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What impact did 9/11 have on the United States, China, and the world?

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9/11 is one of the two biggest events affecting the world in this century, the other being the new crown.

The 911 incident is unique and unprecedented! (The reason for the unprecedented reason is explained in 2 of Eleven)

8.25 Update Afghanistan Roundup. 9.16 Update Iraq, Yazidis, US points 4, 5. 9.19 Update on the relationship between 9/11 and the Arab Spring. 9.21 Update on the relationship between 911 and the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. 9.24 Update the logic chain of Syria and 911. 10.26 Update Deir Ezzor Defense in Syria. 11.23 Update Turkey 1. 12.15 Update Turkey 2. 12.23 Update Turkey 3. 2022.1.4 Update Turkey 4------Imagine the US attack on Capitol Hill, so stay tuned.

Some people never imagined that 9/11 would have such a significant impact on their lives, just like a butterfly in South America flapping its wings, causing a scene in Asia. Huge tornado. For example, Snowden, Assange, Syrian President Assad, the Palestinian in the picture below (will be introduced later).

I think the Yazidis were the worst affected by 911 (2. Iraq Section 2)

The former tallest building in the world changed hands. Building One World Trade Center has a total height of 541 meters, with 94 floors above ground and 5 floors underground. It was the tallest building in the world at that time (before 2001). 9/11 caused the collapse of Buildings 1 and 2 of the World Trade Center, and the tallest building in the world became the Willis Tower in Chicago, USA. (The following describes the relationship between 911 and countries by country)

One. Central America. On April 1, 2001, the collision between China and the United States in the South China Sea occurred. At that time, Sino-US relations were very tense. After the collision in the South China Sea, the United States formally proposed its strategy of returning to the Asia-Pacific region. America's strategic focus is about to shift to Asia. The sudden outbreak of 9/11 changed the US view of China from "a potential challenger and competitor" to "a worthy partner and an object to be guarded against /b>." The United States agreed to China's accession to the WTO in order to win over China to jointly fight terrorism. In the past ten years, the United States has been busy dealing with Al Qaeda, and has relaxed its containment of China, giving China more than ten years of development opportunities. 911 gave China more than ten years of development time.

China and the United States 2.The market of American automobiles in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea has entered a saturated market, but China is a block waiting to be developed In the virgin land, due to the long-term low wages in China, not many ordinary people can afford a car, especially before 2005, they could own a car.Owning a car is a very honorable thing for every Chinese family, but the salary level at that time made the Chinese car dream very far away.

At that time, it was not as flooded with cars as it is now so that the roads were blocked. Even in rural areas, almost every household could drive a car.

After American auto parts entered the Chinese market, the value of the car has been greatly reduced, and the car has become a commodity that many people can get on tiptoe, and the first thing that many people own. Taiwan cars also started around 2005.

Two. United States 1. In 2004, Bush Jr. sought re-election, and his rival, Democratic candidate John Kerry, was still confident of his final victory as the campaign drew to a close.

However, at this moment, a video of Osama bin Laden, the former leader of Al Qaeda, leaked. In the video, the terrorist tycoon repeatedly mentioned the "9.11" terrorist attack and criticized the policies of the Bush administration.

This election ended with a victory for Bush Jr., and according to Kerry himself, bin Laden gave Bush Jr. votes, "there is only one left until Election Day. In five days, bin Laden's remarks stimulated voters and changed the whole election."

America 2. The 911 alarm call was born in 1967 in the last century. Unified phone number so that people can report emergencies in time, so there is a unified alarm phone number 911 for all states in the United States.

Because the alarm number in the United States is 911, bin Laden (Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden) chose this day to create 9.11 Terrorist attacks, intentionally provoking and challenging U.S. government and policy.

USA 3. When Clinton left office, he left the US government with a fiscal surplus of 237 billion, which is a very impressive figure . However, eight years later, Bush fought the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War, leaving the United States with a budget deficit as high as one trillion!

4.911 is indirectly related to Trump's coming to power: 911 led to China's accelerated accession to the WTO, and the United States to accelerate the transfer of manufacturing abroad, resulting in the unemployment of many American industrial workers, and these unemployed workers It is Trump's iron ticket warehouse. lead to Trump taking office.

China's accession to the WTO and the transfer of US manufacturing are both major trends. 911 simply accelerated both trends.

5. After the terrorists launched the "911" attack, the United States was in unprecedented panic and disorder. In the first real attack (the Pearl Harbor attack during World War II was not counted), President Bush used the "classification" of "not on our side, but on the enemy's side" to handle international relations, Not only did the empire have to urgently deal with the damage to the market from the terrorist attacks, but it also showed its horrific retaliatory prowess to wage two wars, even if the Iraq war later turned out to be unrelated to the terrorist attacks.

"911 terrorist attacks" actually triggered a huge demand stimulus plan in the United States. The long-term low interest rates and real estate consumption in the United States not only maintained but even strengthened it far more than in the past. America's need for the world. 2002 was a landmark year, marking the US bid farewell to the average trade deficit level of more than 180 billion US dollars, and rapidly soared to a level above 800 billion in the following years. The United States has entered an unprecedented period of dominance of "world needs." In addition to turning a lot of wealth into arms and throwing them on the land of Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans also used the rising housing prices as a guarantee, overdrafted and borrowed money for consumption, and created inexplicable financial derivatives to act as "financial mass destruction" in the future. Sexual weapons" laid the groundwork.


6.911 andThe relationship between the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008:

In 2001, the Internet bubble burst in the United States. On September 11, 2001, the 911 incident that shocked the world caused panic among the American people. , the U.S. economy is in recession.

