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2022 Spring Festival couplets Daquan (not tacky Spring Festival couplets)

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200 most down-to-earth Spring Festival couplets in 2022

(organized by Shu Guisheng)

1. Taurus bid farewell to the old year; Tiggo congratulates the Chinese New Year.

2. Yin Shichun enters the house; the tiger year is blessed.

3. The earth is in good spring; the year of the tiger is prosperous.

4. Lingfeng adds tiger wings; chasing dreams shows great plans.

5. The roar of the tiger is far away; the waves of the dragon are high.

6. The first spring of the year arrives at the home; the year of the tiger is full of blessings.

7. The ground drums up the strength; Lingfeng Yanghuwei.

8. A hundred years to open the Taiyun; thousands of miles sow the spring breeze.

9. Prosperity of thousands of family music; New Year's prosperity.

10. Generous benevolence and blessings from heaven; virtuous ground produces gold.

11. The yellow warbler sings the green willow, and the purple swallow cuts the spring breeze.

12. The spring breeze is warm in the nine regions; a century-old great cause is prosperous.

13. Shitai is warm in three springs; home and everything are prosperous.

14. To realize the Chinese dream together; to celebrate the well-off spring together.

15. The rivers and mountains open the picture; the years are filled with poetry.

16. The rain is full of flowers; the spring breeze is full of trees.

17. Shop spring and cut splendid; dream come true and brilliance.

18. Spring is good everywhere; everything is new.

19. The tiger leaps and the dragon leaps; the flowers are bright and the willows are dark and the spring is thick.

20. Fire trees and silver flowers flourish; red plums and green willows in the Chinese New Year.

21. The great achievements will add to the tiger's spirit in the future;

22. Heroes are like dragons and tigers; the country is like a painting.

23. The earth returns in spring like a tiger leaping; the sky rises like a dragon flying.

24. The water is green and the mountains are beautiful; the cows run over the tigers in the spring of Kyushu.

25. The spring breeze follows people's wishes; the tiger's qi gives birth to a mighty national spirit.

26. The light of spring and the color of spring are in harmony with the meaning of spring;

27. Tigers galloping to open the sights; the spring breeze unfolds the grand plans.

28. Tigers add two wings to the grand exhibition; people celebrate the great prosperity of the three springs.

29. The tiger roars and the Qianshan family brings treasures;

30. The tiger roars and the green hills are brocade;

31. The mountain wakes up with a roar of the tiger; the three realms of Long Teng are auspicious and bright.

32. The tiger leaps and the dragon rises to give birth to purple gas;

33. The tiger leaps and the dragon prospers; the family and the people prosper.

34. The tiger leaps in China, thousands of industries are prosperous;

35. The beautiful rivers and mountains are shining in spring; the brilliant career is showing its prestige.

36. The Taurus heads up to the wind; the Jade Tiger welcomes the spring and brings blessings.

37. The Taurus bid farewell to the New Year and the winter is over; the Jade Tiger welcomes the Spring with joy.

38. When people enter the year of the tiger, the tiger's strength is added;

39. The dragon land has opened the dragon weather; the year of the tiger is even more powerful.

40. The atmosphere of spring in the four seas and three rivers; the spirit of tigers in thousands of households.

41. Dragons from all over the world express their lofty aspirations; Thousands of mountains and tigers roar to rouse their majesty.

42. People add ambition, and tigers have wings; the army is strong and the country is strong.

43. A generation of heroes is angry; the soldiers of the three armies show their heroism.

44. People are like scalpers, and their hearts are precious; every year is like a tiger.

45. The mountains and rivers are beautiful and the scenery is beautiful; the tiger is leaping and the dragon is flying.

46. Shengge from all over the world welcomes the age of the tiger; Kyushu heroes start their journey.

47. Xingweiye still needs great strength; Zhanhongtu is even stronger.

48. Yingge and Yan dance on the New Year's Day; Tiger Leaping and Dragon Soaring Great Rule Year.

49. Behind the house lies the green hills and golden tigers; in front of the gate are green water and jade dragons.

50. The heroic industry in the heroic era; the year of the dragon and tiger spirit.

51. The tiger leaps and the dragon prospers and prospers; the weather is good for a good year.

52. The Taurus New Year is full of thousands of warehouses; the Jade Tiger welcomes the Spring and all industries are prosperous.

