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King glory female game head portrait (King glory cute head girl)

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Catalogue of this article: 1. Does anyone know this kind of avatar of the King of Glory anime couple, Luna and the monkey? 2. What cute avatars are there for the glory of the king? 3. What are your favorite avatars about the game? 4. Do any of the great gods have the avatar of the King of Glory 5. Who has the avatar of the black and white girl of the King of Glory, which is in the King

Does anyone know of this kind of King Glory anime couple avatar, Luna and Monkey?

Qualifying is a more competitive game in Glory of Kings. You need to cooperate with your teammates to win the game. The winner can get a certain amount of points, and they can advance after certain points. The player's rank. Reasonable use of the wild area can effectively expand your own economic advantages, and at the same time, you can also gank the line by roaming around in the wild, and cooperate with your teammates to kill the enemy.

King's glory, which is cute Cute avatar group

The first picture and the third picture should be played with weapons with fire attributes, otherwise those monsters will keep resurrecting, the second picture will be completely suppressed, and output as much as possible will do Well, otherwise those monsters will keep summoning mobs, and mobs will summon mobs again. For the fourth map, prepare a globe, use the big one for pairing, and the small one for single brushing. Otherwise it will be a headache.

What do you have a good-looking avatar for the game?

Is Pikachu considered an avatar in the game? It should be counted, because after all, in the game of Pokemon, Pikachu is a very good character. I have always liked Pikachu, so I have always used Pikachu as my avatar.

Do you have a great god with a king's glory avatar

Are there any great gods with a king's glory avatar? I don't know what you want Avatar

Chinese New Year knots:

1) Participate in the [Chinese New Year] series of themed activities from January 19th to February 5th, and complete the corresponding game tasks to collect Chinese New Year knots. Each activity You can get 2 Chinese knots;

2) From January 27th to February 2nd, players with level ≥ 4 can log in every day to get Chinese knots, and participate in the [Seven Days of Fun] event to complete the task to get Chinese New Year Chinese knots;

Chinese New Year Firecrackers:

From January 19th to February 7th, players with level ≥4 participating in in-game battles can drop firecrackers, 1 for defeat and 3 for victory; (Note: The daily drop cap is 6 from January 19th to 23rd, and the daily drop cap is 8 from January 24th to February 7th)

Exchange time: January 27th~ February 10 (Only available for exchange from February 8 to 10, no exchange items will be produced)

King of Glory is now the most popular MOBA mobile game, a multiplayer team focusing on competition The game, of course, can also carry out 1V1 competitions, adventure mode and PVE clearance mode. Recently, it seems that the annual ranking final ranking competition is being held. You can go and watch the game.

Who has a black and white girl's avatar in the glory of the king, is in the king

The glory of the king is passive: Mozi When using normal attacks continuously, the fourth normal attack will be changed to shelling, which will cause 125% spell bonus and 150% physical bonus spell damage, and knock the target back for 0.75 seconds; when Mozi casts a skill, he will get A shield that resists 250 (+35% spell bonus) damage for 3 seconds.

When attacked by the enemy, release skills to form a shield to offset part of the damage. The fourth basic attack has physical and The spell bonus has been knocked back. Try to use this passive skill to deal damage when you have enough HP. The knockback can have the effect of small group control

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