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To win 80% of the market share, what does Enlight Media use to support the "ambition" of animation

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Light Media What can I do to support the "ambition" of animation

Source: Beijing Business Daily

Now Guangguang Media has become an "animation fan", not only its subsidiary Horgos Color Bar House Pictures Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Color Bar House Pictures") has recently acquired an animation company 20% of the shares, the company also has a number of animation film projects waiting to be released or in the process of production. Since the establishment of Caitiaowu Pictures in 2015 to vigorously develop the animation business, Enlight Media has used capital actions such as "buy, buy, buy" to occupy the market, while at the same time it has independently produced or imported animation films to accumulate business experience. Under the dual layout, can Enlight Media fulfill Chairman Wang Changtian's long-cherished wish to build "China Pixar"?

Continuous capital action

Invest in at least 22 companies

This time Enlight Media is interested in It is an animation company named Beijing Daqian Sunshine Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Daqian Sunshine"), and Caitiaowu Pictures invested 39.9962 million yuan with its own funds to subscribe for 6,471,875 shares of Daqian Sunshine's shares. After the subscription is completed, Caitiaowu Pictures will hold 20% of the shares of Daqian Sunshine, and Daqian Sunshine will become a shareholding company of Caitiaowu Pictures.

For those who are not familiar with the animation industry, the name of Daqian Sunshine may be unfamiliar, but the company is the co-producer and producer of "Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage", and it has now been listed as a new company. Three board. According to Enlight Media, this investment in Daqian Sunshine can improve the entire production process of animation film and television projects, effectively integrate upstream and downstream resources in the animation film and television market, improve the industrial layout, and consolidate its dominant position.

Daqian Sunshine is just one of many animation companies invested by Enlight Media. As early as October 2015, when Caitiaowu Pictures appeared as the role of Enlight Media in the vertical layout of the animation industry, Enlight Media revealed that it had invested in 13 animation companies at that time. Since then, Enlight Media has continued to increase its animation business through investment and acquisition. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that up to now, Enlight Media has invested in at least 22 animation companies.

Investment analyst Xu Shan believes that before the establishment of Caitiaowu Pictures, although Guangguang Media had already received good market feedback on works such as "The Journey to Thailand", animation was not in the market at that time. The company's business layout is still a relatively unfamiliar field. One of the ways to quickly enter the industry is to invest in and acquire domestic animation companies.

Observing these 22 companies, it can be found that the creators of many animation films with high box office, such as October Culture, are the creative team of "Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage"; It is the creator of "Big Fish and Begonia".

However, not all the animation companies invested in it can hand over a satisfactory report card. Taking Daqian Sunshine invested this time as an example, the announcement shows that in 2017, Daqian Sunshine's operating income and net profit were 20.834 million yuan and 1.088 million yuan respectively, which were in a profitable state, but the deducted non-net profit was 271,000 yuan, which was higher than the previous year. It fell 74.58% over the same period. Some industry insiders questioned after seeing the government subsidy of 730,000 yuan in the financial statements, saying that 70% of the company's net profit depends on government subsidies.

Blue Arc Culture is also a representative of failing to deliver satisfactory transcripts. Blue Arc Culture once promised that the net profit for 2014-2016 should not be less than 26 million yuan, 33.8 million yuan, and 41.6 million yuan respectively, but the net profit in 2015 was 24.9 million yuan, and the net profit from January to September 2016 was only 333,000 yuan. Yuan. In the end, Guangguang Media chose to sell 50.8% of Blue Arc Culture at the end of 2016Equity.

14 works in three years

Box office performance was uneven

Wang Changtian's plan for Enlight Media The animation business has always had high expectations, and declared when Caitiaowu Pictures was established, "My dream is to have a China Pixar Group, occupying half of China's best animation content." To this end, while investing in animation companies, Enlight Media has also continuously launched animation films in the past three years with different roles such as production and distribution.

