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Anhui Sanjia Micro-Auction "The 71st Issue" ends on September 18th at 21:00 pm _ Coloring

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2. Sun Wenduo Changbai Spring Victory

Color on paper Film1998

RMB: 10,000

Sun Wenduo, male, Han nationality, was born in Bin County, Shandong Province (now Binzhou City, Shandong Province), and was born in Dehui County, Jilin Province in December 1935. Member of China Artists Association, director of China International Painting and Calligraphy Art Research Association, consultant of Jilin Province Artists Association, painter of Jilin Province Painting Academy, national first-class artist.

3. Dawei Xiangqiu pheasant

Color on paper Vertical scroll Made in 1987

134×61cm, about 7.4 square feet

RMB: 7,000

4. Huang Yonghou Ying

Ink on paper Vertical Axis1979

RMB: 32,000

Huang Yonghou Tujia, from Phoenix, Hunan. In 1954, he entered the Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1956. In 1960, he taught at the Department of Architecture of Hefei University of Technology. In 1984, he was appointed as a painter at Anhui Calligraphy and Painting Academy. Member of China Artists Association. Good at Chinese painting. His works include "Nine Fanggao", "Jianjiang", "Taoyuan" and so on.

5. Wang Tao Character

53×44cm Approx.2.1 square ruler

RMB: 14,000 strong>

6. Zhang Jianzhong Bamboo Forest strong>

Color on paper Vertical scroll1986

68 ×44 cm about 2.7 ruler

RMB: 2,300

7. Zhang Jianzhong Huangshan Yunsong

Ink on paper Vertical scroll1992

82 ×50 cm about 3.7 ruler

RMB: 7,000

8. Zhang Jianzhong Lotus

45 ×35 cm about 1.4 ruler

9.Zhang Jianzhong Bamboo

Color on paper Film

45 ×35 cm about 1.4 flat ruler

RMB: 600

10. Zhang Jianzhong's Calligraphy Couplets

Ink on paper Film

105×23 cm×2 about 2.1 Ruler (per piece)

11. Zhao Planning Landscape

Design Colored paper Film2013

RMB: 3,800

Zhao Planning, born in 1956 with the name Xiaofu, was named Tianshuitang, and claimed to be the owner of the ink servant nest. from Huaibei City, Anhui Province. Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Anhui Provincial Academy of Arts. He is currently a member of China Artists Association, director of Anhui Artists Association, specially-appointed painter of Anhui Painting Academy, vice chairman of Huaibei Federation of Literary and Art Circles, chairman of Huaibei Artists Association,Editor-in-chief of Huaibei Artists. His works were selected for the 9th and 10th National Fine Arts Exhibition, Anhui Contemporary Chinese Artists Excellent Exhibition, National Invitational Exhibition of Young and Middle-aged Artists, the 15th National New Artists and New Works Exhibition, China Artists Association Member Award Nomination Exhibition, commemorative " "Speech" 60th Anniversary National Art Exhibition, New Century Works Exhibition of Anhui and Zhejiang Painting Academy, 2nd National Painting Academy Biennale, 2nd Chinese Art Triennial, etc.

12. Zhang Yu's red tree drunk in autumn

Ink on paper Vertical scroll 2017 Yearly Works

136×68cm, about 8.3 square feet

RMB: 7,000

Zhang Yu's character Wenran, No. Bagongshan, is from Shouxian County, Anhui Province. Member of China Artists Association, member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, national first-class artist, vice president of Anhui Provincial Academy of Calligraphy and Painting. Art and calligraphy works have been selected for more than 20 important exhibitions organized by the China Artists Association and the China Calligraphy Association, and have won gold, bronze and excellence awards for many times. His works have been published in national and provincial newspapers and periodicals or professional publishing houses for collection and publication, and there are special topics to introduce his art. 2003 National Chinese Painting Exhibition Gold Award Winner. Published "Zhang Yu's Ink Painting Collection".

