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January 21, 2021 Game News

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Black Ring Panda Urges Update /Moyu Log Issue 57 (2021.1.18-2021.1.24)

Log address

Q group 364235017

Attention! Players exposed that it is too simple to change the Nintendo account email: only basic information is needed.

Recently, a game blogger @NintendoSpaceSwitch broke the news that they only need to answer a few questions from Nintendo customer service (such as account nickname, birthday, registration time, etc.) , you can modify the email address of the replacement account.

The blogger @NintendoSpaceSwitch said that the communication with him this time was A customer service of Nintendo's US server, the Japanese server and Hong Kong server will be tested tomorrow, and the US server will also try a few more customer services.

From the blogger's description, changing the email address is very simple, First of all, his original bound mailbox could not receive new emails, and he could not provide the serial number of NS. After asking questions such as account nickname, birthday, registration time, etc., the customer service asked him for a new email address, and he would inform him after a while. It has been successfully modified, and you can see the verification email from Nintendo when you log in to the new mailbox. If the verification is successful, you can log in with the new mailbox.

Original :

"I registered a new Nintendo account with Kou Kou's email address, the region was Hong Kong at first, then I switched to the US server, and then I found Nintendo of America online customer service.

Sorry, Some of the chat records with the customer service in the web version do not have screenshots, so please use the screenshots I sent to WeChat for translation as a reference. Some of them may be lost.

First of all, the condition is that my original binding I can't receive new emails with my fixed email address, and my switch is not around, so I can't provide the serial number of the machine, but I want to change my email address.

The customer service asked some questions, such as account nickname, birthday , registration time, etc., and then you will be asked the email address you want to change, and after a while, it will tell you that the modification is successful.

When you log in to the newly modified mailbox, you will see the verification email from Nintendo , after the verification is successful, you can log in with the new mailbox, and the old mailbox cannot log in at the same time. And the account information has not changed, whether it is nickname, birthday or SW code.

Interlude: This is The fourth customer service I found, the first three were like this

The first customer service: Because I forgot to switch servers, the customer service asked me to find the customer service in my area.

Second A customer service: I switched to the US server. The customer service asked me for the original email address and serial number, which I provided truthfully. The customer service said that my machine has been locked, and then I can re-activate the login with the new email provided. But the switch does not Any response.

The third customer service: I said that my original mailbox cannot receive new emails, so I want to change the new email. The customer service asked some questions, such as why can't your original mailbox receive new emails? Why is your switch not around? I compiled a few answers and went back to the past, and then asked two more questions, 1. Account nickname, 2. Birthday. After I answered, I asked the new email address I needed to modify, and then I made a mistake, Provided the registered email address, the customer service said that it has been registered, and we need you to call me back.

Actually, I think if the third customer service I provide is brand new and unused, it should also be It will be successfully modified. For the account, only the nickname and birthday are asked, and the registration time is not asked, because the fourth customer service is directly asked in a paragraph, and the third oneis asked separately.

And, none of the three customer service asked for the SW code.

Summary: No serial number, just need to answer some questions, you can replace.

For example, I know your Kukuu email address and your account nickname in the Kukukou group, and the birthday of your Kukukou data is the same as the birthday on your Nintendo account. At present, as long as it is a US server No., I can pass these points and may successfully apply to reset your account email and password.

So for unnecessary things to happen, don't leave the same birthday as the account number in the group, and don't leave a nickname.

In addition, I will do a test on the Japanese server and Hong Kong server tomorrow. At the same time, in order to be more rigorous, I will also repeat it several times. ”

Ubisoft launches new comic "Assassin's Creed: Blade of Shao Yun" on February 16th

According to GameSpot reports, Ubisoft recently In collaboration with Viz Media, a new series of Assassin's Creed comics: Assassin's Creed: Blade of Shao Yun, which focuses on the Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China's Assassin "Shao Yun" The story of her descendant "Lisa Wong".

In the story, Lisa Huang uses the Animus to relive the memory of her ancestor "Shao Yun": this memory comes from the distant ancient Chinese dynasty "Ming", when the Ming emperor Zhengde died and the Jiajing emperor Zhu Houjun ascended the throne at a young age. The Assassin organization of the Ming Dynasty was also defeated by the eunuch group led by the Templars and dominated the government, and only Shao Yun survived.

However, in the process of searching, Lisa Huang No one was found using her and Shao Yun's memories to find the location of the mysterious treasure!


It is reported that the manga, drawn by Japanese cartoonist Miji Kurata (sound: Minoji Kurata), will be officially released on February 16, priced at $15 (approximately RMB 97.04).