According to the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, in the past three years, Enlight Media has participated in a total of 14 animation films released in theaters, with a total box office of 3.053 billion yuan. Among them, four works have won the box office of more than 500 million yuan, namely "Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage", which set the box office record of domestic animated films, "Big Fish and Begonia" and "Your Name", which have set off a movie craze. ", and "Bear Infested: The Metamorphosis", which was just released earlier this year. These four works are currently ranked in the top ten box office of all domestically released animated films, and "Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage", "Big Fish and Begonia" and "Bear Infested: The Metamorphosis" are the only ones in the top ten. Three domestic animated films.

However, while the related works performed well at the box office, the market feedback of some works was not optimistic. Among the 14 animation films, the lowest box office was "Big World" released in January this year, with a total box office of 2.618 million yuan, followed by "Christmas Wonderful Company" released in December last year, with a total box office of 4.932 million yuan. And "Guobao Special Attack: Fruit Escape" received 8.335 million yuan at the box office.

At the online briefing held by Enlight Media a few days ago, Wang Heng, the chief financial officer of Enlight Media, revealed the company's related plans in the animation field this year. "In 2018, Enlight Media has released animation films including the Golden Horse Award-winning "Big World" and the IP series animation film "Bears". This year, the animation film "Yesterday's Blue Sky" and the live-action animation film "Charlie IX" will be released. Continue to introduce Japanese animation films, and there are many animation films in the production process, which will be released one after another in 2019-2020." Wang He said.

In the eyes of industry insiders, although there have been many cases of animation films achieving good box office performance in recent years, compared with other types of films such as commercial blockbusters, they often cost over 100 million yuan, or even billions of yuan. Compared with the box office of 2019, due to factors such as content production, target audience setting, market acceptance, etc., the box office of domestic animation movies is mostly difficult to exceed 100 million yuan. According to the "Report on the Development of Chinese Animation Films (2017)", a total of 30 new domestic animation films were released in 2017, achieving a box office revenue of 1.303 billion yuan. However, upon closer inspection, only 4 domestic animation films have box office exceeding 100 million yuan.

Aiming to capture 80% of the market

How far is "China Pixar"

Although from Overall, the animation and film market is still in the developing stage, but Enlight Media still has great ambitions in this field. The animation companies it invests in spanning 3D animation, 2D animation, comics, games, foreign copyright and other links. Wang Changtian said, "Chinese animation films are still in the early stage of development, and it is expected that domestic animation films will explode on a large scale in the next few years. The biggest factors restricting the development of Chinese animation films are the lack of animation market and the serious shortage of animation talents. These conditions are changing. In the future, we hope to account for 80% of the market share of domestic animated films.”

Liu Haoya, a researcher at Bank of China International Securities Co., Ltd. believes that Guangguang Media, through its subsidiary Caitiaowu Pictures, holds Hongli Culture and other companies, and the layout of the animation content industry is gradually maturing. In addition, Guolian Securities analysts believe that Enlight Media has continued to invest in a number of high-quality companies in the animation field recently, effectively integrating upstream and downstream resources, which can improve Enlight Media's industrial layout in the animation field and consolidate the company's position in the animation field.

But at the same time, it can also be found that although Enlight Media has invested in many animation companies, and there are only three domestic works in the top ten box office of all domestic animation films that have been released in China, Enlight Media also has a presence behind it. , but to become China Pixar, there is still a way to go.

Pixar, which has produced many classic animated films such as "Dream Hunter", "Toy Story" and "Flying House", has been set as a benchmark in the animation industry by many practitioners. "At present, there is no domestic company that can compare with Pixar. The development of Pixar to the present depends on the quality of works, including content creation and technology, and on the other hand, it is also related to management aspects such as project operation, talent training, and corporate culture. For example, Pixar will Doing short films is not only to train the director, but alsoWe are using short short films to prove whether it is feasible,” said Xu Shan.

Practitioners believe that compared with excellent foreign animation companies, domestic animation companies are still a little anxious. It is rough, but in fact the technical gap between domestic and foreign is not as big as the audience imagined. The key lies in how to tell the story well, and whether to polish each work patiently, especially the details.

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