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When you see this shape in the stock, you can buy it immediately, and you can basically make a profit.

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"Air refueling" is a very well-known term in the stock market. Once the air refueling pattern is confirmed, it will also be bullish The beginning is profitable.

The following will tell you in detail how to use macd to determine air refueling, as well as operating skills.

The two curves of DIF and DEA in the MACD indicator mainly reflect the trend of the stock price. The upward movement of the two curves indicates that the stock price trend is bullish, and vice versa; The energy when the stock price rises and falls, the red column represents the energy of going long, the green column represents the energy of shorting, and the lengthening and shortening of the column represent the strengthening and weakening of the energy.

How to identify stock air refueling?

1. "Air refueling" is a strong pattern of stock trends;

2. The main indicator of aerial refueling is to look at MACD, which is running in a strong area, preferably without high-level dead cross; , Usually "air refueling" will start a sharp rise.

The so-called MACD air refueling means that the two curves of the MACD have the same value or the two curves are very close, and will be dead but not dead, and then the DIF opens up and the red column is re-stretched. Once refueling in the air, the stock has entered a state of high control. At this time, the main chips are very concentrated, and the ability to control the stock price is super strong. The key to the success of "air refueling" is the intention of the main force. Air refueling generally has a decent market. The diagram of the stock aerial refueling pattern is as follows:

Figure 1: After pulling up, it enters the main performance of benign "air refueling", and the green column is rarely enlarged, and the white line is glued to the yellow line. The white line is slightly above. This kind of attention.

Figure 2: Whether you can refuel depends on whether you can get a golden fork, be careful, the golden fork is the same It indicates that there is hope for "air refueling". Don't rush into this kind of unformed for the time being. Be careful with the situation shown in Figure 7 below.

Figure 3: A failed "air refueling" will result in heavy losses, the yellow and white lines are too far from the 0 axis It is very difficult to enter a strong refueling, once the Sicha is placed on the green column, don't forget to leave the field decisively.

Figure 4: A relatively safe "air refueling" pattern, with small up and down fluctuations, and difficult for both red and green columns Release, the yellow line is basically the same as the high point of the red zone on the left, this kind of pattern generally has drama behind it.

Figure 5: Entering the accelerated "air refueling" aggressive and bold can buy, make quick profits, Only a few days left. But the risk is also great, once it falls, the speed is extraordinary.

Figure 6: Refueling in the air many times, this unit is difficult to operate, the main force is hesitant, and there are certain There is room for improvement, but the profit space is limited. It is not recommended to operate. Generally, when such a trend occurs, it is the K-line that is doing a complicated head. When the head is done, the main chips are basically sold.

Figure 7: Overly strong "air refueling" has hidden murderous intentions, the white line and the red column deviate Too far, the golden fork in the middle did not form and leave the field as soon as possible.

Figure 8: "Air refueling", which is relatively slow in the early stage and takes too long to accumulate funds, has the advantage of The change in volume is relatively mild, as long as the green column does not enlarge, the stock price is around the 10-day and 5-day antenna, and the real aerial refueling has just begun.

Figure 9: Come on and add the top of the shoulders. The white line on the left obviously has sharp corners, and once a symmetrical sharp corner appears on the right, leave the market quickly, and the stock price can easily turn gold into mud in an instant.

"Air refueling", whether the refueling can be successful, alsoDue to some factors other than the market, not all "air refueling" can be successful. Aerial refueling where the distribution of chips is not concentrated enough will break the pattern due to differences between long and short positions; mid-altitude "air refueling" is more value investment. This requires the observation of MACD, which position belongs to the high level of the stock, and the data is different because of the different stock market and price, and the data of different stock high and low levels are also different. You need to look at the distance between the yellow line and the red column. Sometimes, Disc feeling is more important than technique!

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