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What is the difference between Johnnie Walker Red, Black, Gold and Blue Label whisky?

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Whether you are a huge whisky fan or a beginner, you will never miss an English gentleman walking with a gentleman's cane. This is Johnnie Walker.

Johnnie Walker: The World's No. 1 Whisky Brand

Johnnie Walker Distillery was founded in 1820 by a 14-year-old Founded by John Walker. John Walker applied the experience of blending tea leaves to the blending of whisky, and began to try to blend whisky. Before long, the whisky he blended became famous in Scotland and exported around the world. In 1920, Johnnie Walker was exported to 120 countries around the world. Today, Johnnie Walker is the world's best-selling Scotch whisky brand and the world's largest Scotch whisky producer.

Johnnie Walker: A Gentleman Stepping Forward

The famous illustrator Tom Browne as Johnnie in 1908 Walker designed the logo. Here is a picture of a gentleman stepping forward: knee-length trousers, overalls, glasses, hat, and cane. The hand is not only used to hold a gentleman's cane, but also to deploy countless hands; the spirit of the foot is not only because it is inextricably linked with walking, but also in the formation of a spiritual meaning: keep moving forward and never give up . In the early 2000s, in order to make the product more international, Johnnie Walker turned the previously clear portrait into an abstract form, thus removing the racial characteristics of the original trademark character.

Johnnie Walker: Onwards

Keep Walking is the brand spirit and philosophy of Johnnie Walker. The walking gentleman (Striding man) represents Johnnie Walker's ultimate pursuit of high quality. This is a meticulous spirit, always exploring and moving forward.

Johnnie Walker product series

The most intuitive feature of Johnnie Walker series whisky is the rich color, the wine label It is red, black, gold, platinum and blue. Depending on the color, the flavor characteristics of whisky are also different, so it is called the red card, black card, gold medal, platinum gold and blue card that consumers most often say. .

Red Label: Passionate and Energetic

Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky is a blend of around 35 Scotch whiskies. It has a rich aroma and the characteristics of traditional Scotch whisky, with sweet and smoky aromas in the rich aroma. The entrance is full-bodied and fresh, with a hint of vanilla and a strong smoky malt flavor. The wine can be enjoyed straight over ice or mixed with your favorite drink.

Every color can be cool or warm, But the intense heat of red is not to be found in any color. The red color of the red card is extremely eye-catching, penetrating, enthusiastic and impulsive, suitable for those who have just set sail, and the price is also the most common.

Black Label: The Whisky Industry in the Bottle

Black Label originated in 1870 in the "Old Highlands" Whisky", officially named "Black Label" whisky in 1909. Black Label whisky is deep and complex, blended from over 40 Scotch whiskies, each aged in oak barrels for at least 12 years. Due to intricate factors such as different climates and oak barrels in each region, each whisky matures slightly differently. The price of a black card is slightly higher than that of a red card.

The black card borrows a certain symbolic meaning of black to express the uniqueness and some deep flavor of the black card. Black, which is the master of the entire color world, not only means a kind of emptiness, but also represents an infinite possibility of rebirth.

Black Label: A Century of Black Label and Continuation of Tradition

Since 1909, with the pioneering spirit and genius of the family bartender, Blending skills create Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky. Today, Double Black has become the best-selling premium blended Scotch whisky around the world. Black Label Strong Edition has a century-old accumulation of black label whisky and the continuation of tradition, and it highlights the contemporary personality. Blends selected Scotch whiskies from deep toasted aged oak casks. This is a blended whisky with a more authentic character and depth of taste, but it is also more expensive than a black label whisky.

Gold Medal Collection: Johnnie Walker's Tall Upper Edition

Before 2012, the Gold Reserve was named Gold Label. Gold Reserve Whisky was originally made in limited quantities in 1920 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Johnnie Walker family. This secret recipe was not available to the world until the 1990s. Gold Reserve whisky is made from a selection of rare Clynelish Highland single malt whiskies, distilled with natural spring water from gold-bearing rock formations. Get the characteristic smoky flavor. It has a smooth, sweet and luxurious quality, stylish and elegant. If the first three whiskies are relatively civilian prices, then the gold medal collection is considered a tall version.

Gold is a joyful and proud color, symbolizing the possessed intellect. The gold-like color is very dazzling and is a symbol of wealth and power.

18 Years Platinum: A Private Collection

This is the old Green Label, which has been renamed "Platinum" since 2012 18 years (Platinum Label)”. The Platinum 18 Years Old is inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of the Johnnie Walker family's private blending process, carefully blending a very small amount of single malt and grain whiskies that are at least 18 years old. Carefully selected and reserved by master sommeliers until maturation, the flavours are unique. This is a rich, smooth, delicate and slightly smoky blended whisky.

Blue Label: Premium Series

Blue Label is the high-end range of Johnnie Walker, carefully selected from the oldest whisky in many parts of Scotland, including whisky up to 60 years old. The base wine is sourced from the finest and rarest cellar casks, hand-selected by master blenders for every ingredient in rare Scotch whisky and carefully blended. This whisky is hand-tested, sanded and bottled by 39 skilled artisans and marked with an individual code.

Due to the calm nature of blue, the blue card shows a noble, profound intellectual qualities. Blue also represents purity, and the Johnnie Walker Blue Card exudes a strong vitality of positivity and optimism.

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