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Dayi Tea Culture Interpretation Series NO29: Open the World

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Taurus opens up the world, and conquers the mountains and the world

Majestic and powerful, opening up the world

On the first day of 2021, the much-anticipated Dayi "Cow" finally unveiled its mystery. At the "Dayi Year of the Ox Zodiac Commemorative Tea Conference" held live on Tmall Dayi Tea Flagship Store, two commemorative teas for the Year of the Ox were announced, namely "Li Kai Tian Di" (sheng) and "Calf Care" Love" (cooked).

Cow is one of the most important domestic animals and is rated as "the first of the six animals". my country is a farming civilization with a long history of raising cattle, and cattle are closely related to the lives of working people. In the land of China, there are many stories, allusions and legends that praise cattle, adding a lot of charm to the cultural image of cattle.

Photo: China Post 2021 Xin Chou Year Zodiac Stamps

The Cultural Meaning of the Zodiac Ox


Cow is the representative of hard work and hard work.

The cow is huge and powerful, with a docile and tenacious personality. It has been a good friend of human beings since ancient times. Every spring, people use cattle to plow the fields and carry out various heavy agricultural production activities. Therefore, people are very respectful and grateful to cattle.

The cow eats the grass, but squeezes out the milk. It works hard without complaint and is unknown, and never asks the owner to give more rewards when harvesting.

The body of the cow embodies the spirit of selfless dedication. Mr. Yu Qiuyu once said that the key factor that "Chinese civilization does not go on an expedition" is because we have been a self-sufficient farming civilization for a long time, and one of the symbolic labors of farming civilization is cattle!

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Bull is strength and Stubborn representative.

The ox is strong and hard-working people are called "old cattle". "Niu Gao Ma Da" is often used to describe a tall and strong man. Sweeping through the eighty-one, ten thousand husbands are the enemy of this bull's power" poems describe the bull's strength; the stubborn and stubborn temper is called "the bull's temper".

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Cow can also be used to imply wealth.

The cow is often a symbol of wealth in Western culture. According to the records of the "Bible Exodus", after the Israelites left Egypt, they followed the custom and used gold to build a golden calf to worship as the image of Jehovah God, and the golden bull became a symbol of money and wealth. The activity of bulls also symbolizes production and appreciation, so the continuous rise in stock prices is called a "bull market".


Photo: Wall Street Copper Bull

Year of the Ox Zodiac Tea: Majestic and Powerful, Breaking Ground

In the Hani area of ​​Yunnan, they have a unique worship and belief in cattle. Their creation myth book "Aushermise" tells that cattle have the ability to open up the world: cattle , like Pangu, majestic, majestic atmosphere, created the heaven and earth and all things.

Because of this, in 2021, Dayi Group's zodiac tea for the Year of the Ox will be named after its raw tea: "Li Kai Tian Di", which has a profound and profound meaning. This beef cake, where is the cow?

First, the ox cake is the finale of the Grand Slam of the Dayi Zodiac Series. As the finale of the zodiac series, the release of Niu Cake completes the complete set of zodiac tea in the zodiac series. Cow cake, therefore, symbolizes completeness, reunion, and beauty. It not only greatly improved the communication and promotion of the Dayi brand, but also promoted the rise of the market of Dayi Zodiac series tea.

Second, the beef cake is the first zodiac tea that comes with raw and cooked. Innovation and breakthrough are important characteristics of Dayi tea culture. Dayi took the lead in making zodiac tea in the Pu'er tea industry. From tiger cakes, rabbit cakes, all the way to mouse cakes, zodiac tea is traditionally made from raw tea. In 2021, Dayi zodiac tea will appear in the form of raw and cooked for the first time, which is a new atmosphere.

"Power to open the world" and "protect the calf with deep love", one is masculine and the other is feminine. There is both the majestic atmosphere of a father's love like a mountain, and the tenderness and delicacy of a mother's love like water. Different expression styles, the same deep meaning.

Thirdly, the cow cake is a masterpiece of the zodiac with great care. Select the ancient tree tea from the famous village of Brown Mountain as the raw material, and it is produced by the Dayi tea technique selected into the "National Intangible Cultural Heritage List". Its cake shape is round and full, the ropes are fat and strong, vigorous and powerful, the silver hair is highlighted, and the aura is high.

The dry tea exudes an intoxicating fruity aroma and a touch of sweetness, with a refreshing and floral fragrance that is refreshing;

Then As the lingering honey fragrance dissipates, the powdery sweet fragrance flows smoothly, like a trickle flowing through the heart, more melodious and naturally refreshing.

The tea soup is golden yellow and bright, as clear as honey, shining brightly; the taste is strong and full, the entrance is strong and strong, and it reaches the bottom of the throat, like a mountain waterfall punching stones, Directly hitting the depths of the soul, the cheeks are surging, the bottom of the tongue is surging, and the feeling of refreshing and comfortable swept over, and the throat has a deep rhyme.

This bull is a bull of bravery and sturdiness, a bull of simplicity and tenacity. An endless cow, a mighty cow.

The power of life, cycled from beginning to end, laid the broad foundation of Chinese civilization, and gave birth to the endless life of this land. Despite the hardships, the Chinese nation has always stood firm and safe as a mountain. The grand scales rise, the writing is magnificent; all things are born freely.

It is:

Dayi ingenuity, love China; !

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