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The next stop of "Platform Rotation", after the south extension is the eastward _ Zengcheng

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Therefore, it is easier for Dongjin to build consensus and form a joint force, with a clear rhythm of development and a prominent focus. The advantage of Nantuo is that it has more policy support, but its attention is scattered.

In simple terms, Dongjin is vigorous and diligent, while Nantuo is slightly elegant and romantic.

In terms of industrial layout, Nantuo's imagination is high-end finance, and Dongjin's strength is always scientific and technological innovation. As we all know, the Futures Exchange is registered in Nansha, which is a trump card in Nansha's financial field.

In comparison, Dongjin's background is always high-end manufacturing and technological innovation. From Tianhe to Huangpu to Zengcheng, each district has a solid industrial cluster. For example, Tianhe is a financial technology, Huangpu is a It is electronic information, and Zengcheng is advanced manufacturing. Among them, the industrial output value of Huangpu and Zengcheng alone accounts for 50% of the city's total.

As for Zengcheng and Nansha, the scale and energy level of the two are basically the same, the development potential is expected, and the urban temperament is also unique:

Nansha Zengcheng wins in water, Zengcheng wins in mountains;

Nansha wins in port, shipping and specialty finance, Zengcheng wins in rail, aviation and high-end manufacturing;

Nansha wins in proximity to the Pearl River , Zengcheng is close to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Corridor;

Nansha wins in many concepts, Zengcheng wins in unlimited purchases, and has good asset liquidity;

Nan Tuo wins in experimental exploration, romance Leap, Dongjin wins in a clear goal, fortitude and diligence.

Speaking of toughness and diligence, Zengcheng has another visible advantage:

Accounting speed.

Strictly speaking, Zengcheng's take-off started in 2015, because in this year, Zengcheng officially became a part of the Guangzhou family.

Beginning in 2015, Zengcheng's development speed seems to be on the hook. For example, only two years after the district was established, the first subway (Line 13) was opened, and after two years, the second subway (Line 21) was opened, and two subways were opened within 4 years. amazed.

In addition, major infrastructures such as Zengtian Expressway and Science and Education City have all started last year, and the planning scheme of Metro Line 28 has also been tendered. Not much to say."

You know, after Panyu was set up as a district, it took 6 years for the first subway to open, while the original Luogang (now Huangpu District) was established for 10 years before the first subway opened. , Nansha has been established as a district for 15 years, and only one subway is still open.

Compared with these districts, Zengcheng started the latest, but it knows how to use the "late-mover advantage" very well, and the realization speed of many packages is the fastest.

This kind of visible "The sense of fulfillment" makes Zengcheng owners feel at ease.

This sense of steadiness, when fed back to the property market, will be transformed into a solid transaction volume. It is really not an accidental factor that it has been the "king of goods-carrying goods" in the Guangzhou property market for many consecutive years.


Zengcheng all "centers", all in the 1.8 km central axis area

said From Zengcheng property market, there are two key words, one is Xintang and the other is Licheng. Both have their advantages. Xintang is closer to the urban area of ​​Guangzhou and has the concept of TOD. Licheng is the core area of ​​Zengcheng, with mature development and good urban interface.

Xintang is famous for TOD, and everyone is familiar with it. This article focuses on


Licheng is the seat of Zengcheng District, with an advantageous geographical location. It is adjacent to Huizhou in the east, Dongguan and Shenzhen in the south, and Huangpu District in the west. It is the political, commercial, cultural, technological, educational, medical and transportation center of Zengcheng. At the same time, it is also the location of the mother tree of the famous "hanging green lychee" at home and abroad., and is also the

"starting point" for Zengcheng to integrate into the central city of Guangzhou.

Why do you say that? The two eastern trunk lines,

Line 21 and

Zengtian Expressway (under construction), both start from Licheng and pull the entire Zengcheng into the Guangzhou half-hour living circle.

Rendering of Zengtian Expressway (Source: Guangzhou Zengcheng)

The design speed of the general subway is 80-90 kilometers, while the design speed of Line 21 is as high as 120 kilometers per hour, and the test speed is even as high as 132 kilometers per hour, which is the fastest in the city.

