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"Ox" couplet in the year of the ox _ couplet

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Another well-known couplet I can think of is the Hanguguan couplet written by Zhang Jiuyue of the Qing Dynasty: " Tian Wen was not allowed to ride his horse lightly; Niu." This couplet has been hung on the tower of Hangu Pass in Lingbao after many efforts and coordination by Wu Wenbo, Director of the Organizing Committee of the Gantang Award for Chinese Couplets. It uses two allusions related to Hangu Pass. The second couplet is about Lao Tzu riding a green ox out of Hangu Pass to write a book.

It is said that Lao Tzu finally retreated to practice in Laojun Mountain in Luoyang. Last year, the title of the couplet China masked ring finals was Laojunshan, and the champion Wu Zhenghua's couplet also mentioned "bull" unexpectedly: " Why ask Qingniu, think about it at the time When it's done, Wanhe will return to the world with you; I will walk barefoot, hoping that the sky is not far away, and Qianfeng will lock Yungen for me.

The above couplets are in the content All of them mentioned "bull", which belongs to "inlaid word" according to the classification, and the word "bull" is embedded in the couplet. Often in this form, allusions related to "cattle" are used. For example, Lu Xun's "Ruzi Niu", Zhang Jiuyue's "Lao Zi Riding a Bull" and so on.

Similar to this joint work with its allusions embedded in the word "Cattle", I found a few others to share with you. Feng Yuji of the Qing Dynasty inscribed the Hongxuexuan couplet: " How many claws are there in the life of mud and snow; Jinting poems are ten thousand feathers." uses the code of "oxmao", which means many . Today's Lei Shudi wrote the pen pavilion couplet: " The handsome cherished each other, and the crayons were put away, leaving the weather to be dry. " uses the "bull fighting" canon. Other allusions such as "Hanging the Book on the Cow's Horns", "Sweaty Bulls" and "Weeping Cow Clothes" are also frequently quoted.

Jiang Changdian's painting "Licking the Calf in Love"

Written by the ancients Couplets rarely chant objects, so there is no couplet that simply chants oxen. When the Qing people played the "Poetry Bell" game, they would often give out sub-chants, in which "cow" was used to sub-chute one thing. I asked my friend Pan Hongbin to find some relevant poems in several books to share with you. Qin Fuyu sings the ox and the fragrance of clothes: " The misty rain ploughs the peasant's father's hat; the musk orchid's daughter's box." (from "Bai Na Qin") Ding Zhonghong sings the chant Niu, Twenty-Four: " Qiu Xing pulls away into a pair of drivers; the night moon strums and leaves one string." (from "Ancient and Modern Lianyu Collection") Cai Nanfen Wing lanterns and cows: " From the sun onwards, fusang should look like a scorpion; when there is no germination, there is no need to sing." (from "The Poetry Bell of Xiangyan Pavilion") Yong generally uses the allusions of "cow".

Many people write couplets today, so there are many excellent works of chanting cattle. Bai Guocheng has a joint work: " Tai Ya endures the death of clouds, and hates listening to the chaos of the violin in the world; all life is full, and the shadow of the sun is slanting in the fields." has sustenance. Ma Ruixin has a joint work: " The head bows to the loess, the back is arched to the sky, the roughness and the plough are flat, and the burden is silent like an old man; thirsty to drink the village river, hungry to eat the grass, chewing all the vicissitudes of life, rumination is delicious. Nostalgia." anthropomorphic, deeply sentimental.

This year is the Year of the Ox, so there is no shortage of collections for Spring Festival couplets for the Year of the Ox, and there is a trend of flooding. Something like " Swallows sing harmony; cattle plough moral fields.". There are many excellent works in the "Niu Yun Dang Tou" jointly collected by Couplet China and the Traditional Culture Research Institute of the Chinese Couplet Association. For example, the works of the first prize Liu Xincai:" The fertile soil has a thousand years of feelings; the spring breeze will open up the cause." Second prize Liu Baohua's work: " The journey is not far away, in the sound of the shepherd's flute , on Hanguan Road; immersed in plowing, backed by thousands of fertile fields, with a setting sun.” can be read. I also put together a copy myself: " Long rely on wind and rain; keep working hard in spring and autumn." to express my feelings a little.

This is the end of the couplet related to "bull". Finally, I can't help but wish you all the best of luck in the new year.

Jiang Changdian's painting "Battle for the Front"

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