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The couplets of the upper, middle and lower triples in 2020 - looking for Chinese New Year couplets. Top, middle and bottom triple boutique? | Harbour Literature Network

Release Time:2022-06-07 Topic:Bullish stock speculation couplet Reading:79 Navigation:Stock Liao information > Horoscope > The couplets of the upper, middle and lower triples in 2020 - looking for Chinese New Year couplets. Top, middle and bottom triple boutique? | Harbour Literature Network phone-reading

Ask for Chinese New Year couplets. Top, middle and bottom triple boutique?

Upper link: Taurus waving its tail 4 trillion to welcome the spring breeze

Lower link: Rich tiger raising its head to 1.3 billion happiness and health

Horizontal criticism: Prosperity and prosperity

Upper link: Tigers and tigers are prosperous and harmonious,

Lower link: Development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers every year.

Horizontal criticism: Prosperity of the motherland

Upper link: Diligence, hard work, hoofs, and wealth like the Yangtze River

Lower link: Tigers are prosperous and fortune as much as the East China Sea

Horizontal skin: Good luck comes first

Upper Link: The ox's tail throws out the tiger's head

The second link: The farmhouse becomes a well-off village

The horizontal criticism: Scientific development and harmonious sunshine

The first link: Recalling the past Years of arrogance bear fruit

The second link: see the current tiger and shake the ground to open a new chapter

Horizontal criticism: further development of the grand plan

The first link: family and business prosperity, million

The next link: The country is prosperous and the people are strong, and the 100-year revival adds another chapter.

Horizontal criticism: Celebrating the whole world

The first couplet: the year of the tiger and the tiger's might, and things should be avoided;

Horizontal criticism: The Year of the Tiger is glorious.

The first couplet: Traveling to the south and the north, the wandering child is inspirational to become a monk

The second couplet: Thousands of reminders to parents day and night

Horizontal criticism: Reunion is a blessing

Top Link: Yulong turned over a day of snow,

Second link: Golden tiger roams everywhere plum.

Horizontal Approval: Spring Returns to the Earth

1 door, tigers in the peaceful year, willow waves, ying sings, splendid spring

2 doors bathing in spring breeze, plum blossoms, beautiful households, tigers and birds contending

In 3 years, the tigers are full of love and the year is full of love. Don’t be ugly and the cattle are in the spring.

4 cattle, fat horses, strong harvests The strong family is rich, the tiger leaps, the tiger leaps, and the spring is everywhere

6 Niu Fen Qian Cheng prosperous world tiger packs five blessings to congratulate the Chinese New Year

7 Niu Fen Four hoofs open the splendid splendid tiger and wings will meet the wind and clouds

8 cattle ploughing green fields, thousands of warehouses full of tigers, roaring green hills and ten thousand trees

9 cattle ploughing fertile fields and growing long to go to tiger roaring mountains and striding forward

10 once in a thousand years, written by thousands of people in the new century Tiger Spring and Autumn

11 Qianyuan Departure, Sanyang Master Bing Huiyin Wanhu Spring

12 people are in a prosperous age, the spirit is strong and the tiger leaps to the peak

13 people are festive Kang Ping, the World Tiger, and the Happy Spring

14 People's spirit is like a dragon and tiger, the motherland is like a painting

15 people enter the Year of the Tiger to drum up the tiger's strength to add spring color and spring brilliance

16 people add ambition, tigers add wings, snow dance, Yan dance in a prosperous year

17 people serve as a bull's heart, since the old age is more powerful

18 mountains, bright waters, beautiful scenery Tiger Leaps, Dragon Soars, Sun and Moon is New

19 Lives Together, Rejoices, Tigers, Tigers, Stays in Spring, and Reads Every Year

20 Four Seas, Dragons, Thousands of Mountains, Tigers, Roars, and Vibrant Winds

21 Four seas, three rivers, spring breath, thousands of households, tiger spirit

22 Four seas, singing and singing to welcome the age of the tiger, and Kyushu heroes leaping on their journeys

23 Only heroes who can subdue tigers are true heroes who dare to capture dragons

24 Whistling, earth-shattering, eyes wide open to shine on the universe

25 New Year's news is even more powerful, the road is rising and the sun is full of horses

26 The great achievements still need to be stronger and stronger Tiger Power

27 Generations of Heroes Live Tiger Spirit Three Spring Willows Moving Orioles Song Year of the Dragon and Tiger

30 Yingge Yanwu NewSpring Day, Tiger Leaps, Dragon Soars, Great Rule Year

31 Welcome Spring Festival, Oring Songs, Chinese Tigers Rising to the Sky

32 Clouds, Airbrushes, Flowers, Tigers, Leopards, Rain, Ink Waves, and Dragons

33 Behind the house, the green hills and golden tigers stand in front of the gate, green water and jade dragons

34 To get rich and get rid of poverty, add tiger wings to open mountains and waters, and make progress

35 Bing point fish live in the world and change the year Yin Fang Dou refers to all spring in the world

36 Spring breeze is mighty, flowers are fragrant, birds sing, years are prosperous, tiger leaps and dragon leaps

37 Tiger leaps, dragon leaps, Kyushu is full of colors, weather, rain and five crops are abundant

38 Niu Ben Blessed land presents a tiger, a crouching flower, and a hall full of brilliance

39 The horses call Anruo Taishan, the tiger is on the dragon plate

40 The purple air comes to the river and the mountains are picturesque, the red flag flutters the dragon and the tiger

41 The motherland is prosperous and strong, the dragon is alive, the tiger is happy, the people dance with swallows and the flying warbler

42 The white tiger brings fortune and treasure for the green ox Leaping dragons create miracles in the world, Yingsong and swallows dance to describe the spring of the earth

44 The sky is bright, the sky is bright, the flowers are fragrant and the birds are singing. Shenwei

46 Taurus bids farewell to the old and goes away with a song of triumph, and the tiger welcomes the spring with good news and new arrivals

47 Ruixue Zhaofeng is blessed with good fortune every year, and the ugly cattle meet the tigers and tigers to give birth to power

48 years in the spring, mountains and rivers add splendid people's thoughts, governance, dragons and tigers, and spirits

49 in the style of tigers, sings and sings songs, rich in old age, hears chickens, dances with brushes, and praises the spring

50 the motherland takes off and Dapeng flutters its wings Hongtu shows off its supernatural powers again

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