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The original episode of this episode is a bit confusing. "Reincarnated Evil Miss" has opened the stock trading mode. Have your stocks gone up? _ Anime New Fan

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But she is just like a monkey, but she has avoided a lot of broken flags. Since childhood, she has won the favor of various characters from prince to younger brother, and she is entering a magic school. Then directly put the final Boss to the big villain - the heroine in the original game.

The harem is crowded!

Going someone else's way leaves someone else nowhere. This sentence is perfect for Katarina, the heroine of the anime.

But the most amazing thing about the anime is that the events of the Harem didn't make the audience feel like it was all scheming and unscrupulous. On the contrary, Katarina's The harem is basically some big run.

From the beginning of the two best friends of orange hair and white hair, it is because of her honesty and enthusiasm that she can make real friends. Although...sometimes the heroine Katarina's purpose is just to play, to eat, or to have no heart. But it is this unintentional design that makes anime look and feel quite good.

Thinking back now, the heroine was reincarnated as a villain in the game, but because she knew the script, she turned it around Without all the obstacles in the game, this blackening plot will make the audience very uncomfortable.

So the direction of the anime and the original work is quite good. On the one hand, it can make [Sand Sculpture Conquer the World] show a lot of laughs, and on the other hand, it will not be a slanted sword in terms of three views. .

The latest episode - is it really a stock market?

After conquering the heroine Maria in the original game, anime has really gone further and further on the road of [stocks].

At this time, it was the right thing to match friends and let them all form a CP, but Katarina is a monkey in nature, and it is really difficult for a monkey to do this kind of thing.

So the plot becomes: How does it feel like everyone is gathered around me? Well~ maybe everyone just wants to play, just have fun...This kind of work is quite successful from a funny point of view, but it is a bit awkward from a plot development point of view.

I thought this episode 7 would converge in this direction, but the production team just I chose [persist on the road of stock trading]. And there was no plot similar to stock speculation in the original work, so they forced an original episode.

The most common trick for stock speculation is to have several different characters in each episode to achieve [rising] ],

Chapter 7 actually achieved the goal of [stock trading]: The wife-protecting madman with the engaged Giordo and his younger brother Guise ] scenes, and there are also scenes with white hair [Crazy A goes up], which can satisfy the shareholders who hold the corresponding character shares.

But to be honest, the overall feeling of this episode is really embarrassing + fanciful, It’s the kind of A sense of coercion caused by the purpose being too obvious. This point should be paid attention to if the animation continues to follow the stock speculation route in the future, and if this embarrassing behavior continues, the animation will be clearly reflected in the comprehensive score and word-of-mouth.

Conclusion: wait and see and sell in time

The first 6 episodes of "Reincarnated Evil Miss" really give It's a bright feeling, but this time the official embarrassment of Chapter 7The work really made the audience have a lot of doubts.

If you're a happy investor and just want to enjoy your stock going up, that's fine. But for the wait-and-see army, it is not sustainable to continue such an operation.

Of course, most people, including me, are still generally positive about anime, Good is good, it should be praised!

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