53. The Taurus bids farewell to the old, and the Jade Tiger welcomes the new.

54. The dragon and the tiger are in peace; the swallow dances and the ying sings the splendid spring.

55. The ground is bathed in the spring breeze and the flowers are blooming; people add tiger gas and iron becomes gold.

56. People and industries are prosperous and families are rich; tigers leap and dragons are everywhere in spring.

57. Niu Fen Qian Cheng prosperous world; Tiger Pack five blessings to celebrate the New Year.

58. Niu Fen four hooves Xingjun industry;

59. People are strong in spirit when they are in prosperous times;

60. The cows plough the green fields and thousands of warehouses are full;

61. The world celebrates peace and prosperity together; the tiger year welcomes the happy spring together.

62. The spirit of the people is like dragons and tigers; the mountains and rivers of the motherland are like paintings.

63. The party has more than a hundred years of Jiaqing; the three springs of the tiger year report good news.

64. The spring breeze follows people's wishes; the tiger's qi gives birth to a mighty national spirit.

65. The spring breeze is mighty and the mountains are green;

66. Yunfeixia dances in a thousand colors; tiger leaps over dragons and springs thousands of miles.

67. Tiger air frequently urges the opening of scenic spots; the spring breeze brings forth a new chapter.

68. In the year of the ox, the brocade has been displayed;

69. Jiuyu is prosperous and prosperous; ten thousand families celebrate the new year with joy.

70. Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains open up the picture; Kyushu's scenery is full of poetry.

71. Thousands of lights reunite at night; a peaceful and happy year.

72. The country is splendid and the spring breeze is warm; the motherland is prosperous and powerful.

73. The rising sun is the dream of a strong country; the spring breeze blows the flowers of enriching the people.

74. I like to see the golden ox rushing to the green fields; I also welcome the twilight and the roaring of the green mountains.

75. Pointing to the rivers and mountains, spring is full of eyes;

76. Learn from the sea, follow the tide and work hard;

77. The spring breeze is warm in the gardener's heart; the branches of peaches and plums are buds red.

78. The spring breeze and the rain cultivate the peach and plum;

79. The north of Zhumen opens the color of the new year; the purple air is auspicious from the east.

80. The treasure land of Xiju is prosperous for thousands of years;

81. Go sing into a new era; paint a beautiful picture with a big pen.

82. Happy to start a new game when the situation changes; happy to send the Year of the Ox and welcome the Year of the Tiger.

83. Good governance and warm spring; the country is strong and the people are prosperous and longevity stars are many.

84. All industries are prosperous and the year is good; the people are happy and prosperous.

85. Spring is always here all year round; the saffron blooms forever.

86. Welcoming the four seasons of peace and happiness; smilingly accepting wealth from all directions.

87. A year of good luck comes with spring; the four seasons of wealth come like water.

88. Heshun has a hundred blessings; the word peace is worth a thousand gold.

89. Welcome to welcome the spring and welcome the wealth;

90. Every year, a prosperous family is rich; every year is happy when people meet China.

91. A brilliant career welcomes wealth; a splendid future celebrates prosperity.

92. The country is splendid and the spring is good; the career is brilliant and prosperous.

93. Ziyan bears the title of a spring magpie to announce the good news; Red Bull sends gold to the blessed land.

94. Spring brings green from the sky; Fuzhi's heart is red.

95. Good luck and wealth come; happiness and prosperity come.

96. In the spring breeze, the green will shake the willow;

97. The door welcomes a hundred blessings, and the wealth is abundant;

98. Work hard to strengthen the great cause; work hard to get rich and build a well-off society.

99. Choi Yun Zuo Jin wrote poetry and paintings; boiled a cup of sea-passing to congratulate him on his longevity and prosperity.

100. The color pen book is full of prosperity in spring; the east wind blows the dream of a well-off life.

101. The beginning of the century is peaceful and smooth; Jiuyu welcomes the spring and is blessed with longevity.

102. The splendid rivers and mountains bloom in spring; the glorious years dream of flowers.

103. Tiger roars and dragons sing prosperous times;

104. Prosperity is auspicious and heaven is blessed; spring is shining brightly and gold is born.

105. The magnificent country opens the picture; the romantic characters look at the present.

106. New Year's forge ahead into a new era; write big articles quickly.

107. The feelings of family and country are shared for thousands of years; the cause of sages is shared by thousands of people.

108. Sanjiang Jinbao thousands of family blessings; four seasons bring wealthHuchun.

109. The spring breeze melts the snow in the front yard;

110. Spring returns to the earth and thousands of mountains are beautiful; the sun warms and everything in China is glorious.

111. The year of life is prosperous; the mountains and rivers laugh and celebrate the new year.

112. Prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, prosperity; family prosperity, people prosperity, career prosperity.

113. Wealth rolls with the arrival of spring; joy comes with happiness.

114. Farming dreams, sowing spring, diligently getting rich; reading and comprehending the Tao and meditating on the mind.