13. Tong Nai Shou Pine Stone

Colored paper Film

69×35cm about 2.1 ruler

Anhui Senior University Collection

Tong Naishu, born in 1941, member of China Artists Association, national first-class artist, honorary president and art consultant of China Shenzhou Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, full-time painter of Hefei City Painting and Calligraphy Academy , and has long served as the vice chairman of the Hefei Artists Association.

14. Li Youlai's Calligraphy

68×68cm about 4.2 ruler

Li Youlai was born in 1969 in Chaohu City and County, Anhui Province. Now he is a director of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, a member of the Professional Committee of Running Calligraphy (judging member of the first National Running Calligraphy Exhibition), the vice chairman of the Beijing Calligraphers Association and the director of the Creation Committee, a full-time calligraphy and painting creator in the Literature and Art Creation Office of the Political Department of the Beijing Military Region, and a member of the 9th All-China Youth Federation. , in 2002 by the Chinese Calligraphers Association as "virtue and art double Xin member".

15. Wu Xue Calligraphy

Paper Film2012

RMB: 1,000 strong>

Wu Xue Famous calligrapher Wu Xue, from Mengcheng, Bozhou City, Anhui Province, Chinese Calligraphers Association Director and member of the Creation Committee of the Chinese Calligraphy Association. He served as the vice chairman of the Anhui Calligraphy Association, the vice chairman of the Anhui Provincial Calligraphy and Painting Association, and the vice chairman of the Anhui Youth Calligraphy Association. He is currently serving as the deputy mayor of the People's Government of Chuzhou City, Anhui Province.

16. Wu Xue Calligraphy

On paperFilm2002

RMB: 800

17. Zhou Bin’s calligraphy span>

Ink on paper Film1996

179×97cm Approx.15.6 Square ruler

RMB: 2,200

Zhou Bin, famous calligrapher, painter and poet, born in 1942, Wuwei, Anhui . In the year of his aspirations, he studied calligraphy, landscape and poetry under the teacher of contemporary grass sage Mr. Lin Sanzhi, and later studied freehand flower and bird painting with Mr. Xiao Longshi, a master of traditional Chinese painting. His works integrate poetry, calligraphy and painting, with a vigorous and handsome style. He is an outstanding painter of contemporary literati painting. His works have been exhibited at home and abroad for many times, published in newspapers and periodicals, and have been well received.

18. Zhou Binchun

66×45cm Approx.2.7 ruler

19. Xu Yunrui's Calligraphy Couplets

Paper Film1984 Year

138×23cm×2 Approx.2.8 Ruler (per piece)

Xu Yunrui, 1987 Graduated from Capital Normal University, majoring in calligraphy, under the tutelage of Ouyang Zhongshi. His works were selected for the second, third, fourth and sixth national calligraphy exhibitions, and were included in dozens of monographs and dictionaries such as "China's New Literature and Art Series" and "Selected Collections of International Book Fairs", and won the second place in the Australian International Calligraphy Competition (1980). ), the first prize of the National Lanting Calligraphy Competition (1984), etc. Invited to visit Japan and South Korea to hold calligraphy and painting exhibitions and academic exchanges. Now he is an in-service calligrapher and first-class artist of Anhui Calligraphy and Painting Institute, vice chairman of Anhui Calligraphers Association, and a member of Chinese Calligraphers Association.

20. Yan Zizhao Calligraphy

136×31cm Approx. 3.8 sqft

RMB: 300

Yan Zizhao (1924—2009) Famous calligrapher, from Xiaoxian County, Anhui Province. He was a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, a member of the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Collectors Association, a consultant to the Suzhou City Calligraphy Association, and the president of the Xiaoxian Elderly Calligraphy and Painting Research Association. His works have successively held solo exhibitions in Beijing, Hefei, Tai'an, Bengbu and other places, and have won praise and collections from all walks of life. And compiled and published "Yan Zi"Selected Zhao Calligraphy", "Yan Zizhao Calligraphy Art" and other books. Personal biographies have been included in the Dictionary of Chinese Ancient and Modern Calligraphers and the Dictionary of International Modern Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Carvers.

