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How to wear in the Year of the Ox to win? Liu Wen's Burberry "bull" _ Fan Zhudi

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I remember Liu Wen's first international show was a collaboration with Burberry. Continuing the leading edge this time, the performance is still remarkable - supermodel aura, classic plaid, "ox" elements, mixed with street style, not only eye-catching shape, natural scenes also show the vigorous vitality of the Year of the Ox Incisively and vividly~

Burberry is very good at explaining the relationship between man and nature through fashion and art. The spring and summer fashion show that was released was held in the forests of Buckinghamshire, England.

In addition to the supermodel's supermodel's layering method this year, Fan also got a lot of star artists on Weibo, A more minimalist addition to the new capsule collection. For example, Zhou Dongyu used a black sweater, matched with a new plaid top and skirt, and appeared in "Weekend Pictorial". This look is very literary and girly~

There is also singer Casper, the shirt + flight jacket looks cool, and the net red baseball cap on the head is the finishing touch. This kind of collocation is full of trend, and it is not too exaggerated. It can be held for daily wear or party.

In general, this year's fashion blockbusters and new styles are blowing up the street, plus supermodels and celebrities bring the goods in person, This year is undoubtedly a must-fire rhythm~

2. New gameplay with classic elements, single product is bullish

Fan will give you another plate of New Year's Eve Several highlights of the capsule series. The first thing to say, of course, is the "bullshit" New Year element.

This year, Burberry made the "ox" appear in the limited edition Thomas Burberry's exclusive logo, inspired by the traditional Chinese zodiac story, the cow is closely connected with the earth, symbolizing strength and peace, and it is very recognizable. It is worth collecting in the Year of the Ox~

The classic plaid elements have also been played with new tricks, not only with the " The "Cow" element LOGO is cleverly combined, and the color matching is also bolder and more publicized, giving it a brand-new feeling.

There is also a montage series that has always been very popular in his family. This year, he also added cows to the printing of T-shirts and sweaters. Year-exclusive TB logo, fashionable and eye-catching, wearing it will turn heads 100%↓

From clothing, bags to accessories, The new capsule series is all-in-one, whether it is to equip yourself for the New Year, or to buy it as a gift for a friend, it is super suitable!

3. Buy new equipment for the New Year, buy new products for the Year of the Ox

Every year before the Spring Festival, Fan will pay special attention to big-name items with zodiac elements, especially This year is the Year of the Ox, and many friends in the financial industry around me have designated to be "bullish". Next, I will plant grass and grass for everyone, Burberry's new products for the Year of the Ox, friends who want new equipment for the New Year, don't miss it~

·New bags·

△ Liu Wen and Zhou Dongyu are the same Olympia Bags

Burberry's bags this season have a retro texture and look very advanced. Fan's first recommendation to everyone is the Olympia Bag of the same style as Liu Wen and Zhou Dongyu.

The outer layer and inner lining of the new Olympia Bag are made of calfskin and lambskin respectively.Very cool, the red, black and yellow color scheme looks handsome and casual, inspired by the semi-circular arc lines of the London Olympia Exhibition Center, the brand fashion show venue, which instantly draws a retro feel, especially suitable for the cool Sa Yujie fan.

And compared to other underarm bags, its shoulder strap is longer (the longest vertical wearing length of the shoulder strap is 48cm ), wearing thick clothes on the back or crossbody is no problem in autumn and winter~

Except for the small underarm bag (26 x 5.5 x 15cm), Fan also especially likes the same series of card holders carried by the captain of THE9, An Qi. An Qi matched the new clothes of the New Jubilee series, so cool that he has no friends.

Fan thinks that the highlight of this small bag is not only the appearance, but also the removable strap, which you can carry alone or Can be taken off to make a card case. In the era of small bags, it is perfectly compatible with fashion sense and practicality↓

△ College Fan Erman Full Pocket Bag

Another Song Zuer's same mini two-color leather and checkered pocket bag is also worth recommending.

Burberry's pocket bags can be said to be from spring and summer to autumn and winter, and there is no meaning to cool down. The Pocket Bag is inspired by the classic bags of the 1980s in the brand's archives. The choice of materials and colors is also richer, and it is not picky at all.

This new mini two-tone leather and check pocket bag features a bright color scheme from this year's New Jubilee collection. The plaid pocket is made of nylon. In addition to the top handle, there is also a detachable shoulder strap. It is small and cute~

I want If you have a big bag, you can consider a medium plaid and leather pocket bag. This bag uses a larger area of ​​the iconic check element, and is embossed with the Burberry lettering logo on the front, which has a London accent.

Singer & actress Zeng Keni put this pocket bag on her body, worried that she could not hold a friend who wears such an avant-garde style, Commuter style and pocket bags are also "a perfect match"~

△ Beach Tote for holiday commuting


In a large bag, a tote bag that is versatile and can be loaded is naturally one of the best options. This year, Burberry's Beach Tote uses classic plaid elements. This black and white plaid tote bag has a zippered storage bag inside, which is very convenient for daily commuting.

