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"Cow" turns the world, the bullish spirit is soaring, and what to wear is the most "cow" in the New Year

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Pang Jianxin/Photo

Report by China Consumer News (Reporter

Pang Jianxin) 2021 Spring Festival Ox Year of the Year clothing is online: fashionable and versatile red tops, luxury brand clothing with creative zodiac patterns, time-honored zodiac hand-painted red shoes, zodiac series of new national trends... Ox year limited edition Clothing, shoes and hats appeared in the Spring Festival stalls, and the expected meaning of the Year of the Ox was optimistic. New Year's Day, wear new clothes, pay attention to one word: Ox!

Sportswear starts the Year of the Ox theme battle

As the Spring Festival is approaching, sports brand Adidas is in its The official public account platform released a series of clothing for the Year of the Ox, including running shoes, sports jackets, etc. In addition, the brand has also released joint jerseys with football clubs such as Arsenal and Juventus. From the perspective of product design, the zodiac ox and auspicious clouds are the main elements, representing tenacity and auspiciousness. The series also uses red and gold to depict camouflage patterns.

Cow and China Red are the design elements commonly used by sports brands in the Spring Festival this year, but they are not obsessed with the single image of the cow. The year-of-Ox-themed products launched by Nike, Jordan and Converse are unique. Their design inspiration comes from temple fairs, and uses traditional cultural images such as Chinese knots, firecrackers to say goodbye to the old, and people take food as the sky as design elements. Among them, a sneaker launched by Nike features Chinese food as the main element, combined with the food watercolors hand-painted by the artist. The details of the Skechers casual shoes are full of years. Even Dior also launched a limited baseball uniform for the Year of the Ox, while TheNorthFace (north face) launched a new limited series for the Year of the Ox with Chinese elements as its concept. Lord, the pattern similar to the golden relief has a feeling of New Year's window grilles.

Many young consumers said that some Ox-themed hoodies are their favorites, and some zodiac hoodies are out of stock. The domestic sports brand Li Ning's "CF Retro Series Niu Zhuan Qiankun" red sweater is also very popular among young people. Xiao Li, a post-90s consumer, said: "I wore a red dress for the new year, and I tried on Li Ning's 'Niu Zhuankun', and the overall effect of the clothes was very good." And Anta's new "Good Things Happen" series not only fits the current national boom, It also starts from the auspicious New Year pictures, extracts the image of the lucky ox in the year of the ox in 2021, and conveys the good wishes of praying for good things to happen. It is also carefully crafted from the design of colors and styles to bring young people the most dazzling wearing experience. .

Zhang Jingyun, a professor at the Business School of Beijing Technology and Business University and executive director of the Marketing Research Association of Chinese Higher Education Institutions, told the reporter of "China Consumer News" that the zodiac culture is an important part of Chinese folk culture. During the Spring Festival, the zodiac elements on Chinese clothing have become unique cultural symbols, bringing people an auspicious and peaceful atmosphere. In particular, the good meaning of cattle also brings good luck to people. Domestic and foreign sports brands design styles and patterns by absorbing Chinese elements such as Chinese red, zodiac cow, temple fairs, New Year pictures, food culture, window grilles, and some also carry out "cute marketing" to enter consumers' hearts in a lively and lovely way.

International luxury goods also celebrate the Chinese New Year

Ox zodiac, luxury goods will naturally not lack the ox element. Burberry released the 2021 Chinese New Year's New Year series products, including traditional trench coats and sports style items. In addition to Burberry's classic plaid, the brand's iconic Olympia bag is designed in red tones, and the exclusive logo of cow elements is incorporated into the design of limited edition Thomas-Burberry, baseball caps, scarves, sneakers and other products, implying that cows and The close connection of the earth is a symbol of strength and peace.

Coach (Coach) not only posted the children's hand-painted version on the bag with the retro shadingThe image of the calf also launched a limited edition watch for the year of the ox. The watch uses a Chinese red dial with a gold case, and a simple ox head on the pointer instead of the 2 o'clock position of the dial, which means the arrival of the second year of the ox in the zodiac. The creativity and meaning are very innovative.

LV (Louis Vuitton) launched a naive cow piggy bank, and integrated the shape into the design of silk scarves and bracelets; Givenchy (Givenchy) used the artistic image of cows as the main element, and abstracted the shape of cows. The pattern is decorated on the clothes; Longchamp's luggage design adds a cartoon pattern of black simple strokes of a cow's head and a small flower, which is full of childlike interest.