To stimulate the economy, the Federal Reserve adopted a "monetary expansionary" policy. From 2001 to the end of 2003, the Federal Reserve Interest rates continued to fall, and after 13 cuts, the federal rate reached 1%. Lower federal interest rates led to subprime mortgage lending. People dare to borrow loans, and commercial banks and subprime mortgage companies dare to lend.

From 2007 to 2009, the US federal interest rate continued to increase, from 1% to 5.25%. The sharp rise in interest rates has added to the mortgage repayment burden for home buyers. And, since the second quarter of 2005, the U.S. housing market has cooled considerably. As home prices have fallen, it has been difficult for homebuyers to sell their homes or secure financing through mortgages. Affected by this, many borrowers in the subprime mortgage market were unable to repay their loans on time, and the subprime mortgage market crisis began to break out.

In other words, the 9/11 incident was one of the triggers of the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, which accelerated the early arrival of the subprime mortgage crisis!


Three. Iraq. On November 9, 2001, the New York Times reported that the two former Iraqi intelligence officers, who did not want to be named, said that the secret camp was located south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, where terrorists were trained to deal with countries around Iraq. It may also be to deal with Europe and the United States. The report noted that Fett's office, then undersecretary of defense, ignored the CIA's perceptions and, in a September 2002 report to Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, described al Qaeda and al Qaeda as "mature" and "symbiotic." Iraqi relations. Vice President Cheney, in an interview with a local radio station, vowed that Iraq and al-Qaeda had established relations before the war. He said that "before we invaded Iraq," al-Qaeda had been operating there.

September 25, 2002, US National Security Adviser Rice said that the latest intelligence obtained by the United States indicated that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was harboring a group of "bases" in Baghdad. "organized terrorists, and provided some of them with training in the development of chemical weapons. Rice said on the PBS television news program that the United States obtained the information from some captured terrorists.

Since the U.S. invasion of Iraq, several intelligence officials have claimed that the White House and its supporters have turned a blind eye to the intelligence they provide, and that they are selectively” Use some favorable intelligence to convince the American people that war is necessary.

------- In fact, Saddam and Al Qaeda were deadly enemies. The files declassified by the U.S. Department of Defense in 2007 show that the confession of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein during his interrogation and the documents seized by the U.S. leadership in the 2003 invasion of Iraq confirmed that Saddam’s regime and the al-Qaeda terrorist organizationAlways no partnership.

Is there any reason why, after 9/11, the United States needs a stage to show off its muscles, which happens to be Saddam's popularity No, Afghanistan is too weak. By flexing its muscles, the U.S. allows capital to flow back and allows most oil countries in the Middle East to settle in U.S. dollars. (Before, in 1999, Saddam Hussein first proposed that the euro is considered oil) (WMD has nothing to do with 9/11, so ignore it)

9/11 led Americans to support the US military against terrorism. The U.S. used the anger of Americans over 9/11 to create fake news (fake news refers to Iraq’s collusion with al-Qaeda), which contributed to the U.S. attack on Iraq in 2003.

A joint force dominated by British and American forces invaded Iraq in 2003 under various pretexts. overthrow Saddam Hussein's regime.

After that, most of the US troops withdrew from Iraq, established a democratic electoral system, and the Shiites, who accounted for the largest population in Iraq, came to power. Iran, also a Shiite, has greatly increased its influence in Iraq. Iraqi Kurdish de facto independence.

IS was originally an Iraqi branch of Al Qaeda. The United States invaded Iraq, but was unable to control most of Iraq. The IS organization rose in the gap of power. Many ex-Iraqi soldiers who were fired by the United States joined IS, resulting in a great increase in IS' combat effectiveness. During the fighting in Mosul, the Iraqi government troops stationed nearly 30,000 troops, and the US-style elite weapons finally fled in the face of the attack of 800 IS militants with backward weapons. The U.S. military then assisted in training the Iraqi army, but in the battle in Ramadi, 6,000 government troops were defeated by 150 IS militants, making them vulnerable.

2. The worst are the Yazidis. The Yazidis are an ethnic group mainly distributed in Iraq, Syria, the Caucasus and even Russia. It can be regarded as a Kurd who believes in Yazidis.

In 2014, IS entered the Yazidi area and brutally slaughtered thousands of Yazidis Humans (men over 14, and older women), thousands of women and children "booty" at random and displaced tens of thousands of people in the region. A large number of women Yazidi were sold, resold, or become slaves, and the youngest girl who was sold was only 9 years old. Fleeing Yazidi children died of dehydration in the mountains.

UN special representative claims: ISIS is sending captured 'most beautiful virgins' to Syria's Raqqa city where Yazidi women are killed Just like a commodity, it is auctioned off to the highest bidder.

According to the memories of Yazidi female survivors, young women were repeatedly sold to different people and disposed of at will. Forced to eat grass, some owners will be locked at home for several days when they go to war, during which they cannot go out and have no food. Starvation is common. There are more cruel treatment methods, you can refer to the article on the memories of escaped survivors.


Four. Russia 1. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia and the West had a honeymoon, but NATO's eastward expansion and bombing of the Yugoslavia caused the relations between Russia and the West to rise again. The 9/11 incident greatly eased the West's dissatisfaction with Russia. Putin, who is well versed in diplomacy, immediately expressed his support for the United States' counter-terrorism, and gave up many bases in Central Asia; in return, Bush Jr. also welcomed Putin with a warm face. When the United States was busy fighting against terrorism, Russia relied on the oil bull market, the treasury was full, the people's livelihood improved, the regime was stable, and it had the confidence and strength to continue to challenge the West.

Russia 2. After the 9/11 incident, the United States' view of the Chechen government has also changed, and some illegal armed organizations in Chechnya have also been identified as terrorist organizations. (In the first and second Chechen wars, the United States supported the Chechen separatist armed forces behind them.) Before the "9.11" incident, the United States allowed some important leaders of Chechnya to visit and received them "grandly".

