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Why is 2020 a year to witness history? How do you feel?

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In the early Ming Dynasty, Liu Bowen, a strange man in the early Ming Dynasty, has a famous saying in "The Rescue Inscription" The hymn is very wide: "Ten sorrows are sad in the Year of the Pig and Rat, Jiazi has a good harvest and Gengzi is in chaos". Looking at the modern history of China, what the Gengzi year left the Chinese people were the memories of suffering.

The outbreak of the Opium War in 1840, then a century of humiliation;

In 1900, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China, and then signed the "Xin Chou Treaty" with the Qing government, which was the most humiliating and the highest compensation in Chinese history.

In 1960, there was a serious setback in our industrialization process

2020 , I think it is a turning point in the history of the 180-year Gengzi Year. This year will be recorded in history without any suspense on the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Let's review this year's thrilling COVID-19 events.

1 Western Arrogance

December 2019, Patients with pneumonia of unknown cause appeared in Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market, although there are news reports one after another, but most people regard it as just an inconspicuous incident Just news.

No one could have imagined how this unexplained pneumonia would impact China.

In January 2020, pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan began to spread sporadically, and front-line medical staff began to suspect the disease. It is an infectious disease similar to SARS, but the number of patients was insufficient at that time, and the conclusion of human-to-human transmission could not be drawn.

The turning point was January 19, Zhong Nanshan was ordered to go to Wuhan urgently, and then rushed to Beijing to report the next day, January On the 20th, Zhong Nanshan proposed for the first time at a press conference that this is a highly contagious disease.

(Source: Caixin)

As soon as the news came out, the whole country shook!

On January 23, Wuhan announced the closure of the city!

After the closure of Wuhan, the national public opinion set off a storm. The public generally questioned Wuhan's slow response to such a highly contagious disease, and various media repeatedly Sort out the early process of the Wuhan epidemic, and repeatedly whipped up the mistakes of Wuhan.

Now we look back, in fact, the new crown epidemic appeared in Italy as early as last June and spread to the world, the United States The CDC has now also acknowledged that a large number of new coronavirus patients appeared in the United States in December last year.

If it's slow to respond and fail to respond, thisSome European and American developed countries are at least eight blocks behind Wuhan, but at that time Wuhan was the only focus.

The outbreak in Wuhan, China international public opinion was full of gloating voices, many of them took the opportunity to attack the Chinese socialist system, and then there was a famous picture widely circulated. (Western media accuse China of restricting measures infringing human rights)

The New York Times report is even more vicious. (The New York Times: "China Is the Real Sick Man of East Asia")

In the overwhelming domestic and international public opinion storm, some people also suggested that if the new crown epidemic first appeared in European and American countries, it would be What is the result? Then countless well-known celebrities in the public opinion field jumped out to argue that the United States, Japan and other countries not only have a complete set of strict prevention and control mechanisms for infectious diseases, but also democratic countries have free press and information transparency, so Even if there is an epidemic, , and will soon be extinguished.

It should be said that the well-known big V touting European and American countries is not completely "baseless",All their claims were based on "international consensus" "of.

The Economist, a renowned think tank at Johns Hopkins University, released a global health security index in 2019. In this health safety indexChina's various indexes are relatively low, with a total score of only 48.2 points, ranking 51st in the world, ranking 47th in "response", and 141st in "normative". There are 50 national composite indices ahead of China.

While The Greater United States of America ranked first, The total score is 83.5, far ahead of the second-ranked UK.

After the lockdown of Wuhan, the think tank The Economist also published an article claiming that according to their model, "the Chinese system is not conducive to fighting the epidemic", while the US system is "more responsive, more transparent, and more actionable." can be corrected in time.”

The Economist: "The epidemic is more deadly in a non-democratic system"

Yes, in the eyes of the American elite, China's ability to deal with public health security is not even as good as that of Ecuador—that is, Ecuador, where social governance is very low, and after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, a large number of corpses could not be disposed of, and they were wrapped in plastic bags and piled up at the door of the house or on the street.