115. Willows, greens, pinks, and fragrant grass; Yingge and swallows dance in the sunny sky.

116. The green willows shake the wind and swallow the brocade; the green hills are picturesque and the tigers show their prestige.

117. The green hills and green waters welcome the spring together.

118. Vermilion spring posts a thousand gates of Rui; emerald green willow winds are all new.

119. The world has a thousand views at ease; the mind is gentle and the spring breeze.

120. The building brushes the clouds and the clouds are full of purple air; the family poems are full of spring breeze.

121. A generation-scale Sheng Zuwu; a century-old article by Kui Bihuan.

122. The four seasons are good every year; everything goes well.

123. The prosperous world is happy and the grand fortune is carried out; the spring breeze is proud of the grand plan.

124. Celebrating the festive season, peace and happiness; Happy and peaceful New Year.

125. Welcoming the four seasons of peace and happiness; smilingly accepting wealth from all directions.

126. A brilliant career welcomes wealth; a splendid future celebrates prosperity.

127. The ecological homeland is green; the warm years are full of red.

128. Work hard to strengthen the great cause; work hard to get rich and enjoy honor.

129. Flowers and trees are in spring with luxuriant branches and leaves;

130. Nianfeng Life is happy at home; the water is beautiful, the mountains are green, and the spring is everywhere.

131. Building auspicious clouds and even the Big Dipper; hall opening auspicious and rejuvenating.

132. Splendid Pu Chun relies on a good hand; wealth and strength pursue their dreams and embrace their original intentions.

133. The sky increases the years and people increase their longevity; spring fills the universe and blessings fill the door.

134. Spring returns to the earth, and the spring is good; the world is full of blessings.

135. When spring arrives in front of the hall, there is auspiciousness;

136. The home is surrounded by green waters and green mountains; people are in the spring breeze.

137. Qianyuan set off for Sanyangtai; Doubing returned to Yinwanhuchun.

138. Happy to start a new game when the situation changes; happy to send the Year of the Ox and welcome the Year of the Tiger,

139. 140.Splendid future is in full swing; brilliant career exhibition grand plan,

140. Spring comes to the earth and a hundred flowers are blooming;

141. The east wind turns rain, mountains and mountains;

142. Welcome the New Year and everything goes well;

143. Danfeng presents auspicious dragons and presents auspiciousness; red peach and apricot welcome spring.

144. Prosperity year by year, wealth and wealth; year by year peace and prosperity.

145. The east wind announces the arrival of good spring; the years renew the blessing of the gate.

146. Years are warm and heaven-blessed; family and beautiful land give birth to gold.

147. Flowers and birds sing like spring like the sea; Cathay Pacific family and people are like immortals.

148. Tiantai Ditai Sanyangtai; family and people and everything.

149. Five winds and ten rains are all lucky;

150. The first spring of Xiangyangmen is always there; the good people have more than enough to celebrate.

151. Clear waters and green mountains are beautiful for thousands of miles; grand plans and great causes are spring for thousands of years.

152. The urban and rural areas are integrated into a small and well-being; the country and the republic are prosperous.

153. The spring breeze brings warmth to thousands of families; good governance benefits the people and prosperity.

154. Pu Chun forge ahead in a new era; realize dreams and pursue big goals.

155. Tiger leaps and dragons welcome the prosperous world; Yingge and swallow dance to celebrate the new year.

156. Taurus develops a harvest scene; Tiggo ushered in a happy spring.

157. The great cause begins with a tiger's stride in the spring; the long wind breaks through the waves and the dragon roars.

158. Dragons and tigers leap to welcome the early spring; there are many blessings for longevity and prosperity.

159. Plowing happiness depends on the strength of the bull; leading to prosperity and strength.

160. Add the tiger's spirit and keep the bull's strength; waiting to see the dragon chapter and the Phoenix hair.

161. Niu Niu is infinitely proud and happy; tigers and tigers are more than happy.

162. Spring follows the tiger's footsteps and rides the wind; dreams come to Pengcheng to embrace the moon.

163. The rain and the wind adjust the weather of the dragon; the cloud steams the clouds and the clouds and the phoenix.

164. The tiger step brings the atmosphere of the Tang Dynasty; the dragon chapter is filled with the spirit of the Han Dynasty.

165. The party draws dragons to make dreams come true;

166. Niu ploughing the country dreams of thousands of family blessings; tigers step on plum blossoms all the way to spring.