The details are also impeccable, the inner bag is printed with an exclusive icon for the Year of the Ox, hiding the "scheming" ↓

For friends who like this year's Burberry Year of the Ox icon, there is also an oversized exclusive logo check nylon beach tote. This bag is relatively large in size (30 x 45 x 34cm) and can be carried on the shoulder by hand, suitable for travel and vacation~

·New Clothes for the Year of the Ox·

△ Versatile and versatile plaid wool cardigan

I have talked to you a lot before Regarding the topic of new year's new clothes, in Fan's opinion, when buying new clothes in the new year, you might as well choose some color matching with New Year's meaning, and at the same time, you should also consider the simplicity and generosity of the style, which is versatile and versatile.

Like this plaid jacquard functional merino wool cardigan launched by Burberry this year, the plaid is matched with cow elements, and the red and yellow are festive and bright, so it is very suitable to start as a new outfit. Moreover, such a wool cardigan can be used as an inner layer in winter, and can be used as a jacket in spring. The practicality is Max~

This wool cardigan Yasaki I also wear it, the upper body is very aura, the girl you like can close your eyes and enter↓

△ full of moisture Bomber jacket

Burberry's new men's outerwear this yearIn the set, the most recommended by the fan is Ma Boqian's same logo intarsia plaid nylon flight jacket.

The flight jacket was originally a windproof equipment designed for pilots in the era when the cockpit was not closed, and it has evolved into a trendy fashion. A must for men's wardrobe~

In addition to the plaid elements, this flight jacket also has the recognizable Burberry letter LOGO and the exclusive logo for the Year of the Ox. Stylish casual boy.

△ A must-have montage collection for fashionistas

T-shirts and Sweater is also a very versatile item. Like this Burberry montage series T-shirt, it is very red. At the same time, it overlaps the montage pattern of the ox with the exclusive TB logo for the year of the ox, which is very artistic. And this trendy T is the same style for men and women. Friends who want a couple outfit for the New Year can arrange it~

Another T The front of the shirt is more concise and is available in red and black. Wear it directly like a model, or add a tight sweater to it in winter. In fact, the highlight of this dress is on the back, the large-area montage pattern + the exclusive TB logo for the Year of the Ox, and the upper body is very attractive.

Fans who want to wear long sleeves can also check out this montage printed cotton sweatshirt from Kangkang. The shape is loose, and it looks more fashionable with a high collar like Zhu Jingxi's.

· Selected accessories·

△ Cashmere and wool scarves that can be sent to friends for personal use

As a cashmere control, of course, the fan should also Recommend Burberry's new cashmere scarf to everyone. This brand's exclusive logo plaid cashmere scarf also uses this year's iconic plaid elements, with the arrogant TB logo, which can be arranged in college style and street style~

The fabrics and craftsmanship of the big brands are also impeccable. This scarf is produced in a Scottish workshop. The fabric is soaked and washed in the clear spring water of the Scottish Highlands, and then pulled with fleece grass. Velvet craftsmanship, carefully crafted, and the texture is quite soft.

Another song Weilong's exclusive logo pattern striped wool jacquard scarf of the same style is also very good~

The red stripes of the scarf are very eye-catching. The black and yellow lines combine a calm temperament. Below the TB logo for the Year of the Ox, there is also the Burberry letter LOGO, which is full of personality.

(click the picture to buy)

△ Ox limited baseball cap

This year's limited baseball cap is also very interesting. The exclusive logo is matched with two cool horns. It is very domineering with new clothes for the Year of the Ox.

In addition to fashionistas, friends who feel that they want to welcome the bull market this year will also be attracted by this baseball cap~ (≧ ▽≦)/

Compared with the "horn model", the plaid model is more low-key, commuting, vacationing, or attending a party , casual look can be easily matched.

As can be seen from the top of the hat, the color matching of this baseball bat is very special. The price/performance ratio is also good. Sending friends to friends in the New Year means good things~

On January 17, Burberry will also launch a limited edition Year of the Ox baseball cap, on sale for a limited time 24 hours ↓

Grey plaid nylon texture with horn decoration, or Zhou Dongyu's same style, as Fashion items for the Year of the Ox are perfect~

△ A festive accessory

In addition to regular accessories such as scarves and baseball caps, Burberry also released a lot of festive accessories this year.

Like this exclusive logo pattern leather key charm, the model owner willGoing to buy it as a New Year's gift for a friend. Its leather comes from Italy, it is smooth and textured, with red zodiac elements, which means auspicious and prosperous new year. Especially for friends who are born in this year, it is right to buy it~

There is also this AirPods Pro case, selected in Italy On the tanned lambskin, it is decorated with a plaid print, and it is also matched with a lanyard to hang the protective cover on the bag. The details are perfect, beautiful and practical!

After reading this wave of new Burberry products for the Year of the Ox, which items are you excited about?

The picture comes from the brand, "Weekend Pictorial"

Business Fan: Editor Josie | Operation Tina

Source WeChat public account "Business Fan" (WeChat: bfaner)

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