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The same 100-day oath, different wonderful pictures, do you still remember you who once took oath? _ college entrance examination

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The youthful youth, who have been in cold weather for several years, have entered the third grade of high school, and their youthful faces have become a little more firm and fortitude. They were in high spirits, and under the leadership of each class teacher, they passed the "adult gate", high-fives with the teachers on both sides to celebrate, and accepted the teachers' blessings. This also indicates that they will complete the baptism of youth, break out of the cocoon and transform, and will take on more responsibilities and accept more challenges. And in front of them, the most important goal in front of them is the college entrance examination a hundred days later!

After the students lined up, the inspirational slogans of each class will be displayed. These slogans are impassioned and emotional. They are not just slogans, but also the oath, courage and determination of the students!

Deputy Director of the County Education Bureau, Secretary of the Party Committee of Bobai County Middle School, and Principal Cai Dongyun Speech

Accompanied by the solemn national anthem, the bright five-star red flag was raised slowly and fluttered in the sky above Bozhong. Cai Dongyun, Deputy Director of Bobai County Education Bureau, Secretary of the Party Committee of Bobai County Middle School, and Principal, delivered a warm speech at the conference, congratulating the students on the most iconic moment in their lives—adults, and wishing you all the best of luck I was admitted to the ideal university in my heart! Principal Cai recalled emotionally how the students studied and lived in Bozhong in the past 1,000 days and nights, and encouraged everyone to race against every second in the 100-day sprint, study reasonably and efficiently, and actively respond to the school The call of "Bacon casts the soul, the second entrepreneurship", boldly shines the sword, and charges bravely! It will definitely be able to realize the dream of June, the title of the gold list!

Teacher Representativespeaking

Speech by the student representative

Representatives of students and parents made speeches

Then the representatives of teachers, students and parents made speeches in turn. I call on the students to seize the opportunity of the 100-day sprint for the college entrance examination, prepare for the test seriously, work hard, fight for the college entrance examination, and get the title of the gold list! Afterwards, witnessed by teachers and classmates and friends, they raised their right fists, and all the students took an oath and sang the declaration of struggle for youth. Finally, the senior third grade teacher team also solemnly swore an oath under the leadership of vice principal and senior third grade director Qin Wei. The oaths of teachers and students, cut through the sky, deafened and shaken! The sonorous and powerful oath will eventually be turned into a solid and powerful action to help students realize their dreams of the college entrance examination!

The oath reverberated in the campus for a long time, and the 100-day countdown board was officially launched. President Cai Dongyun and student representatives Zhu Taolin, Xu Guozhao and Chen Jing jointly unveiled the countdown board.

A hundred days is not long, and a dream is enough. Hundred days are still short, we must fight for the day and night. At the end of the event, all the staff sang "Fly Higher" together, marking a successful conclusion to the event.

The college entrance examination swears to the grand plan, and the decisive battle in June to build the youth

——Wang Li The 2021 senior middle school students will win the college entrance examination

Every day without dancing is a disappointment to life

painstaking efforts Human beings live up to their expectations, and if there is a will, things will come true. Wang Middle School student, full of high spirits. On February 28, all the senior three teachers and students of our school welcomedThe college entrance examination swearing-in meeting. School leaders, parent representatives, and all the teachers and students of senior three gathered together to witness the important moment of the 100-day sprint for the college entrance examination.

School Activities

Live aerial photography

Worship the Confucius Statue and enter the gate of adulthood

Speech by student representative

Outstanding student representative Pang Yubo and The "comrades-in-arms" in the audience encouraged each other, and hoped that everyone would do rich fruits, not short-term flowers, and create 100% wonderful with 100 days of hard work!

Teacher representative speaks

Mr. Yi Donglin encouraged students to not only have the firm confidence and heroic feelings of "I can succeed, I will succeed", but also have "the college entrance examination is pending, The tenacious will to keep fighting", but also adhere to the pragmatic style of "conquering the fortresses one by one and wading through the rapids one by one". Mr. Yi believes that Wang Zhong

students will turn their youthful boldness and stern vows into pragmatic actions to sprint, meet, and write a new chapter in Wang Zhong's college entrance examination, so that the success of the college entrance examination will bring the most meaningful congratulations to adulthood !

Parents' representative speech

"Concentrate on every day, succeed in every subject, and strive for every point." Chen Haiyan, the representative of the parents of the students, admonished earnestly, hoping that the children will challenge every day with courage and perseverance, live up to their youth, and hope that the children will remember that in the dark trek, Your parents will always be your strong backing.