167. Thousands of miles of Yingti sing in spring and brocade; a roar of tigers comes to the door.

168. The Dragon Chapter continues the Centennial Volume; the Tiger Year welcomes Wanli Spring.

169. Prosperity Feige urges the tiger to step;

170. All the way, the pride is added to the tiger's spirit; Wanjia's smiling face is spring breeze.

171. Niu Fen four-hoofed Niu encourages; Tiger adds two-winged tiger to show its prestige.

172. Don't get into the horns of a bull's horn;

173. Ten thousand volumes of grand plans in the spring preface; the beginning of a century begins with the tiger.

174. The great cause is ever prosperous and the tiger wings are added; Yunfan hangs the grand plan.

175. Nine days of auspiciousness are far away;

176. The spring breeze announces good news;

177. The bullish spirit still adds to the tiger's spirit; the virtue wind is long standing in the spring breeze.

178. Happy to pass WeChat Lian Chunxin; even more powerful and powerful.

179. Dare to take the lead in chasing the sun and the moon; add tiger wings to the wind and thunder.

180. Drink the morning glow and swallow the purple air;

181. A total of support vitality back to Yang Jiu; each radiates light to illuminate the big thousand.

182. Dancing in the spring breeze adds tiger wings; tracing the word blessing and hanging the bull's head.

183. The family style turns into a warm spring breeze; Fuze also grows with Deze.

184. The family style always attracts the spring breeze; good fortune often comes with joy.

185. It is good to use the spring breeze to add tiger wings; moreover, to draw great plans with the dream pen.

186. Spring is full of the world, and hundreds of flowers are blooming; Fulin Xiaoyuan is always safe in all seasons.

187. Spring is full of people, and there are bursts of joyful singing;

188. The spring breeze is mighty, the flowers are fragrant and the birds are singing;

189. The tiger leaps and the dragon soars, and Kyushu is full of radiance; the weather is good and the rain is good, and the grain is abundant.

190. The bull rushes to the blessed land, and the whole sky offers auspiciousness;

191. Respect for the elderly and good neighbors, and the wind blows in the face; wholeheartedly and trustworthy, love words give birth to spring.

192. In one night, spring is announced, and a hundred flowers are blooming; Sanyang is in full bloom, and thousands of horses are galloping.

193. The tiger leaps to the dragon, creating a miracle in the world; Yingge and Yan dance, depicting the spring of the earth.

194. The tiger leaps and the dragon leaps, and there is a sunny day in the sky; the fragrance of flowers and birds sings, and there is no place without spring breeze.

195. The flowers are splendid, and the mountains and rivers add splendor; the tiger roars and the dragon roars, and China is magnificent.

196. Bullish arrogance, a century of achievements and glorious history; Tiger might be unparalleled in the world, and all the way to expand the journey of pride.

197. The great party has been around for a hundred years, and there is still joy and vigor;

198. In the long march of ten thousand miles, struggle and success are bound together; in the prosperous age of a hundred years, the original intention and dream go together.

199. Planting dreams and cultivating spring, striving for ox hoofs and stepping on the road of Kangzhuang; concentrating on strength, adding tiger wings to usher in a splendid sky.

200. The year of the tiger adds to the strength of the tiger, and the attacking and conquering of borders are like tigers; the Spring Festival is full of spring, and it is always spring when embroidering water and painting mountains.

Horizontal Approval

Happy New Year, New Year, New Year, and New Year

Happy New Year

The spring breeze brings warm spring and Jingli four seasons in Changchun

The four seasons are peaceful and the four seas are spring and the five continents celebrate together

Five blessings come to the door and all businesses are prosperous and everything is prosperous

Vientiane renews happiness, the world is full of blessings, such as the East Sea

Longevity, Ankang, auspicious stars, auspicious and good luck

Auspiciousness is more than joyful, and the door is full of blessings.

Great exhibition and five blessings are coming to the door Guotai Minan

The country is strong, the people are prosperous, the door is rich, and the country is full of prosperity

Ruijingxiangguang is rich in wealth and people are happy

The situation is gratifying, the family is happy, and the five blessings are coming

Yingge, swallows and dances celebrate the prosperous and prosperous world

The prosperous world is prosperous and the dragon and the phoenix are prosperous

The career of welcoming the spring is prosperous and prosperous

The future is bright and everything is prosperous. Leaping Dragon Soaring

Tiger Roaring, Dragon and Tiger Year Powerful world, people and people

Benefits of wind and prosperity, spring and prosperity

Households, thousands of auspicious, prosperous, and grand plans

Life is prosperous, living and working in peace, and family business is prosperous


Peace is a blessingThe mountains and rivers are magnificent, the mountains are high, the water is long, the sky is auspicious, and the people are lucky

Wuhua Tianbao is high in love and ambition

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