In recent years, China has been the main market and driving force of the global luxury goods market, and the proportion of consumption in the global market has continued to grow. According to Bain's forecast, in 2020, the domestic luxury goods market in China is expected to achieve a growth of 48% for the whole year after experiencing the weakness at the beginning of the year, and is expected to reach a market size of nearly 346 billion yuan.

Professor Bai Yuling, director of the Marketing Research Association of Chinese Higher Education Institutions and Business School of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, told the reporter of "China Consumer News" that the reasons why luxury brands are "close to the people" for the Chinese zodiac year of the ox is that China is its main market. Zodiac culture is the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and everyone is closely related to the zodiac. Luxury brands design products and brand promotion through zodiac patterns or shapes, showing traditional Chinese culture and Chinese elements, which can shorten the psychological distance with consumers, gain the public's favor and attention to the brand, and express their importance to Chinese culture. and respect. In particular, the ox is considered a symbol of diligence, stability, honesty and perseverance in traditional culture. The combination of the zodiac ox and the brand will definitely add points to the brand culture and brand image, which will not only enhance the festive atmosphere of the festival, but also help the luxury goods. Brand culture communication.

Of course, how to correctly understand the Chinese zodiac culture and how to subtly integrate the zodiac culture into the brand design is not so easy. After all, in the past few years, some luxury brands have used the zodiac to imitate their works. Frequently complained by consumers.

Some consumers are entertaining and appreciative of luxury Chinese New Year items. Consumer Xuehua said that the design of big brands is beautiful, but some designs are really "spicy eyes", which makes people feel "brain-opening".

Professor Bai Yuling said that, in fact, by launching a series of zodiac products, it shows that luxury brands have instilled attention to quality, delicacy and details into consumers' emotions and experiences, which are aimed at target market consumption. The marketing value of a brand marketing strategy based on the psychology and needs of consumers is far greater than the actual sales value.

The old-fashioned brand is full of New Year's taste

Ox not only represents bullishness, but also means twisting (ox) to turn the world around. Consumers hope that the Year of the Ox can bring good luck and good luck; time-honored clothing uses zodiac themes and cultural elements to make Chinese people dress more like the Chinese New Year. flavor.

It is understood that the New Year series launched by the time-honored Chinese brand "Snow Lotus" cashmere - the 2021 Ox year zodiac-themed spring product is officially launched. The fashionable and versatile sweater is dominated by the iconic "Snow Lotus Red" color. With cow as the design element, combined with the traditional Chinese aesthetic concept, the cow head is made into a simple hollow design, and the unique partial air layer jacquard is used, which has a strong three-dimensional contrast effect. According to reports, the design of this product means that the "ox" will turn the world in the new year, and the bully will be soaring. The hand-made custom style full of New Year's flavor is not only an exclusive choice for the year of the zodiac, but the New Year's red color scheme full of traditional Chinese charm can also convey the beautiful meaning of praying for a prosperous year of the ox. The time-honored Neiliansheng has specially launched a series of hand-painted zodiac shoes with red shoes for Benming year; Tongshenghe has launched handmade cloth shoes of the zodiac with embroidered ox embroidery patterns.

Mr. Duan, a post-70s consumer, said that he is a fan of time-honored brands. From old cloth shoes to coats, he buys a set every New Year. Ms. Wang, who is also born in the 70s, said that although she cannot visit relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year this year, a bright cashmere sweater is a must for the northern Chinese New Year. As the purchasing power of the post-90s and post-00s rises, the post-95s and post-00s, known as "Generation Z", have become the main groups of consumption in the country. The time-honored Nianwei clothing has also continuously broken through the tradition, developing towards a younger and more personalized direction, creating a new national trend and new domestic products.

In this regard, Professor Zhang Jingyun said that the time-honored clothing brand has fully explored the unique value of its intangible cultural heritage skills, continuously improved its craftsmanship, and developed new models for the Spring Festival consumer demand, focusing on design and fashion sense.

According to Meng Ze, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Snow Lotus Group Co., Ltd., to the reporter of "China Consumer News", the Snow Lotus brand closely follows the trend of the new country and shows the world its unique oriental aesthetics and Chinese taste. . In recent years, Xuelian has continued to innovate cultureEmpowering ideas, integrating modern aesthetics into traditional culture, and launching national trend products such as "Blue and White Porcelain" series and "Zodiac" series. Behind the new domestic products are the technological innovation and innovative consciousness of time-honored brands, which are Chinese trends that are heading for the world stage. .