Why is the update of "Among us" so slow? Manufacturer: only four of us

As the world's most popular werewolf-like killing game "Among us", Although it has been launched for two years, it has rarely been updated. Regarding this, the production team InnerSloth stated in their development diary that the fire of "Among us" 2 years after its launch also caught them off guard, so they only have a small team. Without adapting to the new changes, everything has to be adjusted slowly.

InnerSloth spent two months adjusting the structure, developing new processes, and working with third parties to help manage it. But InnerSloth's game project With just four employees in charge, it needs to be simplified if such a small team is to sustain the booming "Among us". While this means that the team will be removed from many aspects of the game, it will be more helpful now and in the future. For game development. For console platforms such as NS and Xbox, more work support and certification are required. These rely on the help of third-party porting partners. In addition, there are many more that their small team cannot fully Things in control (legal issues, meetings, planning), so the current situation makes game projects need more time to slow down.

For this InnerSloth said, he is very grateful to the players Wait patiently.

As for expanding the scale and recruiting horses, InnerSloth said that they still want to maintain the original intention and keep the development work in a streamlined state. Adding more people doesn't automatically speed up development, but if there are problems with the process, it will slow down development and cause all kinds of problems. Recruiting, training, onboarding, possible interpersonal disputes, authoring and development conflicts, legal/privacy issues, and countless others can all arise.

So all InnerSloth can do is to keep "Among us" updated slowly and steadily, and they're working on it.

"Red Dead Redemption 2" new skydive content files leaked

Foreign media speculate that it is related to the development of "GTA6"

A new leaked document for Red Dead Redemption 2 has fans of GTA excited as it seems to allude to the development of GTA 6. As for the leaked data itself, it comes from a recent "Wildness"Red Dead Redemption 2 update files.

According to foreign media Comicbook reports, on the foreign "GTA" forum, a data miner revealed that they found content about skydiving when they were mining the "Red Dead Redemption 2" files. Of course, there is no skydiving in Red Dead Redemption 2, so these files are clearly not for this western open-world game. Additionally, these files do not exist in GTA5 either, which seems to confirm that they are not leftover GTA5 files either. So, what's left is probably GTA6.

Why in Red Dead Redemption 2 GTA6 files appear? Explained to this media Comicbook, first of all, when developers make a new game, they usually inherit some work and files from previous projects, especially when the game design is similar and uses the same engine. GTA 6 currently meets both of these criteria. This goes both ways. Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA5 files will not only appear in GTA6, GTA6 files may also appear in Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA5, everything All mixed up. And that also seems to be happening.

But for now, take all these speculations with a grain of salt. While the leaked files themselves are easily verifiable, there is nothing to directly confirm that this is related to GTA 6 right now. What else these files are used for is unclear.

The developer of "Sackboy Adventure" has two unannounced AAA game projects

Recently Twitter user "MauroNL3" It is reported that Sumo Digital, the developer of Sackboy Adventures, is recruiting staff for two unannounced AAA game projects in Sheffield, UK, one of which is an open-world 3A action game and the other is a third-person multiplayer shooter.

In the open world 3A action game recruitment announcement, it says: "We are looking for a passionate senior game designer to help create the next generation of a mature AAA open world action game series that enhances the gameplay and narrative modes of existing IP."

The third-person shooter job posting states: "We are currently developing an undisclosed third-person shooter. Three-player multiplayer action game, we are looking for a game designer who is good at creating characters, combat and traversal mechanics, who can play a key role in developing the core experience of 3A games" At the same time, the job announcement also mentioned PVP shooter and "modern" Game Trends", indicating that this may be a shooting game based on modern themes.

At present, Sumo Digital has not responded to this news. For specific game information, please refer to the official information.

Affected by the epidemic, Activision Blizzard's stock surged to the highest value in 37 years

According to GameSpot, due to the impact of the epidemic, many People working from home/playing games have made Activision Blizzard's stock price soar to $95 per share recently. "The Wall Street Journal" said: This is the company's highest value since 1984.

Research firm MKM Partners also recently raised its focus on Activision Blizzard revenue and EPS guidance, the company also marked its price target at $105 per share.

In 2020, Activision Blizzard's most successful title was Call of Duty: Warzone, which generated millions of dollars through microtransactions. Call of Duty: Black Ops 5, released the same year, also had strong sales—it was the top-selling game in the U.S. overall in 2020.

Gfat is addicted to "Dota2" and hopes to hold an e-sports event in New Zealand

Gfatty accepted an interview with 1 News a few days ago. In the interview, the host talked about his views on the two games "Dota2" and "CS: GO" and their global e-sports events.

