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Poems for the Spring Festival in the Year of the Ox

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Maybe [the rhyme of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Ox] is just in line with your mood at this time, and we have compiled 49 related beautiful sayings for you. …] This is the most classic, let’s enjoy it together!

1. Happy New Year! I want to give you a 100% pure love toffee: ingredients = sincerity + longing + happiness, validity = lifetime, nutrition = warmth + happiness + touching.

2. Hold a volume of books and watch the ups and downs of life; smell the fragrance of flowers and feel the beauty of life; make a pot of tea and enjoy a moment of leisure; send a text message and send a blessing. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your family He He Meimei a Happy New Year!

3. After another year of beating chickens and eggs, there is still no money in my pocket. I hope that the Chinese New Year will bring good luck and make a fortune in the Year of the Ox.

4. May beauty accompany you for a walk, health accompany you to dine, happiness accompanies you to rest, happiness accompanies you to chat, peace accompanies you to work, and happiness accompanies you to relax. May my blessings accompany you to welcome the new year, and I wish you a happy new year!

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5. Send you a deep affection, wish you good luck.

6. Unforgettable will make you feel safe in the future. Carrying a pot with a guest and getting drunk, geese flying in autumn and shadowing the cold river.

7. Reunion and family reunion during the Chinese New Year, and wishing you a safe year ahead. The God of Wealth arrives to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, and firecrackers rang out in unison.

8. Thin and small, leaving home and getting old and fat, the local accent has been changed to piles of meat. Passing by, my sister seemed to know each other and asked my uncle who am I with a smile.

9. When the new year comes, I will use the good work stamp, the truth as a postmark, and the happiness as an envelope, write health, fill in happiness, add good luck, note peace, attach auspiciousness, and then put it Put it in the sweet mailbox and wish you a happy Chinese New Year.

10. Don't move! Rob, Rob, Rob! Those who know me stand on the left, those who do not know me stand on the right! People who want to laugh stand in the middle, and there are people staring at their phones! right! just you! Put down your phone and hold your head in your hands! Listen: Happy New Years to me!

11. The year of the ox is in a good mood, and there are no worries every day; raise your head to embrace happiness, bow your head to embrace beauty; a happy heart, a warm family; happiness is around, healthy and future; friends, I wish you good wishes from afar You: Happy Spring Festival!

12. Go closer to your dream little by little, don't hold on to the extravagant hope of luck, water it with steadfastness, and prove with hard work that you can! Goodbye 2020, hello 2021.

13. In the year of the Ox, you should raise your eyebrows, work hard, be proud of yourself, your pockets are bulging, your body is fit and domineering, your troubles are eliminated, you are smart and harmonious, and you are happy and happy everywhere. I wish you a good day. luck.

14. The red lights shine on the curtains, and the stars are everywhere. The curling waves, clouds and tea are flowing with blue rhythm, and the fragrant ink is swiped with clear words. Helan didn't realize the brightness of Yin Yin, and Feng Rin took pity on Jin Sechi. Mo Tan, the blue silk is often dyed white, and the orchid and the chrysanthemum are pale and fragrant.

15. The Year of the Ox is a song, and the singing is full of joy; the Year of the Ox is a painting, and the picture is full of splendor; the Year of the Ox is a dream, and all dreams are happiness; A ship, the ship is full of sunshine. The Year of the Ox is here, may you be happy and happy, and a happy Spring Festival!

16. When the New Year comes, good luck is in the picture, keep the troubles aside, love nourishes without worry, and the banknotes keep running home; go out to meet the noble, listen to the good news at home, there is this time every year, Every year has the present, I wish you a better year!

17. I wish you happiness in body, spirit, career, and love.

18. Let us spread the bells of the Spring Festival in all directions, and let us spread friendship and praise to the world. Friends, I will always bless you!

19. New Year's Eve, the countdown to the Spring Festival, the happy elements are accumulating, the joyful army marches in a hurry, I can't wait to set off with the New Year's sunshine, I will give you a year's blessing in advance, I wish you a prosperous New Year of the Ox.

20. Three times to trouble the world, and the two dynasties opened up the hearts of old ministers.

21. When the New Year is approaching, I remind you, don’t give gifts when you visit the door, and greet the elders, and the elders will alsoThe face is full of joy, the relatives and friends are happy, healthy, happy and healthy, the children are the most excited, it doesn’t matter if you send a red envelope, go out and meet good neighbors, get along in harmony and ask for auspiciousness. Happy Chinese New Year!

22. The Spring Festival is approaching. I carry a sack full of happiness, a basket full of wealth, and a carriage full of good fortune. I walk towards you step by step with a healthy pace. , and put happiness in your hands before the Year of the Ox comes.

