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Russia and Ukraine went to war, Asian and European stock markets fell sharply, gold rose sharply; Haidilao responded by labeling customers

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Editor | Wenjin Yang

Connecting to Ukraine Eastern Chinese students: hearing the sound of shelling, the walls of the room shook

According to CCTV news, on the 24th local time, Putin said in an emergency televised speech on the situation in Ukraine that he had decided to conduct a special military operation in the Donbas region. Putin said that Russia has no plans to "aggress" Ukraine and that Russia is committed to de-escalating the situation in Ukraine. In view of the continuous eastward expansion of NATO and the deteriorating security environment in Russia, Russia had no choice but to make this decision. Putin said that the development of the situation in Ukraine has made Russia unable to obtain security guarantees, and called on the Russian armed forces to resolutely fight back against acts that threaten Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Ukrainian border guards did not resist Russian forces. At present, the military infrastructure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Force has been paralyzed, and the air defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has been completely suppressed. The Russian Defense Ministry said a large number of Ukrainian soldiers laid down their weapons and abandoned their positions. The Russian Defense Ministry said it would not attack positions where weapons were laid down.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russian Armed Forces launched missile attacks on airports in several Ukrainian cities, including Boryspil, Chuguyev, Kramatorsk, etc. multiple cities. The decision of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine to enter a state of war through the whole of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Border Guard and the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that Russian troops had crossed the border into Udo. Ukrainian officials say seven people have been killed and nine wounded in the artillery attack.

On the 24th local time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Ukraine would cut off diplomatic relations with Russia. The Ukrainian president has submitted a bill to the parliament on the initiation of popular mobilization.

At around 5:00 local time on the 24th, Zhang Qicheng, a Chinese student in the eastern city of Kharkov, Ukraine, told the Southern Metropolis reporter that he heard shelling in the room, "There have been rumors outside. The wall and windows were shaking slightly. I was very scared." Zhang Qicheng said that the shelling started at about 4:50 local time, and the sound appeared in a series of bursts at 5:13 There was a slight pause, and then it began to appear sporadically. Zhang Qicheng said that after the shelling ended, "traffic jams have begun on the road."

Another Chinese businessman living in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, told the Southern Metropolis reporter that Xu was arrested at 5:10 local time. The sound of the explosion woke up, and the sound of the explosion "like thunder" continued intermittently until about 5:39. (Source: CCTV News, Southern Metropolis Daily, etc.)

China's proposed score Chartered flights to evacuate Chinese citizens in Ukraine

According to the Chinese embassy in Ukraine, the current situation in Ukraine has deteriorated sharply, and my citizens in Ukraine and Chinese-funded enterprises are at a high level Security Risk. In order to prepare for the relevant matters related to the return of chartered flights in batches, personnel registration is now started. Travelling on charter flights is on a voluntary basis. The charter flight dispatch time is determined according to the flight safety situation, and will be notified in advance.

Please be sure to fill in the attached form completely and carefully. The registration time ends at 12:00 local time on Sunday, February 27th. The registration personnel must hold a Chinese passport or travel document (including Hong Kong SAR passport, Macao SAR passport, Taiwan compatriot card, those who do not have a passport must hold a domestic ID card). For follow-up arrangements, please pay attention to the notice issued by the embassy as soon as possible.

In the meantime, pleaseEveryone should do safety and epidemic protection, take personal safety as the top priority, and prepare boarding items in advance so that they can act quickly after being notified one after another. (Source: Chinese Embassy in Ukraine)

Does China provide Russia with military equipment? Hua Chunying's response

at the routine of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the afternoon of the 24th At the press conference, a reporter asked: Does China provide Russia with military equipment? Does China have similar plans, including other support for Russia?

In response, Hua Chunying said: "On this issue, China's approach is qualitatively different from that of the United States. When we see the risk of conflict, we will not Taking the initiative to provide weapons to the other side, we will not do what the United States has provided Ukraine with a large number of military facilities and equipment. As a powerful power, Russia does not need China or other countries to provide it.” (Source: CCTV News)

The war between Russia and Ukraine shook global financial markets, Asia-Pacific stock indexes fell, and gold prices surged

The escalation of the situation in Russia and Ukraine has affected the global financial market significantly fluctuation. The Moscow Exchange was suspended, and the Asia-Pacific stock indexes fell! The three major A-share indexes closed down, and oil, gold, and military industry rose against the market!

