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Behind the change of WeChat "avatar" is China's scientific and technological progress, and the furniture circle has also undergone great changes in the first half of the year!

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In the Chinese furniture/home furnishing industry, these big things happened in the first half of the year!

Home Furnishing Industry

1. Easyhome and Red Star Macalline interpret the industry competition and cooperation relationship

On January 7th, at the 4th China Home Furnishing Industry Development Annual Conference hosted by 11 major associations, Wang Linpeng, chairman of Easyhome, and Che Jianxin, chairman of Red Star Macalline, jointly won the 2016 Dayan Award" China Home Furnishing Industry Meritorious Leader Award". As each other's biggest competitors, the two rarely talked on the same stage. They also shook hands, shouldered shoulders, and even embraced "affectionately" under the attention of the audience, which made the most perfect interpretation of the competition and cooperation relationship in the industry. Wang Linpeng and Che Jianxin competed in each other's learning and continued to grow stronger in each other's competition. Although the two bosses have many differences in character and behavior, they are always "people in the same direction" when it comes to paving the way for the home furnishing industry and raising the flag.

2. Marco Polo Tiles Chairman Huang Jianping angered Jack Ma because of fake e-commerce products

On March 2, Marco Polo Tiles Chairman Huang Jianping shouted that Ma Yun should undertake online sales to crack down on counterfeit goods responsibility. Three days later, Alibaba responded: Taobao is responsible for cracking down on counterfeiting, but brands should manage their own channels. The anti-counterfeiting and mutual confrontation of online platforms has triggered the game between traditional channels and online e-commerce in the industry. From economist Wang Fuzhong to CCTV host Bai Yansong, they have joined in, and Dong Mingzhu of Gree Electric even said: Without the real economy, Jack Ma is a dead end. one. Who is to blame for the rampant counterfeit goods on e-commerce platforms? In the current Chinese business environment, virtual economies like Taobao have brought trouble to real brand companies like Marco Polo. Between reality and reality, one piece and one relaxation has become a civil and military approach that requires more balance in economic development.

3. Gujia Home Furnishing's first home furnishing industry "User Conference"

On March 4, Gujia Home Furnishing The first "User Conference" was held in Hangzhou, and 300 consumers were invited to the scene to interact with live broadcasts on multiple platforms. The number of participants exceeded 300,000. For people in the Internet industries such as IT and electronics, the "user conference" is not unfamiliar, and for the home furnishing industry, Gujia Home Furnishing is the first of its kind. Building a communication platform with "users" as the main body, and turning users into fans marks another upgrade of Gujia Home's "user thinking". From the "door-to-door sofa washing" activity that has been practiced for several years to the "bed sports meeting" held on the world's largest mattress this year, the interaction with consumers has brought home furnishing from "self-healing" marketing to another "national home". model.

4. Love Space Chen Wei tearing Boloni Cai Ming, igniting the standardization VS customization war

April On the 10th, Chen Wei, CEO of Aispace, and Cai Ming, CEO of Boloni, two "old guns" in the home improvement industry staged a tearing X war on Sina Weibo. One said, "Standardization is the reversal of history! Customization is the future." The two were fighting each other, and big names in the home, design, and media circles, even Luo Zhenyu, the founder of Luo Ji Siwei, and Su Cen, a famous female writer, also stood in line to discuss standards and customization in the next ten years. The battle of customization or standardization is not only the home improvement industry, but also a topic to be discussed in the next ten years in the entire home furnishing industry. Who will control the ups and downs in the future, the five trillion home improvement market provides enough space for exploration for various models.

5. A new generation of home furnishing collectively unveiled Jiusheng Inheritance Ceremony

On April 19, Zhang Kai inherited his father's mantle and took over as chairman of Jiusheng. The "First Year of Kai" was officially opened under the witness of all the people in the industry. At the same time, Zhang Kai released a brand-new Jiusheng brand strategy, dedicated to corporate innovation on the basis of his parents. Although the home furnishing industry is ushering in a second-generation succession wave,Such grand and formal inheritance ceremonies are rare. At the ceremony, Che Jianfang, Vice President of Red Star Macalline, You Guozhong, Chairman of Renhao, and Huang Huakun, Chairman of Left and Right Sofa, led the members of the "Star Maker Club" to appear and take the oath. The second generation of home furnishing made its first collective appearance, showing the new power of the industry. With the development of home furnishing for 30 years, inheritance has become a topic that enterprises cannot avoid. How to let go of the older generation and how to take over the leadership of young people, as there is currently no replicable model, enterprises need to take the first step of exploration by themselves.

