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Celebrating the New Year with arrogance|The handwritten Spring Festival couplets are sent, and Zhang Zhang's smiling faces are raised! _ downlink

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No, in order to show Xingbei's new atmosphere, new appearance and new achievements, create a festive and peaceful atmosphere for the Chinese Spring Festival, and encourage all the cadres and employees of the factory to start the Year of the Ox with more enthusiasm. The "New Year's Eve" series of activities has been officially launched.

This event is sponsored by the factory group work department, and undertaken by the factory painting and calligraphy association and photography association. The first content of the activity is to send the Spring Festival couplets created and written by our Xingbei Petroleum people to the front-line cadres and employees.

As soon as the event notification is sent, With the positive response of the cadres and employees of the whole factory, in less than a week, more than 260 original Spring Festival couplets were collected, covering the content of congratulating the new spring festival, winning a well-off society, preventing and fighting against the epidemic, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party, and the struggle for the 14th Five-Year Plan. Goals, development achievements of Xingbei Oilfield, and spiritual outlook of Xingbei Petroleum people in the new era of dream-seeking.

In order to fully demonstrate the literary and artistic style of our Xingbei Petroleum people, the editor can't help but show you a wave of Spring Festival couplets, let's go~

(Slide to the left More works can be viewed~)

Upper link: Inspecting wells and patrols in the wilderness, regardless of wind, frost, rain and snow

Second link: pressure measurement and electricity measurement Don't be afraid of the heat and cold in the coming months and days

Horizontal criticism: love and dedication

Shanglian: Party Flag Exhibition, Chinese Children's Celebration Centenary

Second Link: Benchmarking Oil Pioneers Go Forward

Horizontal Appraisal: Celebrating All Days

The first couplet: Sunrise Oil City Zhang Zhengqi

The second couplet: Chunlai Xingbei Exhibition

Horizontal criticism: Vientiane Update

Uplink: Concentrate on Exploring the Ways of Fine Digging

Downlink: Diligent, Pragmatic, Singing, and Pioneering Youge

Horizontal Approval: Improving Quality and Efficiency

Shanglian: Seeing Xingbei Oil & Gas Double Super Display as a Mission strong>

Xialian: Looking forward to the harmonious development and revitalization of people and enterprises in the oilfield

Hangzhou: forging ahead

The first league: good news is frequently reported on the 13th Five-Year Plan, and the results are full of answers

The second league: another great achievement, the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the 100th anniversary


Horizontal Approval: Establishing Merit

Uplink: Digital Management, Safety Production, and Establishing a Century-old Foundation

Downlink : Reading and study, carefully creating an immortal legend

The second part: the development of the grand plan of the era in Xingbei

The horizontal criticism: building a dream in China

The first link: Chasing the wind and day by day to solve problems

The second link: strategizing and working hard to break the bottleneck

Horizontal Criticism: Strive for Excellence

The first couplet: Spring returns to the earth and the world is warm and peaceful, and the Xingbei homeland

NextLian: Fu Jiang Shenzhou, all the people are festive and festive.

Horizontal criticism: Fu Xi Yingmen

If you have a good work, you have to The calligraphy with flowing clouds and flowing water is not disappointing.

From February 1st to 4th, the calligraphy and painting association of our factory organized a gathering of calligraphy lovers in our factory, I saw the calligraphy "everyone" splashing ink and showing their unique skills. A pair of Spring Festival couplets, either proud or warm, appeared on the paper, and their writing fonts included regular script, official script, running script, cursive script... The Spring Festival couplets written in similar fonts are neatly arranged, which makes the pen and ink more full, and the clouds and dragons are frightened.

On February 5th, a pair of Spring Festival couplets that were devoted to the creator's heart and the writer's affection were neatly stored. The factory group work department, the factory calligraphy and painting association, and the photography association organized relevant personnel to send the best wishes of the New Year to the majority of cadres and employees.

The handwritten Spring Festival couplets filled with the fragrance of ink, the taste of the year and the affectionate feelings made the smiling faces of the grass-roots cadres and workers red, and also warmed the hearts of more front-line oil workers.

Click the picture to get more smiley faces~


Although wearing a mask

We can't fully see the faces of every employee

But this full of smiles have already been

Through all the occlusions, come to the face~

Due to time constraints

We were unable to write all the collected Spring Festival couplets

and send them to the authors

But please believe that

in the In our opinion

every piece of the Spring Festival couplets is the essence of literature created by our Xingbei Petroleum people

At this moment, I just want to shout out~

This kind of union family, please give me another dozen!

In order to let everyone feel better

The festive atmosphere when front-line cadres and employees received the Spring Festival couplets

We also made a small video

Quickly poke, poke, poke down


According to statistics, in this event of sending Spring Festival couplets, calligraphy lovers of our factory wrote a total of 480 Spring Festival couplets in various fonts Deputy Yu has all been delivered to the front-line cadres and employees, and has been unanimously loved and praised by everyone.

A pair of Spring Festival couplets not only sent New Year's blessings and greetings to everyone, but also allowed the majority of employees to experience the artistic charm of calligraphy and creation, narrowing the distance between culture and art and production and life.

So far

The first content of the "New Year" event has been successfully concluded

More exciting content will continue to be displayed in future columns

You in front of the phone Remember to lock on "Weixingbei"

Come with Xiaobian for "cow" transportation!

Editor|Jiao Xue

Material|Zhao Shuang, Li Meng, Wu Weidong, Shang Qingwei, Zhang Wenxin

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