21. Luo Yaodong characters

set Colored paper Film

34×137cm about 4.2square

RMB: 1,800

Luo Yaodong, pen name Hongren, was born in Si County, Anhui Province in November 1964. Member of China Artists Association, vice president of Anhui Gongbi Painting Association, professor of the School of Art and Media of Anhui University, director of the Department of Art Design. In 1994, "Summer" was selected for the 8th National Art Exhibition, and in 1999, "Shocking Autumn" was selected for the 9th National Art Exhibition. Art works exhibition and won the silver award of the Provincial Art Exhibition, 2001 "Wetland" won the 2001 National Chinese Painting Exhibition Excellence Award, 2001 "Bitter Cauliflower Blossom" was selected for the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China National Art Exhibition and won the provincial art exhibition special award, 2004 "Cushion Spring" "Selected in the 10th National Art Exhibition and won the Silver Award of the Provincial Art Exhibition, 2005 "Anhui Cultural Celebrities of the Past Dynasties" (cooperation) won the 16th International Art Congress · Art Exhibition Gold Award, 2008 "Life and Death" (cooperation) In 2008, he was awarded the first ten outstanding young artists in Anhui Province. In 2008, "Puti Zi" (cooperation) won the bronze medal of the 7th National Fine Brushwork Exhibition. In 2009, "Winter Solstice" Selected in the 2009 National Chinese Painting Exhibition.

22. Lv Shimin looking forward to a happy return

Ink on paper Film

RMB: 1,000

Lv Shimin from Yongqiao, Suzhou,

span>Born in 1938 in a family of seven generations of Xinglin. He is good at traditional Chinese medicine, but has a special liking for comics. He has been engaged in comic creation for 50 years and has published more than 6,000 works. Some of his works are collected by Zhongnanhai of the State Council, the Ministry of Culture of China, art galleries and museums. He has published seven volumes including "Lu Shimin's Comics Collection", "Comic Motto", "There Are Words in the Painting" and "Love Song", and three comics and poker. He has won 39 awards at the provincial level and above, and dozens of ink and wash comics have been exhibited abroad. , his works have been collected by galleries in Japan, the United States, and South Korea.

23. Yin Xiaoya Ziyan Picture

Color on paper Vertical scroll2000

87×48cm, about 3.7 square feet

Yin Xiaoya, character Xiao Zicao, born in Hefei in 1949, first-class artist, member of Anhui Artists Association, China Construction Culture and Art Member of the association, executive director of the Anhui Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute of the World Chinese Federation (General Association).

24. Zhang Yongsheng Flowers

Zhang Yongsheng Born in Hefei, Anhui in 1967, he is mainly engaged in the creation of oil paintings and watercolors, and is a freelance painter. Anhui Watercolor Art Committeemember.

The oil painting "Old Town" was selected for the New Century. The First Anhui Art Works Exhibition

The watercolor painting "On the Bottle" The second and sixth of "Color" were selected for the Anhui Seventh Art Festival Art Exhibition, Excellence Award

The third watercolor painting "Color on the Bottle" was selected for the second "Li Jianchen Award" Watercolour Biennale, Bronze Award, Nanjing

Oil painting "Fire Wall" was selected for the Jinjing Exhibition of Fine Arts Works of Anhui Zhongshan Academy of Painting

The watercolor painting "Color on the Bottle" was selected for the 2006 Anhui Watercolor and Pastel Painting Exhibition, and the Gold Award

The oil painting "State Sign Language" was selected for the China Art Exhibition Today Beijing

25. Yan Yu Xinghua

91×47m about 3.8 flat Feet

RMB: 2,000

Yan Language(1921.8-2016.6. 14) Formerly known as Yan Chengheng, Hui nationality, from Bozhou, Anhui. Good at Chinese painting. .Yan Yu, who was born in a scholarly family in Bozhou, has read poetry and books since childhood and is very intelligent. In 1942, at the age of 21, he bid farewell to his parents and rushed to Chongqing after traveling through mountains and rivers. He was admitted to the National Art College, the highest institution for training art professionals in my country at that time, and studied Chinese painting.