Principal Qin Gang's speech

Principal Speaking of, our teachers and students should work hard to carry forward the spirit of serving the people, innovating and developing the pioneers, and struggling with hard work, overcoming obstacles, moving forward bravely, and presenting the party's 100th anniversary with excellent results! In order to fight the battle of the college entrance examination, the principal The students put forward three requirements and hopes: First of all, be firm in the belief of winning. We must firmly believe that hard work will bring rewards, and that 100 days will be enough for us to create miracles;

Secondly, set goals and improve review efficiency. Everyone should pay attention to scientific review methods, humbly listen to the opinions of teachers in various subjects, and consolidate basic knowledge by checking for omissions; Happy learning efficiency can get higher and higher, and grades can get better and better.

The principal firmly believes that Wang Middle School students will use hard work to create a new glory in the college entrance examination, and use actions to write a new chapter in their lives!

Qin Gang, Principal of Wangli Middle School, delivering a speech

Reveal the countdown sign

The principal gives the class flags, books

Senior High School Teacher Oath


Senior oath

Song Panyin from Shanchao Education gave an inspirational speech

The title of Mr. Song Panyin's speech is "Challenge the Limit, Fight for the Dream". He used humorous language, high-spirited music, and full of enthusiasm to arouse the sprint fighting spirit of senior three students. He encouraged the majority of students to persevere and persevere in this short but long 100 days, to thank the teachers for their hard teaching, and to believe in themselves. In the thunderous applause and the slogan that broke through the sky, the senior three students adjusted their self-confidence and perseverance to the best state, and determined to let their youth bloom in the most beautiful manner in the tide of the college entrance examination


Now the dawn is ahead and victory is at hand.

Teacher Song Panyin gave an inspirational speech

Strut to success Door

The arrogant swearing-in, beating the drums of the college entrance examination sprint

——The third place in Bobai County The senior high school held the 100-day swearing-in meeting for the 2021 college entrance examination

On the morning of February 28, the No. 3 Senior High School of Bobai County held the 2021 college entrance examination 100-day swearing-in meeting on the playground, which sounded the decisive battle for the college entrance examination. assembly number. More than 2,000 people, including school principal Xu Liang, all teachers and students of the third grade, and members of the leading group for the college entrance examination, attended the conference to witness this grand event of youth and dreams.

The ceremony is full of excitement and excitement

The scene was crowded, and the entrance ceremony was unique. Hosted by two teachers, Pang Xiao and Zhong Delian, the heroic senior high school students lined up neatly to enter the venue. The students in each class held slogans high, shouted the slogan of their class with high fighting spirit, and walked through the champion gate with special meaning in turn. The couplets on both sides of the champion gate are inspiring: 12 years of hard work and hard work will reward great ambitions, and 100 days of hard study and swearing. The senior three students who walked through the champion gate have dreams and expressed their belief in winning. All the senior high school teachers wore red clothes, held up the banner "Come on baby! We are here!", and stood on both sides to cheer for each senior high school student.

The slogan focuses on the display link, and the scene is shocking. The slogans of each class are eye-catching. The slogan of the third grade (7) class is "Ten years of sharpening the sword, June is sharp. The decisive battle is a hundred days, and I will be brilliant!" The slogan of the third grade (12) class is "With my youthful spirit, Show off your blood; in the final battle for the college entrance examination in June, I am the strongest in the 12th year!” The slogan of the third grade (17) class was “I would rather endure hardships for a hundred days; leave no regrets for life: 1817, the college entrance examination will win!” The inspirational atmosphere created by the slogan inspired the senior three students.

Sincerely bless the third year students and ignite hope

Xu Liang, Principal of Bobai County No. 3 Senior High School, delivered a speech

After the admission ceremony , the majestic national anthem sounded, all stood up and saluted the national flag. Principal Xu Liang delivered an enthusiastic speech at the meeting. He encouraged the senior high school students who are sprinting for the college entrance examination to aim at their dreams, cherish the last 100 days of study time, and be confident to prepare for the college entrance examination. He expressed his sincere wishes and earnestness to the students. expectations. It is hoped that all senior high school teachers will devote themselves to teaching with a high sense of responsibility, escort the students' 100-day sprint, and jointly write a new glory for the college entrance examination in 2021. Principal Xu's sincere words resonated with teachers and students, directly hitting the hearts of students and enhancing their sense of responsibility and mission.