Five. After the 1.911 incident in Palestine, Israel, Jews donated blood to the Americans. On the surface, they showed great sympathy and sympathy. In private, then Israeli Prime Minister Sharon must have been overjoyed. Palestine and Israel were fighting fiercely at that time, and Israel was helpless. The suppression of the Palestinians was criticized for being too barbaric. After 9/11, the United States vigorously countered terrorism, Israel took the opportunity to take the boat, and the Hamas bombing attack was naturally attributed to terrorist acts. After the destruction of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq and the chaos in the Arab world, Israel now feels more secure than ever since its founding more than 60 years ago.

Israel Palestine 2.A win for Israel is usually a loss for Palestine. Although it considers itself a just struggle against aggression and oppression, after the 9/11 incident, the human flesh bombs of Hamas, Jihad, and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade,And attacks on civilian targets inevitably lead to resistance groups being denounced as terrorism. The Iraq war has made the Arab world kill each other, and Palestine has become a forgotten corner. The all-powerful Arafat was imprisoned in the dilapidated official residence of Ramallah, and finally passed away tragically. 911 is also the pain of the Palestinians.

-----------------2021.6.27 update----- -

Israel Palestine 3.Israeli authorities separately allow the annexation of Palestinian-owned land and confiscate it as part of the so-called "Jewish State Fund" property.

The purpose of Israel's forcible demolition of Palestinian homes will be used to expand the Gush Eqian settlement in the northern West Bank.

Israeli courts have rejected all documents submitted by local Palestinians proving ownership of the annexed zone. More than 500,000 Israeli settlers have lived in more than 230 settlements since the occupation of the West Bank and the holy city of East Jerusalem in 1967. The settlements were built on occupied land and were condemned internationally as illegal. Palestinians want the West Bank to be part of a future independent state, with the holy city of East Jerusalem as its capital. But Israel directly shattered the Palestinian dream.

Israel's Supreme Court ruled against East Jerusalem residents' appeal for home ownership. The Israeli Ministry of Defense has also issued expulsion orders to these residents. At dawn on July 22, 2019, workers began to assemble to demolish houses in the area. Huge construction vehicles crashed through the roofs of several buildings, and large excavators dug through the rubble.

Hundreds of Bedouins have been killed after Israeli forces demolished Negev villages for the 177th time in September 2020 Palestinians have been displaced, and the Israeli regime continues to expropriate Palestinian land for the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements.

On the morning of September 1, under the close surveillance of Israeli soldiers, D-9 armored bulldozers of the Israeli Armored Forces stormed into the Arab village, leveling all tents and Temporary housing has left residents, including Palestinian children and the elderly, homeless in Israel's 177th demolitions of Palestinian homes, the Palestinian Information Center reports. The village in the Negev region is a member of the Arab Turi Arab Bedouin tribe and is one of dozens of Bedouin villages in the Negev desert.

May 10, 2021 Israeli police stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque and launched an attack on worshippers, injuring more than 300 people.

Hamas rockets attacked Israel on the night of May 10, in retaliation for Israel's forcible demolition of Palestinian houses and Israel's attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque!

Israel bombs Palestine, killing many, including children.

On May 13, the owner of a 5-story building in the Gaza Strip was suddenly attacked by the Israeli military. The call came, saying that his building was about to be bombed, and asked him to leave immediately. Not only that, the Israeli army also added on the phone: "Only this house will be bombed, and the surrounding houses will not be affected." Afterwards, a missile flew into the empty house of the evacuees and blew it down, while the other buildings next to it were really unaffected, which was comparable to precise demolition. This innocent Palestinian is so homeless, does he know that 9/11 will be related to him? If there was no 911, Israel would not dare to bully the Palestinians so blatantly. At that time, the entire Arab country was besieging and suppressing Israel. Now Israel can basically feel at ease. Under the influence of the United States, those Arab countries have serious infighting, and they don't care about the lives of the Palestinians.

Jordan and Israel established diplomatic relations in 2019, and the United Arab Emirates established diplomatic relations with Bahrain and Israel in 2020. Palestine's "brothers" don't care about it.

------------------------------------------2021.4.5 update--------------- --

Six. Iran. In the Middle East, the most hated country in the United States is undoubtedly Iran. The hostage incident made Reagan disheartened; the nuclear weapons doubts made Israel feel on pins and needles. On the surface of the 9/11 incident, the U.S. army went straight into Afghanistan and then into Iraq, and Iran was attacked by the enemy. An enemy in power became a Shiite ally in power. The two wars in the United States have brought about a new situation in Iran's diplomacy. It is estimated that Iran is secretly happy, and the United States is miserable.

Seven. Pakistan. Although China's iron buddy, Pakistan is considered a failed state, with an economy on the verge of collapse and civil unrest. This actually has a lot to do with 9/11. The United States is determined to attack Afghanistan. Under the threat of being bombed back to the Stone Age without cooperation, Pakistan can only get on the pirate ship of the United States. Allies, the Taliban, were abandoned, and Afghanistan became a rival rather than a follower. The war in Afghanistan is spreading, the Taliban continues to infiltrate south, and the tribal areas of Pakistan are also in continuous wars, and terrorist attacks have become commonplace.

------------------------------------------------ ------

Eight Afghanistan-related 1. After the fall of the Taliban, which country has the most elements on the streets? Video discs, the Indians rule the roost. The Taliban was originally an ally of Pakistan, and naturally hated India; the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan changed, and India’s influence expanded northward. An Afghanistan that is not biased towards Pakistan must be what India wants.