2 China's Anti-epidemic War


Amid the cynicism of international public opinion, China has launched a powerful anti-epidemic war.

Wuhan quickly entered a wartime state after a brief period of panic and disorder.

tens of millions of people were quarantined at home, the Huoshenshan Hospital was built in ten days, 16 Fangcang shelter hospitals were built in one month, and designated hospitals 255 , isolation wards 225,000, and treatment beds 117,000;

Source: Xinhua News Agency

The number of nucleic acid tests increased from 300 per day at the beginning of the epidemic to 1.32 million in May;

A total of 100,000 epidemiological investigations were carried out, and 285,000 people in close contact were tracked and managed; p>

The supply chain is running well, with sufficient supplies of materials and stable prices during the lockdown of Wuhan;

Behind all these achievements, It is the whole country's great help to Wuhan——

During the epidemic, there were346 medical teams, 42,600 medical staff, 965 public health personnel, and 19 provincial counterparts.

10% of the national intensive care force gathered in Wuhan, 25% of ECMO concentrated in Hubei, all sectors of society Donated 15.1 billion yuan and donated 159 million pieces of goods. Numerous medical staff and volunteers rushed to help Wuhan. There were many exciting incidents.

After February, most parts of the country began to implement the strictest prevention and control measures, and 1.4 billion citizens automatically obeyed the national call for home isolation , Millions of civil servants and tens of millions of Communist Party members were effectively organized to fight on the front line of the fight against the epidemic - quickly completed community isolation, screening of suspected patients, and supply chain organization.

In the evaluation system of Western think tanks, China, a country ranked only 51 in response to epidemic diseases, stunned the world's media with a series of dazzling performances.

In China, screening is like a war movie—

One ​​of China's most grassroots The neighborhood committee has only a few staff members, but with a mobilization order, it can quickly organize hundreds of volunteers (most of them are Communist Party members) to quickly complete the community closure, supervision, investigation, advertising.

In China, Tracking is Fragmentation—

For To trace the close contacts of confirmed patients, we not only conduct pull-net-style repeated screening in the community, but also cooperate with health, public security, statistics, and communication departments to carry out stripping-type tracking, will lurking in the crowd. All asymptomatic infected people in China were found out, which effectively prevented the spread of the epidemic; Tedros said when introducing China's experience-

"I have never seen such a mobilization in my life!"

(Source: CCTV News)

3 Cynical and downfall


While China is fighting the new crown epidemic, what are the western countries doing?

They are sneering, watching from the sidelines, and undermining.

Wuhan locked down,

They say we are violating human rights;

When we were united to fight the epidemic,

they said it was the Chinese version of "everything" "Ernobyl moment";

When the Japanese kindly reminded EU countries to pay attention to the new crown epidemic, an Italian official actually said, This is the talent of the yellow race infectious disease.

(World Wide Web)

There is a famous saying in the Three-Body Problem— Weakness and Ignorance Not an obstacle to survival, arrogance is!

This famous saying is really appropriate in Western countries.

The most chilling thing is that when China's economy is severely stagnant due to the large-scale shutdown of factories in the fight against the epidemic, the performance of certain countries and regions is staggering. Teeth are cold.

United States announced the interruption for the first timeFlights with China and dispatched warships into the South China Sea;

India and Taiwan announced a ban on the sale of masks and other medical supplies to China;

India and Taiwan p>

The U.S. Secretary of Commerce publicly declared that the new crown epidemic will help manufacturing to return to the United States;

India's Minister of Transport bluntly stated that after the epidemic, China's position as a global factory will be weakened, and India will attract more investment. The Magic Flute government even set aside an ambitious 460,000 hectares of land to undertake the industrial chain transferred from China.

The Diamond Princess incident that broke out in Yokohama, Japan in early February was like a mirror that exposed the ugly and incompetent faces of Western countries.