Then, the representative of the head teacher, Mr. Li Yanhua, and the representative of the class teacher, Ms. Feng Xia, spoke respectively. They encouraged the students to do their best and welcome the college entrance examination with high fighting spirit. Promise to make the greatest contribution in the last 100 days and accompany the students in the tough battle for the college entrance examination. The parents of student Chen Guofeng spoke, full of affectionate language, expressing the sincere care of all parents for their children. The representative of senior three students, Li Tong, spoke. She expressed the determination and confidence of senior three students to face the college entrance examination with a solemn oath, and called on the students to work hard and win the college entrance examination. Senior sophomore student Lin Yi spoke on behalf of her juniorThe voice of the school girl, send the warmest blessings to the senior three students. The students burst into warm applause and strengthened their determination to win the college entrance examination.

The scene was burning and exploding, and the oath shook the campus

The most exciting moment has come. The 100-day sprint oath begins, igniting the passion of all present. First of all, each class takes the oath separately. The oath leader of each class stands on the chair and leads the students in the class to take the oath passionately. The slogans sworn by the students were colorful, and the passionate slogans rose from waves to waves, shouting out the ambitions of the third middle school students, which made people's hearts surging. Then, Li Tong led all the senior high school students to make a collective oath. The students stood up with enthusiasm, raised their right fists, and solemnly swore an oath. The powerful oath shocked the audience and was the "strongest voice" for the students facing the college entrance examination. Finally, the senior three teachers were divided into five groups: Chinese, mathematics, English, science, and literature to take the oath, and each group leader took the oath. The language group came on stage, and the teachers made a loud oath: " hundred days, we will be united in one heart and one mind, and we will stand together with the students through thick and thin..." Screams, different oaths, expressed a common voice.

After the oath ceremony, Li Zhiwei, director of the school office, made a concluding speech. Director Li emphasized that the ten years of hard study in the cold window is for the moment of the final decisive battle. It is hoped that all the teachers of senior three will continue to carry forward the spirit of pragmatism and hard work, and care about the college entrance examination and students. And ardently send high school students to experience growth through tempering, sprint hard for 100 days, and let life start a new glory in June!

Chasing dreams, creating miracles

Standing at the starting point of the 100-day sprint, senior high school students will never retreat or be discouraged. All senior high school students sang the inspirational song "Believe in Yourself". "Believe in yourself, you will win and create miracles; believe in yourself, your dreams are in your hands, this is your world; believe in yourself, you will surpass your limits and surpass yourself..."

Singing through the sky is inspiring and motivating, bringing the swearing-in meeting to a climax.

The swearing-in meeting is the mobilization order to realize the dream of youth, let us sound the horn to sprint the college entrance examination, hand in hand, and set sail towards the university in our hearts in the golden June !

One-hundred-day sprint across the gate of success, Toad Palace wins the college entrance examination

——Bobai County Experiment The middle school held the 2021 high school 300-day swearing-in meeting

Vientiane was renewed, and hundreds of boats sailed; Ling Yun intended to slam Fang Qiu. In order to guide students to master correct and efficient review strategies and sprint for the college entrance examination with high fighting spirit and full spirit, on February 28, 2021, Bobai County Experimental Middle School held an exciting 100-day swearing-in meeting on the playground. Liao Shuang, the principal and supervisor of the third grade, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Chen Haiyan, and all the teachers and students of the senior high school attended the meeting.

"I believe I am who I am, I believe in tomorrow, I believe that youth has no horizon, I I believe in hope, and I believe in reaching out to reach the sky!" In the impassioned song "I Believe", the swearing-in ceremony kicked off.

On the way to prepare for the test, there is the principal's earnest teaching

Speech by Lin Xiaolu, Principal of Bobai County Experimental Middle School

The meeting began with the 100-day sprint mobilization speech by Principal Lin Xiaolu. He encouraged the students to go all out, ignite their passion with his own blood, and achieve a brilliant future with his unremitting struggle! And gave the students three keys to open the door to the success of the college entrance examination and write a regret-free struggle for youth: confidence, diligence, and persistence. Principal Lin instructed the students: We must be full of confidence to win, we must have the courage to fight the college entrance examination decisively, decisively show our swords, and give up the courage to others; practice repeatedly, strive for perfection, be sensitive and eager to learn, ask for advice with an open mind, and believe that God rewards hard work, if you are diligent, Destiny will reward you; stick to your goals until you succeed in the college entrance examination, and you will never change your original intentions if you fail to achieve your goals.

100-day sprint, with the warm companionship of the teacher

The teacher representative speaks

Teacher Chen Yuping, the teacher representative of the third grade, gave a warm and passionate speech, encouraging the students to meet the college entrance examination with high fighting spirit and determination to win. The teacher is always the most solid on the way for the students The backing of the students, and wish the students a dream come true, the dream of the college entrance examination.

