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Bullish, unstoppable! Inventory of those well-known cows in the game

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This article is excerpted from UCG Issue 506·507

As a representative animal of diligence, honesty and hard work, cattle are very popular among Chinese people. Needless to say, farmers raise cattle, and the bull statue in front of the stock exchange is also very festive as a symbol of the "bull market". And Niu's strong body and sturdy big horns also appear to be particularly imposing, so when speaking to describe others as powerful, Chinese people will unconsciously use the indecent word with the word "ox" (laughs).

So what is the foreign impression of cattle? We might as well get a glimpse of it through the games produced by various countries. This article will follow the time point at the beginning of the Year of the Ox to introduce you to the cows that appear in the game. Some of them are based on the image of myths and legends, and some of them have become the mascots in the game with their own unique designs... No matter which one they are, they will undoubtedly add a lot to their own games.


The image of the ox-headed human body appears in national mythology all over the world. Humans are regarded as one of the totems representing strength and abundance. However, there are also some tauren figures that are evil creatures, such as the Minotaur from Greek mythology.

▲The Minotaur in Granblue Fantasy.

The Minotaur is one of the most famous monsters in Greek mythology. It was sent by Parsifah, the queen of the tyrant Minos who ruled Crete, and Poseidon, the god of the sea. The product of the divine cow. King Minos commissioned the craftsman Daedalus to build a huge labyrinth on Crete to trap the monster. In order to strictly keep the secret of the labyrinth, Minos imprisoned Daedalus and his son Icarus in the labyrinth. Daedalus made wings with wax and feathers, and flew away with his son to escape Crete, but Ika Ross flew too close to the sun, causing the wax that made his wings to melt, and finally fell from the air and fell to his death. The meaning of the "wings of Icarus" comes from this.

Afterwards, in the war with Athens, Minos accepted the Athenian food on the condition that Athens sent seven pairs of virgins to Crete as a tribute to the Minotaur as food every nine years. beg for peace.

In order to get rid of this monster that endangered Athens and save the virgins and virgins who were treated as tribute, the Athenian prince Theseus was willing to take himself as a hostage to Crete, and made a promise with his father that if he failed, he would return. The fleet hoisted black sails. After arriving on Crete, Theseus, with the help of Minos' daughter Ariadne, sneaked into the labyrinth of Daedalus and killed the Minotaur. But the joy was filled with sorrow. When the fleet of Theseus was too excited to return, he forgot to take off the hanging black sails. The king of Athens saw the fleet returning from a distance and thought his son was dead. In grief, he threw himself into the sea. This area is also named the Aegean Sea.

▲The Minotaur in Final Fantasy VIII.

As a famous monster image in Greek mythology, Minotaur has appeared in many games. For example, the first labyrinth of the first generation of "Goddess Rebirth" is "Tower of Daedalus", and the last The boss is the Minotaur. The Minotaur in the "Final Fantasy" series also appeared in the 1st, 3rd, 5th and other works. The Minotaur Minotaur in the third level of "Devil City X Blood Reincarnation" impressed players with his ferocious attack, while games such as "God of War" and "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" with Greece as the background In the works, the Minotaur is a frequent visitor who will not be absent.

▲The Minotaur in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Bull Ghost

Bull Ghost is a kind of monster in Western Japanese legends. Its image is close to the combination of spider + cow. Similar to a multi-legged spider. In some legends, bull ghosts also have insect-like wings. This kind of monster has a very ferocious personality. It usually lives by the river and the sea. Once someone gets close, it will bite and kill the unlucky person with its sharp teeth. And the venom sprayed from its mouth is also very dangerous. Even if humans come into contact with water contaminated by it, they will die. Such a fierce appearance and powerful lethality make it not only appear in various ancient books depicting monsters. With modern technology as the carrier, bull ghosts also appear in the game in various unique forms.