The performance of several western developed countries that trumpeted their own "human rights first" made people lose their appetite, facing the 3711 people on the Diamond Princess

b>The humanitarian disaster, the United Kingdom and the United States are shirk their responsibilities and turn a blind eye, Japan is coping with public opinion perfunctory, and finally watched the cruise ship stop halfway in Yokohama May not be able to go ashore, more than 700 cases of contagion!

At the time, I predicted that if an epidemic broke out in western developed countries, the outcome would definitely not be good!

4 Western Strategies

Sure enough, after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Western countries in March, the performance of the country that claims to be the most prepared to deal with the epidemic is jaw-dropping.

The United States, Trump's statement at the beginning of the epidemic:

——“I On behalf of the United States, it can be said that the epidemic situation in our country is still under control"

——"There is nothing to panic"

—— "Coronavirus will miraculously go away"

——“Coronavirus is the Democratic Party’s new hoax”

——“ Whatever happens, we are prepared; we have the best experts in the world."

United Kingdom:

On March 12, the British Prime Minister announced the UK's epidemic prevention policy : "herd immunity" strategy.

(Source: Sina Finance)

"Infect the vast majority of people in the UK with the new crown virus, so that although some people will die, the vast majority will be Survive and acquire antibodies, thereby gaining herd immunity."


In early February, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Kato Katsunobu announced Japan's epidemic prevention strategy: From the perspective of infection prevention policy, implementing PCR testing for everyone is not an effective countermeasure, and limited testing is required. Resources are focused on patients at risk of severe exacerbation.


Strict "herd immunity" policy, well, that's Lie down and let the virus ravage.


Germany adopts typical mitigation strategies: Emphasizing that COVID-19 cannot be completely blocked, adopting the management model of the pandemic, education for all, reducing social activity, and reducing the spread of the epidemic through family self-protection, focusing on the treatment of severe cases.

5 Three Views Are Broken

To be honest, I was originally very concerned about the rise of China. I am confident, but I still agree with the comprehensive strength, national literacy and technological development of Western countries.

Although I also think that there are many problems in their social governance, under the test paper of the new crown epidemic, Western countries not only have a negative attitude towards the epidemic, but also respond to the epidemic. The poor governance ability and the low moral bottom line broke my three views.

For example, once China encounters a sudden natural disaster, we have countless volunteers to stand up and voluntarily undertake the organization of relief materials and relief. , assistance, etc.

In my imagination, grassroots voluntary organizations in Western countries are more developed, and there is a mature and perfect social work culture. Therefore, in the face of the new crown epidemic, Western countries volunteered Organizations should have better performance.

However, in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak in the West, I don't see any large-scale systemic volunteering at all.

Although Italy, France and other countries have also issued orders to close the city, whether it is the implementation of the stay-at-home order or the travel ban, these countries Mainly enforced by the military and police, and with poor results.


And China relies on neighborhood committee aunts, grumpy village party chiefs and volunteers to keep 1.4 billion people in the country. At home, strictly implement the rule that each household goes out to purchase once every 2 days.

For example, after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, we all know that this is a disease transmitted through the respiratory system, so we all wear masks, wash our hands when we go home, and even Sanitizing full body clothing - In our opinion, these are just common sense practices.

But these common-sense operations are unusual in Western countries, they not only resist wearing masks, but also drink disinfectant and burn 5G base stations (think it is The base station is infecting the virus), resist the stay-at-home order, and organize mass gatherings.

Trump supporters drink sanitizer (source: Twitter)

For example, we all It is believed that Western countries have a complete set of disease prevention and control mechanisms, including information collection, tracking, disease monitoring, and admission and treatment.

But after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Europe and the United States, our eyes dropped. These developed countries not only have extremely poor social governance, poor infrastructure, and even basic Information gathering is full of errors.

Take the United States as an example, known as the most technologically advanced country in the world, the federal government does not have a reliable case reporting system, forcing Pence one by one. Send letters to hospitals across the United States asking them to report their data to the federal government. As for the tracing of close contacts of confirmed patients, none of the developed countries in the West can do it.

(Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News)

Tucao: the kind of keystrokes in Hollywood blockbusters Where is the ability to target the world in seconds?

For example, we believe that democratic countries have transparent information, and officials who govern by elections should be accountable to the people.

But look at Western countries' slapstick operation. In the early stage, they were either indifferent to the epidemic or desperately concealed it. Later, after the outbreak of the epidemic, various "herd immunity" theories were created——


Actually, the epidemic was ignored, which eventually led to a full-scale outbreak. As of December, more than 100,000 people died in Europe and hundreds of thousands in the United States. Not a single official has been held accountable.

Foreign epidemic data as of December 16

On the other hand, China just mishandled the epidemic in Hubei in the early stage, andmore than 3,000 officials were held accountable and dismissed! To be honest, I think the officials in Hubei who are held accountable are much better than officials in Western countries who are not held accountable!

For example, public knowledge tells us that democracies are not corrupt.

As a result, the President of the United States arranged for his son-in-law to be responsible for the procurement of medical materials. These medical materials purchased by the federal government were handed over to 5 private medical companies, and then the medical companies adopted the materials. The highest bidder wins and is sold to various state governments-

(Source: The Paper)

This kind of unscrupulous national disaster The behavior of wealth has been ignored by the United States, from the government to the press.

The most important thing is that some things that we take for granted are not so in European and American countries.

For example, what is a political party in modern society? We take it for granted that political parties are the foundation of mobilization in modern state organizations, the source of national and national cohesion, and the backbone of society.

We are accustomed to such a scenario when encountering social disasters in China: Party members come first, then lead the people to participate, and grass-roots party organizations coordinate.

We Communist Party members played an exemplary vanguard role in this magnificent war against the new crown epidemic,there were more than 400 government workers during the epidemic Sacrifice on the front line with volunteers, more than 70% of whom are Communist Party members.

However, during the response to the epidemic in Western countries, we did not see any political party organizations and party members - no community isolation, no medical supplies procurement, no civil society. There is no aid!

Only in the US elections do we see Democrats and Republicans come to life, all kinds of rally speeches, all kinds of community canvassing -- well, when the charge Party organizations and party members hide on the side, and each one is as active as a chicken blood when fighting for power.

This is the essential difference between political parties in Western countries and the Communist Party of China!

Tucao, the same is true for the various political parties in Hong Kong. One is more active in turmoil (after all, there are rewards from overseas funds), and one is more concerned about election power and profit, I really encountered an epidemic, and I did all the tortoises!

6 smearing and dumping

Because of the corruption, incompetence, and disorganization of Western countries, there is no doubt that the new crown epidemic will break out around the world.

Faced with the ferocious attack of the new crown epidemic, the western countries led by the United States are in a mess, not only did not reflect on their own mistakes, but they were mad at China Smear and smear.

U.S. President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo openly named the new coronavirus "Chinese virus", Western media swarmed, for a period of time "China virus" Virus” and “Wuhan virus” reports are overwhelming.

After throwing the blame, a "claims" campaign against China was launched.

United States some politicians and social organizations openly sued China for $20 trillion in compensation;

UKa think tank asks the government to claim £351bn from China;

Indiaa non-profit Government organizations are also asking the government to claim compensation from China;

Australia openly proposed to launch an “independent investigation” into China; The city is about to be destroyed.

At that time, many Chinese people were worried about whether Western countries would join hands to attack us in the future. I am not afraid of this problem. Just imagine, even the sudden impact of the new crown epidemic on us Can withstand the clamor of some politicians in Western countries, will the sky fall?

Some time ago, German media criticized my country for engaging in Wolf Warrior diplomacy, which aroused heated public opinion. It is necessary to be aggressive, there is no need to attack everywhere to create enemies, and some people even think that beating Tuao is not in line with the principles of the United Front. Here is my opinion.