The financial market was shaken, and the Russian local market was the most affected. On the 24th local time, after Putin delivered a speech on the special military operation in the Donbas region, the Russian stock market opened lower. Subsequently, the Moscow Stock Exchange announced that all exchanges suspend trading.

In terms of foreign exchange, the Russian ruble keeps falling. As of 14:00 Beijing time, the US dollar against the Russian ruble has risen by more than 11%, standing at the 90 mark.

In terms of external markets, on the 24th, major Asia-Pacific stock indexes closed down across the board, with the Korea Composite Index down 2.6%; the Nikkei 225 Index down 1.81%, falling below 26,000 for the first time since November 2020 Point mark; Australia's S&P 200 index fell 2.99%, New Zealand's NZX50 index fell 3.31%.

China's Hong Kong stock market also fell rapidly. As of press time, the Hang Seng Index and the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index both fell by more than 3%.

As of the close on February 24, the three major A-share indexes all closed down, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.7%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.2%, and the ChiNext Index fell 2.11%. Oil, gold, and military industries rose against the market.

In the commodity market, international oil prices rose sharply, hitting a seven-year high again. International gold prices also rose sharply.

Despite the warming situation in Russia and Ukraine, the U.S. stock market staged a dramatic reversal yesterday, opening low and moving high. The Nasdaq fluctuated nearly 7% in a single day and closed up more than 3%.

The Dow opened down 2.4%, the S&P 500 fell 2.5%, and the Nasdaq fell 3.4%. However, U.S. stocks opened lower and then moved higher, closing sharply reversed, and the three major indexes collectively closed up. As of the close, the Dow Jones index rose 0.28% to 33223.83 points; the Nasdaq rose 3.35% to 13473.59 points; the S&P 500 rose 1.50% to 4288.70 points.

In the news, according to CCTV news reports, US President Biden delivered a speech on the situation in Ukraine at the White House. Biden said all Russian assets in the United States would be frozen. Biden said the United States would work with its allies to limit Russia's ability to do business with the dollar, euro, pound and yen. At the same time, Biden said the U.S. military would not go to war with Russia in Ukraine.

Biden says the US will impose tougher sanctions and restrictions on Russia. Biden said that it is estimated that the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and allies will cut off more than half of Russia's high-tech imports and technologies.

European stocks were not so lucky. As of the close on February 24, the German DAX index fell 586.32 points, or 4.01%, to 14045.04 points; the French CAC40 index fell 270.77 points, or 3.99%, to 6509.90 points; the British FTSE 100 index fell 286.19 points, or 3.82%, Reported 7211.99 points. Among them, the UK’s FTSE 100 index recorded its biggest one-day drop since June 2020, wiping 77 billion pounds off its market value. (Source: CCTV News, The Paper, etc.)

General Administration of Customs: Wheat import from the whole territory of Russia is allowed

24th news on the website of the General Administration of Customs , according to the relevant laws and regulations of China and the provisions of the "Supplementary Clauses of the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on the Protocol on Phytosanitary Requirements for Wheat Exported to my country", the import of wheat from the whole territory of Russia is allowed. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

1. Russian wheat refers to the spring wheat grown in the territory of the Russian Federation without the occurrence of wheat smut, and limited to processing purposes .

2. Russia shall monitor the quarantine pests of concern to China in wheat export production areas and storage sites in accordance with the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and relevant international standards, and Take comprehensive prevention and control measures.

At the request of the Chinese side, the Russian side shall provide all the above-mentioned monitoring results and information on the prevention and control measures taken. The Russian side should provide the annual monitoring results of wheat dwarf smut.

Third, before the export of wheat and during transportation, the Russian side takes all possible measures to reduce the risk of quarantine pests that China is concerned about entering China with the exported wheat.

If the wheat smut is found, the Russian side should immediately notify the Chinese side and provide relevant information on the affected areas of wheat smut, and suspend the export of wheat from the relevant areas to China.

Fourth, before the wheat is exported and during transportation, the Russian side should take measures to sieve and remove impurities to remove soil, plant residues, seeds of dangerous weeds and other impurities. During storage and transportation, wheat exported to China shall not be mixed with winter wheat or wheat from dwarf smut-affected areas.