When talking about "Dota2" and other works, G fat said: I am currently addicted to "Dota2", everyone around us has joined this game under my lead, and I also expect join inThe ranks of Apex Legends. G Fatt said: "I think I will enjoy playing it ("Apex Heroes"), it is a good work, on the other hand, I think that as a game developer, I can learn a lot from this work stuff."

G Fat also told Nintendo's well-known game designer A tribute to Shigeru Miyamoto: "Playing Shigeru Miyamoto's work is very fun, and his work has always helped me become a better game developer." He also played those classics in other ways, such as in expert mode Beat Left 4 Dead, even though that might not be a very lofty game goal.

When talking about the global e-sports events of "Dota2" and "CS: GO", G fat expressed the idea of ​​looking forward to holding related events in New Zealand. In 2020, the TI10 event of "Dota2" was suspended due to the impact of the epidemic. This e-sports event with the highest prize money in the world was originally scheduled to be held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Fat G said: "This is a possibility (referring to events in New Zealand) and we've been making him more realistic. If we have to guess when and where the events will be, it's probably hard for me to give an answer. Plan accordingly.”

“For example, we can implement proper procedures to make this place like a 'quarantine'. As long as the epidemic is still spreading, it will continue to increase our number of events here. The possibility of the event.”

G Fat: V Club is working on a number of new works focusing on the single player experience

V Club Co-founder and CEO Gabe Newell (G fat) recently accepted an interview with 1 News. In the interview, he confirmed that Valve is working on a number of new works and hopes to focus game production on the single-player experience.

G Fatty talked about the work "Half-Life: Alyx", which will be released in 2020, in an interview, he said: ""Aylx" is great, it brings us back to single-player production, and for the We're going to be fueled by what we're doing next! We're definitely going to be announcing some new titles in development, because publishing games is a lot of fun."

While talking about these upcoming titles (Foreign media speculated that it may be the "Half-Life", "Portal" series), G Fat chose to avoid: "I haven't talked about these things for a long time, before they (players and media) raised uncontroversial issues, I will not continue to talk about these content."

Previously, a V agency work code-named Citadel was exposed, G Fat said: "We have a lot of code names, what you are talking about refers to the game Codename?" Apparently, he avoided the question again, insisting on refusing to reveal any news or details.

"Half-Life: Aylx"

V's response to the cause Partition lock activation was fined: raise objection, resolutely appeal

We reported yesterday that V and five publishers were fined by the EU. This morning, V official responded at the invitation of Eurogamer: The European Commission's claim is contested and will be resolutely appealed.

In yesterday's report, the EU said that Valve did not cooperate with it and imposed a higher fine on it, which Valve said was completely wrong.

V agency said in a message to Eurogamer: During the seven-year investigation process, V agency has conducted long-term and extensive cooperation with the European Commission, and has provided various evidence and information at its request , Valve finally believes that they have not violated the relevant regulations, and they disagree with the European Commission's findings and the fine on Valve.

V said: "The EC (European Commission) does not impose fines for selling games on Steam, but mainly for partition lock activation. The EC claims that Valve provides Steam activation keys and ( At the request of some publishers) these keys are locked in a specific region to enable 'partition lock activation' behavior. But in reality, when users buy Steam games from third-party resellers, these keys will allow players to Activate the corresponding game on Steam. Valve provides keys for these players for free, and will not receive any share of the dividends when the game is sold by third-party resellers.”

{@#@##@##twenty four}

"Regulations such as partition lock activation only apply to a small number of games, about 3% of the entire Steam game library (and all Valve games are not involved). We think The EC's extension of 3% liability for game problems to the entire game library should not be supported by the law. In fact, Valve has been working on these situations since 2015, unless the zone-locking behavior is necessary, such as a violation of Germany The content law of the game may be trapped in the geographical restrictions of the games released by Steam partners. Removing the partition lock activation may also cause game developers to increase the price of games in less affluent areas to prevent 'people with ulterior motives' from taking advantage of the opportunity to arbitrage. In different countries There is also no cost involved in sending the activation key in between - the activation key is all the player needs to activate and play the game."

"Apex Heroes" 》Latest hero Fuse accused of plagiarism

Character very similar to another Indian FPS game

Respawn Entertainment and EA's hit battle royale game "Apex Heroes" accused of plagiarism A character from the upcoming Indian indie FPS game BulletVille.

"Apex Heroes" will land on the NS platform as early as next month, and will introduce a new character, Fuse, in the eighth season, which will be launched on February 2. NOWWA, the team behind the game BulletVille, said they found the character "very familiar," noting that he had "eye patch, motorcycle suit, skull belt, robotic arm, moustache, grenade chain, gloves, necklace, vest jacket, round back. The graphic pattern, leather pants, red-gray theme color, and characteristic gray-striped haircut are all very similar to BulletVille's character Hunter."