(Source: China Youth Network)

Let's not mention the past, just look at the international Western media and politicians' remarks on China in the public opinion field.

At the beginning of the outbreak in China, Western public opinion either attacked our system or insulted us as the sick man of East Asia;

Well, we endured it;

When we were united to fight the epidemic, Western public opinion said this was the Chinese version The "Chernobyl Moment" of China, instead of thanking China for buying them a one-month buffer time, was cynical;

Well, we still bear it;

When the epidemic broke out in Western countries, some politicians led by the United States said it was a "Chinese virus", and it was the Chinese who spread the new crown virus to the world ;

Excuse me, can this be tolerated?

Next, is the call for Western countries to claim compensation from China;

Excuse me, can this be tolerated?

So, China's Wolf Warrior diplomacy is completely the result of Western countries' pressing step by step. You don't fight them, don't fight, If we don't teach some anti-China pioneers a lesson, this country will be able to tear a piece of meat from us out of nothing.Do you believe it?

Recently, Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, won a heartwarming victory in the overseas public opinion war, and the result attracted the accusation of "Wolf Warrior Diplomacy" by the German media. Do you know? Do you know why this vote of Western countries only implicitly criticized China's diplomatic style, but did not attack Zhao Lijian himself?

Interlude a story about Zhao Lijian.

When Zhao Lijian was serving as Chargé d’affaires and counsellor in Pakistan, once angered US Ambassador to the United Nations Rice.

The incident was caused by Zhao Lijian's criticism of racial issues in the United States on social media Twitter, "White people in Washington D.C. never go to the Southwest (later clarified as Washington D.C.) Southeast), because that's a black and Latino area."

The move angered Rice, who tweeted that Zhao Lijian was a "shameful racist" , and "stunningly ignorant," tweeting, "In normal times, you'd be listed as Persona non grata (PNG).

Lijian Zhao shot back, saying, Rice is "shameful" and "astonishingly ignorant", Zhao Lijian said he is currently stationed in Islamabad, but was stationed in Washington 10 years ago, accusing Rice of "labeling people who tell the truth you don't want to hear as racists" , is shameless and disgusting behavior. ”

It is rumored that Rice complained to China for this and asked China to deal with Zhao Lijian.

Then soon, Zhao Lijian was reassigned as Deputy Director-General of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign AffairsAnd a press spokesman!

Although the Charge d'Affaires in Pakistan and the Deputy Director-General of the Information Department are both at the Deputy Director-General level, the Deputy Director-General of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Information The status and influence of the spokesperson obviously far exceeds that of Pakistan's Chargé d'Affaires.

I am reminded of a classic dialogue in the history of international diplomacy.

In the 20th century, country A and country B were at war with each other. One day, an officer in country A made a remark that made country B very dissatisfied, so country B asked country A to deal with the officer, and then Country A responded by saying -

"We regret the remarks of Captain Smith and we have reminded Major Smith b>Pay attention to your remarks, if similar problems arise again, we will severely punish Colonel Smith!"

6 Save the global economy

As the world rolls around in the coronavirus pandemic At that time, China, the first to win the fight against the new crown epidemic and the first to resume production, extended its help to the whole world, even including the countries that fell victim to it in the early stage.

We send medical teams and expert teams to dozens of countries;

We have provided astronomical amounts of medical supplies such as masks, protective clothing, ventilators, etc. to hundreds of countries;

We have reported Donated US$2 billion;

We pledged that our COVID-19 vaccine will be available to the world as a public health product;

People are doing it, God is watching!

Therefore, when the world economy is shut down due to the epidemic, the Chinese economy is booming!

Overtime! work overtime! Non-stop overtime! This is a common phenomenon for Chinese production enterprises, especially foreign trade export enterprises, this year.

Due to the global shutdown of production due to the epidemic, China has become the only remaining manufacturing base in the world.

