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With a revenue of 9.7 billion a year, why is Dyson so profitable?

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Author | Mr. Art of War

Source | Art of Marketing (ID: lanhaiyingxiao)

Not long ago, Dyson released the handheld vacuum cleaner V11, priced at

5490 yuan by the National Bank. This appliance, which is priced far higher than similar products, has once again set off a buying frenzy and won numerous praises.

In 1901,

Hubert Booth invented the compact and modern vacuum cleaner, which In the history of more than 100 years, vacuum cleaners have "bred" thousands of choices, but Dyson has inadvertently climbed to the peak of this category:

Whether it is quality or appearance , or word-of-mouth, Dyson has a "

give me who else" situation. In addition to vacuum cleaners, Dyson's

hair dryers and curling irons have also been frequently searched in the past two years, and most of the evaluations in the fashion community are also quite positive.

A 5,000-yuan vacuum cleaner and a 3,000-yuan hair dryer are no small sums for the working class anywhere,

It may be more abstract to evaluate Dyson's development by consumers' word-of-mouth, so the real business performance may be more explanatory.

In the Jingdong Mall, Dyson is firmly in the

top three in the sales rankings of "hair dryer".

In this year's

Bloomberg Billionaires List , Dyson's founder

James Dyson's personal wealth is as high as 13.8 billion US dollars (about 122.3 billion yuan), the top

Britain's richest man, Dyson's profitability is also evident .

Products are getting more and more expensive, but more and more people are buying them. Is it because of the appearance of high-value products or the connotation of high-value products? Why is it that no matter how you follow and imitate, it can't reach the height that Dyson should have?

According to data from research institutes, Dyson's millennium marketing expenses account for 20% of its operating income. Social advertising, creating topics, and KOL bringing goods have stimulated consumers' desire for Dyson.

Let’s analyze the reasons and techniques for Dyson’s popularity:

Mediaize products and cultivate consumers’ living habits

I have to say that the emergence of Moments has changed the

life habits of many people. If the prices of the two restaurants are similar, the former is famous, high-quality, and The cutlery is beautifully presented with care, and the latter tastes great but the ambience isn't great. It is estimated that many people will walk into the previous restaurant, take pictures and send them to a circle of friends, and the likes they receive can fully make up for the lack of taste in the first restaurant.

In other words, current products not only need to satisfy

functional demands, but also form

emotional resonance between products and consumers. Once you understand this, the appearance of the product should not be a simple coat, or a gourd or a slight upgrade on the existing product, it should let consumers feel the difference between their product and other products, and Make this difference the

touchpoint where consumers are on social media.

Friends who have contacted Dyson know that its products are very

special --

The vacuum cleaner has no wires and the fan has no spiral blades , There is a hole in the middle of the hair dryer....

Dyson Air Purifying Fan

Dyson Hair Dryer

Dyson vacuum cleaner

Compared with the traditional electrical shape , Dyson's products have indeed met the needs of many young people for "

high appearance". And behind these exquisite electrical appliances is Dyson's brave mentality daring to

subvert the routine, and the original intention of applying

aesthetics to life electrical appliances, and these just satisfy the consumption Upgraded consumers' expectations for products.

At the same time, this kind of

differential product that can be seen at a glance is the first choice for class consumption. Dyson, which entered the Japanese market, won an award at the Design Expo and became a

symbol of wealth in Japanese households; when the Dyson wind swept the United States, owning a Dyson vacuum cleaner once became a fashion; After entering the Chinese market, Dyson once became a must-buy item in China's

consumption upgrade. Whether it is a gift to relatives or friends, or for personal use, or inadvertently appearing in the circle of friends, it is all face-saving.

Technology materializes, dispels consumers' purchase doubts

Of course, the reason why Dyson has become the

wealth and taste

in today's society The symbol of strong> is not only because of the appearance of "high value", the value of the product can generate a premium for the product, but it is difficult for the product to generate a premium of five times or even more than ten times.

Therefore, even under the slogan of light luxury consumption, Dyson rarely uses emotional-based advertising. They will apply the technology to products,

intuitive It is transformed into something that consumers can perceive specifically. When consumers understand why this thing is worth this price, they will naturally pay for the product willingly.

Dyson has always claimed that annual R&D investment accounts for

40% of its profits, and can burn 5 million pounds (about 44.38 million yuan) every week in the laboratory, There are also many reporters who have specially explored their scientific team.

Take the previously popular hair dryer as an example, it not only has a delicate appearance, but also has airflow multiplication technology, Built-in temperature control technology, ninth generation digital motor and other technologies have widened the gap with cheap products.

If you feel that these technologies are too far away from us, then the following set of data can more clearly convey the value of Dyson hair dryers:

4 years of research and development, 1635 kilometers of real hair experiments, 75 million pounds (about 660 million yuan) investment, 600 prototypes tested, 103 engineers participated in the research and development.

After reading Dyson's research and development process, many consumers sighed that "the truth is expensive", even quite rational consumers will dispel purchase doubts because of intuitive technology .

The topic of marketing, directly hit the consumers' choice pain points

Of course, there are still some consumers who have no in-depth understanding of Dyson's performance. For them, Dyson is Amway fed by netizens, and it is the grass that grows lush in their hearts. If they don't buy it, they can't be happy at all! From this point of view, Dyson really understands the emotions and pain points of different audiences, and numerous

swiping has also brought a good sales conversion to Dyson.

Like last year, when Dyson curling irons became popular, the initial topic on the screen was "boy

friends say your straight hair looks good, but they don't want to buy you a Dyson curling iron. "As soon as this topic came out, the curling iron is no longer an ordinary curling iron, but a "touchstone" between couples. If a girl asks her boyfriend if her straight hair looks good, it is actually a

hint, the fundamental purpose is to hope that her boyfriend can give him an expensive curling iron.

In addition to topics for couples, there are also topics for singles, like "

Why don't I buy a Dyson curling iron, not because I have no money, but because I don'thair. " For urban youth, high pressure and hair loss are the pain points of many young people, and inferior shampoo and curling hair dryer are one of the reasons for accelerating baldness. Under such a topic, there are also many Consumers want to use Dyson curling irons to reward their hard-working self and pay homage to their lost hair... Interesting topics have been swiped again and again, creating a Dyson sales feast.

Someone Calling James Dyson "the

Jobs of home appliances", when you think about it, the two men and the brands they created have a myriad of things in common. They have created quite a few products for countless products. "Premium", and let consumers recognize and accept the existence of "premium". In their opinion, products recognized by consumers will definitely have a broader market.

For Dyson , vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, curling irons are just the beginning, they are already brewing countless new products such as artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, robots, etc. What kind of surprises will this brand bring us? We will wait and see.

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