty

The small bowl of brown sugar is a local heritage Hundreds of years of sweet career

Qiaojia small bowl of brown sugar has many legendary names:

The royal tribute a hundred years ago, the oriental chocolate in the eyes of Europeans and Americans,

Yunnan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage, National Geographical Indication Product,

East-West Poverty Alleviation Collaborative Product...

Eat Qiaojia Small Bowl of Brown Sugar p>

You have eaten pure brown sugar!

Invited by Yunnan Qiaojia County Party Committee and County Government

We crossed the distance of 1500 kilometers

Come to this 98.9% mountain village

The climate is complex and changeable, and the folk customs are simple and simple

For you to find good things and share the beauty

▲The Guanxiangtang Cultural and Creative Team and the poverty alleviation leaders in the east and west of Dongguan broadcast live for Qiaojia Brown Sugar Bringing the goods

▲Mr. Duan Tianwan, the non-genetic inheritor of Qiaojia’s small bowl of brown sugar, made a small bowl of brown sugar span>

Produced in the core production area of ​​Qiaojia County

Handmade by Duan Tianwan, a non-genetic inheritor

Selected high-quality sugarcane by the Jinsha River

Handmade with 24 ancient processes

More nutrients that are beneficial to the human body are retained

A pure Qiaojia small bowl Brown sugar

It can season dishes and replenish physical strength

Strengthen the spleen and stomach, soothe the nerves and help sleep, relieve stress...


▲Golden Cane - Qiaojia small bowl of brown sugar, the best in brown sugar

· Tong Gan-Meijiang Xiaoqing Mandarin Pu'er Tea

Seven hundred years of treasures, with the same sweetness with you


The New Year’s Eve will inevitably have big fish and big meat

A cup of Pu’er tea with small green mandarin oranges after the meal

Self-cleaning oil to relieve greasy, promote digestion

This small green mandarin tea is selected from the core producing area of ​​tangerine peel in Xinhui

Meijiang small green mandarin mandarin, made with 8 years of Menghai ripening

Named "Tonggan", which means "to share weal and woe, to end our hardships together"

More affectionate message of "cherish the beauty of the moment"

Guanxiangtang Wenchuang personally came to the place of origin

Picking fruits with local fruit farmers

Experience the production process of small green mandarin oranges

From picking, washing fruit , digging fruit,

rinsing, drying, and then filling tea, turning over, wrapping paper, and sealing

Each process has different complicated procedures and technical requirements

Every link is very particular about temperature, humidity and time

It takes a lot of manpower, material resources and even energy to complete the production

Xiaoqing Mandarin Pu’er Tea not only tastes good

but also rich in volatile oils (limonene) ) fruit acid (citrus acid)

Flavonoids and other substances, long-term drinking is good for health,

It is an excellent tea that must be used at home during the Spring Festival

Share "tonggan" with our most cherished people, and drink And cherish it!

▲Tonggan-Meijiang Xiaoqing mandarin Pu'er tea, a seven-hundred-year-old treasure, shared with you

Every item selected by "Zhenzhen China"

It is an authentic and rare treasure

Every product is sealed in an aluminum can

Each A packaging illustration is originally hand-painted by Guanxiangtang

▲"Zhenzhen China" inner packaging display


Welcome to the God of Wealth, fortune, fortune and longevity

Three stars of fortune, fortune and longevity

The first day of the new year

The most important event is to welcome the God of Wealth

Hanging the portrait of the God of Wealth is a standard for Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival

Sending the God of Wealth to the God of Wealth during the Spring Festival is both innovative

and can make the recipient really happy

Because it means attracting wealth and good fortune, and keeping the house away from evil

Guanxiangtang's original hand-painted "Fu, Lu, and Shou three-in-one picture"

Taking the God of Wealth as the prototype, creatively combining fortune, wealth and longevity

Samsung's shape is integrated

This means good fortune, wealth and longevity

This is our way of expressing "Revival China Festival"

It is the best wishes of all Chinese people in the Chinese New Year

▲The original hand-painted "Fu, Lu, Shou and Samsung One Picture" by Guanxiangtang

▲ "Fu Lu Shou Samsung One Picture" box cover

It's not so much a fancy box lid

It's more of an art decoration

This lid was designed to be

" "Fu, Lu, Shou" stay at home, stay with you

Remove the lid and hang it directly on the wall

Your space is available immediately Good luck!

▲ "Fu, Lu, Shou, and Samsung One Picture" decoration space effect display

Ben-Red envelope

Ben-Red envelope

Walking through the 2020 "Rich Rat"

The highlight of 2021 must be the "Cash Bull"!

When the world economy faces a reshuffle, when future crises and opportunities coexist

Everyone agrees on one point of view:

Cash is king is a bump The Unbreakable Truth

▲The original "Running" theme of Guanxiangtang is the seal of the Year of the Ox

This set The "Ben" theme of Niu Nian Li is a seal

Combined with traditional idioms and current buzzwords

Catchy, elegant and popular

Cash cow - cash Be King, Seek Progress While Stable Niu Zhuan Qian Kun——The overall situation,In control Ox brilliance - life, colorful Ox year forgets troubles - worry-free, orderly Bull brilliance - self-confidence , dare to challenge Hi Pi Niu Ye - be happy, you are the most important

▲The original "Ben" theme of Guan Xian Tang is the seal of the Year of the Ox

Including fortune in the world

Including fortune in the world

The beginning of the new year

The first thing is to paste the door gods and couplets

Tear off the old couplets and paste the new couplets

It is the most ritualistic Saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new

Every red spring couplet is a festive blessing

It means the new year, good things will come one after another!

Chinese people attach great importance to the idea of ​​"unification"

Everything is about life and everything, all-inclusive

We embed special blessings from one to ten into the couplet

A couplet that covers the most commonly used blessings in the world

Let all the good things in the world interlock with you

·Shanglian One yuan is renewed, and two instruments are renewed. Sanyang Kaitai, the four seas rise to peace. Five latitudes hold longevity, and Liuhe Jingming. ·Xialian Seven stars are shining brightly, and all directions are rich. The beauty of Kyushu is perfect. The Year of the Ox is auspicious, and a hundred blessings come to the door. ·Horizontal batch Fu Lu Shou

This original couplet from "one" to "hundred"

It actually contains 6 couplets

From the universe, nature, all things to country, people

Happy new year wishes, all in it!

Combined characters strictly follow the structural characteristics of Chinese characters

The strokes of each character are borrowed, interspersed and shared from each other

Let each character become Very meaningful

and rich in beautiful meanings and enough to enjoy!

We do not design without roots

Do not design without roots

Guanxiangtang Cultural and Creative does not do rootless design

We always believe that the essence of design is "communication of culture"


We reproduce China's precious cultural heritage in the form of aesthetics

Let everyone feel the charm of culture more intuitively

Not exaggerated, not luxurious, Environmentally friendly and practical

▲The 2021 Spring Festival Cultural Creation Ceremony in Guanxiangtang "Zhenzhen China" packaging

An exclusive gift

The recipient will never forget

So what we are pursuing is not only a sense of festive rituals

but also a sense of solemnity in respectful exchanges

▲The Taikai booklet in the gift box is not only an exclusive proof, but also a carrier of festival culture

The 2021 Chinese New Year Cultural and Creative Ceremony of Guan Xiang Tang "Purpose China"

Now officially launched

On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new

I wish every Chinese who loves life:


No matter how far the world changes, no matter how far we go

We can go back to where we started

Go back to our warm home

Find your unchanging original intention and eternal destination

Have a meaningful Spring Festival!


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