2. (Afghanistan Australia) The war in Afghanistan, the Taliban regime was overthrown, and the leaders were killed one after another. Bin Laden was killed, al-Qaeda declined, and IS overshadowed it. The United States has burned more than $900 billion in the "graveyard of empires" in 19 years. US Allied Australian Soldiers Kill Afghan civilians Chinese diplomats forwarded cartoons satirizing the incident. The Australian Prime Minister was furious and demanded an apology from China. Chinese diplomats ask back if this is an Australian value?


Sleeping King recently had a sentence XXX (in order not to teach children bad, mosaic) I don’t know if it should be said or not.

The United States spent 2 trillion dollars, but did not expect to be slapped in the face. A U.S. Defense Department spokesman said the Taliban would occupy Kabul within 90 days of the U.S. withdrawal. As a result, the U.S. military has not yet been withdrawn, and many American younger brothers have not yet evacuated overseas Chinese. The Taliban occupied the capital of Afghanistan. Afghanistan's top cities surrendered without a fight. The Taliban have virtually unified most of Afghanistan.

Afghan President Ghani packed four cars with cash when he fled and tried to take some of the cash and put it into a helicopter, but couldn't fully load it . So Ghani also left some cash on the airstrip.

Looking at the 20 years of US occupation of Afghanistan, the role is to let bin Laden and Taliban founder Omar receive a lunch. There is also the US military and some related households, businessmen, and former Afghan officials who have made a lot of money. The drinking water used by the GIs was bottled water that was shipped in by air. Bottled water is mainly sourced in Southeast Asia by military contractors and then airlifted to Afghanistan by plane. A bottle of 500ml bottled water is priced at US$13.37 per bottle, which is about 90 yuan per bottle, including the cost of air freight. It was very hot there, not only drinking water but also bathing with mineral water.

Water purification equipment is of course also available in the United States. The tactical water purification system used in the United States, which uses the latest reverse osmosis technology, can produce 1,500 gallons (5,685 liters) per hour from a variety of water sources, such as seawater, brine, and even nuclear and biological and chemical contamination. of drinking water.

All the materials used by the US military, not to mention those sophisticated missiles,Humans and machines, even a bullet, a toothbrush, a roll of toilet paper, are all imported by air, which also makes the military contractors earn a lot of money.

"Marshall Plan"---After the end of World War II, the United States provided economic assistance and reconstruction plans to Western European countries destroyed by the war, also known as for the European Recovery Program. The US aided a total of 13 billion US dollars that year. If inflation is taken into account, then this aid is almost equivalent to the current trillion US dollars. The United States spent a considerable amount of money on rebuilding Europe, and spent a loneliness.

What kind of spirit is this? Why! It’s just money, and it’s hard not to spend it all!

$1,000 for a cup, $10,000 for a toilet seat. It spent more than 6 million US dollars to transport 9 goats from Italy to Afghanistan by air; 150 million US dollars was spent to build luxury villas for the staff; in one year, more than 4,000 incidents of using business cards to spend in casinos occurred; and even reselling equipment to terrorist organizations.

Of course the Taliban has not unified Afghanistan, and now there is the former Vice President of Afghanistan Saleh, and Masood (Masood's son) organized a group of armed men in Panjshi, Afghanistan formed a resistance front against the Taliban in the region. It is said that two provincial capitals plus three regions were also laid. They claim to have not received foreign funding for the time being. Now little Masood takes some people into the cave and plays cat and mouse. There are many strongholds and caves in the mountains of Panjshir. These strongholds and caves were left by the Soviet army for guerrilla warfare. There are many hidden passages in the Panjshir Valley.

A few days ago, photos and videos of the Pony Masood army fleeing in the Panjshir Mountains were exposed, and the escaped life of the Pony Masood army was revealed. It was also the first time that the relevant photos were revealed after the Pony Masood army began to flee. It can be seen that the escape life of the Pony Masood army was very hard, and they were all tanned.

Afghan Hama News Agency (Khaama Press) reported on the 29th, the Afghan Embassy in Switzerland issued a statement saying that the formation of the "Afghan government in exile", by the former First Vice President Saleh led.

-----------------2021.10.8 update------

Nine Somalia. After the 9.11 incident, in order to conduct anti-terrorist activities around the world, the Bush administration suspected that the Somali government at that time provided support and shelter for international terrorists, and tried every means to prevent sectarian armed groups from controlling the Somali regime. In October 2006, the US government supported Ethiopia's invasion of Somalia and overthrew the then Somali regime. A U.S.-backed transitional government of Somalia was formed in Somalia with the help of the Ethiopian army. However, due to the limited capacity of the government, it could not effectively control the situation in the country. It could only control the capital Mogadishu, and most of the country fell into anarchy, forming an armed separatist regime, and dozens of armed forces emerged. Some pirate groups even have the support of warlords with close ties to the Provisional Government, enabling them to become "heroes in troubled times". Make Somalia's 2,880 kilometers of coastline a good place for pirates to hijack and make money.

Ten Syria: The logical relationship between the Syrian war and 9/11: A: After 9/11, US President George W. Bush, in order to unite more forces, took measures for most Arab countries to a more moderate policy. And reduce the funding of democratic NGOs. In 2008, when the US Republican Obama came to power, dissatisfied with Bush's policies, he increased the allocation of funds for democratic NGOs and trained the opposition in Arab countries. Among them, Syria insists on opposing Israel, and the Jewish consortium is very powerful in the United States, so the Syrian opposition has given more funds. In addition, there are some contradictions in Syria itself (drought, population surge, high unemployment, insufficient fiscal revenue, resulting in inability to subsidize fertilizers, religious contradictions). So that led to the outbreak of the war in Syria.