23. One family is harmonious and harmonious, one year is happy, one is happy for one's life, one is peaceful and safe, every day is a hundred times more energetic, every month is full of joy, and every year is rich in wealth. happy New Year!

24. Chitose wishes the eyebrows and birthdays, and the blessings are boundless.

25, 2021 is coming, let the happy bullets fly for a while, kill all your troubles and bad luck, bring a lot of happiness and happiness, and pass on my sincere wishes and wishes: good health, All the best in the year of the Ox in 2021!

26. My favorite lake is not enough to the east, and the white sand embankment in the green Yangyin.

27. The sound of firecrackers removes the old year, and Ruixue Hongmei welcomes the new year. The beauty of the good day is not the night, and the talented and beautiful couples to the Spring Festival couplets. Auspiciousness enters the courtyard with the wind, and people from thousands of miles are reunited. Blessings for the Year of the Ox express thoughts, health and wealth forever.

28. One-year-old newcomer is one-year-old, and some families rejoice and some cry. Few people live in luxury mansions, and most of them live in three shabby dwellings. Who doesn't like gold and jade, peace and happiness will always be with me. This heart only wishes that there will be no disasters, and happiness will go hand in hand.

29. The four seasons of the year are led by spring, and the zodiac rat is the first. I sincerely wish you good health and good luck in 2020, family peace and joy, and even good things, happy events, beautiful events, and happy things are not finished!

30. The spring breeze knocks on the door of the new year, the spring rain nourishes the ambition of the new year, the spring thunder awakens the ambition of the new year, and the spring flowers decorate the warmth of the new year. I wish you a prosperous new year and a lot of money!

31、Although the years are ruthless, happy and happy family circle. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are cold, year after year.

32, hold the flag with all hands, dare to bear Taiyue for the employees; concentrically realize the dream, bravely open a new road and strong special ability.

33. Time is whistling, 2021 is coming, we sincerely wish you a happy new year!

34. It's about to pass, come on, look back on the year, downplay the gains and losses, underestimate the success or failure, and forget the joys and sorrows. Facing the new year, let go of the burden, rekindle hope, activate motivation, and create brilliance again!

35. Reunion and a happy new year, happy to welcome the new year, safe and healthy, happy and good luck, smooth and prosperous, all things are going well, happiness and auspiciousness are coming, happiness is too big New Year, Spring Festival comfortably, I wish your family all the best in the Year of the Ox, peace and happiness!

36. The New Year's Year of the Ox is good, and the New Year's sleep is fragrant. The New Year's body is great, and the New Year's wealth is flourishing.

37. Fu Zhao Qiankun beat gongs and drums, full of auspiciousness overflowing the sky. Everyone is happy and congratulations, and the color flags are fluttering in the wind.

38. During the Spring Festival, when visiting relatives and walking around, seeing relatives and friends would not let them go, drinking a thousand cups and leaning against the wall to go, it is suspected that the wall has left and no one has left.

39. Blessing is not just a firecracker, and it will be over; blessing is not a period of time, it is over; blessing is not a promise, and it will fade after a long time. Blessing is a sentence condensed from countless concerns: Happy New Year!

40. Some things are not insisted until they see hope, but only when they persist.

41. Flowers bloom and fall for another year, looking at the new year with a smile. Young children look forward to the slow time of spring, and old people sigh that spring adds new years.

42. The mountains and rivers of the motherland are like picturesque scrolls, and there are thousands of poems in thousands of miles. Poetry and painting help the New Year's happiness, and the family's joy is endless.

43. The lights flicker and the singing sings, and thousands of households sing happily. Mom and Dad were busy with joy, and brought dumplings and fruit plates. Parents don't need money from their children, they just want to go home and have a look. Children know the heart of the elderly and stay with them all night. I wish you a happy New Year's Eve, and filial piety to accompany the Chinese New Year.

44. A gentleman for ten thousand years, fortune and wealth are appropriate.

45. When the Spring Festival arrives, I will give you unlimited surprises: I will give you luck first, so that everything goes smoothly; I will give you good luck and health, so that your home will be happy; house; finally send you joy again and again, let you be full of happiness.

46, 2021 I wish you all get rid of poverty! Take it off! send!

47. May you hold peace, health, happiness, happiness, warmth, sweetness, wealth, good luck, and enter the new year. every day!

48. This text message is infected with the New Year's virus, suffering from the happiness flu, and has been patched with a happy patch. There are safe substitutes and auspicious clones in it. Once it arrives on your mobile phone, you will be happy.The system will crash, please be careful!

49, smile in the morning, life is full of emotions, smile at ordinary times, happy and lively, smile when troubled, forget everything, smile happily, how wonderful the day is. Smile when you see the text message, and happiness will surround you from now on! Happy Spring Festival.

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