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These 5 WeChat avatars look like good women! (very accurate)

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Author | Miss Bai

Source | White Orchid Michelia


WeChat avatar can not only show a person's charm, but also show a person's temperament.

Everyone's WeChat avatar, although there are many, different, but these 5 types, at first glance, they are good women!

Check it out, are you there?

Charming landscape photos

Women who like to use landscape photos as their avatars tend to be peaceful, warm-hearted, Pay more attention to material wealth, and have your own pursuit and yearning for life.

They may not usually talk much, but in fact their hearts are as transparent as a mirror, and many things are just seen through but not revealed.

Most of them are very open to the trivial things in life, so in them, you can't see the vicissitudes of the face, only the indifference and calmness between the eyebrows and eyes after the passage of time.

In their relationship, they are romantic and single-minded, and it is precisely because of this deep affection, so even if she is hurt, she will not blame too much, but rather hide her emotions and be alone. Digestion and precipitation.

Although I long for someone who can understand myself, I will not just follow the flow, but choose to go with the flow.

Even if you live alone, you will sort out the noisy time into a quiet and elegant way, and live the ordinary days as leisurely as a poem.

A woman like this is a charming landscape in itself, which is worth cherishing by men.

Personal Selfie

Women who like to use selfies as their avatars don’t necessarily have Alluring looks, but most of them are confident and sunny, full of love and passion for life.

Or put on a little powder, or look on the mirror without makeup, with an optimistic and positive heart, frankly and calmly use photos to show their style.

They use selfies as avatars, not because of narcissism and smugness, nor because they care about other people's opinions, but because they like and are happy.

Know how to accept yourself and please yourself, whether it is strengths or weaknesses.

I will work hard to pursue the life I want, not afraid of hardships, but just want to live a life that is not defined by others.

In terms of character, he is free and easy and straightforward, calm and agile, knows how to entertain himself, and finds different pleasures in life.

In them, you can see a graceful temperament, full of positive energy, and an upward and abundant soul.

With such a woman, don't worry that life will be too boring, because she will inject different interest and color into ordinary life.

Slowly, you will also be infected by her enthusiasm for life, grow together and achieve each other.

Family life photos

A woman who likes to use family life photos as avatars, cares about family, loves life, just look at it Typical good wife and good mother.

From filial piety to parents, down to caring for children, they are gentle and caring for the family. They always take care of the inside and outside of the home in an orderly manner, and take care of their family members meticulously.

This kind of woman is generally warm-hearted, generous and open-minded.

For the sake of the family, they are happy no matter how hard or tired they are, because in their opinion, there is nothing more important than being a family together, being happy, and being harmonious.

Therefore, most of them are content and happy. Even if life is often unsatisfactory, they face all the gains and losses and joys and sorrows with a gentle and soft attitude.

Men, if they marry such a woman, they should be content.

Children's photos

A woman who likes to use children's photos as avatars, kind-hearted , Do not forget the original intention, like the simple life.

No matter how old you are, no matter how you look, you have a pure, childlike heart.

They know how to block the disturbance from the outside world. While enjoying the experience given by the years, they can still insist on being the original self.

I face life with a smile every day. It's not that I don't understand human feelings, it's not that I don't understand the cruelty of reality, but I just don't want to give up my most precious things.

Such a woman is approachable and likes to be heart-to-heart. As long as you treat each other with sincerity, she will open her heart to you and regard you as a lifelong friend.

Although sometimes it seems that the smile on her face doesn't matter, she is actually very sensitive and fragile in her bones, and she very much hopes that someone can give her a sense of security.

Once I identify you, I will always be the same to you, whether poor or rich, I will never leave you.

When you meet such a woman, take good care of her and don't break her heart.

Pet Photos

Women who like to use pet photos as their profile pictures, Caring, like to take care of others, cute and changeable personality.

Sometimes sentimental, sometimes humorous, but what remains the same is that they are always willing to give for those they love.

The kind-hearted women are used to bringing laughter to others and sadness to themselves.

Perhaps they won't express anything deliberately in words, but they will put themselves in your shoes and consider the small details in life, making you feel the warmth of natural expressions.

In life, I will be a warm-hearted person who likes to share and understands tolerance. When others encounter difficulties, they will do what they can and be willing to help others.

Such a woman is full of vitality, exudes the brilliance of love, and gives warmth to others like the sun.

A loving woman is a truly lovely woman, worthy of a man's love for a lifetime!

*Note: Some of the pictures in this article are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact.

*Author: Miss Bai, a woman in the workplace, writes warm and powerful words, shares an interesting and meaningful life with you, accompanies you to grow, and accompanies you to be strong. The new book "Live the way you want" is on exclusive pre-sale on .


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