Moreover, the general design of the subway is to stop at every station, which lacks flexibility. However, Line 21 has both express and slow lines. The express line stops at 9 stations and the slow line stops at 21 stops. This is the only case in Guangzhou at present.

From the "Zengcheng Square" in the center of Licheng City, it only takes 4 stops and about 45 minutes to reach the Tianhe River by express line.

In an instant, the time distance between Zengcheng and the center of Guangzhou is shortened. It is very shocking to have the same sense of time and space as Huangpu and Panyu.

The world-renowned master planner Le Corbusier also once said

:A city with speed will win.

In other words,

Zengcheng has completed the butterfly change from the outer suburbs to the outer suburbs, standing on the same starting line as Baiyun and Huangpu, and Licheng is the butterfly change this time. Magical pivot.

The password of urban development lies in focusing, focusing and focusing again.

Licheng is not big, but following the example of Yuexiu and Tianhe, all high-quality resources are focused on a central axis: starting from Zengcheng Square and focusing on Litchi Cultural Park

1.8km central axis area.

Like Yuexiu and Tianhe, this central axis area almost brings together the most elite resources in Zengcheng: Government Affairs Center, Grand Theater, Children's Palace, Cultural Park, Children's Park, Wanda Plaza, Landmark Office Buildings, East Huicheng, as well as the Zengcheng Square Station of Line 21, the starting point of Zengtian Expressway...

Such a high-intensity gathering of resources is simply a Zengcheng version of the Pearl River New Town. If Licheng is the center of Zengcheng, then This

"1.8 km axis" is the center of the center.

In order to strengthen the center-leading effect of the central axis area, Zengcheng District has specially released the "Planning for the Spatial Layout of Commercial Networks in Zengcheng District of Guangzhou", positioning it as the new central axis commercial business center, even with its name. It is the same as the new central axis in Tianhe District, and its weight is evident.

Buying a home in such an area has always been an enviable choice.

The data shows that the appreciation rate of house prices in

the central business district far exceeds the market average, and Zhujiang New Town is the best example. At the beginning of the construction of Zhujiang New Town, its housing prices were similar to the average price in Tianhe District, but today, the housing prices of Pearl River New Town are more than twice that of the latter, and the growth rate far exceeds the market average.

The data is for reference only

With reference to the development history of Yuexiu and Tianhe District, the future Zengcheng property market will definitely It will focus strongly on the CBD

: the central axis of Licheng, which is 1.8 kilometers away. This area will have a higher and higher priority in the Zengcheng property market. You can refer to the priority of Zhujiang New Town in the city.

From the price point of view, the house price of Tianhe CBD has exceeded 100,000, while the house price of Baiyun and Panyu CBD has reached 50,000. In comparison, Zengcheng CBD (the central axis of Licheng) has huge room for improvement.


Licheng Central Axis "City Closure"

Some people may ask, It is also a central business district. Why is the central axis of Licheng not as popular as other sectors? The reason is simple:

lack of land.

The central axis of Licheng is a mature area. In recent years, almost no residential land has been sold, so the market attention is naturally not so high. On the other hand, most of the surrounding communities are products from more than a dozen years ago, and the relevant owners have reached a critical period for centralized replacement. However, the supply of new houses is very small, and they cannot buy the desired houses with a lot of money.

In a word, in the central axis area of ​​Licheng, the relationship between supply and demand has been seriously imbalanced, and the urgent needs of the demand side need to be solved urgently.

The good news is that, under the long-awaited,

LichengThe central axis finally has a new plot! Moreover, it is a piece of out-of-print beautiful land that cannot be replicated. It can be called a

"closed city work" in the 1.8-kilometer central axis area of ​​Licheng City, and it is almost impossible to find it again in the future.

The plot is located in the central axis area of ​​Licheng, which is the administrative, economic, cultural and educational center radiating the whole district. Within one kilometer around, it gathers Wanda Plaza, Donghui City, Hehui Central Plaza, Zengcheng There are four core businesses in the square, with a volume of nearly 1 million square meters.

Not only that, the plot occupies unrepeatable ecological resources: the left side is the Litchi Cultural Park, and the right side is the Zengcheng Children's Park. Those who are familiar with Zengcheng know that these two parks are not ordinary parks, but the

Central Park that attracts the attention of the whole district. Its status in Zengcheng is like that of Pearl River Park in Tianhe.