26. Wang Tao's calligraphy

35×92cm Approx.2.9 ruler

27.Liu Tinglong's Calligraphy

Paper Vertical Scroll1996 Works

92×36cm, about 3 square feet

RMB: 1,800

Liu Tinglongzhai Sangantang. Born on February 15, 1962, a native of Hami, Xinjiang, his ancestral home is Huaiyuan, Anhui, and he was born in Hami, Xinjiang. Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Anhui Normal University. Now he is the president of Anhui Calligraphy and Painting Institute, member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, vice chairman of Anhui Youth Calligraphy Association, and executive director of Anhui Calligraphers Association. Calligraphy works have participated in many national exhibitions and won awards. His works were selected as "Complete Works of Chinese Modern Art, Calligraphy Volume".

28. Zheng Ruoquan Landscape

46×34cm About 1.4square feet

RMB: 700

Zheng Ruoquan was born in Huzhou, Zhejiang in 1927. He was admitted to Shanghai Art College in 1946 and transferred to the East China Branch of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou in 1949. . He studied under Huang Binhong, Pan Tianshou and Lai Chusheng. After graduating in 1951, he successively served as art editor and chief editor of "Anhui Daily", and painter of Anhui Provincial Political Consultative Conference Calligraphy and Painting Society. Now he is a member of China Artists Association, consultant of Shenzhou Painting and Calligraphy Academy of People's Daily,Vice-chairman of China Huangshan Painting Association.

29. Ge Junsheng Flowers and Birds

Ink on paper Lenses

30. Gong Yilan Yumei Linfeng

Color on paper Frame1985 year work

32×32cm about 1 square ruler

RMB: 700

Gong Yilan (1931.10-) Hefei, Anhui Province. Since childhood, he has loved art, music and drama. He is good at figures, craftsmen, flowers and birds, and good landscapes. His works are elegant and poetic. Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Anhui Normal University in 1951, the Fine Arts Studio of the Cultural Bureau is engaged in the collection and arrangement of fine arts creation and folk art. Later, he entered the Chinese Painting Department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1958, under the tutelage of Pan Tianshou and Zheng Zhenzhu. gentlemen. He has served as art editor, deputy team leader and chief editor of "Anhui Daily". Most of his works have been published in "Chinese Painting", "Art", "Illustrated Magazine", "Anhui Pictorial", etc., or have been compiled into painting collections, or published as a single piece, or collected by museums and memorial halls. His "Mountains and Springs" were collected by Kim Il-sung. Now he is a member of China Artists Association, director of Anhui Artists Association, executive director of Huangshan Painting Association, vice president of Baihuayiyuan Calligraphy and Painting Institute, vice president of Anhui Calligraphy and Painting Correspondence Institute, honorary president of Zhongyuan Calligraphy and Painting Research Association, and Anhui Senior Calligraphy and Painting Association Council Honorary Director.

31. Li Chunran's waterfall view

Paper Cards2018 Works

69×45cm Approx.2.8flat

Chunran Li Born in span>1959, from Hefei, Anhui. Member of Anhui Artists Association.

Studied in the landscape major of China Academy of Art and the postgraduate class of Chinese Painting Institute of China National Academy of Art. Now living in Beijing, he is a professional painter.

Mr. Li Chunran, as one of the outstanding representatives of contemporary landscape painting, has a profound understanding and presentation of the art of landscape painting, condenses the charm of landscape in the end of the pen, and succeeds with his own brush He depicts the mystery of nature, and shows his unique art form and painting style incisively and vividly in his paintings.