Fight for a hundred days and live up to my youth

Speech by the student representative

"The brave who meet in a narrow path wins", "Since you choose a distance, you only care about the wind and rain Part-time” Huang Huanliu, the representative of senior three students, expressed the confidence and determination of all the students. She said that all senior high school students are absolutely ambitious, confident, and motivated. They will definitely use a clear college entrance examination goal, a practical review plan, and an all-out learning attitude to face the college entrance examination and win the college entrance examination!

Passionate, sworn oath

Passionate and passionate, solemn oath. During the oath-taking session, the shouts of fighting spirit resounded throughout the stage. We solemnly swear with a diligent and dedicated attitude and the confidence to pursue excellence. The students clink glasses with Thunder in the name of youth and compete with the sun and the moon, fully demonstrating their confidence and determination!

All teachers of Senior Three solemnly swear:

Science preparation, diligent study!

Delicate and skillful, enthusiastic coaching!

Let's work together for a hundred days!

Be a strong backing for students!

Escort for the college entrance examination!

Add some sparkle to the real world!

I firmly believe that the 2021 college entrance examination will win! The college entrance examination must win! The college entrance examination must win!

All the senior three students collectively swear:

Ten years of sharpening swords, facing the college entrance examination!

Burn the passion and seize the opportunity!

It's a tough battle, every second counts!

Do your best to win!

Hundreds of refining into steel, competing in the examination room!

Sprint for a hundred days, I will succeed!

If you struggle for a hundred days, you will win the college entrance examination!

If you work hard for a hundred days, you will win!

Crossing the door of success and winning the college entrance examination

"The 100 days are coming, the trumpet of sprint has been sounded, struggle, students, let these 100 days Let's be enriched, let's use our sweat, wisdom, fighting spirit, and enthusiasm to play this sprint music, and go to the door of success!" The host gave an order, and the students confidently crossed the door of success with vigorous steps.

A hundred days is a hundred days of sprinting, a hundred days of making a brilliant life sky. Students should cherish one hundred days, let the dream of flying spread their wings in June; strive for one hundred days, let the wisdom of youth shine in June; work hard for one hundred days, parents and teachers will imagine expectations in June!

Twelve Years of Sharpening the Sword, June Test of Edge

- Longtan Middle School held 2021The 100-day swearing-in meeting for the 2021 college entrance examination sprint

On the evening of February 25, Longtan Middle School held the 2021 100-day sprinting swearing-in meeting for the 2021 college entrance examination. and parent representatives participated in the event. The conference was presided over by the vice president of the school, Xuan Xiaobo.

Cheng Yongqiang, Secretary of the Party Branch and Principal of Longtan Middle Schoolspeaking

The conference kicked off with the majestic and solemn national anthem. Cheng Yongqiang, secretary of the school's party branch and principal, gave a passionate mobilization speech for the exam. He asked the students to have the confidence to overcome difficulties, and encouraged them to establish their own goals and phased goals for the college entrance examination. With the will to pull, with the courage to overcome difficulties, improve yourself in the continuous climb, and achieve your dreams! Principal Cheng also instructed the students on mastering scientific review methods, diligent study and skillful training, and improving efficiency, so as to concentrate and go all out. , down-to-earth, study diligently, and use hard sweat and selfless spirit to win the college entrance examination!

The leaders in charge, grade teachers, representatives of class teachers and teachers are also in charge. They made speeches at the conference. They encouraged the senior three students to face each exam with a calm and confident attitude, and expressed that they had fully prepared for the students and were willing to work together with everyone for 100 days to send warm blessings to the students. , looking forward to them riding the wind and waves and returning with glory! Representatives of students from Class 1803 and Class 1806 spoke in turn. They expressed that they would strengthen their confidence, walk hand in hand, and write brilliantly. They would live up to the school's heavy trust, the high expectations of their teachers, and the hopes of their parents. They will strive for the last hundred days. Blooms beautifully in June.

In the end, Principal Cheng Yongqiang led all senior high school teachers and students to take the oath passionately, which inspired people and pushed the conference to a climax.

This swearing-in meeting has greatly boosted the morale of all the teachers and students of Longtan Middle School. Create brilliant!

Source l Bobai County Middle School, Wangli Middle School, Bobai County No. 3 Middle School, Experimental Middle School, Longtan Middle School

(Correspondents: Qin Hai, Luo Weiguang, Pang Cuilian, Pang Dongmei, Deng Haili, Chen Lian, Deng Pimeng, Lin Yisen, Lin Xing)

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