For details on the causes of the war in Syria, please refer to my answer:

B: The U.S. uses domestic public sentiment after 9/11, U.S. media It is rumored that Iraq has a cooperative relationship with Al Qaeda. (Although it was later proved that the US media generally spread rumors) Although the US overthrew Saddam's regime, it left a power vacuum. This led to the independence of the Iraqi branch of al Qaeda and the establishment of IS. Then hit Syria by the way. (Of course, it is also possible that the United States initially funded it, or at least condoned it.) Of course, the countries that fund and condone IS are not only the United States, Israel, Turkey, and some Arab Sunni countries are also involved. As the Assad regime in Syria hangs by a thread, at a critical moment, Russia intervenes, uniting with Iran and various forces to block the expansion of IS in Syria. After regaining lost ground. The United States is afraid that Russia will take advantage of the results, and has no choice but to fight IS. In the end, IS was defeated and could only be underground. Syrian Kurdish independence.

2. On November 24, 2015, a Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down by Turkish fighter jets over the border area between Syria and Turkey.

The narrative that "Turkey shot down a Russian military plane in Syria" is widely circulated. Turkey issued a statement to the United Nations Security Council soon after the incident, explaining the country's downing of the Russian Su-24, saying that the Turkish side had "warned 10 times within 5 minutes" and that the Russian military plane violated Turkish airspace for "17 seconds". It is good that Turkey does not explain, but this high-sounding explanation makes the world have to doubt Turkey's "national intelligence". Elementary school students will suspect that "5 minutes" is in stark contrast to "17 seconds". "How on earth did Turkey warn 10 times in 17 seconds?" Russia believes that its military plane was shot down in Syrian airspace, and the place where the military plane crashed was indeed in Syria. What makes the world sympathize with Russia even more is that the "Turkmen Brigade" supported by Turkey, in disregard of international law and basic ethics, opened fire on the parachuting pilots, killing one of them. In fact, "17 seconds" also just confirmed the analysis of some experts. The earthwork had long planned and it was an "ambush".

Russia suddenly changed its Middle East policy and increased its airstrikes against the "Islamic State". In order to support the Assad regime, Russia's targets are suspected of expanding to all opposition groups in Syria, and the backers behind these forces are precisely Turkey.

On the eve of "shooting down the door", the Russian side disclosed its "victory results", highlighting that it bombed the "Islamic State" oil facilities and oil convoys. The international community is well aware that most of the oil of the "Islamic State" goes out through the Turkish border, and the Turkish side has interests in it.

Russia later disclosed the oil smuggling between Erdogan's son and Turkey and the "Islamic State". According to the satellite images released by Russia, the "Islamic State" oil convoys are the most lethal in long queues on the Turkish border. Times also sided with Russia. After all, the trauma of ISIS in Europe is bloody.

Except for the above-mentioned Russian, Syrian and a small number of American media who named Erdogan’s son Bilal directly involved in IS oil black market transactions,most Western media Both remained silent.

Russian website New Eastern Outlook reported that Bilal Erdogan owned several shipping companies and had signed contracts with some European oil exploration companies to be used by IS. Oil from the occupied Iraqi oil wells is shipped to other Asian countries...Bilal's shipping company has private terminals in the ports of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, and the port of Ceyhan, Turkey, to transport IS smuggled crude oil to storage tanks in Japan.

Gürsel Tekin, deputy chairman of the Turkish opposition party Turkish Republican Peoples' Party (CHP), said in an interview with Turkish media that President Erdogan claimed that although President Erdogan claimed His son Bilal did not violate international transport conventions and was doing business with the Japanese. But in fact, Bilal's company, doing business with IS, was an accomplice to the terrorists, but was immune from judicial prosecution because his father was in power.

In addition, according to the Asbarez website in the United States on November 25, a Columbia University research team covering scholars from the United States, Turkey and other European countries recently detailed the relationship between the Turkish government and IS, claiming that the Turkish government provided IS with Military cooperation, weapons, logistical support, monetary support, and medical services.

August 12, 2014, an IS commander told The Washington Post: "Most of the people who joined us early in the war came through Turkey, So is the weaponry." The IS member also mentioned, "We used to have some soldiers and even high-ranking officials treated in Turkish hospitals."

September 13, 2014, The New York Times revealed that the Obama administration is pressuring Turkey to destroy IS' huge oil sales network.

According to the British "Guardian" report, documents found after the US military killed Sayyaf, the head of the Islamic State's oil smuggling in July 2015, made the The direct deal between the Turkish government and the "Islamic State" has become "undeniable".

Russian newspaper newspaper reported on November 27, 2015 that the Turkish court passed a resolution to arrest the editor-in-chief of the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet and a reporter for publishing a report on the Turkish government’s News of the supply of weapons by Syrian militants.

The arrested journalist has been charged by the Turkish government with terrorism and espionage. The reason is that Turkey provided weapons to Syrian militants in an article with pictures published in May 2015.

3. There is a group of Syrians who would never have imagined that they would be "sent" to fight in Libya because of 9/11. They're walking dead, fighting for some reason, maybe just to survive. Why would they go to Libya?

The United States and other Western countries funded the Syrian opposition to wage war. As a result, the Syrian government army, with the help of Russia, Iran and other countries, turned around. Most of those surviving Syrian rebels have huddled in Idlib, sheltered by Turkey. Then Turkey just wanted to intervene in the Libyan civil war and lacked cannon fodder, so it pulled those Syrian oppositionists to the Libyan battlefield to take the lead. These people had no choice but to give their lives to Turkey.