32. Zhou Juejun's Spring and Autumn Picture

Ink and colour on paper film1985 year work

82×51cm, about 3.7 ruler

Zhou Juejun was born in Ningxiang County, Hunan Province in 1927. Member of China Artists Association, Yuan Hua Executive Director of East Artists Association, national first-class artist. He entered the National Art College in 1946 and graduated from the East China Branch of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1951. He has successively served as the creative team leader of the Anhui Provincial Art Studio and the painter of the Anhui Provincial Art Research Institute.In 1953, he served as the head of the creative team of Anhui Provincial Art Studio, in 1954, he served as the executive director of the East China Artists Association, and in 1980, he served as a member of the 2nd National Youth Art Exhibition Award Committee. In 1983, his work "Tree City" participated in the National Art Exhibition of China Democratic League and was published for "People's Daily". In 1991 and 1996, he was invited to Japan twice to hold art exhibitions and give lectures.

33. Yang Guoxin Loves Bamboo Picture

Ink and colour on paper Film2008 Annual Work

69×69cm about 4.2 flat Ruler

34. Wang Jinquan's calligraphy

178×46cm about 7.3 square feet span>

RMB: 1000

Wang Jinquan was born in 1962 in Anhui Taihe, also known as Hu Jie, Wang Zhenxi, Zhai No. Pingchou Shanfang, Yilian Thatched Cottage. Now he is a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association and the president of Renji Academy. Under the tutelage of Mr. Guo Lianbo (Bo Yu). His works are mainly in line and script, and he also learns regular script and seal script. After 30 years of study, the book has not yet been finalized. Works participated in the first national newcomer and new works exhibition, the fourth, fifth, sixth, and eighth exhibitions of young and middle-aged calligraphy and seal carving artists (among which the fifth session won the excellence award, the eighth session won the second prize), the sixth calligraphy and seal cutting exhibition, the national The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th couplets calligraphy exhibition (one and four won the first prize, three won the silver award), the first national official calligraphy exhibition, the first national calligraphy art festival - the national hundred boutique exhibition, the first national exhibition Fan Calligraphy Exhibition, the 1st and 2nd National Cursive Calligraphy Exhibition (2 of which won the Gold Award), the 1st Chinese Calligraphy Flan Pavilion Award Works Exhibition, the 1999 Chinese Calligraphy Annual Exhibition, the 1st and 2nd Popular Calligraphy Exhibition, the 8th National Exhibition Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Exhibition "National Award".

35. Tao Tianyue Calligraphy Couplets

Paper Film

136×23cm×2 Approx.2.8 ruler ( each)

36. Zhang Han’s calligraphy Couplets

Paper Film

136×23cm×2 Approx.2.8 Square ruler (per piece)

RMB: 800

37. Zhang Han's calligraphy


Paper Film

99×53cm Approx. 4.7 Square ruler

RMB: 600

38. Zhang Liangxun's calligraphy

on paper vertical scroll

69×46cm about 2.8 square ruler

39. Two Calligraphy by Wang Yazhou

Paper Film

70×20cm×2 Approx.1.2 ruler ( each)

RMB: 700

Wang Yazhou was born in 1965, the courtesy name is Zhenyi, the number is Yazhou, and he is the owner of Zhuyin Pavilion. Member of the Creation Committee of the Chinese Calligraphy Association, director of the Anhui Calligraphers Association, deputy director of the Seal Carving Committee and member of the Creation Committee, vice chairman of the Anhui Youth Calligraphy Association, honorary chairman of the "Chinese Calligraphy and Painter Network", editor-in-chief of the "Chinese Seal Carver" website, "Youth" Special editorial board member of "Calligraphy Newspaper", special calligrapher of Jiangsu Academy of Traditional Chinese Painting. He is also the executive director of the Anhui Provincial Ethnic Wind Music Committee.


40. Liu Zishan's calligraphy

Paper Film2014

133×35cm Approx.4.2 ruler

41. Chen Jianguo Calligraphy Couplets

138×35cm×2 Approx.4.3 Flat ruler (per piece)

Chen Jianguo Anhui Ningguo, native of Zhejiang , pen name Chen Xi, graduate student, director of Anhui Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics, member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, president of Anhui Youth Painting and Calligraphy Institute, vice chairman of Anhui Provincial Calligraphy and Painting Association, and specially-appointed calligrapher of Anhui Provincial Calligraphy and Painting Institute. He is currently the director of the Anhui Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics.