From May to November, although the renminbi continued to appreciate from 7.19 to 6.5 against the US dollar, it could not stop the surge in foreign trade exports;

Exports of medical supplies surged;

Exports of mobile phones, notebooks, and household appliances surged;

Bicycles and small household appliances soared;

textile exports soared;

Just now In the past November, China's exports increased by 21.1% year-on-year, with a trade surplus of US$75.4 billion in the month, setting a record since the reform and opening up!

China-Europe freight trains increased by 105% compared to the same period last year, and it is hard to find a container of shipping containers!

Do you know what these phenomena mean?

It means that China has saved the world economy by itself!


The reason is very simple. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the world's major economies have all carried out large-scale money printing and water release in order to support the economy.

But if only banknotes do not have enough commodity supply, the massive amount of currency and the shortage of materials will directly lead to soaring prices and people's hardships - The final economic collapse is almost inevitable.

However, fortunately, Chinese factories have filled the gaps in the world's shortage of goods, and astronomical quantities of Chinese goods are continuously reaching the world by sea and rail. Everywhere, guaranteed the world's material supply, allowing the world's major economies to support their economies just by printing money.

China's strong economic recovery and strong demand have not only pulled the international crude oil price from negative oil prices back to above $40 The price range of iron ore and thermal coal is also rising.

If China had not fought against the epidemic in January-February this year, if China was rolling in the quagmire of the epidemic like other countries, if China could not provide the world Adequate supply of goods;

What will the global economy look like now?

That was an unprecedented disaster!

At the beginning of the year, China's anti-epidemic war won a one-month buffer period for the world.

Well, wasted by a vote of developed country pig teammates!

Now the goods produced by Chinese factories have supported the global economy and have not collapsed, and the society has not lost control. All the sneering and slandering our country at the beginning of the year——

You not only owe the Chinese people a thank you, but also owe the Chinese people an apology!

7 Super Mess

< p data-pid="4TO-8Ynq">What happened to the United States, which spared no effort to smear China this year, and made all kinds of slander?

Currently more than 17 million confirmed cases and more than 300,000 deaths - the death toll has surpassed 2 World Wars and the daily death toll of Pearl Harbor Soar upwards.

At the beginning of the year, a "famous writer" in Hubei made up a rumor that "unclaimed mobile phones all over the place" "It was so treasured by you that it was quickly translated into dozens of languages ​​and spread to the world, and now these phenomena are being presented one by one in the United States.

The IPad (source: Twitter) that bid farewell to the patient on his deathbed is unclaimed (source: CCTV news screenshot) The mass grave where the body was buried (source: British "Daily Mail")

I am reminded of an old Chinese saying about the current super mess in the United States -

The way of heaven is good, and China has a reason for it;

People are obedient, and every man will take revenge!

We don't need to do anything, and God will punish you severely!

8 extraordinary

Reviewing the year 2020 made me emotional.

I have been thinking in the past that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation must have a landmark event that made the whole world agree that the trend of the decline of the United States is unstoppable and the rise of China The trend is equally unstoppable.

But in the past, I would never have thought that such a landmark event would be a global public health event.

Facing the impact of the new crown epidemic, China not only showed its road advantages and institutional advantages to the fullest, but also 14 100 millionThe nation's endogenous explosive cohesion made the world stunned.

Although the new crown epidemic is not over yet,the attitude of important global economies towards China has quietly changed.

In 2019, India withdrew from the RCEP agreement. At that time, Japan stated that I would not sign it if India did not come. As a result, it was signed this year; b>

Singapore Prime Minister, after signing the RCEP agreement, stated externally that will not join the alliance without China;

On December 10, former German Deputy Chancellor Fischer wrote: China has won 2020.

(Source: Reference News)

2020 is coming to an end. In the future, if we look back at this extraordinary year, we may realize that——We are in 2020 The year witnessed an extraordinary history on the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The original text was first published on the WeChat public account, more in-depth content Please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Brother Cat's Vision, Brother Cat's World

Zhihu: Brother Huamao, Bilibili: Brother Huamao 713 b>

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