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The animal statues placed on both sides of the door by many companies in China, what do the different species represent?

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It seems that everyone is in pain. .

Since you all want to know more about it, you might as well make a summary. Maybe not only the stone carvings outside the gate, but also related objects will be mentioned.

First look at this stuff:

This stuff It is called "Bao Drum Stone", and only the wealthy can afford it. At first, it was the door rest of the door. There was a hole under the door shaft, which could bear the pressure of the whole door, so it should be made larger. If you want to stick out just a piece of the flat plate, it would be silly, so many wealthy households are on it. To make a fuss, the upper head is turned up and made into a circle, and various flowers are carved.

A certain encyclopedia said that this thing is a pepper map.

What a bunch of nonsense!

What is a pepper map? Jiaotu is a snail from the Dragon Sun. The snail is raw, and the back of Jiaotu's head is a shell, which describes a stable and safe home. So the two with iron rings on the door are Jiaotu:

Jiaotu is true:

The picture shows Jiao Tu (about 8 years old) sticking out his tongue to look at Lang Zhong, he got hemorrhoids due to the dampness and heat of his body

The drum stone is not at all. Jiaotu, on the drum stone, some are painted with koi, some are painted with scorpion, some are painted with unicorns, some are carved with sika deer, and some are carved with elephants:

To put it bluntly, the drum stone is just a pile, and anything can be put on it:

Then everyone knows that different things have different meanings. .

In modern buildings, drum stones are not used much, but two statues are placed directly at the gate of the courtyard. All drum-holding stones must bear a lot of weight, so it is not necessarily that only the two sides of the gate are held by the drum-holding stones, and the feet under the other buildings may also be the drum-holding stones. The small households directly replaced the pair of stone carvings at the entrance of the compound with the carvings of holding drum stones. The form is basically the same as that of the entrance of the mansion, but the carvings are more abundant.

In ancient and modern China, the most common thing placed at the gate of the compound is the lion.

One ​​male and one female, the male opens his mouth and is angry, while the female shuts up and muffles his voice, symbolizing the unique skills of Chinese people:

This is the essential method of town house and home security.

Some will carve the lion with scales, but the claws are not the hooves that the unicorn should have, so it is called Longzishen, which is born of a dragon and a lion, but the male lion does not. Know.

The picture shows Long Zixuan (Longri Lion) and his brothers, little lions (born from a lion and a lion) looking after the house together. Knowing all this has happened

So, what about magnifying the elephant?

The auspicious meaning of the elephant, it is said that the elephant's trunk sucks water, and the water is wealth. In fact, in ancient worship, the dragon in the water and the elephant on the land are all strong and powerful.If the communication of the ancients were more developed, then the giraffe would be regarded as a unicorn earlier.

Now generally, a pair of elephants are placed in front of restaurants and hotels, and they are all required to be white elephants. why? Because this is a Thai custom, Thai elephant worship is great, but it is very laborious to support one elephant, and there are too many elephants, so I have to find something special. Therefore, the elephant with albinism, the white elephant, has become the "holyest" thing, because there are very few of them. How did China's magnifying elephant emerge in recent years?

At that time, people in Guangdong and Hong Kong used water as their wealth because Guangzhou and its vicinity were the most important ports for maritime trade, and they believed that water could bring wealth. In other places, wherever there is a source of water, it will definitely make people rich. When we watched "White Deer Plain", Bai Jiaxuan deceived Lu Zilin's water-rich place, and he was so happy that he jumped for joy.

Elephants like to play with water, and they were worshipped in ancient China. When the two are connected, the atmosphere of the affiliated association in modern times is formed. Therefore, it is placed in the The door is ok. Just need to note that the raised trunk is spraying water, and the drooping trunk is absorbing water. The meanings of the two are different. The former will be beneficial to people and make people believe in the meaning of the garden owner to spread happiness;

There is also this one who is also making money:

There is no need to say more about the story of the three-legged golden toad, this The sculptures must be full of gold and silver ingots and copper coins. Holding a piece or restraining it with a rope is to prevent it from making a sound, which is a metaphor for making a fortune in silence. Generally, businessmen like to use this sculpture. Some will be placed at the door, and some will be placed indoors. The purpose is the same, and it is in awe of this wise saying.

Some people also put this thing at the door to attract money:

I have said this before, this is a jerk, The ancients used it on the stele on the tortoise, and it was also used on the book on the tortoise. This is caused by the dragon's day and the wangba (tortoise), because the wangba has a thick shell and great strength, so it is used to carry weight. It is likened to the fact that the things it carries are very heavy. The stele on the tortoise carries merits and virtues, the book on the tortoise carries literary talent and academics, and the money on the tortoise carries money.

See the brown picture, what do you mean when you put money under the feet of a toad? Typical blind put. There are other government departments that put this thing, I put five bottles of water in the fountain pool of the government next to my house, what does it mean? - Zhihu has been sprayed, if you are interested, you can take a look.

Let's talk about the unicorn:

The unicorn means auspiciousness and is a reindeer in real history. The unicorn in the legends of later generations has gradually evolved into what it is now. Cow hooves, fish scales, dragon heads... Among them, all the scales of mythical beasts have the meaning of "splendid future" and "rich and rich". Here we will talk about "koi":

The decoration of fish usually symbolizes "surplus". If you don't have it, you have to borrow it with an old face. If you don't have it, you have to beg for food. What people most eagerly look forward to is to have more than one year. Corresponding to now, I think the Moonlight Clan can make offerings at the table.

And the students forwarded and offered koi carp, which is the legend of "carp leaping over the dragon gate", hoping to pass the exam, which is completely different from the former.

A horse is placed at the door, which is a metaphor for a horse to move up, to make a fortune, and to be successful.

Growing cows at the door is a metaphor for bullishness, a prosperous bull market, and your lungs.

I haven't forgotten my heart yet, and it's still at the door of the court. People put this thing:

This is a Xiezhi, Sheep are fucking born. In fact, it has nothing to do with dragons, his eyes are bright, and he is angry when he knows he is guilty. It symbolizes the judgment of justice, distinguishing right from wrong, and advocating evil and promoting good. It should be noted that Xiezhi is a unicorn and Tianlu is also a unicorn, but these are two things and cannot be confused.

Needless to say more about the following, we all know that it is a welcome:


Recently I heard people say that elephants, lions and other things placed on the opposite side will have a bad impact on our side.

This is pure overthinking.

All door decorations, whether they are for wealth or blessing, are essentially the same as the welcome at the door.

Customers bring wealth to the store owner, and welcoming guests has the effect of attracting wealth. This is no different from the unicorn, lion, etc. in function. The so-called right evil actually means that no one has a high enthusiasm for doing business, and you have little confidence in your own business. In the past, when the business was not good, I would reflect on myself, but now I can finally stop complaining about myself, and complain that there is a lion on the opposite side. The real sha is brought by the person who manages it, and it is useless to put more things back.

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