4. Defense of Deir ez-Zor: The city of Deir ez-Zor is located in eastern Syria, bordering Iraq. From 2011 to 2013, under the attack of the Free Syrian Army, the government army had only two military bases left in Deir ez-Zor, and the morale of more than 3,000 soldiers was low, and the situation was urgent. In 2013, at the time of the crisis, the 104th Airborne Brigade of the Syrian Republican Guard, led by the legendary general Issam Zahreddine (Druze), rushed to the aid of Deir ez-Zor, with only more than 1,000 troops. . Tenaciously defend the airport. In January 2014, the attackers were replaced by IS. This was the darkest moment in Syria. At that time, Russia had not yet participated in the war. IS was in full swing. The United States was a spectator and may even secretly fund IS. But they didn't back down. Maybe it has something to do with General Issam being a Druze. After all, if they lose, the Druze are in danger. (The Iraqi Druze were massacred by IS, the men who did not run were killed, and the women were killed by you)

The general's son Yarob was also serving in the 104th Brigade, and he was with the old man. The generals fought together in Deir ez-Zor. When the battle entered the most "desperate" time, the former Syrian Defense Minister Fraj called General Issam and asked to transport the old general's son and wounded soldiers back to Damascus. The result was categorically rejected by the old general.

"My subordinates and I are bleeding for (the motherland) now, and my son is no exception at this time."

No supplies were dropped until Russia entered the war in October 2015. At the beginning of September 2017, the elite ace "Tiger Force" of the Syrian government army rescued Deirzuyou. Without popular support and firm belief, how can we persist for 6 years?

Unfortunately, on October 18, 2017, General Issam Zarusedin, who returned to the battlefield, triggered a landmine at Hawija Saqr near Deir Ezzor and was killed in action .

From then on, the legendary experience of a generation of heroes ends. May there be no wars in heaven!

---------2021.10.26 update------

Eleven Turkey

After 9/11, the United States invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Although the losses on the battlefield were not large, the subsequent occupation cost a lot and dragged down the American economy. The U.S. had to withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan after that. The United States implements power contraction, then the regional power Turkey takes the opportunity to expand its power and influence. Cumulatively dispatched troops to participate in the civil wars in Syria and Libya, dispatched troops to support Azerbaijan in attacking Armenia, dispatched troops to Iraq, and attacked the Kurds in Iraq. Originally planned to continue to station troops in Afghanistan, and finally had to withdraw.

Turkey jumped up and down like this, the US and the EU basically ignored it, and occasionally made a fuss. Sanctions Turkey: High-end arms embargo. Or because Turkey bought Russian anti-aircraft missiles. Russia personally ended up in Libya and Syria. Based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, China occasionally mediates verbally. The powers in the Middle East have only participated in the Syrian war because they were sanctioned by the United States.

1. The Naqa War in Azerbaijan and Armenia:

Nagorno- Karabakh has complex grudges since ancient times. Now 80% of the Naka region are Armenians and belong to Azerbaijan. In 1988, at the end of the Soviet Union, Armenians and Azerbaijanis in the Naka region clashed, and the Soviet Union had no time to take care of it. The ceasefire in 1994, Armenia temporarily won, and the Naka region was temporarily independent. Negotiations have not progressed since then. Conflict again in 2020. This time Turkey sent 4,000 troops and recruited Syrian militants to Azerbaijan to attack the Naka region. Since Armenia's anti-Russian parties and the Prime Minister came to power, this Russian mediation was only to prevent the situation from escalating. In the end, Armenia was defeated, and the Naka region was recovered by Azerbaijan. A large number of Armenians from the Naka region fled to Armenia. However, Azerbaijan has not been satisfied recently and has continued to attack Armenia's strongholds.

2. On the evening of July 15, 2016, some officers of the Turkish Armed Forces General Staff launched a military coup. Control the mainstream media of TV stations.

Russia informed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hours before the coup in Turkey. Erdogan fled to safety and used social media to call on people to take to the streets to protest the coup. The final coup failed.

This coup was an attempt by Erdogan to religiousize and was opposed by the military.

Turkey's Ombudsman claims the FBI and CIA are the real masterminds.

Turkey had previously been at odds with Russia over the downing of a Russian fighter jet in Syria. The coup brought Turkey and Russia closer together.

On December 19, 2016, in Ankara, Turkey, Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, was shot and killed while participating in an art exhibition. The shooting was an attempt by the United States to alienate Turkey and Russia. ------After 9/11, the United States was committed to the secularization of the Middle East, but because of the democratic system, the minority obeys the majority, so the election of religious political parties and presidents is the trend of various Middle Eastern countries. In the end, only a military coup can bring temporary change. But then either military control, such as Egypt, or failure.

3.Turkey's intervention in Syria is actually quite big. You only think of the first floor, Erdogan thinks of the fifth.

You thought Turkey was concerned about the Turkmens in Syria. Both the Turkmen and Turks in Syria are Turks, and the Turkmen in Syria are the third largest ethnic group in Syria. After the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, the Turks in Latakia formed an opposition and formed their own army, and Turkey sent experts and consultants there, and provided them with a large amount of American aid.

Actually, Turkey's benefits by interfering in Syria are as follows:

(1). By reselling IS oil , made a lot of money.

(2) Weak Syria cannot stop Turkey from attacking the Kurds. The main Kurdish branches are in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. The Kurds in Turkey have not only been fighting for independence, but have been fighting for more than a hundred years, from the beginning of modern times to the present. And also established the PKK, its own armed forces, continuous armed riots to become independent, for this reason, it has become Turkey's biggest heart disease. If the Turkish Kurds do not go well in Turkey, they will go to Syria or Iraqi Kurdish areas to rest. After messing with Syria, Turkey frequently crossed the border to strike Kurds in Syria and Iraq.

(3) When Turkey participated in the Libyan civil war and helped Azerbaijan fight Armenia, Turkey organized the Syrian Free Army and other opposition forces as cannon fodder, saving pensions and reduce domestic pressure.

4.October 20, 2011, Libya's Gaddafi regime bombed in Europe and the United States and financed the armed opposition to overthrow After that, Libya fell into a melee of warlords.

