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When the taste of the new year is getting stronger, Shanxi Nongxin will take you to see the fireworks of Laoxi'er New Year _ Huozhou

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During Chinese New Year and festivals, Huozhou people will enrich the shape of buns and give them meanings. Huozhou Huamo, the local people call it "Lamb's Moo", the ancient "sheep" is "Xiang" and has the meaning of "auspicious". When I visited, it was on the eve of the Spring Festival. Compared with other places, Huozhou Nian Mo is the most famous.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, "Nian Mo reward new and old customers" has become

Huozhou Rural Commercial Bank's traditional event of a good start, the box of New Year's buns in the business hall exudes a strong New Year flavor, attracting the attention of customers. A box of New Year buns is auspicious and festive, but what is harvested is the recognition of the work of Huozhou Rural Commercial Bank by the majority of customers. By carrying out the "Nian Mo Rewards" activity, the bank's marketing deposits reached 290 million yuan, and the number of IC card-bound accounts reached 16,009. (Han Li)

"Mind" as soon as you drink it

The New Year's flavor is there

Xiyang The people's original flavor snack "brain" has a sweet taste and is paired with salty dumplings. In the past, "brain dumplings" were eaten on the morning of the first day of the new year, and later extended to all festive festivals. When visiting relatives, friends and VIPs, they are also treated with "brain dumplings" to show the grandeur.

Xiyang Rural Commercial Bank Adhering to the service concept of "Love is like the past, inclusiveness is like Yang", the company has been in harmony with the people of Xiyang since its establishment 70 years ago. The employees visited the homes of the common people, and the warm and hospitable common people treated each other with "brain dumplings".

Xiyang "brain" originated from Mr. Fu Shan, a patriotic celebrity who was very respected by Xiyang people. It was replaced with the common and common "Bazhen", which was carefully formulated into a new "Bazhen Soup", also named "Mind".

Xiyang's "brain" is accompanied by dumplings, mostly sweets, and has a history of 300 years. After the brain is ready, you can start cooking the dumplings. Put the boiled dumplings into a bowl, pour "brain", and pour a little white wine inside. It tastes really sweet, warm, and refreshing. Dumplings are salty, sweet-headed, and the combination of sweet and salty has a unique flavor.

The hydrangea hangs up

The New Year's flavor is strong

"The needle should be neatly placed and the cotton should be compacted..."

"Look how good she does this, I love it!"


On the eve of the Spring Festival, the employees of Xiangfen Rural Commercial Bank came to the quaint courtyard--Ding Village Base, Taiping Hydrangea New Town, Xiangfen County , While carrying out the Spring Festival customer condolences, learn to make hydrangea with old artists, learn how to make hydrangea, and understand hydrangea culture at the same time.

"Taiping Hydrangea Production Technique", mostly cotton, spices and medicinal materials are used as interior materials, and the production techniques include knitting, embroidery, A variety of artistic elements such as carving and painting have been included in the provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage projects.

The pattern of Taiping hydrangea is full of life, reflecting the people's good yearning for life, nature and national culture, condensing the The needs of life and the vision of reality.

In Xiangfen, every family will hang a hydrangea picture for auspiciousness when getting married, building a new house, and celebrating New Year’s Day. Sew hydrangea, and hope that the coming year will be happy and peaceful, with a happy reunion. Today, Taiping Hydrangea has become a local cultural industry and is developing.

Xiangfen Rural Commercial Bank Relying on the strong advantages of Xiangfen's cultural industry, it strives to do a good job in the marriage of finance and culture, develops and customizes a series of products related to the development of cultural and creative industries, and makes good supporting funds.Provide financial services to provide strong financial support for the old technology to have a broader platform and better market access. Up to now, the bank has accumulatively provided more than 200 million yuan in loans to various cultural and creative enterprises and merchants. (Li Xiaojian)

"Tie paper" sticker

New Year's taste is enough

"Binding paper", commonly known as "hanging paper" and "flower paper", is a unique "tying paper" in Luliang area, usually written with four characters. The auspicious words are tied with colored paper with flag corners. Sticking "tie paper" is a unique folk custom accompanying the Spring Festival couplets on the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month in Lishi, Liulin and other places. The colorful "tie paper" fluttered and danced with the warm spring breeze, adding a liveliness to the celebration, expressing the people's good expectations and ardent yearning for the new year.

As the Chinese New Year is approaching,

Lvliang Rural Commercial Bank specially customized "Fortune Packs" to reward customers who have been supporting the development of the bank and send them New Year wishes. The essential part of the "Fu Bao" is the "Binding Paper", which is written with auspicious words such as "Many courtyard produces wealth", "people and wealth are prosperous", "family business is prosperous", etc., and bind or paste it on the top of the courtyard door for customers in person. For the customer's fortune in the coming year, ask for a lot of luck and send blessings. (Feng Jie)

New money exchange

Preparing for Chinese New Year

It is a common custom among Chinese people to give money to children during the Chinese New Year. Times have changed, and our New Year's money has become a red envelope, not only for children, but also for elders and juniors, which has more uses. At present, mobile mobile payment is widely used, but when paying homage to parents and elders or giving red envelopes to juniors, cash redemption is more sincere and full of flavor.

As the 2021 Lunar New Year of the Chou Ox is gradually approaching, the province's Rural Credit Cooperatives have prepared enough cash to make sure During the peak season of the Spring Festival, cash withdrawal, replacement and replacement work are available to meet customers' exchange needs to the greatest extent.

Jincheng Rural Commercial Bank allocates new denominations of RMB notes from the cash bank to ensure sufficient supply and The outlets within the jurisdiction have opened new currency exchange windows to meet the needs of customers to exchange new currency. The SGD exchange will continue until the end of the Chinese New Year holiday. (Fan Tian)

"The Chinese New Year is approaching, so prepare some New Year's money for the children at home. All outlets of our rural commercial bank are It's so considerate and convenient to be able to exchange new banknotes!" Aunt Li, who was holding a stack of new banknotes, was full of smiles on her face. New Year" service activities are affirmed. (Hu Wenjie)

Taiyuan City Associated Press Referring to the cash demand of various outlets in previous years, scientifically formulate the area under the jurisdiction The cash allocation plan ensures the timeliness and accuracy of the cash supply plan, and communicates with the People's Bank of China in a timely manner, and does a good job in cash reservation and payment, so as to ensure that the total amount of cash supply is sufficient and the coupon structure is reasonable during the Spring Festival. (Wang Haoyu)

Eldest Son Rural Commercial Bank specially set up a redemption window, opened up a green channel, and exchanged In the process of issuing new banknotes, we will actively explain the basic knowledge and anti-counterfeiting features of the new version of RMB, enhance people's awareness of "loving RMB and anti-counterfeiting RMB", and guide customers to strengthen their awareness of risk prevention and ensure property safety. (Ren Zhefeng)

Yuxian Rural Commercial Bank After the customer's new banknotes are redeemed, they will send " Bullish" couplets and New Year's greetings make customers feel the enthusiasm of "home away from home". The various New Year pendants in the business hall and the thoughtful service of the staff together create an auspicious and peaceful festive atmosphere. (Chen Yang)

Xingxian Rural Commercial Bank Shuiquanwan Sub-branch set up a special exchange for new The money window ensures that every customer can exchange new money. (Gong Yan)

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