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"Happy Chinese New Year, Folk Customs Are Hilarious" - Invitation Letter for the Opening Ceremony and Parent-child Orientation _ Kindergarten

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Sincere Invitation

Dear Parents:

Hello everyone!

New Year is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. It is the beginning of a new year. As an ancient civilization with a long history, rich traditional festivals are an indispensable part of Chinese culture. Our Shangao Kindergarten has always focused on the penetration of traditional Chinese culture into children. Therefore, Shangao Kindergarten has tailor-made the "Happy Chinese New Year, Folk Customs Hidden Sky" parent-child garden party activity for children!

Shangao Kindergarten solemnly invites you to participate in the "Happy Chinese New Year Folklore" parent-child garden party, and bring your children to learn more about traditional culture!

Time and place of the park


February 21, 2021 at 9 am: 00-11:30

●Event Location:

Mountain High Kindergarten Outdoor Field, Classroom span>


Newborns and Parents & Friends

Reminder: p>

(1) The parent meeting of the new students, the head teacher of each class will be notified separately.

(2) During the epidemic prevention and control period, park-wide focus activities are prohibited. The "Folk Customs" garden tour will be held after school starts (parents do not need to participate, children can participate)!


“New Year’s Day, Garden Party "It is a traditional custom of our Chinese nation. On this day, I can guarantee that as long as you come and participate, you will absolutely ensure that you have fun and have fun. Eat a bunch of sweet, sour, and cold Beijing-style candied haws, taste various special snacks, write the word "Fu", when blessings come, retrieve childhood memories, take a look at the folk skills passed down by our ancestors, appreciate the babies and teachers 's wonderful performance, can't wait to participate in our high school kindergartenThe "Pure Taste" parent-child garden party prepared by your heart?

1. Performance:

1. Opening dance: " Dragon and Lion Dance"

2. Magic show "Torch Rose" "Magic Bartender"

3. Lantern dance "The Lantern Festival"

4. The magic show "Purse on Fire" "The Great Change of Life"

5. English Puppet Show

6. Magic Show "Telepathy", "Empty Bags and Couplets"

2. Folk Food Street

In our Folk Food Street In the street, there are various delicacies waiting for you here Bingtang haws, cotton candy, colorful dumplings, lucky dumplings, cut window grilles, delicious sushi, Hainan noodles, fruit fish, etc.




3. A Street of Folk Games

Let children better experience folk customs, let's experience the rich atmosphere of folk games together! !

Pot Throwing Game

Blindfolded gongs


Hens lay eggs


Wish Tree, Riddles

There are more exciting projects waiting for you!


In order to ensure the smooth progress of the event, please cooperate with the following tasks:

1. Please prepare the health code in advance;

2. Children and parents should wear masks when entering the kindergarten and cooperate with taking body temperature;

3. Each child in the activity needs to be accompanied by a parent. Please adjust your working hours in advance, give your child a good breakfast at home, and attend on time. If there are any parents who cannot participate in the activity due to special circumstances, please inform the class teacher in advance; Please abide by the activity requirements, cooperate with the kindergarten to do a good job of civilized etiquette and safety education for children, do not make loud noises, do not litter, and do not spit. Please set an example for your children and be a civilized participant;

5. During the activity, parents should manage and take care of their children,Pay attention to the safety of children;

6. Parents are requested to abide by the site order, keep the site clean, and set a good example for children.

Your active participation in activities is the happiest thing for children and the greatest support for teachers' work. Thank you for your support and cooperation with our work, and we look forward to seeing you!

Celebrate Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year

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