One ​​of the leaders of the armed "National Army" is General Haftar, or GNA for short. General Haftar was once a comrade-in-arms of Gaddafi, because he commanded the Libyan Chad war, was defeated and captured. Then it was picked up by the United States. After the war to overthrow Gaddafi.

In 2019, the National Army was at a loss at the beginning, pushing it all the way to the city of Tripoli, the capital of Libya.

As a result, X sticks fell from the sky---Turkey. The reason is to increase international prestige and oil. Turkey has paid for weapons and sent troops to support the Libyan National Unity Government Army, or LNA for short. The Turkish Air Force’s transport planes are heavily used, and civil aviation passenger planes are also requisitioned for transport tasks, mainly to transport Syrian rebels to Libya to fight. It is said that by the end of July 2020, 38,000 Syrian rebels had been transported to Libya.

Turkey's aggressive intervention in Libya has caused dissatisfaction in many countries, including most of the European Union and most of the Arab countries. Turkey sent warship satellites to escort ships transporting equipment to Libya. When blocked by other countries' warships, the Turkish warship dared to turn on the fire control radar to threaten, leaving other countries helpless, especially France. Very angry. But there is nothing to be done.

In the end, the LNA supported by Turkey defeated the National Army, and Libya was re-divided to this day.

Libyan oil is controlled by various militias, and production is often stopped and reduced. The economy plummeted. From time to time Libyan militias teach court radio if they have no interest in the militia group.

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Twelve Others. 1Snowden. The United States uses the pretext of counter-terrorism to monitor the American people and other countries. There is an American named Snowden, a former CIA employee who discovered that what the United States was doing was inauthentic, so he made it known to the public, and then fled to Hong Kong, China, where he was wanted by the United States, and then went to Russia to hide.

2. Before 911, there were more hijackings, 9After 11, I rarely heard about hijacking. All countries are afraid that terrorists will cause trouble. If they are hijacked, they will probably use missiles.

3. Assange. Because of 9/11, the United States attacked Afghanistan, and then the United States shot and killed Afghan civilians, which was published by the Wikileaks website founded by Assange through the British "Guardian", the German "Der Spiegel" and the American "New York Times". It was also announced that the NATO coalition has a special force, "Task Force 373", which is responsible for "killing or capturing" Taliban leaders, and they do not need to put Taliban leaders on trial when carrying out operations. In order to successfully complete the pursuit and killing mission, "Task Force 373" sometimes does not hesitate to kill Afghan civilians, including women and children. As long as "Task Force 373" deems it necessary, Afghan police officers will not be spared.

In early April 2010, a video of the indiscriminate killing of Iraqi civilians by US helicopters was disclosed.

Assange has become a "thorn in the eyes" of the US government.

August 21, 2010 Sudden Framed: The Swedish Attorney General's Office first accused him of raping and sexually assaulting a woman in Sweden, An arrest warrant was issued against him, which was later revoked, but the sexual assault claim was maintained for the time being.

Two Swedish women between the ages of 20 and 30 reported Assange's sexual assault to Swedish police. But Assange has denied the accusation. Assange's colleague and spokesman for WikiLeaks, Hrafinson, said: "Some powerful organizations (referring to a certain department in the United States) want to destroy WikiLeaks." WikiLeaks publishes 77,000 US military secret documents every month. in deep distress. A few days ago, after WikiLeaks announced that it would further disclose the secret documents, the Pentagon was even more on pins and needles. There are rumors that the two sides intend to "contact in private". WikiLeaks posted a message on Twitter on the 21st: "Someone once warned us that we would be splashed with dirty water, and now the first pot of dirty water has been poured."

It is reported that , As two Swedish women accused Assange of rape and harassment, the Swedish police began an investigation, and the prosecution initiated a public prosecution. But soon, prosecutors dropped the rape case and only charged Assange with the harassment case.

Under Swedish law, harassment is an act that offends women and includes indecent behavior or inappropriate physical contact. Although it does not constitute a sexual offence, it can result in a fine or a year in prison.

Assange believes that the accusation is not unrelated to WikiLeaks' release of secret documents about the U.S. war in Afghanistan. U.S. authorities have harshly criticized WikiLeaks for putting NATO troops and Afghan intelligence agents at risk without regard for it. Assange wrote on Weibo: "This accusation is baseless. They do this because they are now devastated by our declassified documents, so they resorted to this kind of third-party in a hurry. Abusive methods."

The statement also released other messages from S.W. to Assange, which showed that the Swedish police were eager to prosecute Assange at the time. However, the woman said she did not want to sue Assange. She was shocked when the police arrested him because she just wanted Assange to be tested. (Sweden is the puppet of the United States, using fairy jump to catch Assange)

On December 1, 2010, Interpol issued a red notice for arresting Assange. Julian Assange wanted for rape and sexual harassment. The case stemmed from a dispute between Assange and two women in Sweden in August 2009.

Assange was granted political asylum in Ecuador in 2012 and has been hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK ever since.

Assange also said that he endured four and a half years of life in the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK without the light of day. He accused the Swedish prosecutor of deliberately delaying his questioning and deliberately prolonging the detention. "I was forced to endure a total of six years of unlawful political detention and house arrest, and four and a half years in this embassy, ​​which was far more than the maximum sentence I could receive." By 2017,Sweden has yet to file any formal charges against Assange.

Swedish prosecutors said on May 19, 2017 that they would stop a preliminary investigation into Assange's alleged rape, ending a seven-year standoff.

But that doesn't necessarily guarantee Assange's freedom, and British police say WikiLeaks founder Assange could still be arrested if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK.

On July 22, 2018, Ecuador was close to reaching an agreement with the United Kingdom to end Assange's political asylum and hand it over to the British side. On July 27, Ecuador's president said that "WikiLeaks" founder Assange must eventually leave the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK.