6.TATA Wooden Gate sponsored the World Table Tennis Championships to go out of the "country"

At the end of May 2017 In the table tennis competition, TATA wooden door appeared in the German arena as the only designated sponsor of the Chinese home furnishing industry. Playing with "national ball" and "national door", TATA has taken the first step to expand the global territory for building China's wooden door international business card. Chinese companies sponsoring large-scale sports events is nothing new, but the phenomenon of spending huge sums of money in the home furnishing industry is still little known. TATA took the lead in breaking this deadlock. At the World Table Tennis Championships, Chinese athletes and TATA wooden doors showed their international style on the world stage. In recent years, Chinese home furnishing enterprises are rushing to the international market in various forms and ways, from OEM exports to launching their own brands, Chinese home furnishing enterprises are already on the way to overseas expansion, and the quality of "Made in China" is also on the way. Continue to catch up with the world advanced level.

7. The most local tyrant design award was awarded by Easyhome

June 16, in Beijing During the International Home Furnishing Exhibition, the "Actually Designer Cup" Home Furnishing Design Grand Prix awarded the most local tyrant award with a maximum prize of 100,000 US dollars. In order to support Chinese design and promote the transformation of the home furnishing industry to design innovation, as the organizer, Easyhome has made a lot of money. In addition, Easyhome has also signed a strategic contract with the German Red Dot Award, planning to hold a Red Dot Design Exhibition in Beijing in 2018. To promote Chinese design to the world, and to introduce foreign design concepts into China, the support of real money and silver is an infinite respect for the value of design. Made in China is ushering in an era of perfect appearance.

8. The first Jaen A-share listing of China Interior Design

On June 19th, Jayne Design rang the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing bell and became the first stock in China's interior design A-share market. Design companies are always difficult to grow in the business competition. For decades, almost no one has successfully passed the approval to list A-shares. As the world's ninth largest company in the field of commercial design, Jayne has developed a feasible model for other companies. From the product extension to the competition for capital, the listing tide set off by Oupai, Shangpin Home Furnishing, Piano, and Huida Sanitary Ware this year is changing the competition pattern of the industry. After the listing, whether it is factory production or sales terminal construction, it is like installing a super engine. Under the market change, this will be a historic window opportunity for many home furnishing companies to transform and upgrade and expand their layout.

Furniture Industry

1. Environmental protection problems are becoming more and more serious, and environmental protection home has broad prospects

A study shows that 53.8% of Chinese consumers pay attention to environmental protection when purchasing furniture, and 36% of consumers regard environmental protection as their primary criterion. In the furniture sales in 2017, environmentally friendly furniture accounted for the total sales Today, there are many furniture companies under the banner of environmental protection, but there are not many companies that actually produce environmentally friendly and safe furniture.

2. Virtual reality (VR) technology is becoming mature

VR has gradually become popular. The VR+ game is a hot topic in the VR circle, and now furniture companies are gradually moving into the VR circle. For example, the VR furniture platform of Miaozaibuy, they have integrated VR technology into real estate marketing, and used VR for real estate projects at home and abroad. It is displayed in front of consumers in the form of immersive experience, helping consumers to walk into the real estate project sold and perceive its internal space, pattern, external environment and location. Let consumers feel that the purchase of soft equipment is such a worry-free, labor-saving and time-saving thing.

3. Augmented reality (AR) becomes a new hot spot in the furniture industry

What will happen in the second half of 2016” "Black technology" is the hottest? Augmented reality is well-deserved. The AR game "Pokemon Go" was popular all over the world. In 2017, Alipay and Tencent QQ's Spring Festival AR real red envelopes, including the furniture industry, can drag virtual furniture to the real room. any corner of, very intuitive, and the increasingly powerful mobile phone functions have brought huge imagination space for the popularization of AR technology. AR greatly expands and simplifies the operation of human-computer interaction, and will soon become an important operation platform and user application platform for the next generation.

4. Whole house customization continues to be hot

In 2017, there was a strong trend in the furniture industry "Customized" style, many brands have changed from single-product furniture suppliers to overall and system solution providers, providing consumers with one-stop services. According to this situation, customized home improvement should be thrown away within a few years. The protagonist of the furniture industry , For dealers, whole-house customization brings together consumers with various needs and has a wide audience, which greatly increases the number of customer orders, which is convenient for consumers and reduces the operating burden of dealers.

5. The momentum of smart furniture will not decrease

With the development of science and technology, "smart" has become a A lifestyle and social trend, just like the popularity of smartphones in the past, the furniture industry has also begun to pay attention to user needs and keep up with social trends, and get involved in the research and development of smart homes. Just like Alibaba's concept of the Internet of Things, smart homes can make life easier. Convenience, enterprises can also increase market competitiveness.

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