In the "Unparalleled Orochi" series, Niu Gui appeared many times, and the legendary Although it is called a bull ghost in "Unparalleled Orochi", it is actually closer to "Minotaur". The standing state holding a stick is far from the image of the legendary "spider cow". The only thing that can be called similar is its fierce performance. The bull ghost in "Unparalleled Orochi" has been a powerful character in all dynasties. The moment when he swings his stick with brute force, it is slightly similar in spirit to the ferocious performance of the legendary perpetrator who crushes his teeth.

And when it comes to "perfectly restored" works in terms of image, there is also the "Yokai Watch". " and "Nioh 2". The bull ghost in "Yokai Watch 4" not only reproduces the classic image of the bull's head spider, but also decorates it with a lot of fluff. What's more expressive is that although its head is a bull's head, it has compound eyes. The combination of the two successfully highlights the spider characteristics of the bull ghost. "Nioh 2" deals with the image of the cow ghost from a more realistic perspective. Although the cow ghost has many legs like a spider, the feet are alienated into the hoofs of cows, and the front feet of the spider are even longer. Keratinized spikes emerged. In the battle, it will not only use the attacks mentioned in legends such as spraying poison, but also open insect-like wings after receiving a certain amount of damage, which makes its performance in the game more domineering, and also further fits. the legendary image.

▲The bull ghost in "Yokai Watch 4", but its golden name is " Bull Demon", very magical.


The tauren itself does not have a specific mythological image, but this race appears in many games, even the Minotaur Its appearance is also in line with the image of the Tauren. Here is a detailed introduction to this well-known race. Given that it is highly consistent with the abbreviation of a certain behavior in Japanese, the racial name "Tauren", which originally had a fantasy flavor, has long been victimized. The author even highly suspects that most non-fantasy fans would say This word has completely lost its use in the original meaning (laughs). After all, who would mention the tauren! ? However, we must seriously talk to you about the original meaning of the word, which is the literal meaning: a humanoid creature with a bull-like head.

▲A relief depicting the shape of the Minotaur, which can be seen fused to its body characteristics of humans and cattle.

First of all, we have to make it clear that although in the Chinese context, "Tauren" refers to the general term for the humanoid creatures mentioned above, this definition does not completely correspond to the English language. Among them, because this involves a very key point: the tauren is not an original concept, the image of this race is obviously derived from the tauren humanoid creatures in myths and legends, such as the Greek mythological monster "Mino" mentioned above. Taurus" (Minotaur).

Therefore, in some works, such as the desktop role-playing game "Dungeon and Dragon", the original English name of the Tauren directly inherits the original name "Minotaur", although it is A specific monster has been changed to the racial name of a humanoid, but its setting also has a very obvious archetype, including a like to live in labyrinthine caves and buildings, and will eat other intelligences that intrude into their own territory Creatures, etc., are highly aggressive creatures. The faction is often chaotic and evil, and they are often used as enemies against players in the campaign module. Therefore, in the eyes of some players, this type of tauren is actually a tauren. , more appropriately translated as "Minotaur".

▲The Minotaur from the fifth edition rule book of Dungeons & Dragonselephant.

But with the development of fantasy-themed games, players and developers are obviously not satisfied with only letting this characteristic creature appear as a monster, after all, compared with many strange humanoid creatures , the prototype of the tauren is actually a domestic animal that is very familiar to humans, and just as developers will create many player characters or teammates based on common creatures such as cats and dogs, the tauren obviously also has potential in this regard, so this The positioning of race in video games has also ushered in changes with the development of the times.

One of the most well-known turning points is in "Heroes of Might and Magic". This work focuses on letting players play the leader of a certain faction, and can command our units and enemies on the battlefield. The enemy is fighting, and the fourth-level arm of the Mountain camp is the tauren. Although it is only one of the arm units, the tauren does start to appear in the game as "our side" rather than "enemy".

▲The tauren in the original "Heroes of Might and Magic".

However, the most critical positioning change of the Tauren must come from the settings in the "Warcraft" series. In the world view of this series of works created by Blizzard, the tauren is no longer related to the Minotaur in myth and legend, but is a race born and raised on the planet of Azeroth, and even the original English name has been changed to "" Tauren", which can be translated as "Tauren", but because of its appearance, it is still paraphrased as "Tauren" in localization.