Professor Bai Yuling believes that consumers' focus has shifted from the material consumption of the product itself to the symbolic consumption of social significance. Therefore, we cannot simply understand the zodiac as an animal, it is a symbol, and its auspicious meaning, emotional resonance, and unique personality have become the source of brand marketing creativity. The time-honored brand itself has a long history and excellent Chinese cultural genes. The use of zodiac pattern design has greater advantages, and it is easy to obtain the recognition and resonance of consumers. It is an innovative attempt for the brand to develop towards a younger and more fashionable direction.

"As a folk cultural symbol, the zodiac has a special meaning to the Chinese people, and people are willing to take the zodiac as their mascot. Moreover, in the busy modern society, the design of the zodiac animal patterns is interesting, vivid, Humor adds joy to people's life, and can even help people relax and relieve stress." Professor Bai Yuling said.

Digital Transformation Online "Shopping and Broadcasting"

In the past, every family went to the Spring Festival fair to stock up on New Year's goods. This year, many consumers choose to follow the live broadcast to buy New Year's goods. Consumer Xuehua said that the New Year's goods in the live broadcast are very interesting. In the past, the live broadcast was to buy cosmetics and snacks. As the New Year is approaching, buy and buy couplets, blessing characters, and hometown New Year's goods, and then feel the taste of the new year brought by the old brand, and taste the cultural year. Ms. Liu, a post-70s consumer, doesn’t usually watch live broadcasts, but this year, CCTV, Beijing TV, etc. launched the live broadcasts of star hosts and she will never miss them.

The 2021 online New Year's Day has begun, and the Tmall New Year's Day will cover local flavors, time-honored brands, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, new year of the ox and other new year products; Common knowledge, let everyone feel the strong taste of the New Year. Consumers who are celebrating the Chinese New Year in situ can "shop around" at any time, from offline viewing to online viewing and shopping, and shopping for New Year's goods without leaving home.

With the advent of the mobile Internet "live broadcast +" era, live broadcast has become an emerging interactive transaction method, and it is increasingly becoming a new fashion. Consumers can not only learn about the attributes and uses of products more directly through the anchor, but also quickly solve their questions and needs. Similarly, live broadcasting has also promoted the transformation of the clothing industry. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the live broadcasting of time-honored brands adds a strong New Year flavor.

It is understood that at this year's online New Year's Festival, the time-honored Chinese brand "Snow Lotus" conducts online brand marketing, allowing target consumers to perceive brand positioning through live broadcasts, linking the brand with consumers' emotions and needs, and further understanding Customers' new spending habits. Tongshenghe will also increase the promotion of the online New Year's Day. During the Spring Festival, live broadcast activities will be carried out. Among them, in the online "ingenuity and quality, good gifts to take home" activities, a variety of products have set a single promotional price, and will be shipped normally during the Spring Festival. . Tongsheng and the relevant person in charge said that the current shoe and clothing brands are pursuing trendy, fashionable and cool product styles. Tongsheng maintains the authentic old Beijing style, pursues the characteristics of "high quality, high quality and high cost performance", and creates exquisite products. life concept. NeiLiansheng accelerates the live broadcast road of digital transformation. According to the relevant person in charge of Neiliansheng, from the beginning with no live broadcast experience and afraid to look at the camera, it has carried out nearly 100 live broadcast events, large and small, and recently launched the Neiliansheng star anchor, and filmed a short film around it. The video has rapidly gained followers on the live broadcast platform. This series of measures can not only show the products of Neiliansheng, but also better show the brand attitude.

Consumers are keen on "going around", and companies including local national brands are enthusiastic about live broadcasting. In this regard, Professor Zhang Jingyun analyzed that at present, the traffic of clothing brand offline stores has dropped sharply, especially the time-honored clothing brands that rely on traditional offline store sales are facing greater challenges. They are advancing digital transformation, bringing goods through live broadcasts to adapt to new consumption patterns. In the live broadcast and delivery of goods, various platforms have assumed the role of organizers, such as Tongsheng and participating in live broadcast activities on Tmall Jingdong platform, and Neiliansheng participating in Kuaishou platform's "New Year's Good Luck Dressing" and "Looking for China's Fuwa" and other activities. Xuelian participates in the 2021 Online New Year Festival and more. By connecting with the platform, time-honored brands can quickly reach new consumer groups, share fan resources, and convert traffic.

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