Assange was arrested by British police at the Ecuadorian embassy in London on April 11, 2019.

U.S. officials welcomed Assange's arrest. The U.S. government has accused Assange of obtaining and disclosing classified documents, conspiring to hack government computers and violating the Espionage Act between 2010 and 2011.

In February 2020, The Lancet published an open letter from 117 doctors demanding an end to Assange's incarceration and medical abuse.

On January 4, 2021, the London Central Criminal Court ruled against the US government's extradition of Julian Assange, the founder of the "WikiLeaks" website. On January 6, Judge Barreze denied Assange's team's request for bail.

None of the British ruling party MPs came forward to speak out on the Assange case. The politicians who usually like to point fingers at other countries on human rights issues are basically there. Pretend to be deaf. The only politician on the left to speak out was Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, who said: "It is good news that the United Kingdom has refused to extradite Assange to the United States. Extradition is an attack on press freedom. We also One should be wary that the judge accepted those grounds for extradition put forward by the United States, which threaten our freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Assange should be released immediately." (Britain is America's puppet.)

Assange is still being held at Belmarsh Prison in London, a felon.

US prosecutors have appealed. If extradited, WikiLeaks founder Assange could be sentenced to up to 175 years in high-security prison terms.

The verdict against extradition has been handed down, but Assange continues to be held in a high-security prison awaiting an appeal by the US government, which seems an anomaly. He has been behind bars for more than 14 months in the case of extradition, after an unprecedented harsh sentence for breaching his bail expires.

Actually, Assange has already served his sentence and is now being punished again for the same crime. Just because he fled while on bail, Assange spent years in extreme prison conditions, and he has served his entire sentence.

The logic of detaining Assange now simply does not make sense, given the current legal status that he will not be extradited. Moreover, the constant ebb and flow of this emotion, along with the endless, indefinite incarceration, is destroying his fragile health. Barretzer played cat and mouse this week. Assange's living conditions were painful and tortuous.

The U.S. government has the right to appeal, and the British High Court said it has the right to decide the relevant matters. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that Assange appears in the High Court.

A key witness in the DOJ case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has admitted to perjury in an interview with Icelandic media. Not only that, the witness was also proven guilty of embezzlement, financial fraud and sexual assault of underage boys, and chose to cooperate with the FBI in order to evade punishment.

According to Icelandic media Stundin reported on the 27th, the key witness was named Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson), became an FBI informant in August 2011. He managed to convince others that he was a close associate of Assange, a high-ranking figure in the WikiLeaks organization, and the United States also regarded him as a "star witness", but in fact he was just an ordinary and bad-looking member of the organization. volunteers. He was involved in a WikiLeaks fundraiser in 2010, which was later found to have embezzled more than $50,000.

A key charge made by the US authorities in the indictment is that Assange instructed Thordason to hack Iceland, including illegally hacking into the computers of Icelandic parliamentarians to obtain call records, etc. . Toldason has now told Stundin that Assange never asked him to do it, he lied. In fact, he obtained some recording files from a third party and wanted to share with Assange, which is said to be a phone recording of an Icelandic MP, but he never checked what was inside.

Tolderson's deception goes far beyond that. According to the personal chat records he provided to Stundin reporters, it can be seen that in 2010 and 2011, he continued to disguise himself as an official WikiLeaks staff member to contact other members of the international hacking group. He exaggerated himself as WikiLeaks' chief of staff, communications director, or the organization's No. 2, and frequently asked those hackers to obtain information from some Icelandic entities or attack Icelandic websites. These attacks make websites inaccessible but do not cause permanent damage.

From these chats, Stundin found no evidence that Torderson was instructed by WikiLeaks insiders to make those demands on the hackers.

In addition, Toldason also admitted to reporters that he has established contacts with many reporters, also without authorization from WikiLeaks. He claimed to be the official representative of WikiLeaks and had the media outlets pay for his extensive travel abroad. He also stole many documents from WikiLeaks staff, including Assange's own, by copying hard drive files.

September 12, 2021, Assange is still in a British prison!

On September 26, Yahoo News published an article based on interviews with more than 30 former US officials, exposing the Obama administration and the Trump administration. Some of the U.S. plans to deal with WikiLeaks. Among them, during the Trump administration, the CIA concocted a plan that made many people feel crazy. According to the report, at the time, the CIA believed that Assange would escape on Christmas Eve, and Russia would help Assange, who was taking asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. It is reported that at that time, the US intelligence agency arranged a lot of eyeliners near the Ecuadorian embassy. They may be policemen, security guards, or cleaners on the street.

In the CIA's scenario, the United States may open fire with Russia on the streets of London, and may deliberately ram Russian diplomatic vehicles or attack aircraft, etc., to rob Russia. Back to Assange. U.S. intelligence agencies have made such a plan because the U.S. insists that Russia is behind the exposure of U.S. government secrets by Assange, which Russia denies. It is worth mentioning that the report also showed that the CIA also planned to take Assange directly from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, or directly kill him and other WikiLeaks staff, and the reason why the plan was not implemented is because there are Opponents believe that arresting people from the embassy or carrying out an assassination mission is unrealistic and may violate U.S. law.


4.911 and the Arab Spring:

In the months after 9/11 and In the middle of the year, Arab regimes took advantage of America's war on terror. Using the growing threat of terrorism as an excuse to accuse the domestic opposition (mostly nonviolent) of undermining national security.

Arab States In the decade following 9/11, Arab governments closed political space and suppressed nonviolent opposition.

The Bush administration desperately needs Arab allies and turn a blind eye. Obama is dissatisfied with Bush's policies.

The United States has increased training and funding for the Arab opposition, It has become the biggest external cause of the Arab Spring.

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