Unlike the "classical" setting of the Tauren in "Dungeons and Dragons", the Tauren in "World of Warcraft" is a race that has nothing to do with the Minotaur except for its shape , they are a peaceful nation, living together in the form of relatively ancient tribes, indifferent to the world, but they do not lack the ability to protect themselves.

▲Set the tauren home "Mogaolei" in the original painting.

Interestingly, Blizzard also gave the tauren a very distinct gender difference (compared to the Dungeons & Dragons version of the tauren). The male tauren has an amazingly large body, and the body structure is similar to that of a yak. ​​The connection between the cervical vertebrae and the spine on the back is raised, higher than the head. When viewed from the front, it seems that there is no neck, but in fact their necks are Extends diagonally forward, less noticeable when covered with hair. The female tauren has a similar physiological structure, but the volume is smaller, and the height of the bulge is the same as that of the head. The overall body structure gives the impression that it is closer to humans.

The Azeroth version of the tauren first appeared in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. In this most representative series of works, Blizzard expanded the faction of "Warcraft", from a simple battle between humans and orcs, to a dispute between several different racial forces, and although the indigenous people, Not the "foreign race" from other planets like the Orcs.

However, the tauren and the orcs have a lot in common in terms of culture and way of life. After receiving the help of the orcs, the tauren also joined the tribal forces established by the orcs, and another indigenous race "giant". Demon" together became one of the members of the tribal camp. And because the male tauren is very powerful in individual combat (adult tauren can grow to 900 pounds and 12 feet tall), ordinary tauren warriors are already level 5 units of the tribe, holding huge totem poles on the battlefield Invincible, only a very small number of units can confront them head-on.

▲The model of the Tauren unit in "Warcraft III Reforged", in which the right The tauren warrior.

As a representative character of this race, Cairne Bloodhoof, the Tauren chief who debuted as a hero, is a more powerful Tauren warrior, and is also a tribe in the series. Mainstay in the leadership role. Unfortunately, because of the plot arrangement, he was eventually killed by a traitor and died in a duel with the orc Garrosh Hellscream, which is embarrassing.

However, the figure of Cairne Bloodhoof still appears in many works. For example, he is a card in "Hearthstone", and the deathrattle effect is to summon his son Baine. Blood hoof, and because the hero module of the Tauren Chieftain was brought into "DOTA", which was born from the map editor of "Warcraft III", many works that follow the gameplay of "DOTA" also have bullheads that players can operate. Human characters, such as "League of Legends" "Tauren Chief" Alistar and "DOTA 2" in "The Elder Titan" - although the latter is not a Tauren in setting, but aA Titan that created the world, but still has a very obvious tauren impression in appearance.

▲Although the ancient giants have weakened the impression of tauren by changing the shape, they still leave There are a lot of "cow" elements.

To this day, both classical and Warcraft-style tauren settings have long been well known, and there are many of them in game works. Even with the increased acceptance of this setting, the development of The authors have even found ways to “improve the taste” of cultures in different regions while maintaining the core of such elements as “cow”. For example, the Doraf people who appeared in the work “Granblue Fantasy” by the Japanese factory are actually a kind of “tauren”. The variant that is organically combined with the oriental aesthetics is similar to the race "rich hoof" in "Tomorrow's Ark". To sum up, it is a human character with horns and a little other related elements. Let's call it a human character. "Bull-horned man" or "human-headed cow" (big mistake), people have to sigh at the powerful tolerance of oriental culture under the premise of being obsessed with aesthetic expression (laughs).

▲From "Tomorrow's Ark", "Feng Hoof" race operator "Jiaofeng" It is a very typical "horn man" type character.

In addition to the above-mentioned cattle related to mythology, there are also many cattle that appear directly in well-known games, such as the Bull Demon King of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, The Raptor from Monster Hunter World, the cow from Ranch Story, the Big Milk Tank from Pokémon, and more. The full version of this Niu special enterprise has been published in the 506.507th issue of "Game Machine Practical Technology". The content is more detailed and complete. Interested readers may wish to purchase the book to support a wave~

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