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"Pretty Big Sister in the Supermarket Chapter 42 The North Nose Continues to Touch" Complete Works Watch Free Online Free

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→★←【Original without any deletions】"Pretty Big Sister in the Supermarket Chapter 42 North Nose" was serialized on the first issue of the weekly comic Japan Punch in December, and it has maintained a high peak in popularity. Here is a collection of all the classic comics from around the world for the vast number of comic lovers, so that comic fans can freely read online. "The Pretty Big Sister of the Supermarket Chapter 42 North Nose" has a high-definition and exquisite picture and a unique style of painting, which presents users with the best reading environment and makes you more comfortable to watch.

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The Chronicle of Chinese Animation: Along the way, what brilliance and achievements have Guoman made!

Compared to Japan, China's animation started earlier, and Japan's early animation was also inspired by China's animation works. However, today's China has no choice but to communicate with neighboring countries - Japan, This world's two-dimensional animation empire is learning, vicissitudes of life, and feng shui turns. I have to sigh in my heart. After 2018, China's domestic animation will usher in a new round of upsurge. I praise domestic animation and hope that Guoman will do better and better. .

In 1941, China produced the first truly domestic long-form animation "Princess Special Fan". At that time, the animation industry in the world was not developed, so there is no need to trace the origin of animation, because it is impossible to trace back at all. , some say it comes from movies, and some even trace the origin of animation from an etymological point of view. The word "Animation" comes from the Latin root anima, meaning soul; the verb animate is to give life, by extension to make something meaning to live. But in fact, the principle of animation is the same as that of movies, the combination of each frame. The origin of the long-form animation in the world is the United States, but the more famous one is "Snow White". When the American cartoon was introduced to China, it brought great fun to the Chinese audience, and it was precisely because of this that it inspired The Wan brothers, who were animation enthusiasts at that time, were determined to create animations that belonged to China. The Wan brothers at that time, on the basis of imitating the American animation "Snow White", concentrated their research and finally produced the work "Princess Special Fan". , shocking the world! In the age of underdeveloped economy and political instability, Chinese animation has its own strong strokes on the world stage, and I have to admire the animation predecessors at that time!

Since "Princess Iron Fan", there has been a new animation school in the world called "China School", but because China was in the stage of the Anti-Japanese War at that time, cultural undertakings were also impacted, but despite such a difficult time Under these conditions, Chinese animation plays its own role. The creation of "Princess Iron Fan" reflects the Chinese people's enthusiasm for struggle during the Anti-Japanese War and inspired a group of Chinese soldiers who took the lead in the battle. However, due to unexpected reasons, the source of this animation was lost, which has to be said to be a great regret in the history of Chinese animation. In general, China in the field of animation can be said to be closely following the trend of the world at that time, and China also cultivated a group of animation talents of its own at that time. You must know that in China at that time, both material and human resources were In the case of shortage, such an achievement is closely related to the struggle and research of animation creators.

Even in the 1950s, Chinese animation was still brilliant, and the international reputation of its works was far ahead. Thinking about it, Japanese animation was just starting, and the first batch of Japanese animators were born. In this era, "Havoc in Heaven" is a classic representative work. This animation is a well-known work even now. The appearance of "Havoc in Heaven" is also in line with the Chinese in this period. of fighting spirit. The founding of the People's Republic of China, overturned three mountains, just like the Monkey King in the animation, overthrew the Jade Emperor who suppressed him. "Havoc in Heaven" did not follow the plot of the original work. At the end, the Monkey King burst into laughter and stood up just like the Chinese people. During this period, Chinese animation was also in a glorious period. One after another classic classic stories were adapted into animation works. Because it was an economy planned by the state at that time, the animators did not have any market pressure. An animation work, the main position is also the Shanghai Fine Arts Film Factory.

After entering the 1980s and 1990s, Chinese animation finally ushered in its own crisis. Under the marketization, Chinese animation under the low-output and low-commercial model fell into its own predicament. The commercialization of Japanese animation is becoming more and more developed, and the economic industry chain driven by animation has brought huge economic benefits to animation creators. Under such circumstances, the Chinese also studied their own model and began to try to get out of the traditional predicament. "The Sheriff of the Black Cat" is such a representative. The broadcast of "The Sheriff of the Black Cat" had a huge impact at that time, because it An animation is no longer limited to the adaptation of traditional national stories, but to create animation works that children love to see and hear. However, because the subject matter is too novel, it was stopped after a few films were released, so this animation was At that time, it became a lot of holes that could never be filled in my heart. Of course, this animation is quite naive now, but it was a bold attempt for the people at that time. After that, the commercialization of Chinese animation has also become more and more intense. For example, "Haier Brothers" is a commercial animation produced by Haier itself. But since then, it has been difficult for China to produce high-quality products.

Today's Chinese animation has formed its own new industrial model. In the past two years, many animation works in China have both Chinese and Japanese versions, and many animation works have gone abroad. More and more mature, the spring of the second dimension has really arrived!

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