42. Pei Jiatong Calligraphy

Color on paper Film

20×37cm Approx.0.6 ruler

RMB: 200

43. Yang Ming is bullish

tinting paper This film 2014

40 × 33cm about 1.1Ruler

RMB: 300

Yang Ming Qinghai Province, member of China Artists Association, national first-class artist. He has successively served as vice president of Xining Painting Academy, chairman of Xining Artists Association, and vice chairman of Qinghai Artists Association. Qinghai provincial and national intangible cultural heritage evaluation expert, member of the Art Committee of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Collectors Association, and artistic director of the Chinese Academy of Artists and Artists. Consultant of China Professional Painters Association. Won"97. Top 100 Chinese Painting Artists", "Outstanding People's Artist", "China Intellectual Property Cultural Ambassador" and other honorary titles. Representative works include "Rite of the Plateau Festival" and "Rite of Heyuan".

44. Liu Dezhang's glamorous picture

Color on paper Film Made in 2014

48 × 45cm about 2 ruler

Liu Dezhang (1942.8—) Alias ​​Mi Ding, a native of Kaifeng, Henan. Good at comics, Chinese painting. Graduated from the Journalism Department of Zhengzhou University. In 1980, he was transferred to Henan People's Publishing House as an art editor. He has served as the art editor of Henan People's Publishing House, director of the art editorial office and art editor of Haiyan Publishing House. President of Henan Comic Research Association. Now he is the director of China Artists Association and Henan Artists Association. His works "One Paper Worth a Thousand Gold" and "Disobedience to the Eastern People" won the National News Cartoon Award, "My Day" won the second place in the CCTV Animation Competition, and his works have participated in many national art exhibitions. He has published more than ten works including "Liu Dezhang's Painting Collection", "Unfortunate Uncle" and "Emperor A Long". "The Magical South Pole" won the 6th China Book Award.

45. Gao Yuqi Orchid Bamboo

RMB: 800

Gao Yuqi1954 Born in 2000, contemporary freehand painter of flowers and birds, pen name Ziqing, native of Linqu, Shandong, member teacher of Shandong Branch of Chinese Artists Association, senior painting of Yellow River painting and calligraphy.

46. Zhao Huai Yuhe

94 × 34 cm about2. 9 Ruler

Zhao Huaiyu's name was Casting Ding, his name was Mengmeizhai, and his name was Zhihuangshan Weng. A native of Xin'an Town, Laian County. You Cheng was a family student. After dropping out of junior high school, he insisted on self-study for a long time and visited famous teachers. He was enlightened by the calligraphy and painting masters Zhang Shuyan and Liu Zigu. In the early years, he specialized in flower and bird painting, and later he also studied landscape painting. He has served as art editor, deputy section chief, dean of the Painting Academy, director of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association, member of the Anhui Artists Association, member of the five-member evaluation team of Anhui Chinese painting, senior painter and visiting professor of Shandong University School of Calligraphy and Painting, Beijing He is a researcher of the Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, a member of the Chinese Painting Art Committee, and the president of the Jianghuai Academy of Chinese Painting.

47. Zu Ai Min Ma

Color on paper Film

94 × 34 cm about2. 9 Ruler

Zu Aimin In recent years, he has been under the pseudonym Xiaohan Xingshi, born in May 1951, and studied under Mr. Kong Xiaoyu, Ouyang Nansun and Liu Huimin. He is currently the vice president of Suzhou Painting Academy, honorary president of Xiaoxian Painting and Calligraphy Academy, a member of China Arts and Crafts Association, and a member of China-Japan Art Exchange Association.

48. Signature Albums

42 span> × 18 cm× 13

RMB: 2 00

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