V. Wheat in bulk shall be exported by means of transportation dedicated to grain transportation, which can be transported by waterway, railway, road, air, etc. The delivery of bagged wheat to China is not limited to any means of delivery. During transportation, food spillage and moisture should be avoided. The means of transport shall comply with the relevant national phytosanitary regulations.

6. After completing the export inspection and quarantine, the Russian side will issue a phytosanitary certificate conforming to the international phytosanitary measures standard, and indicate in the additional statement: "The consignment of wheat complies with the re specified in the Protocol of phytosanitary re for wheat exported from the Russian Federation to the People's Republic of China and is free from dwarf bunt of wheat Tilletia controversa J.G. Kuhn” With wheat smut), at the same time indicate the source production area, export storage location, export storage enterprise name and other information.

VII. Other phytosanitary requirements shall be implemented in accordance with the Announcement No. 25 of 2018 of the former General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

(Source: General Administration of Customs website)

"Bing Dun Dun" is off work and "Xue Rong Rong" is on duty, and the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games will be "online" this Saturday

Recently, the public area of ​​the Olympic Park has begun to promote the transformation of the image landscape and guiding signs of the Winter Paralympic Games. The Beijing Winter Paralympics landscapes such as "Snow Rongrong" are expected to be "online" this Saturday. At the same time, Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village has also entered the stage of preparation and transition for the Winter Paralympics. The village will be pre-opened on February 25.

The replacement of the five rings of the Winter Olympics with the "three-color belt" of the Winter Paralympics is one of the contents of the transformation of the image landscape of the public areas of the Olympic Park. In addition, it also includes removing exclusive elements such as the Beijing Winter Olympics emblem and mascot in the public area, and replacing it with the Winter Paralympic emblem "Feiyue" and the Winter Paralympic mascot "Xue Rongrong".

According to Xinhua News Agency, a few days ago, the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was officially closed and entered the transition period for the Winter Paralympics. The Zhangjiakou Winter Paralympic Village will be pre-opened on February 25 and officially opened on February 27. More than 700 athletes and team officials will be hosted during the competition. (Source: Xinhua News Agency, Beijing News)

Survivor Zhu Zai Qiang died, leaving only 60 survivors of the Nanjing Massacre

According to Zhu Zaiqiang, a survivor of the Nanjing Massacre, passed away in the early morning of February 24 at the age of 90. There are only 60 survivors registered with the Nanjing Japanese Invasion Victims Aid Association.

Nanjing fell in December 1937, and ten members of Zhu Zaiqiang's family fled home. Only 5-year-old Zhu Zaiqiang witnessed a large number of corpses of ordinary people shot and killed by the Japanese army in the paddy fields near Jiangdongmen. "We have to step on their corpses, go down from the ridge, and then climb to this ridge. No way, we can't walk from the path, next to the place occupied by the Japanese devils."

Fortunately, the young Zhu Zaiqiang finally survived the catastrophe. He knew that peace and tranquility did not come easily, so he resolutely put on a military uniform in his youth and went to the Korean battlefield, becoming the "cutest person" to defend his family and the country.

After the memorial hall was completed and opened, Zhu Zaiqiang often came to the hall to participate in activities and gave a "pre-departure lesson" to prospective students who were going abroad. He said it was a form of consolation for dead compatriots. (Source: World Wide Web)

Haidilao was exposed to labeling customers, Responded

On February 23, Haidilao was exposed to customers calling The label is a cause for concern. On the 24th, Haidilao told Nandu reporters that store managers can supplement the personalized needs of customers in the membership system, but from 2020, it has been explicitly prohibited to make any remarks on customers' personal information such as physical characteristics.

Some netizens reported on social media that Haidilao privately labels customers in the membership system, including information such as physical characteristics and individual needs.

In this regard, Haidilao responded to a reporter from Southern Metropolis on February 24 that in order to continuously improve and optimize the personalized service needs of customers, store managers can dine customers in the membership system. (such as removing the shallots from the spicy pot, adding ice to the lemonade, etc.).

Haidilao has continued to optimize relevant content since 2020, and it is expressly prohibited to make any remarks on customers' personal information such as physical characteristics. All inspections and rectifications will be completed in January 2021, and all new information needs to be strictly reviewed.

Haidilao said that it respects the privacy of every user, thank you for your supervision and care, and will continue to uphold the original intention of bringing a friendly, warm and pleasant dining experience to consumers, and continue to Improve and optimize the work of the company. (Source: Southern Metropolis Daily)

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