It is hard to imagine that a piece of land can simultaneously enjoy so many core functions such as the government affairs center, business center, science, education, culture and health center, transportation center, and ecological center of the entire administrative region. It's impossible to gather so many features.

The government naturally regards such a treasured land as the jewel in its palm. What kind of developers will it choose and what kind of products will it make will test the government's vision. The final result is known to everyone: Nice piece of land.

In the Guangzhou housing circle, when it comes to Zhonghai, it always gives people the feeling of "profound heritage, well-known and decent". ), Zhonghai Guanyuan International (East District of Zhujiang New Town), Zhonghai Yunlu Mansion (Baiyun New Town), Zhonghai Huawan No. 1 (Guangzhou Iron and Steel), and Zhonghai Guanlan Mansion (Haizhu Innovation Bay) are all the value benchmarks of the area.

Zhonghai Huacheng Bay (picture from Guangzhou Real Estate)

These projects are in the

second-hand market All showed a super high premium far exceeding the average price of the area. The brand empowerment of China Shipping to the project can be seen. This time, it must be a high-profile and extraordinary move to enter Zengcheng.

Let's take a look at the specific location of this beautiful land. Surrounded by two urban core parks, it is full of greenery and verdant. "Central Park Community".

Let’s take a look at the urban resources gathered in the two kilometers around this beautiful land: Science, Education, Culture and Health , business commerce, eating, drinking and entertainment are all within walking distance, authentic "CBD property".

CBD creates infinite "prosperity", while Central Park provides noble "quietness". You can't have both, if you have both, it must be a masterpiece.


The core assets representing Zengcheng's "city level"

From the global property market Look,

Houses that occupy the center of the city and can be "quiet in the midst of the hustle and bustle" have always been highly anticipated and handed down assets.

In New York, the most expensive house is the Upper East Side. Why? Because it's the best place to see Manhattan's Central Park. In Guangzhou, the most expensive housing price is in the east area of ​​Zhujiang New Town. Why? Because there is a central park called Pearl River Park.

Zhonghai, which has always been based on the concept of "

mainstream city, mainstream location", will of course live up to this top-level location and will build a top-level mansion here that breaks through the Zengcheng market quadrant.

It is reported that the name of the project is still being kept secret, and it is temporarily output as "Zhonghai Licheng Project". According to the insiders of China Overseas, the project continues the profound heritage and exquisite quality of the benchmark luxury houses such as China Overseas Huacheng Bay, China Overseas Guanyuan International, China Overseas Huawan No. 1, and Zhonghai Yunlu Mansion, and this time,

all of them will be larger than 160 square meters. House type.

This kind of pure large-scale high-quality community appears in Licheng, which is definitely a

dimensionality reduction blow, which will create a pure circle for the owners, allowing high net worth The family achieves true homogeneity.

This kind of "purity" is very similar to the "Zhonghai Guanyuan International" built by Zhonghai in the east area of ​​Zhujiang New Town. The project is also located in the core area of ​​the CBD and in the Central Park area (north of the Pearl River Park). It is also a pure large-scale community. Since its opening, it has been a striking coordinate of the Zhujiang New Town luxury residential area.

It's still a familiar recipe and a familiar taste. When Licheng meets Zhonghai, a newThe legend is being replicated.

Looking back at the development history of the Licheng property market, the last generation of luxury residential areas was the Licheng Country Garden 20 years ago, and now it has reached a critical period of residential upgrading and asset upgrading!

Right now, the

plate rotation is switching the focus, the time is right, the place is right and everyone is on Zengcheng's side, It's time to bet on a set of symbols that symbolize Zengcheng's "

City Energy Level

strong>" is the core asset.

China Shipping has never failed to live up to the high expectations of Guangzhou people for high-quality mansions and Seiko properties. How will it continue its legend in Zengcheng this time? We will wait and see.

It is reported that at the beginning of March, Zhonghai will officially announce the project name and open the city exhibition hall at the Wanda Realm Zengcheng, unveiling the mystery for the market, so stay tuned!

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