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Jadeite will become a rare variety, and owning fine rough stones is a symbol of status _ jiamo

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According to statistics, last year alone, the price of mid-range jadeite in mainland my country has risen by 30% to 50%, and the price of high-end jadeite has doubled. The reason why the price of medium and high-grade jadeite rises so rapidly is mainly due to the following reasons: First, the non-renewable nature of resources makes jadeite only more and more expensive. Secondly, there is a huge demand for it in the domestic market now, but the resources in Myanmar’s mining areas have gradually been depleted, and the middle and high-end collection-grade jadeite in Hong Kong and other places has begun to return to the mainland to cope with the situation in the mainland market. Thirdly, the artificial synthesis of jadeite is far from technical, and synthetic products are far from natural high-quality jadeite, so there is no substitute for it.

2017~2024 jadeite market forecast [for reference]

The price of fine jadeite has reached a new high. In Antique City, auctions will replace street stalls as the main channel for collecting treasures. The biggest names in the entertainment industry rarely release works, and they can only be found at auctions.

[Photo courtesy of Jiamo Jade]


Most of the emerald shops, large and small, scattered all over the country have been transformed into antique art malls, and related art salons, art tea bars, exhibition halls, and auction houses will be settled in them, exhibitions, auctions, Large-scale cultural events will be closely linked to this.

[Photo courtesy of Jiamo Jade]


Online purchase will become an important way for people to buy jadeite, the price of jadeite will be completely transparent, and the word "picking" will be completely deleted from the dictionary. Hundreds of millions of yuan can be paid directly with mobile phones, and the mobile museum APP community can be seen everywhere, and the exhibitions are all collections with QR codes. The Internet giants have joined forces to use big data to provide top collectors with all-round three-dimensional collection and purchase information.



The former has been transformed into a pure trading platform, or a platform for academic exchanges. The price of ordinary jade is high, and the boss seller who sells jade will package the jade in a very artistic way. Various jadeite brands lead the fashion collection industry, and the market value of jadeite art designer brands surpasses that of international big names and is reported globally.

[Photo courtesy of Jiamo Jade]



Jadeite will become a rare species, the price of jadeite is high, and the possession of fine jadeite has become a symbol of the identity and taste of a few people, and it is common for senior bodyguards to appear in their residences for security.

[Photo courtesy of Jiamo Jade]


The number of business owners and collectors decreased by two-thirds, the price of jadeite reached its due value and appreciated at a steady and slow rate, rational investment dominated the market, and wealth was further concentrated In the hands of a few people, a new group of high-quality practitioners has emerged - Jade Brokers!

[Photo courtesy of Jiamo Jade]


Jade investment has become the biggest selling point of the banking industry for wealth management. The domestic trust industry began to sell Jade investment trust plans to the public, and this year Jade Co-Investment Fund came into being. Majority stakes in foreign banks were swept away by big early collectors in China.


Owning jadeite is a symbol of taste and wealth. Dare to invite guests to the house, for fear of being called "outbreak"I can't afford to lose this person's hat.

[Photo courtesy of Jiamo Jade]


Jadeite has become the label of the upper class, and jadeite has become the carrier of Chinese family cultural heritage. Most of the jadeite in the two collection directions are hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions of yuan, which shuts out ordinary collectors .

The third direction is the characteristic work: the outer surface has a good gloss, translucent to transparent, clear like ice, giving people a feeling of ice and jade, but it is slightly worse than the above two, The key is that the craftsmanship must be a good combination of exquisite raw materials and craftsmanship, which is deeply loved by consumers and collectors.

【Picture Originated from Jiamo Jade]

A gentleman is like jade, beauty is like jade, and there are hundreds of kinds of jade. Jade is the king of jade. Choosing a good piece of jade means that the bull market will hold the daily limit for a long time. The benefits you get from the stop-up! And, you don't need to pay attention to the market every day, and exhaust your mental research every day.

You only need to wear it for a long time, and you can also improve your temperament, protect your own safety, and increase your own Wealth, take care of your body, jade will not depreciate because others wear it for a long time, but it will appreciate because people have raised jade for many years.

Author; Jiamo Jade

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