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Taiwan's sudden increase, the stock market fell!

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Original title: Taiwan's sudden increase, the stock market fell!

Taiwan media: The epidemic caused market panic, and Taiwan stocks once collapsed by 1417 points, the largest intraday drop in history

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Taiwan's "Central News Agency" news, Taiwan's epidemic is heating up, triggering panic selling in the market, and TSMC is in the market After a slump of more than 9%, the Taiwan stock index once collapsed by 1417.86 points, the largest intraday drop in history, and once broke the half-year line to 15165.27 points.

reported that with the The influx of short-term buying orders caused TSMC's intraday decline to halve, and the decline of Taiwan stocks narrowed; at 11:54, the weighted index of Taiwan stocks reached 15622.99 points, down 960.14 points, and the transaction value was NT$610 billion.

Taiwan stocks fell 1417.86 points on the 12th. Photo from Taiwan's "Central News Agency"

"Central News Agency" said that on the 11th, New Taipei City and Yilan County had new cases of new coronary pneumonia with unknown sources of infection, entering the stage of "community infection". Chen Shizhong, commander of the Taiwan Epidemic Command Center, said that the epidemic in Taiwan is very serious. The heating up of the epidemic has affected the sensitive nerves of the market, and panic selling pressure was released during the session, including electronics, financial and traditional industry stocks.

It is reported that TSMC's share price once dropped to NT$518, a sharp drop of NT$53, a drop of 9.28%, and the market value has shrunk by NT$1.37 trillion. It slipped to NT$13.43 trillion, affecting the broader market index by nearly 450 points, and then the decline converged to around 4.5%. The share price of Hon Hai fell below the NT$100 mark in intraday trading today, with a minimum of NT$96.5; the share price of MediaTek also tumbled NT$90, dropping to NT$821. The electronics sector index tumbled as much as 8.65%.

The report also said that the traditional industry stocks that had been hot before, including shipping, glass, paper and steel stocks index tumbled more than 9% today, the rest of cement, Indexes of plastics, textiles and rubber stocks also tumbled. Financial stocks were weak, with the sector index down more than 8 percent at one point.

High-end biotechnology and epidemic prevention stocks, Taikang, Evergrande, Kangnaxiang and Maobao, etc., have become the focus of market capital chasing. Strong stocks for the disk.


Taiwan media: Taiwan's new crown pneumonia cases increased by 16, and the epidemic alert remains at level 2


Taiwan Zhongshi News Network reported that the Taiwan Epidemic Command Center announced today (12th) that there were 16 more local cases in Taiwan today, and 1 case is under investigation. Commander Chen Shizhong said that Taiwan's epidemic prevention alert is currently maintained at the second level, and mandatory epidemic prevention control measures have been launched, and expanded inspections will resume within a week.

Chen Shizhong Data map (Photo source: Taiwan Zhongshi News Network)

According to reports, Chen Shizhong also said that there is no need to worry about the shortage of epidemic prevention materials, which are sufficient at present.

11th The Taiwan Epidemic Epidemic Command Center announced that it will raise the epidemic alert to the second level from now until June 8. On the same day, Taiwan added 7 local confirmed cases, 5 of which appeared in the Galaxy Baccarat Casino in Luodong Town, Yilan, and another cluster infection broke out. The source of infection in 6 of the 7 cases is unknown, indicating that Taiwan "has entered community infection."

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