The team pointed out that the character Hunter in BulletVille has been public for nearly two years, and the Fuse of Apex Legends is "with his own design" There seem to be a lot of similarities." NOWWA explained that the BulletVille tests were conducted with EA in October and November 2020 - which "further supports the theory of potential 'plagiarism'".

NOWWA shared the following statement with Nintendo Life on the matter, along with a comparison chart of the two characters:

"We're delighted that the Apex Legends team likes Hunter's style. , and want to recreate it in Apex Legends - we'd even like to have a linkage eventually! Still, we're concerned that as a small indie producer with an unreleased game, we might be said to be It's a steal from Apex Legends, which is certainly not true."

"Hunter has two weapons: a pistol and a rocket launcher. Guess what is Fuse's ultimate ability?" NOWWA said, "A rocket Launcher."

Nintendo Life has reached out to EA's Apex Legends PR team and has yet to hear back.

Data mining shows that Lara may be added to the new season of "Fortnite" as a skin

The recent data of netizen Mang0e During the excavation, it was found that "Fortress Night" will soon launch a linked skin code-named "Typhoon (Typhoon)".

According to the data, the skin is a female reactive character with custom flickering effects.

And the reason people think this skin might be Laura, It's because the official Twitter of Tomb Raider suddenly posted some expressions not long ago, and the expressions included pickaxes, women, and bows and arrows.

Considering that there is no new work in the Tomb Raider series, and Lara is a character that fits the "Hunter" theme of "Fortnite" this season, this time Lara is likely to be added as a skin to "Hunter". The new season of Fortnite.

This picture is the artistic creation of netizen SweetRabbit

E-waste? Nearly half a ton of PlayStation consoles are sold in boxes starting at $800

What kind of experience is it to buy a large box of PlayStation consoles? Second-hand auction site shopgoodwill has a big box on the shelvessuch a commodity.

shopgoodwill has a big box of PlayStation consoles with PS2s, PS3s, and PS4s in them, but they're all second-hand, some are damaged or worn, and they look more like a big pile of e-waste, Or the console grave. The total weight of the bunch of PS consoles is 987 pounds, minus 75 pounds of pallets and boxes, it weighs 912 pounds, or about 413 kilograms, and the minimum bid is $800.

If Don't want to buy this pile of PS host corpses, there is still a box of game console handles and wires waiting for you, 604 pounds, about 274 kilograms, and the minimum bid is $650.

NVIDIA show operation: restart RTX 2060 and RTX 2060S graphics cards The release of the GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card is just a few weeks away. NVIDIA has pushed inventory to board partners and system integrators to use the previous generation, the sources said.

In Europe, the RTX 2060 is priced at 300 euros and the RTX 2060 SUPER is 400 euros. The upcoming GeForce RTX 3060 is priced at 339 euros, the price is in the middle of the first two cards, but the RTX 3060 is based on the latest Ampere framework, and its performance is much higher than the RTX 2060. The pricing of the RTX 2060 and the RTX 2060S is also incomprehensible.

Based on the recent out-of-stock situation of RTX 30 series graphics cards, NVIDIA may do this because the GA106/GA104 chips required for the new cards are scarce, trying to meet the market through the remaining inventory of the previous generation.

In response to the hot miners, MSI may launch a special mining card

According to videocardz, the latest entry into the Eurasian Economic Commission Supervision Office through MSI The record speculates that MSI may be preparing to research graphics cards dedicated to mining.

GeForce RTX 3060 Ti MINER series has appeared in EEC list . The product name makes it clear that the graphics card will be used for cryptocurrency mining. This isn't the first time we've seen a board partner launch a mining-specific card, though.

Special graphics cards that are thermally substandard are often sold in bulk by board partners, and not for every project All packed. This lowers the production cost of these special graphics cards that don't use technologies like fan-on-stop and RGB, but at the same time, the warranty is limited, and more importantly, these cards are often sold at a higher price than gaming graphics cards . The latest EEC entry shows that MSI will launch two RTX 3060Ti MINER mining graphics cards (based on GA104):

This is not the first time MSI has released graphics cards dedicated to mining. During the previous Bitcoin price surge in 2017, some manufacturers launched Pascal mining cards, using P106-100 or P104-100, these cards did not have the GeForce prefix, but still provided the same GPU chips as gaming graphics cards.

Epic Plus One: Strategy Game "Galactic Civilization 3"

Dandala: Trials of Fear will be presented next week< /h1>

The classic turn-based strategy game "Galactic Civilization 3" will be given away from Epic Mall this week. And next week Epic will present the 2D platform action game Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition.

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