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The unlucky cartoonist Keita Yadera lost millions in stocks, and even fans urged him to stop playing

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Japan is a country that often produces great-level cartoonists. The number of these great-level cartoonists is not large, but the quality is high. Therefore, these great-level cartoonists often rely on the dividends of one work. Eat for a lifetime, such as the cartoonist [Fujien Yoshihiro] composed of four commendatory words, one of his masterpieces "HUNTER × HUNTER" has been serialized since June 4, 1998, and it has been suspended for many times until now. The serialization has reached more than 300 words, which is quite lazy compared to the cartoonists of the same era.

Even if the great cartoonists are "lazy", they still have enough financial support, but those are not outstanding It's not enough for a manga artist to live on his "work" alone, so some not-so-famous manga artists began to look for other ways to make money. It's really unfortunate. Originally, he wanted to make money through "stock trading", but he didn't expect to lose millions of copyright fees.

Regarding the cartoonist "Yaji Keita", his reputation is not very big, and he is very famous in China. There are only three works found, namely "Bad Machine Stupid", "The Huge She", and "Love Corpse Chuan Classmates Are Carnivorous". The themes are all funny and everyday works. This type of work does not have too deep connotation. Fire is very difficult, so one day the author Keita Yadera thought of this and began to look for other ways to make money, and this way is "stock speculation", which he also showed in the form of comics.

Although Keita Yadera is not very famous, he is still a cartoonist with three works, so he has Still a small deposit, with the mentality of getting rich overnight, Keita Yadera invested the 2 million yen that he had saved for 2 and a half years into stocks, but he did not expect it to disappear.

Those who have played "stock trading" should have some experience, this "stock trading" is actually the same as "gambling" In the same way, it is easy for people to fall deeper and deeper and have a mentality of returning to the original. After the first failure, Keita Yadera did not give up. into the stock market.

Even if my friends advised me, I didn’t listen, and as a result, I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Keita Yadera, who has had the experience of failure, learned to be smart this time. He did not sell the stock in his hand immediately, but kept it to see if it would rise. Unexpectedly, he really made a small profit.

The mentality of losing and earning made Keita Yadera put money into "stocks" again, but The third time, he was not so lucky. He encountered "pneumonia" as soon as he invested the money, which caused the stocks he bought to plummet. In order not to lose everything, Keita Yadera began to sell the stocks in his hand. It happened, when he finished selling, the stock went up again, which was bad luck.

It's a good thing that Keita Yadera, a manga artist, can plan for the future, but everything needs Do what you can, and be more cautious in the way of making money. You should choose the field you are good at and cultivate deeply, so as not to let all your deposits run out.

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